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Chapter 5: The Market

I do not own anything you recognize in this story.

This fic was inspired by Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and Ruby89’s “Deep breath.”

Dedication: To gryffindorseeker for ALL of your wonderful reviews. Without your encouragement, this chapter would have never been finished; I can’t even begin to thank you for all of your support, I really really really really really appreciate it!

She climbed into the bed. Its emptiness seemed emphasized when she imagined the feel of James’ hands on her waist and envisioned his lips on her neck, breasts, and abdomen. Stifling a moan, she shifted her position and settled into a lonely sleep.

The next morning, Lily awoke to rays of sunshine sprawled across the foot of her bed. She grinned sleepily before snuggling back into her pillow. Turning her body towards the door, she prepared herself for another few hours of sleep. After months on a ship run by a captain who never seemed to sleep and crewed by pirates who never let her sleep, she was exhausted.

Just as she was settling down into a sleepy haze, she caught sight of an empty blanket and pillow on the floor. Suddenly she sat up, wide-awake: James!

Scrambling out of bed, Lily ran to the door, intending to search every nook and cranny for that mysterious man. However, before she could get to the door, it swung open, revealing the dark, handsome man she had been looking for.

“Hi,” she said, breathlessly, as she stopped just short of the door.

“Good morning,” he said cordially, but Lily could detect a hint of laughter in his voice and an amused smirk was playing across his face.

“Where’d you go?” The words spilled out of Lily’s mouth before she could stop them. Her eyes widened in horror at her rudeness. She had been pretending to be a pirate for too long; their mannerisms were starting to rub off on her.

Luckily, James just chuckled, “I just went out for a walk. I’m a horribly early riser; always have been.”

Lily smiled and tried to laugh it off, although, to her, her laughter made her sound slightly unhinged. When she noticed James watching her strangely, she quickly changed the topic, “Do you want to go down for breakfast?”

“Sure,” he shrugged, “I don’t really have any place to be.”

Lily beamed at him, “Then I suppose I’ll have to be your guide, then, won’t I?”

James grinned at her, and Lily felt a little tingle in her navel.


A quarter of an hour later, Lily and James were both seated at a table in the Leaky Cauldron. James, still in his clothes from last night, Lily in a light blue gown, borrowed from Emmeline. Tom had provided them, and a few other customers, with some coffee, bread, and butter. Lily drank the rich, hot coffee with relish, it had been one of the things she had missed the most while aboard The Order.

She then proceeded to gulp down nearly half a loaf of bread before looking up and seeing the astounded look on James’ face. She swallowed before asking, “What?”

“Nothing,” he said laughing, “I just don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman eat that much before.”

Lily made a face at him, “Let’s just say provisions have been tight where I’ve been the past few months.”

“It’s the same where I’ve been, but you don’t see me eating like a rabid dog!” he shot back.

“Did you just call me a rabid dog?” asked Lily, torn between amusement and outrage.

“No,” said James, reaching for the knife to butter his slice of bread, “I just said that you eat like one.”

Lily giggled and stuck her tongue out at him. She knew it was childish and unbecoming, but the man was simply asking for it. As he continued to eat at a civilized pace, she sat back and admired him. He truly was a good-looking man. She wondered how long he would be in town, although it hardly mattered as she would leave on The Order this evening.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Dorcas and Emmeline. Emmeline greeted them with a sleepy nod, but Dorcas was nearly bouncing, “Good morning!” she chirped. Lily noticed her eyes, and her wiles, focused on James.

The two of them sat down at the table with James and Lily. Lily couldn’t help but notice that Dorcas took extra care to make sure she was next to James. The pair had barely sat down when Dorcas started to close in on her prey, “So James, is it?” she purred, reaching forward for a piece of bread. Lily was amazed at her audacity; she had never realized it was possible to show so much cleavage and still be clothed.

