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 A/N: I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER!! If i did would i waste time donig this, well i consider t time well wasted, but still, I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTORS!! 
PS: Party Like a Rockstar is by Freak Nasty, & Rockstar is by Nickleback.  
PS2: I luv U Jessy!! U R STILL AWSOME!!!
Now, on with the Show...

            “Dramoine, Drajamie.” A call came from the counter, the team was squished together onto the stools,”Budge up you lot, you can make room for the star players can’t you.” Drashaley told the twenty person team, laughing about half the girls went to tables with their drinks, leaving the others to chat animatedly.

            The cousins seated themselves on either side of their friend, “is that him Drashaley.” Muttered Drajamie, her eyes fixed on the boy behind the counter who had their back to them.

            “Yup, and he has the most perfect name, it goes right along with our team.” Drashaley gushed.

            “Really, what?” asked Dramoine, mystified, and also staring at the back of his white blond head. For some reason it was vaguely familiar, and disconcerting.

            “Draco Malfoy at your service ladies.” He said, turning around to face the three girls.

            Hermione found herself staring into a pair of icy blue grey eyes that belonged to the boy she had hated since her first day of Hogwarts. “You.” She hissed, her honey and cinnamon eyes suddenly losing their warmth.


            Draco looked at the girl in front of him, her eyes were cold as they surveyed him, what had he done to deserve the instant dislike of such a, a hot girl? Her body, though wrapped in a green silk robe was obviously shapely. Her warm brown hair was up in the same style as all the girls, her skin was smooth, and beautifully tanned, and green was soooo her color.

            “Do I know-“he stopped, his eyes scanning her face, and then softly so that only the four of them could hear he said “Mudblood?”
            “What the hell are you doing here?” she hissed, her eyes frigid as she surveyed her enemy.

            “Well, I could say the same to you, and ask what you are doing in my colors. If you’re trying to impress me don’t waste your time, I don’t date dirty blooded bitches.” He said his tone conversational.

               Drajamie and Drashley watched transfixed as the two old enemies shot insults back and forth at each other. “I am not a bitch, I’m a Dragoness and FYI, for the summer these are my colors.” Her voice would have stopped Attila the Hun as he charged, but Malfoy didn’t seem fazed.

            “Hmm, is that so, and what would you be, water girl?” he asked sniggering.

            Hermione smirked and said, “No, I’m Dramoine, the heartless.” And with that she turned around and slid her robe down to reveal her left shoulder. There were the three slightly shimmering claw marks, but under them was a black heart, it was her own device, each girls’ tat was personalized.

             “Oh really, and why would they call you that oh, heartless mudblood?” his tone was skeptical to say the least.

            “Because that’s what she is out on the field.” The coach’s voice roused them from their conversation. The four teens turned to see her standing there in her own emerald silk robe, looking at Draco and Hermione with bemused eyes. “Do you know each other?” she asked, she had already guessed, but Angela Balester was not one to leave anything to guessing.

            Hermione let out a bark of mirthless laughter, “Know each other? He’s made my life at school living hell from time to time, but other than that, no we don’t know each other.”

            “Explain please.” Drangela snapped, it was not a request.

            “We’re in rival houses, and she’s a mudblood, like she said, we go to school together, that doesn’t mean we know each other.”

            “Okay, but if I ever here that word come out of your mouth again I will personally scrub it out with soap. And you’d better learn to like each other, because you’ll be sharing a common room this year.”

            Hermione hollered “What?”

            While Draco snapped, “you kept that awful quiet.”

            “Get used to it kiddies, yer owls just came, and they both have the Headmasters handwriting on them, not McGonagall’s, you know what that means.”

            “We made Heads.” Breathed Hermione, her face twisted in a new expression, somewhere between physical pain, and disgust.

            Just then Drashaley decided to intervene, “Dramione, your song is like soo up next, remember?”

            Hermione listened, Let’s rearrange, I wish you were a stranger I could disengage, just say that we agree and then never change- “Ohmigod, it so is, Drajamie, will you be my backup?”

            “Only if you’ll back me.”

            “Watch and learn, ferret.“ hissed Hermione, cutting her eyes at Draco before sweeping the dance floor with them. “Clear.” She bellowed as the final strains of Over my Head (A/N: The Fray is wonderful, I love that song!!) faded away. The girls that had been dancing were already moving, as dramione and Drajamie took off their silk robes.

