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“There are painters that can change the sun into a yellow blot, but there are others, that due to their talent and intelligence can change a yellow blot into the sun.”
  -Pablo Picasso

    When he got his letter, Neville Longbottom accepted, quite suddenly, that he would look good in yellow. He wasn’t sure why he automatically thought he would be in Hufflepuff, he just did. Even his Gran thought so, or so he assumed. When he informed her that he thought he would be in Hufflepuff, she just nodded sadly and said,

    “We’ll see dear, you’re certainly not brave like your parents were.” This hurt him a little; he wanted to be brave, like his parents. He wanted his Gran to be proud of him. Silently, he made a pact with himself, someday his Gran will be proud of him. When the rest of the family found out about his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, they were overjoyed and all came to visit him. Neville knew that they all thought he would be in Hufflepuff too, just by some of the comments they said to his Gran,

    “Hope he stays away from the kitchens, he’ll be living so close to them.”

    “Living underground isn’t so bad.”

    “Good thing he doesn’t have red hair, the yellow will clash horribly with it.”

    “Professor Sprout will be proud to have him in her house.”

    “He always has had a way with plants, hasn’t he?”
Neville really didn’t mind all these comments because he too knew he would be in Hufflepuff. The best part about having relatives over was that they brought presents. His Aunt Enid gave him large sunflowers. The best however, was the toad his Uncle Algie gave him.

    “I’ll call him Trevor!” He had informed everyone.

    Now he was alone in a train compartment on the way to Hogwarts, holding Trevor, who seemed to have a nasty habit of getting lost. As he sat there, he thought again about the various houses of Hogwarts. Yes I will be in Hufflepuff; it’s a good house. Badgers are cute. He thought to himself. And I look good in yellow.  Yellow is a nice color, it’s very happy. It reminds me of rubber duckies and bananas. Both very good things, and peaceful. He started musing over the various yellow things he knew of. Yellow jackets, yellow river, Yellowstone, electric yellow, mustard yellow, yellow card, yellow poplar, yellow birch… His thoughts were interrupted as a brown, bushy haired girl opened the compartment door; she was already dressed in her school robes. Without asking if she could come in, she skipped in and plopped down in the seat in front of him.

    “I’m Hermione Granger, and I am so excited to be coming here! You see I didn’t even know the wizarding world existed! So, obviously, I bought nearly every history book, at the bookstore, oh what’s it called, Flourish and Blotts? So now I feel like I have born in the wizarding world. I’ve even tried some of the simpler spells out with my wand. And can you believe that Harry Potter is going to be in our year? That means he is somewhere on this train! Oh, and what’s you name?” Neville, who had been staring, open mouthed at her while she had been making her speech, started stuttering, stupidly,

    “Oh, um, uh n-Neville…Neville l-Longbottom.”

    “Oh, isn’t that wonderful, oh uh what’s wrong?” For Neville had just realized that Trevor was missing and had started looking around for him.

    “My, uh, my toad is missing. Can you help me find him?” Hermione agreed, and after searching the compartment and not finding him, decided to split up and search the rest of the train.

    Searching took up pretty much most of the train ride, and Neville still hadn’t found Trevor. He had asked everyone on the train, including someone who looked like Harry Potter. Hermione said she saw Harry Potter too. Neville finally gave up looking for Trevor, he hoped Uncle Algie wouldn’t be too mad, maybe he’d get him a yellow frog, to match his house colors.
    As the train slowed down, Neville hurriedly put on his robes, and when the train stopped, he stumbled out onto the platform. He looked back at the train and hoped Trevor would be safe and happy living there. He tried holding back his tears as they walked to the boats that would carry them to Hogwarts. Not really paying attention, he followed Hermione into a boat only to realize that Harry Potter and another boy were in his boat with him. As the boats started moving, Neville become very nauseated, he was careful not to look over the side of the boat for fear that he would vomit on Harry Potter.

    The boat ride finally over, Neville clambered out of the boat and straightened up.

    “You there, is this your toad?” a gruff voice asked him. Neville looked up and saw a large man gripping Trevor in his hand. Trevor looked like his eyes were about to pop out, he was being squeezed so hard.

    “Trevor!” Neville exclaimed. Feeling much more happy he snatched Trevor out the large man’s hand and started to follow the rest of the students in to the castle, and they waited in a small room off the Entrance hall.

    After being scared half to death by ghosts, a very stern lady started to tell them about the houses. Neville didn’t listen; he knew he would be in Hufflepuff. He did, however, notice the lady glance at him and scowl. Neville felt his face heat up when he realized it was his cloak; it was fastened under his left ear. He tried to fix it as much as he could, but it was hard with a toad in one hand. When the first years finally entered the Great Hall, Neville realized they had to embarrass themselves by putting on a hat who sorts them. He thought the teachers had just decided where to put them.

    As the stern lady got closer and closer to calling his name, Neville got even more nervous. What if I don’t gat sorted? Neville thought. What if it tells me I’m not even good enough for Hufflepuff? I like Hufflepuff! Oh no, Oh no. He was broken out of his thoughts when the lady called out,

    “Longbottom, Neville!” He stumbled out if the line and cautiously he walked to the stool with hat on it, so as not to trip. He gave a weary glance at the stern lady, who nodded, and he thrust the hat on his head.

    Ah! An interesting one, hmm, where shall we put you? A voice spoke in his ear, Neville jumped and thought,

    Just Hufflepuff please!

    Oh, yes, you would do well in Hufflepuff. But the hat didn’t shout the last word out, like he did with the other students.

    Yep, Hufflepuff, because I look good in yellow!

    Well, I’m sure you do, and you’re right, you do belong in Hufflepuff. You see, you’re not ambitious enough for Slytherin, nor smart enough for Ravenclaw.

    So, Hufflepuff.

    Yes, but there is another house.

    I’m not brave enough for Gryffindor.

    You’d be surprised at what you can do. Better be GRYFFINDOR! The last word was shouted to the school. Neville was so surprised, he ran off with the hat still on his head. The voice chuckled in his ear when he found out.

    And you said you looked good in yellow, but you’re face looks fine in red!

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