James choked on a piece of bread as he tried to respond too quickly, “Yes,” he hacked out before taking a large swig of his coffee. Lily repressed a smug grin at his awkwardness.

“You alright, love?” Dorcas asked, as she soothingly rubbed his thigh.

“Yes, perfectly fine,” he answered in a would-be calm voice. Only Lily’s shrewd empathic senses noticed the fact that his voice was slightly higher than usual, which mollified her ruffled ego.

Dorcas smiled understandingly at him, and Lily glanced at Emmeline to gauge her reaction. Emmeline’s mouth was curved into a discontent frown and there was a slight crease in between her eyebrows. She so resembled a disapproving mother that Lily had to remind herself that Emmeline was a few years older than Dorcas, not a few decades older.

Lily turned back to the embarrassing scene that was Dorcas and James, trying to best not to cringe or throw something heavy at Dorcas. She could feel Emmeline’s sharp gaze on her, and tried to avoid meeting it for as long as possible. However, once Dorcas had manipulated the situation so that she was whispering secrets into James’ ear, the sexual intent clearly visible, Lily turned to Emmeline, trying to keep her face as blank as possible.

Apparently, she needed to work on her blank face because Emmeline stood up with an austere look upon her face, “Dorcas!” she barked sternly.

Dorcas turned away from her ministrations, “What?”

“We have to go…now.”

“Where do we have to—” Emmeline shot her a deadly glare and practically dragged her out the door of the pub.

After they had left, Lily turned to assess James. He had a sheepish look on his face and he was rubbing his neck awkwardly. “So that was…”

“Enlightening? Embarrassing? Galvanic?” Lily supplied harshly. She was furious at both James and Dorcas. It had been rude of James to ignore her, since she was the one who was going to show him around the town today and who had given him lodgings for the night, and it had been horrible of Dorcas to try to seduce Lily’s guest.

James chuckled nervously, “That woman is very…uh…irrepressible.”

At James’ obvious discomfort, Lily felt her irritation melt away. The poor man had no control over what Dorcas did to him; if anything, he was the victim of that hormonally unbalanced banshee.

Lily forced a smile, “Congratulations, I think you’re the first man to not fall in love with her at first feel.”

“Why would I?” asked James with raised eyebrows. The if I have you was left implied by the heated way he let his eyes wander over Lily’s body. She felt her ego rise slightly as her cheeks blushed at his shamelessness.

“Well then,” said Lily, matching his gaze, “We best be off; lots to do today.”

“I beg your pardon?” asked James, indignantly, “Today’s my first day off in ages; I don’t plan on spending it running a bunch of errands!”

“Fine, then you can stay here!” Lily turned around and marched out the door, her small bag at her side, jingling with coins. In her mind she counted three, two, one

“Wait!” Lily smirked. James, breathing hard, placed a hand on her shoulder, “I’ll come with you.”

She glanced at him sideways, “Our first stop: Madame Malkin’s Clothing for All Occasions”


Madame Malkin’s shop seemed to be the best one in Frenado. Although it was barely nine o’clock in the morning, it was already teeming with men, women, and children.

Upon seeing the crowd, Lily grabbed James’ wrist and pulled him through the hordes of people to the back of the shop. There, an elderly, squat woman sat surrounded by layers and layers of old fabric, needles, and thread.

“Madame Malkin,” Lily called out, but the woman did not stir from her seat. “Madame Malkin!”

“Oh!” The owner of the store rose with a sudden start. Rearranging her spectacles, she peered through them at Lily and James. “Lily!” she cried once she had recognized the girl, “How wonderful to see you again, I was very worried when you disappeared into the blue like you did. Oh, the ruckus it caused around here!” She turned to James and stared at him as if he was a fabric for her to appraise, “And who is your dashing beau?”

“Oh, he’s not my—”

“I’m not her—”

Both Lily and James burst out into words of explanation, followed by a very uneasy silence.

