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“What are we doing here, Mom?”

Remus Lupin looked up at his mother innocently, his shining amber eyes with flecks of gold sparkling with youthful exuberance. It made his mother, Rose, shiver as she looked at him, forcing her to think of how he had gotten those eyes, both beautiful and horrifying at the same time. The injury on his shoulder was completely healed, though it had only been two weeks since the attack. The healers said he would heal very quickly now, and could survive and go through more than others because of his new werewolf blood. It was bittersweet news.

“Now, you do remember how your dad and I said some things might be… different… after the ‘accident’, don’t you?” He nodded. “Well, the Ministry of Magic decided that werewolves like you have to be registered. That just means that we need to tell them your name and a bit about you and stuff, okay?”

“But why do have to be registered?” He asked, his face scrunching up in thought. Rose searched her mind for an answer.

“They like to know who the werewolves are.”

Thankfully, he questioned no more. Barely able to hide her relief, she walked into the entrance to the ministry.

“Rose and Remus Lupin, going to the Werewolf Registry.” She pinned on the two badges that slid out  and, signaling to Remus to stay silent, walked out into the Ministry.


Rose and Remus followed down a dirty hallway. The wallpaper was peeling and the windows were dusty. It wasn’t very inviting.

Remus shivered as an old, shabby looking man glared at him over the top of his copy of the Prophet. He didn’t understand why everyone here looked so angry. They had been okay until his mum had said they were here to register him.

Remus didn’t know it, but he would forever remember that man.

The three walked through a large, intimidating metal door.  When it shut behind them Remus couldn’t help but shiver. The sound of it shutting seemed to echo around them in the cold room. The women barely spared him a glance as she questioned his mother.


“Remus John Lupin.”

“Date of Birth?”

“March 10, 1959.”

“Date of Bite?”

“Is the werewolf who bit him known?”

“…. Fenrir Greyback.”

The women’s eyes flickered up to Rose, and then to Remus. A flash of pity went through her eyes for the briefest of moments, a flicker of humanity and sympathy for the young boy. Remus missed this as he stared at the ceiling, swinging his legs. She cleared her throat and continued uneasily.

“Parents names…”


Awhile later the two women finally stood up, and Remus quickly scrambled to his feet as well. His mother gently put her hand on his shoulder, giving it a small, reassuring squeeze. Remus looked up at her curiously. “Remus, she’s going to put a spell on your arm, okay? It might sting a little.” Remus nodded, not thinking much of it. The Registry worker took his right arm gently and pressed her wand to it, mumbling a string of words he didn’t really hear, nor understand. Remus gave a small yelp of pain and surprise as his lower arm seemed to burn, and he clutched his arm tightly. And then, just as quickly as it had come, the pain was gone. Remus slowly uncovered his arm and looked at it shakily. Seven large numbers flared on his arm, a bright blood-red, with two dashes.


“What’s that, Mom?” asked Remus nervously. She was trembling slightly, he noticed with apprehension. 

“T-that’s so people know you’re a werewolf, honey.” She told him shakily.

“So everyone will know I’m a werewolf?” He asked with a frown. Why would everyone need to know he was a werewolf? It wasn’t like it mattered, did it…

“No!” She said quickly. “It will be hidden with a spell, unless someone uses the counter-curse, and then it will only be visible temporarily. You’ll be taught the spell, in case you’ll ever need it.” The Ministry worker nodded and waved her wand. The numbers instantly disappeared. “See?” Asked his mother, trying to smile but failing miserably. Remus nodded anyway, and they went home.



Three days later…


Remus and his mother walked up to the house of one of Remus’ friends, Todd, who came from a wizarding family as well. Todd himself was a squib, and an only child. His parents had been very disappointed. Remus was ecstatic that he could finally see one of his friends. He was looking forward to feeling like everyone else. The past two weeks had been very odd.

He and his mother walked up to the door and Rose knocked on the door politely. They waited as the doorknob turned, and the door opened. Todd’s mother stood in the doorway, but as soon as she saw them her normally kind face became flushed, and then furious. She glared at them, an angry rage in her face

Out!” She hissed. “No half-breeds will go near my children!” She slammed the door in their faces before either of them could react. Face bright red, Rose Lupin grabbed her son’s arm and dissapparated.





Rose’s head snapped toward her confused son, and her face softened. She had been about to owl John, but she had forgotten that Remus did not understand exactly what happened. Remus looked at her with wide eyes, shining with unshed tears, his bottom lip quivering. “Why was Todd’s mum angry?”

Rose knelt down next to her son and hugged him. “Hon, some people… well, they have silly fears of certain things that they don’t understand. Werewolves are considered to be ‘half-humans’ and some people don’t like that. A ‘half-breed’ is a mean name for half-humans. That’s why you never tell anyone you’re a werewolf, okay? We don’t people to be angry.”

“But, why are they angry?” He looked confused and scared. It broke his mother’s heart as she tried to sugar-coat what she was telling him. 

“Well, a lot of people get angry about what they don’t understand. Most people don’t like werewolves because they think they’re bad. So you can’t tell anyone you’re a werewolf or they might be scared.” Then again, Lupins never had much tact…

A few tears coursed down Remus’ cheeks, and in a moment Rose was holding her sobbing son to her, wondering why he had to have been given this curse as tears slowly fell down her own face.

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