            The two girls were still wearing only their sports bras, and short silver soccer shorts, the only change was that they had on black and silver flip-flops instead of cleats and shin guards. Easily the two girls kicked off their flip-flops and walked barefoot into the center of the dance floor.  As one they grabbed mikes, and stood with their feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, their heads handing.

            The guitar work started, and Draco felt his pulse beginning to race as the one they were calling Drajamie began. "y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah, totally dude!!!” with each ‘y-y-yeah’ Her-, no Granger, would roll her body up, head coming up last, and then drop back in time for the next one.

            At totally dude Hermione pop, lock, and dropped it before rolling back up and singing. “Party like a rock, party like a rockstar, party like a rock, party like a rockstar. Party like a rock, party like a rockstar, party like a rockstar totally dude.” The cousins danced seamlessly, stomping out the beat as they wove their voices into the rap. “I’m on a money makin mission, but I party like a rockstar, I’m flyin down the 20 lookin good in my hot car.” It was right around here that Draco got lost, unable to keep up with the fast flowing words, a few verses later he caught up.

“As soon as I came out the womb

 My momma knew a star was born

 Now I’m on the golf course

 trippin’ wit da Osborne’s

I seen da show wtravis barker

Rockstar mentality

I’m jumpin in the crowd

Just to see if they would carry me.

            “What in the bloody name of Merlin is this?” Draco muttered to Drashaley, conveniently forgetting that she was probably a halfblood, and therefore not worthy of his attention.

            “What, does Dramoine not act like this at school? You should have seen last year, they only did one song, but it was good.” She smirked, “You really should see their version of Do yo Chain Hang Low?

            “What, the mudblood bookworm? I’ve never seen her in anything more revealing than her school robes, and the closest I’ve ever seen her to this was in third year when she slapped me.”

            Drashaley hissed at the word mudblood, in an undertone she warned him, “I wouldn’t call her that where anyone can hear if I were you.”

            “What is that a threat?” Draco asked, smirking at the idea of this girl coming after him.

            “No, it’s a promise, look around you.” Draco glanced around the club, all he could see was the team, around twenty, seventeen year old girls. “We’re all allowed to use magic out of school, and we’ve been a team since we were all four. We’re sisters, that time Drashanon got her heart broken by Jack Martin, we all hunted him down. When we were in grade school together, a teacher was being unfair to me, without me knowing the rest of the girls rolled her house, saran wrapped her car, and skittled her yard. To this day she doesn’t know who did it. And, last summer when Dramione, our strongest member was, those bastards- I’m not sure if she’d want you to know. We tracked them every night for two weeks; they’ll never mess with a woman again.” Her eyes were flinty, and she didn’t say anything else. As the song drew to a close she finally said, “We look out for each other, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t mess with one of us unless you can deal with all of us.” Was all she said, and with that Drashaley stood and joined another group, leaving Draco at the counter deep in thought.

            Granger was attacked, that much is obvious, she must not have told Weasel or Boy Wonder though. If she had they would have been overbearingly protective last year. How can she be such better friends with all these girls that she only sees during the summer, when the ‘Golden Trio’ is together all year. Wait, did she say that they had been a team since they were four!?! Well, even I’ve gotta admit that’s pretty impressive for a mudblood. A damn fine mudblood too, look at those hips, shut it Draco, you know better than to think that. If your father- fuck my father, she’s still hot.

            The one they were calling Drajamie stepped up as the songs switched, “I’m through with standing in line

To the clubs I’ll never get in
It's like the bottom of the ninth
and I'm never gonna win
This life hasn't turned out
quite the way I want it to be”

             Hermione suddenly stopped dancing in the background and asked in a surprisingly deep voice,”Tell me what you want.”   

            Jamie came back and answered, her eyes sparkling with laughter,

“I want a brand new house
on an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king size tub big enough
for ten plus me”

            The song continued, and Draco was surprised at how lavishly muggle rockstars seemed to live. When the song finally finished both girls made their way back over to the counter, perching a few stools down from the Slytherin, and chatting animatedly “I think we did good, I didn’t miss any steps, did you?”

            “Nope, we make a good team Drajamie, and I so hate you for stealing my song.”

            “Yeah, well some Nickelback concert tickets help that? There’s one here in Dallas in December.”

            “Seriously, you buy and I’ll be here.”

            “Deal, did you get a new Bluetooth?”

            “Nope, but I thought Drashanon said she got Lips of an Angel.”


            “Yes, Drashanon” she called to a tall girl with her thick black hair pinned up like theirs.

            “Yeah,“ called the girl, turning away from the conversation at her table to look at them.