Finally, Lily smiled politely, “James is new to Frenado, and I offered to show him around.”

“Of course, of course, my mistake,” Madame Malkin twittered, “Now what would you be interested in today? I just received a new batch of…” She disappeared into the mountain of fabric.

Lily turned to James and whispered out of the side of her mouth, “Madame Malkin might have the best clothing shop in Frenado, but she also has the biggest mouth. She must be the worst gossiper in the Caribbean.”

Lily was prevented from elaborating when said person reappeared with a piece of parchment and a quill, continuing to talk like nothing had transpired “…which might be a little out of your price range, but you never know.”

“I’m actually looking for a few dresses,” said Lily, looking distinctly annoyed at the owner’s incessant chatter.

“Yes, yes, yes, well you seemed to have become even skinner if anything, so…” again she disappeared into the fabric, but this time she returned with a huge pile of dresses and a measuring tape in her mouth. “Here we are! Why don’t we start with these?”

Over an hour later, the sheer volume of dresses Madame Malkin had her try on had satisfied even Lily’s immense vanity. There were satin dresses, silk dresses, low-cut dresses, modern dresses, conservative dresses, and dresses with lace trimming, dresses with cotton trimming, and more.

Finally, Lily tried on the last dress in the pile. It was a simple, satin frock colored a shocking emerald green, and it came to a narrow point on her waist. The neckline was modest for her, only showing a little cleavage. Lily stared at herself in the mirror for a while, unsure, before turning to James, who had been dozing off in a chair by the door. “What do you think?”

James peered sleepily at her, before straightening up and reexamining the dress. He was quiet for a long time, even taking the time to stand up and walk around her, before he answered her, “You look breathtaking.”

Lily looked over her shoulder at him and beamed, “Then I’ll take it.”

He smiled back at her and she felt a wave of warmth wash over her.

Once they were back outside in the glorious sunlight, James gallantly carrying the bag holding the dress, Lily looped her arm through his.

“Where are we headed next?” asked James.

“The bakery, I suppose,” said Lily, “Tom probably needs some more bread after what we ate this morning.”

“I think you mean what you ate!” teased James.

“Are you insulting a lady?” asked Lily in mock outrage.

“I don’t see a lady around here,” said James, pretending to look around the street.

Lily hit him on the arm and pouted, “I’m beginning to think you’re not very fond of me, James.”

James sighed loudly and knelt on the ground, “It pains me to think that you could even begin to doubt my affection for you and I could only hope that you could find it in that lovely body of yours to forgive me.”

Lily was laughing so hard, she was shaking. Her breaths were coming out in short bursts and her stomach was starting to ache. However, she was quickly silenced when James took her hand and pressed a kiss to its palm. Her skin tingled where his lips touched it and she had to suppress a sigh.

“Now that you have forgiven me,” said James, a hint of a smirk playing across his face, “Where is the bakery?”

Unable to stop smiling, Lily led the way through the busy streets. Although they walked in silence, they always seemed to be touching one another, whether it was his hand on her elbow, or her hand in his. Lily was finding that she could not fight the chemistry between the two of them. The unadulterated lust from the night before was gone, but in its place was a yearning sense of attraction to the man.

Luckily, she was prevented from dwelling on this new feeling by the appearance of an old friend. “Kingsley!” she called out, waving to a tall man with dark, chocolaty skin.

“Missus Lily,” he greeted in a strong Jamaican accent, “It ‘tis a pleasure to see you, like always.”

Kingsley Shacklebolt was a slave who worked in Malfoy Manor. He had lived in Frenado for as long as Lily could remember, and had always been a good friend to her. He was very dear to her heart and it always pained Lily to think that he was a slave for the Malfoys. Fortunately, as cruel as the Malfoys were to other citizens of Frenado, they treated their slaves decently. However, Lily had had many a fantasy of helping Kingsley runaway to freedom.

“It’s been a long time,” said Lily with a broad smile.

