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The next day Victoire woke up just as content, as the previous night. She lazily walked into the bathroom and showered. Then she went downstairs to the common room. Weston was in there reading a book, but as soon as he saw her he stopped and looked up.

“Hey-” she said half heartily

He just gave her a stern look, feeling his eyes gaze upon him she turned her head, she couldn’t take someone else yelling at her.

“Where were you all yesterday?” Weston asked

“With Teddy-” she said

“That’s what I thought, do you realize how lucky you are, that you only ran into me and not-”

“I don’t need another fucking lecture, Weston- Delilah already gave one to me last night”

Weston’s expression seemed to soften, “Listen I just don’t want you to get in trouble for this boy-”

“Your right Weston, now drop it-”

“Alright- let’s go to the Great Hall, I’m hungry and then I want to go play Quidditch,”

They sat down in the Great Hall, and Victoire was helping herself to a nice big plate of bacon and eggs, when the mail came in. Victoire watched as Teddy’s owl came swooping down dropping a letter right in front of it. Nonchalantly she dropped it in her bag so she could read it later.

After she ate breakfast she went back to the common room so she could catch up with the mounds of homework that she had due for Monday.

As she opened a book for Herbology, she looked outside on the Quidditch Pitch there she saw the entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team practicing. She really did want to go outside to be with her friends, but they seemed pretty upset at her for what could have happened and how irresponsible that was.

While looking through the herbology book it struck her that she had yet to read the letter that Teddy sent her. She opened the piece of parchment and read it silently.

Hey Victoire-
I wanted to tell you how much I miss you already.
And that I cannot wait till I see you again, it’s pretty much what gets me through the day with all this pressure to become an Auror.
Well anyways, I was thinking that maybe next weekend you could come visit me again.
Seeing how you know where the secret passages are now.
Alright well- I hope to see you soon

Victoire gave a deep sigh, she was already so conflicted. She was just about to re-read the letter when a first year walked in.  She contemplated going out and seeing him today, but with all her homework she had to catch up on, and she did want to go out and talk to Delilah- but another lecture was almost guaranteed. Victoire really didn;t want to listen to her friend yell at her again...

“I'm gonna go…” She muttered to herself, and made an effort to finish her homework in no time flat.

It took her another good hour until she had finished most of her work. With that she went to the third floor, and found the statue and tried to push is open… but it would not budge.

“Open!” she shouted in frustration, but it still would not budge. “Alright then, Plan B.”

She went outside, instantly feeling the cold chill of the October weather. Wishing she had but a warmer jacket on instead of her Weasly sweater, Victoire made her way to the whomping willow.

She sprinted to the base and narrowly escaped the branches wrath. Then she pressed the knot that lead straight for the shrieking shack. Once she was in the shrieking shack, she smiled to herself.

Victoire walked out and casually walked through the streets of Hogsmeade, until she reached The Three Broomsticks. She stepped inside, and walked up to the second floor. Then she knocked on the door.

Teddy opened it, looking peeked, his face was flush, his hair was a mossy brown color (very out of the ordinary for Teddy Lupin), and he had a bag of ice across his left (now green) eye.

“Victoire-” he said while brining the ice down from his face, showing a big black, swollen eye. Victoire took a step back and studied the rest of his body. There seemed to be scratches all over his arms, and legs.

“Teddy? What Happened?” she asked

“Here come in,” he said

She did and he took a seat on the couch, and she followed.

“So what happened?” she asked

“Oh nothing just got in over my head today at Auror training, really nothing for you to be alarmed at.” He said while placing the bag of ice down.

Victoire rubbed her fingers pass the wound. Ted cringed at her touch, “Oh Ted, what were you doing that was worth this?”

“Victoire, you know that I can’t tell you that.” He said stern;y.

“Alright I’m sorry for even mentioning it,” she knew that he wasnt allowed to talk about his training it just seemed to slip her mind.

“What passageway did you go through?” Ted asked

“Well I was going to go through the one on the third floor but I couldn’t get passed the statue-”

“That’s because you need to know the password Victoire-” Ted said pulling her into his embrace on the couch.

“Well why don’t you tell me for future use?” she asked sweetly, laying her head on his chest.

“All you have to say is Dissendium, and the passageway will open right up.” He said while stroking her check, “You’re so pretty, do you know that?”

“You’re not so bad yourself-” she said studying his eyes green eyes.

“Victoire I mean it, you’re a gorgeous girl- inside and out” he said genuinely

“Thanks Ted,” she said sweetly

He leaned down and kissed her hair, then her forehead. “I just thought I would mention that, I don’t feel like I tell you enough, that I do really care about you,”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me, I figured as much,”

“Mmhmm, but it’s always nice to hear it,”

“You’re right,” she said while sitting up, “Since where talking about this, I had a question?”

“Mmhmm,” he replied

“What are we?” she asked looking down at her feet.

“Excuse me?” he asked

“What are we?” she said again, this time she turned a brilliant shade of red.

Ted cupped her cheeks in his palms, and looking into her eyes, “I haven’t made that clear to you?”

“Well not really-” she started

“Victoire- Will you be my girlfriend?”

She responded with a kiss.

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