            “Yeah, want it?”
            “Duh” the cousins yelled together, summoning their cell phones out of the car with casual flicks of their wands. Hermione flicked open her Red razr with one green and silver fingernail, while Jamie keyed in the access code for her mint Lg chocolate phone.

            Drashanon strolled over, her own black razor out, her fingers flying across the miniscule keyboard. The three girls held their phones together for a moment, before breaking apart and heading back to their seats. “Thanks” the cousins called over their shoulders at their friend.

            The two teens jabbered at each other animatedly, as they put away their cell phones. Suddenly all conversation stopped. An amazing array of ringtones sounded out, causing the team to as one pull phones out of bags of pockets, and check. 

            “Lotw, lol” Hermione read, and then glanced at her cousin, “What bout you?”

            “Same here, god and we were having a good time to.”

            “Would anybody care to explain what those magic letters mean?” drawled Malfoy coming out from behind the bar to peer over Hermione’s shoulder.

            Hermione didn’t even bother to look annoyed at him for being so close to her person. “See how the first L is capital? That means it’s a name, the Lions have been sending us this message for years. It means Lions on the way, lol.”

            “What’s lol?”

            Hermione looked at him, her eyes wide, and contemptuous. “Laugh out loud, did you honestly not know about that?”

            Draco shrugged carelessly, “It’s a muggle thing, I’m a pureblood, what can I say.”

            “That’s no excuse nephew.” Drangela, the coach told him, “I’m a pureblood too incase you’ve forgotten, Dramione, don’t hurt them too bad this time, men must have their pride you know.”

            “But they have the nerve to show up on our territory, they deserve it.”

            “Before this goes any further, who the hell are these lions?”

            “You look a little pissed ferret, the Lions are our biggest rivals, you might want to get back behind the bar and fetch me a double mocha with caramel, I’m gonna need it, Drajamie.”

            “Coming” Drajamie linked her arm through Dramione’s, and shot back over her shoulder, “Me too Malfoy.”

            The two girls stood in the middle of the dance floor facing the door. Outside they heard the crunch of parking lot gravel being stepped on by numerous persons. The door swung open to reveal the entire Lions team, still shirtless, arrogantly examining the scene before them. “Hey look its mudblood Granger,” stated the tall, well taned and toned blond in front. As one the Dragonesses stood and removed their robes, hackles up.

            “Hey look ladies.” Hermione called, walking toward Jack (aka the tall blond) “entertainment.” Slowly she sauntered forward, swaying her hips seductively, till she and Jack were merely a foot apart. “You’ve got a lot of nerve to show up here, you know that right?”

            Jack took a step, now they were so close their noses were centimeters apart. “Yeah, I know.” He breathed, and forced his lips onto hers.


            Draco watched in awed silence, even he, the Slytherin sex god would not have dared kiss Granger when she was in such a mood, not that there was enough galleons in the world to pay him to kiss Granger, he quickly backtracked. Instead of pushing him away and screaming obscenities at him as he expected, Hermione, no Granger, molded her body to his and began snogging the dude. And instead of jumping forward and hexing the couple into oblivion, as he now expected, the entire Dragoness team stood, identical smirks on their faces.

            Suddenly the blond went ridged, and tried to pull away, only to find himself to be literally stuck by the tongue. Granger had bit down hard on his tongue, and wasn’t letting go. After maybe ten seconds Drajamie stepped in and muttered in her ear. With a sickening slurp the two separated, the blond, Jack, he gathered was his name, was bleeding profusely, spitting blood onto the floor repeatedly.

            “What the hell was that for?” spat Jack, blood flying from his lips.

            Hermione smirked, wait, did she just use my smirk? ran through Malfoy’s head. “That was to make sure you remember Dramione the heartless”, and with that she spun on her heel and strode back toward her seat, her tattoo seemed sharper, more defined than ever.

            Draco strutted up to Herm- no, she was defiantly Dramione, and right now with that smirk in place, and blood on her teeth, she could be heartless. “Not bad Granger, and you know that’s a good one since it comes from the Hogwarts playboy.”

            “Thanks, I guess, just get me that double mocha latte with carmal, and make it snappy.” Hermione yawned, leaning nonchalantly against the counter, surprising Draco with her calm, demanding demeanor.
A/N: If the dacing dosn't work to the music, well either your doin it wrong, or i'm an idiot, cause it  worked in my mind. R&R PLEAZE!!
*~*~*~*~*Jenrabbit luvs anyone who does!!*~*~*~*~*


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