“Yes, it usually is when person runs away,” said Kingsley, and he gave Lily a piercing look as if he knew exactly what she had done.

“I was not running away!” she argued.

“No,” he said sternly, “you were just trying to escape your problem by leaving the islan’.”

“Fair enough,” conceded Lily, grudgingly.

“And who is dis?” asked Kingsley, turning to James.

“This James,” said Lily, and the two men nodded at each other, “He saved my life last night.”

“Did you now?” questioned Kingsley. He looked at James with newfound respect in his eyes. “If you were allowed to ‘elp her, then you mus’ have grea’ strength, as she is a hurricane, dis one is.”

James laughed, “You could say that.”

Lily looked mildly amused, “You are both aware that I’m standing right here and can hear everything you say, correct?”

Now Kingsley laughed a deep, round laugh, “Missus Lily tere is no bedder word for you tan ‘hurricane’.”

“To each his own, I suppose,” huffed Lily.

“I would like to talk more, but I must be going back to da Manor,” said Kingsley, “Take care of yourself, Lily, and be sure to look after ‘er, James.”

They bid him goodbye and continued their walk. The sun was reaching its peak now and the market was swelteringly hot. Lily could feel beads of sweat dripping down her tight bodice and in between her legs. She was at a loss to understand how James could be enduring the constricting mask on his face when she was incredibly tempted to simply rip off all her clothes and walk about naked in the blistering heat.

To Lily’s dismay, upon entering McKinnon’s Bakery, the two of them learned that the bakery was at least ten degree hotter than the market outside. Although Lily had lived in Frenado her whole life, she had never become accustomed to the scorching summer temperatures.

When they walked in, the only person in the main area was a young, thin girl with ghostly pale skin and a multitude of freckles. Lily immediately recognizes her as Marlene McKinnon, someone who she had never particularly liked, but had been on cordial terms with. “Excuse me,” Lily said, her voice shattering the peaceful silence of the bakery.

Marlene looked up and smiled kindly, “How may I help the two of you today?”

“I need a fresh loaf of bread,” said Lily, in the same brisk voice.

“My father should be making one in the back, if you want to go see him,” Marlene said quietly.

Lily stared at the girl for a moment, shouldn’t she be getting her father? Deciding that it was not worth waiting for the inspiration to strike the dull girl’s head, Lily took off for the kitchen, leaving James back with Marlene. She felt bad for leaving him with such tedious company, but he was a sociable man and Lily trusted in his ability to make polite conversation.

As soon as she entered the stifling oven area, Lily could make out the shape of the old, thin baker. “Excuse me,” she said, more timidly than how she had greeted Marlene, “I’m here to buy some bread.”

“Yes,” said the taciturn man, and he led the way back into the main part of the store.

Lily paid for the bread and then turned to find James. To her surprise, and horror, she found him talking amicable with Marlene. She was seated on top of a table with her legs dangling and he was leaning casually against a wall. As Lily watched, James leaned close to Marlene and whispered something that sent her into a peal of giggles.

It was as if something erupted in Lily’s stomach. She could feel a thumping in her ears and she suddenly became oblivious to everything except James and his interactions with that stupid, foolish girl.

Clenching her jaw, Lily stalked over to where they stood, “Are you two finished, or would you like to reserve a room at the Leaky Cauldron?” she snapped.

They both turned to look at her, James with a surprised and slightly guilty look, and Marlene with a scandalized one, whether it was from her harsh tone or the mention of the Leaky Cauldron, Lily did not know.

Marlene hopped off the table at Lily’s fierce look and scurried off to the back of the bakery. James, however, made a movement to reach Lily, but she turned away. “Hey!” he exclaimed, grabbing hold of her upper arm, “What was that about?”

“I don’t know what the standards are where you come from, but here it is highly indecent to be—”

“What?” he urged her on, “Talking to a woman?”

