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Well here it is, the last chapter of the story dedicated to my amazingly amazing readers and reviewers! Without further ado I present to you the last chapter of my story:  DOOMSDAY!

“Miss? Miss, you must wake up.” 

I blinked my eyes wearily looking up from the comfort and warmth of my pillow. 

But instead of usually finding just one house-elf that would usually wake me up I opened my eyes to the surprise lain out before me. My mother and seven other house-elves were bustling about my empty room, transforming it into a big changing room. Complete with make-up tables and all. I opened my mouth wearily, not really wanting to say anything as I looked at the mirrors and stands that were filled to the brim with make-up products. 

“Good, your up dear. Now I need you to get into the shower, and then we have to brush, comb, try on, banquet, wedding…” 

I sighed tiredly as I felt myself being pulled up from my bed. The only words that really clicked were wedding and banquet. I gulped, today was my wedding…. 


I glanced in the mirror, the person that I see can’t really be me, I found out the hard way. 

“Here.” my mother handed me a large clothing package. I looked at her, my freshly-plucked eyebrows raising in question. 

“Your wedding gown.” she told me whilst turning her back on me going through my wardrobe closet. I nodded, more to myself then anyone trying to really believe that this was happening. I watched entranced as the house-elves pulled a gorgeous white dress out of the package. My mouth hung open, 

“But that’s not the dress I choose.” I stammered pointing to it disbelievingly. 

“I know, we decided to change it a bit. You’ll use the black and green dress as your reception dress and the white one as your wedding dress.” 

I didn’t really have a response to that, I wasn’t saying that I hated the dress. It was when I had my black and green dress it didn’t feel like a wedding dress, now the ‘dream’ is reality and so is my wedding dress. I sat on my stool in numbness, only two more hours till the wedding starts. Wincing at the sharp tug of hair, I held my head gently as the hairdresser pulled and combed my blonde hair into curlers. I stared in the mirror, watching the face I once knew turning into someone else. 


I flicked at my curls irritably, I really wasn’t in the greatest of all moods. My hair looked like it had been through billions of curlers, even though it’s really naturally straight. My skin was pale and glittery, unlike the naturally glowing tan that I posses. My body was clad with a white and crème satin wedding gown, even though I didn’t really want to get married. In short I looked a true Slytherin princess, pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and all. 

When I was a little girl I dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. I was like any other little girl. Her prince charming would come and whisk her away and marry her in a beautiful location and they would live happily ever after in a castle atop of a hill. My dream was the same, thought now it’s more screwed up then ever.

My prince is Regulus sodding Black, my beautiful location is a mansion in which all the ‘truly respectable’ pure-blooded families had gotten married. My happily ever after is actually happily never after in a mansion that overlooks the rest of the wizarding world. I guess you could say that dreams don’t always come true. 

“Amore, are you ready yet?” 

I glanced back at the entrance of my bathroom. Narcissa stood there her hand placed on her hip, clad in an emerald green gown that looked gorgeous on her. I smiled, at least someone was getting something out of my wedding. 

“Hmm.” I mumbled gathering up the ends of my dress. 

“You really do look amazing.” she said smiling up at me. I looked at her a fake smile plastered upon my face, I mumbled a quick thank you, bending down to put on my shoes. I watched her smile falter, as she put a small hand upon my shoulder, 

“You still don’t want to do…” 

“Hurry up!” I looked at the door to see Bellatrix and Sandy standing there Bella, tapped 
her foot impatiently. 

“You do know that you should be down there right?” 

I shook my head smiling, always like Bella to remind you of something that you most detest. 

“Yes, we were just waiting for you.” replied Cissa, her mouth once again up in a smile. 

“Well we’re bloody here aren’t we, let’s go!” 

I shook my head as my wrist was snatched impatiently, letting myself be dragged out the door of the dressing room, and into the hallway of the manse. 


Life moves at different paces for everyone, I felt my hand being given to my dad who looked at me proudly. I choked inwardly realizing that this wedding was really happening, that I was really getting married to Regulus Black. I stood in absolute silence walking in pace to the music. My eyes darted around quickly taking in the room. 

The hall had been decorated richly in colors of emerald, silver, and black. I looked at the people in the chairs as they stood up and watched me. My icy orbs picking out few in the crowd. I saw my mother looking at me, her face lighting up in joy, her hand clutched tightly around a handkerchief. Next to her sat Mrs. Black who looked proudly up at me, her face seeming to say that she was happy that at least one Black got a good marriage.

Then my eyes landed on the stage in front of me. I sighed, still ten more steps to go till I reached it. My eyes zoomed from the well-groomed groomsmen to the bridesmaid, finally stopping on Regulus. He looked the same as usual, except dressed in a much more formal suit, his hair actually giving the appearance of proper up keeping. I sighed each step that I took, took me closer the future that I never really wanted. In reality, this was happening… two steps….one step… I took a deep breath, as I felt my father’s hand let go of me, my shield was broken 

                                           “We are gathered here today,” 

I looked anywhere but at Regulus, 

                     “to bind these two in a bond of unbreakable marriage,” 

Gag me, 

                                  “Regulus Black and Amore White,” 

Please, I thought I just wanted to get this over with, 

                  “you shall have each other forever, to have and to hold.” 


“Marriage a bond so close that no one can come between. Regulus Black do you take Amore White as your lawfully wedded wife?” 

“Yes.” he said almost boredly. 

“Amore White do you take Regulus Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?” 

I glanced up at the priest, it wasn’t a question if whether I would take him or not, it was a question of my parents approval. Well he already has that, I opened my mouth but yet no words came out. I gulped, 

“I do.” 

And that was that. 

         “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

At this I saw a devious smirk spread over his chiseled features. I backed my head away a bit as his lips captured mine. I pulled away quickly, much to the clapping, cheering, and occasional sniffing in the crowd. I gulped, I was really married. 

The crowd quieted down as the priest raised his hands ceremoniously, 

                                  “May you live in Holy Matrimony.” 

Life took you on journeys that you can’t really control, I took this as one of those kind of journeys. The person that you see yourself as and the person that you become are two separate people… at least in my case. My name is Amore White Black, and my life really isn’t even mine anymore.

Hello lovelies, I hope that you liked the last chapter. I really had trouble with this chapter actually I waited for many weeks even after I had finished to see if I could add anything else in, but realized this was the best place to leave off. Don't worry for those of you who haven't read any of my old authors comments and think that  I have left you on a cliffy, I have a sequel started, HOLY MATRIMONY. The sequel is actually written alot differently but I must say that I really do love it. So thanks for everyone that has read my story and reviewed, you guys rock! Please Reviews for old times sake! 


ssb :`)

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