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Disclaimer: This is of my own creation…my Frankenstein, if you will. I assume full responsibility for it. J.K. Rowling would probably laugh at me for stupid things like this, anyways.

Hermione woke up wrapped in her lover’s embrace. His strong arms were draped around her waist as if trying to keep her safe from the darkness. She blinked a few times in an attempt to shake the sleepiness from herself. A sudden chill of how cold the house was crept over her, making her glad that the majority of her body was snuggled against his warm form. She made a small sigh of contentment that made him give off a noise similar to a growl. She closed her eyes again, trying to get back to sleep, only to hear the sound that woke her in the first place.

Down the hall in the nursery, a child was whimpering. Hermione tried to carefully wiggle herself free from his grasp, only to become frustrated and throw his arms off her. She got up off her bed, slipped her feet into the warm slippers next to it. She grabbed a dressing gown off the back of the door, and put it over her pajamas as she strode toward the nursery. Silently opening the door, she saw a toddler kicking from beneath his bunched-up blankets making pitiful sounds. Making her way over to the crib, she removed the toddler from his bed. Immediately, the crying stopped, as the child was awakened from his nightmare. She began to sway with her son pressed against her, making calming noises into his ear.

“Thought you might have come in here. How is he?”

Hermione turned around to answer her husband. “He must have had a nightmare. But as soon as I picked him up, he fell back asleep.”

Ron moved closer to her, and let his son’s small hand wrap around a couple of his fingers. “Well, ‘Mione, you do happen to have this wonderful affect on me, he must get it too. Like father, like son, I suppose.”

“He’d better not turn out half as much like you. I’ll never get another peaceful moment.” Hermione said while looking at the red hair of little Nathan.

“Yeah, well, if I weren’t like this, you wouldn’t love me, now would you?” Ron added while smirking at her.

“Your right.” She pulled her eyes away from Nathan to stare up into Ron’s blue eyes. She smiled at him. “It all worked out in the end. Who would have thought we could turn out like this? A happy couple with a beautiful baby boy.’’ Her eyes sparkled on the edge of tears.

Ron took his free hand and put it on her cheek. His thumb rubbed gentle circles into it while he answered, “No one could have guessed. It was destiny.”

He placed a kiss on her forehead as she let off a small sigh. She placed the returned to sleep child back in his crib, and leant back on Ron. The two of them gazed at their son, just happy to know that they were meant to be like this.

A/N: So not the best ending in the world, but it served it purpose. I’d like to thank you all sticking with this story from the beginning. Watch out for a new story by me sometime soon, and in the meantime I suggest you check out my one-shot I Wear Black. Once again, reviews are my best friend! Thanks for reading…

much love,


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