“Yes, because I’m sure that’s what the two of you were thinking about: talking!” Lily shouted.

James was quiet for a moment and simply studied her. Lily, still fuming, forced herself to ignore the warm feeling that came from the way his eyes roved her.

“You’re jealous,” he said simply.

Lily felt a fire take over her entire body, “Jealous?” she screeched, “I don’t get jealous! How dare you presume that you have something that I would be jealous of!”

“You were jealous that I was talking to another woman,” said James softly. He moved close to her, one hand on her waist and another cupping her cheek. Lily tried to stay strong, but felt her body melt into his touch. Her eyes closed involuntarily as she tilted her head into his warm palm.

“James,” she said softly, fluttering her eyes open, “I—” Lily suddenly broke off as she looked over James’ shoulder. Her eyes widened in horror; she pulled James into a corner and put her hand over his mouth.

From behind the plant, she and James watched silently as a tall man with a messy mop of light brown hair entered the bakery. He wore a soldier’s uniform and carried with him a long gun. “Marlene!” he yelled harshly.

The girl came running out, wiping her hands on her apron, “Yes, Charles?”

“Fetch me some food, I’m hungry.”

“Of course,” within moments, Marlene had brought out some bread, cheese, and cider for the intimidating soldier. She stood, hovering, as he ate the food, her face scrunched up out of worry.

It took the man nearly half an hour to eat the food Marlene provided him. He seemed oddly protective of his bag, nudging it under the chair with his foot each time a customer came in. His suspicious behavior and open-mouthed chew reminded Lily of a rabid horse she had seen when she was younger. She had been playing in the street in front of the orphanage when a weathered man had passed by leading a horse that was foaming at the mouth. Its eyes constantly twitched and had an odd gleam in them. That same glint was in Charles McKinnon’s eyes.

The minutes continued to tick by and Lily was getting antsy. There had been one tense moment when Lily had had the urge to sneeze, but she had prevented it by holding her nose and praying that she would not make some obtrusive sound. As they waited, the tiny baker made his way towards his son. Never had Lily ever seen a man less likely to have fathered his son. While Charles was loud and strongly built, his father was frail and walked with a stooped back.

The baker sat down at Charles’ table and she was surprised to see that no harsh mockery flew from the young man’s mouth. Instead, he seemed to refine himself, shoving less of the bread into his mouth at each go. When he finally finished the food, he nodded at his father and greeted him.

The baker did not waste time with any pleasantries, “What’s in the bag, Charles? You look like you’re hording stolen gold.”

“Remember that ole bloke, Flamel, I told you about? The one who’s evaded capture for nigh thirty years? Well, we finally caught the old bastard making port on the wes’ side. He going to be hung tomorrow and the cap’n gave me his personals. Junk and rubbish most of it…but rumor has it the ole bloke was mighty wealthy. Had some buried treasure some might say, so I reckon it’s worth going through.”

Lily could feel James stiffen beside her. The idea seemed ridiculous to her, buried treasure? That was the sort of thing that only happened in stories. And besides, most of those pirate treasures had nasty curses on them. Yet the idea of heaps of gold at her disposal…well, it was tempting. Money could buy near anything in this world.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see James’ profile. He had gone very still, almost like a cobra before it strikes. His eyes were focused on the bag that lay beneath Charles McKinnon’s chair and his hands were clenched into tight fists.

“Don’t be a fool, Charles.” The baker’s firm command drew Lily’s attention away from James’ curious behavior. “Respectable people don’t go messin’ with pirate goods. Burn ‘em in the fire so their owner can have ‘em in the underworld.”

“But Father—”

“Don’t cross me, Charles. I won’t have my only son philandering after what he don’t know nothing about. Live life with your head down and your mouth shut, not asking no questions, you hear? And if I hear more word outta your mouth about treasure and the like, I’ll report you to the police myself!”

“Fine,” Charles said sulkily. “I’ll throw it into the furnace on the way out.”

