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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.   :  (

A/N-I'm soooo sorry. I am now back from a long, long vacation we'll call it. I logged onto the site after a couple of months and saw all these wonderful reviews and reads and I knew I just had to write another chapter for this ASAP. I hope you all aren't to mad at me and I promise I will update ASAP. I won't update a half year from now. I promise. I'll update sometime between one and two weeks. That may seem long but to me that's not long at all. :  ) (PS I wasn't sure whether to have it be Snape or trewalny, tell me what ya think. you'll understand once you read ;  ) )

~Here's a recap~

"How do you play?" Ron questioned.

"Well, someone picks truth or dare. After they pick, someone else asks them a question and they have to tell the truth if they picked truth. If they pick dare the other person has to tell them to do something like kiss someone," Harry told Ron and other people who were listening in.

"Harry, you've played it before?" Hermione questioned.

"Well yeah," Harry said as he turned the colour of Ron's hair.

"Okay, did everyone hear Harry?" Dean yelled to the common room.

Everyone shouted yes.

"Okay, then let's start the game! All the 6th and 7th years have to play!" Dean yelled.

Everyone then sat down on the floor in a circle ready to start the game.


"Who wants to go first?" asked Harry.

"Can I?" Dean asked somewhat shyly.

"Sure I'll ask. Truth or dare?" Harry asked grinning hoping he would pick dare.

"Dare!" Dean said and grinned as the common room cheered.

"Okay, you have to give me a second, I want to think of something really good I dare," Harry said.

After a few minutes of Harry muttering to himself and everyone in the circle chatting he finally yelled out,  "I know what your dare is going to be!"

"What's it going to be, Harry?" Dean asked slowly, hoping it wouldn't be anything to bad.

"You have to write Snape a letter declaring your love for him. But it has to sing it out loud so everyone will be able to hear it in the Great Hall," Harry told Dean, grinning.

Everyone in the circle started laughing as Dean's face turned red.

"Can I change my answer to truth?" Dean begged.

"Nope, you have to keep what you picked, and I think we should start on the card," Harry suggested trying to keep himself from laughing. 

Harry got up and got a piece of parchment, a quill, and ink.

"Here you go Dean, you know the spell to make it speak, right?" Harry asked, "If not I can do it for you."

Dean scowled, but accepted the parchment knowing he would have to get this over with.

"Oh yea, also since this is wizards truth or dare, if you don't complete this I say you will walk around with the word 'chicken' etched into your head for two days," Harry proclaimed and everyone started laughing once again.

Everyone became quiet as Dean started his 'card' to Snape. Harry stood over Dean as he wrote the letter and smirked as he read what Dean was writing. 

Harry then started to read the card out loud as Dean finished, "Dearest Snape, It is I Dean Thomas. I've had this feeling about you since I first met you in potions first year. You were never caring to me or any of the Gryffindor's but that did not bother me until now. I think I finally realized that what I have been feeling for you was not hate, but love. True love. I think it was meant to be since we first met, it was just me that first realized it. Draco may have been your 'golden boy' but deep down, you know you love me. I hope we can get together as soon as school is over. Get me after class one day so we can chat. Love, Dean

By the time Harry was done reading the letter the whole common room was roaring with laughter. Some of the people were laughing so hard they were crying! Harry was one of them.

"Bloody hell, Dean. I didn't know you were such a good writer or creative. Because that is the funniest, most creative letter to Snape I have ever read. He will be nuts when he gets it! This will go down as one of Hogwarts greatest pranks. It will be passed down from generation to generation!" Harry exclaimed through gasps because he was laughing so hard.

Though Dean was mad over having to do this, he could see the humour in it, " I guess your right, Harry. I didn't know I could write so good either!"

They set down the parchment and everyone once again was in a circle getting ready for the next victim of truth or dare....

P.P.S.-Please review! It makes me want to write! And if you like the story, you probably want me to write more...Even if you don't like it tell me what you hated about it, because I'll fix it! ;  )

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