“Atta, boy.” The baker rose with a slight groan and made his way to the back. Charles remained in his seat rubbing his face with his hands. He cleared his throat and made to stand up, but was distracted by the jingling of bells as another customer came in. Lily couldn’t see who it was from the angle, but she assumed it must have been a pretty girl because Charles shot out of his seat like a cannon and went up to the counter to talk to her.

Lily felt James move beside her and realized in a moment of horror that he was going for the bag. “What are you doing?” she hissed, but he either ignored her or didn’t hear her. Either way, he continued on his quest for the bag of pirate goods. A slight suspicion began to tickle in the back of Lily’s head, but she pushed her doubts away. Just because James was after a treasure map, that didn’t make him a pirate; most young men would be intrigued by the idea of booty.

Immensely frustrated with the stupidity and greediness of men, Lily followed him, holding her breath with every step. Her eyes remained fixed on the figure of Charles leaning against the counter, smirking flirtatiously.

When James finally grabbed the knapsack, she let out her breath with a sigh, but she immediately caught her breath when he knocked his head on the table in his haste to stand up.

“Shit,” they both swore.

Charles whipped around at the sound and his gaze pinpointed the two of them. James, with one hand rubbing the top of his scalp vigorously, the other clutching the pirate’s belongings, and Lily with a look of absolute horror on her face. All three of them stood there for a second, sizing each other up before Charles dived.

Lily never knew how they got out since Charles was in between them and the exit, but she thought it might have had something to do with James tossing her the contraband and hurling his body against Charles’. While Charles was the beefier, James was still strong and his momentum sent the two of them colliding into the counter. The customer screamed and the baker came running out. Lily stopped halfway to the door, worried for James, but he immediately popped up.

“Run,” he yelled.

She didn’t need telling twice. Holding the knapsack tightly in her hand, she yanked open the door, causing the bells above it to break and shatter on the floor. “Sorry!” she called out behind her, feeling slightly guilty about destroying the old man’s livelihood, before taking off down the street, James right behind her.

“Who was that?” James asked, as they turned the corner.

“Charles…McKinnon,” Lily gasped, out of breath. “He’s…Marlene’s brother…and an officer…in the militia.” James nodded in understand. “He would have…arrested us…if he saw…”

“Well now he’s sure to arrest us since we stole his little bag of goods here,” said James good-naturedly. Lily nodded, too winded to talk as they set off down high street. Her legs were tiring, but James seemed ready to go on all day.

“So, where to next?” he asked, turning to look at her with a grin.

Lily’s mind whirred into action. Where would they…the market! Out of breath, and losing more every second, she merely raised an arm and pointed towards a sign that advertised some sort of fruit.

“Good idea, it’ll be easy to blend in there.”


Luckily, the market was only a few blocks away from the bakery. It was packed with poorer inhabitants of Frenado. Everywhere one turned there were merchants trying to sell their goods. There was cotton, fruit, and jewelry for sale.

Feeling confident that they had lost any pursuit, James and Lily stopped at nearly every table to examine the goods. They felt the cotton and Lily tried on the jewelry. Normally, Lily would have never spent so much time at a simple market, but she found that she was doing everything in her power to extend her time with James. She had developed a deep attraction to the man and regretted her commitment to The Order, since it meant this was probably the first, and only, time she would get to be with James.

They reached the final cart, which contained passion fruit, Lily’s favorite type of fruit. James was not deceived by her nonchalant attitude and he insisted that they buy some. As they walked back, Lily happily sucked on the sweet fruit and James laughed at her antics. After a while, Lily decided that he was being far too smug for his own good, “Try some!” she said sweetly, before pushing the fruit to his mouth.

Juice dribbled down his chin and Lily giggled. She tried to clean up the mess on his face by gently wiping away the liquid, but stopped when she realized it made her fingers sticky. Not to be outdone, James did the same, only gentler. As she careful bit into the fruit, Lily was very aware of his fingers very close to her lips. They gently ran across her lips, tickling them.

Lily looked up at James. She had wanted to kiss him all day and now was the perfect moment. She placed her hands on his shoulders, rose onto her tiptoes and brought her lips to his. She had just managed to brush her mouth against his, when she was shoved into him.

Turning around, she saw two burly men attacking each other with their fists. They were both yelling obscenities and they were obviously aiming for the kill. Before Lily could come to her senses, James had jumped in between the two dueling thugs. She watched in admiration as he managed to calm them both down, despite receiving a nasty punch to the eye.

After putting down the fight, James quickly came to find her, “Are you alright?” he asked worriedly, taking her face in his hands and rubbing his thumb across her cheek.

“I should be asking you that!” Lily exclaimed, “How’s your eye?”

James brushed it off, “I’ve had worse.”

Lily rolled her eyes. She had enough experience with the fragile male ego to know not to push the issue. Looking up at the sky, she saw that it was getting late: about an hour to sundown. “We should probably return to the Leaky Cauldron,” she told James regretfully. She would give anything to be able to spend more time with him, but it was simply not possible.

“Actually,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck, “I have to go down to the dock. Do you want to walk with me there?”

Lily agreed, and the two of them made their way down to the pier, James carrying the dress and Lily carrying the bread and the bag containing Flamel’s goods. She still hadn’t asked James about it as she felt it might be a bit of a sore subject with him. However, she had to do it before he left.

When they reached the dock, Lily felt a sense of dread fill her stomach like a lead weight. She used to being around ships, but now that she spent a majority of her time onboard a ship, all things nautical irritated her. Nevertheless, she immediately found The Spider's Web and pulled James over to it. He looked it over before whistling appreciatively, “It’s a nice boat,” he said.

“It’s a ship, not a boat,” teased Lily provocatively.

“I’m terribly sorry,” James grinned, “It’s a nice ship.”

“You think so?”

“Yes I do,” whispered James. He leaned forward, pinning Lily to the ship’s side. He wrapped his hands around her waist, and Lily draped her arms around his neck. She felt her breath quicken as he bent lower, closer and closer.

Finally, his lips met hers and she was in ecstasy. His lips moved slowly and surely against hers before his tongue slipped into her mouth. Lily felt fireworks go off behind her closed eyes. Her legs felt weak; she was glad that James had a tight hold around her waist or she would just fall to the ground.

All too soon, it was over and James had pulled away from the heated embrace. Lily whimpered slightly at the loss of contact and hated herself for doing so; but she had waited all day for that kiss and needed to continue it. She reached up to kiss James again, but then stopped in horror.

James had removed his mask, and his face looked eerily familiar. His face was angular, with a long nose, and a small goatee around his beautiful lips; but the first features Lily saw were his piercing hazel eyes.

The man standing in front of her was Captain Prongs.

A/N: Ok, I have so many things to apologize for:

1 – Sorry this took so long coming out. As you can see, it was pretty boring until the end, which is why I could not bring myself to write it.

2 – Sorry this is so short. The first reason it’s so short is that it was originally supposed to be a part of the previous chapter. Together, they’re over 8000 words, but alone, this chapter is short compared to the others. The second reason it’s so short is that nothing major happened, so I preferred not to go into extensive detail.

3 – Sorry that this ends in a major cliffie. This scene was actually what the story was built around, so it had to be a cliffhanger.

Besides that, I hope you liked it, and I would love some feedback!

A big thank you to Diandra for being my wonderful beta…sorry for stalking you! :)

August 22, 2008 Edit: Ok, I've once again changed my mind and have decided to take this story in a whole new direction, meaning that it will NOT be ending in two chapters like I said previously. I've rewritten a lot of the end of this chapter, so please reread it and I will be posting chapter 6 soon, I promise.

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