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I quite like this chapter, it’s a bit of a filler but it does have some hints of James/Cariad (inspired by Gubby XD) which I hope you don’t find too boring :) Thank you so much for your support to everyone who has reviewed the previous three chapters, it’s so encouraging and it really helps me out ;)

Can I thank the wonderful Princess Prongs (you may know her as GubraithianFire) for pushing me to do a Cariad POV? I really enjoyed it, although I think it may have come across a bit OOC, so please tell me what you think! How can I improve the change of POV? And does the bold make it clear enough?

If you like it, please review. If you don’t, please tell me why and I can try and improve it :)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter 4 – It’s a Beautiful Day

When I wake up in the morning, I lie in silence for a while, trying to remember why I feel so reluctant to get up. It takes a few minutes, but gradually the details of yesterday flood back to me, along with a deepening feeling of dread. I look to the side and see dark green hangings, so different from the comforting red in my own dormitory.

“Getting up, Cariad? Or staying in bed for a week?”

The way Stephanie Ellis phrases this question as she pulls back my hangings makes me laugh bitterly. Oh, how I wish I could stay in bed for a week.

“No, I’m coming,” I reply, heaving myself up and biting my lip as I catch sight of my reflection in the mirror above Stephanie’s bed. My eyes blur, and I angrily blink back the tears I never meant to come. I know it’s only for a week, I know it’s not exactly long, but it’s Cariad, and how can I spend even one day in her body? Seeing her face staring back at me from the mirror makes me want to fly at her, scream at her for ruining everything.

But it’s my fault just as much as hers… I pull on the robes I discarded yesterday night, exhausted after spending all evening answering queries about why I was doing homework for a subject I don’t even do.

Yesterday, when it all happened, I didn’t feel so depressed about it; I thought it would be interesting, fun, almost, to see the world from a different point of view. Cariad and I spent time together, swapping notes like we were actually friends.

Friends … it was strange not waking up this morning to Alison’s insane laugh, or listening to Ingrid complain about her homework as I get dressed. My heart sinks at the thought of breakfast without them, without Sirius, Remus and Peter, without James … on the other hand, I can’t avoid engaging in proper conversations with Cariad’s friends all week, and the thought of this makes me sigh.

“What’s wrong with you? Hurry up, you’re already late.” I hastily follow Ellis into the Common Room where William Barnett is waiting to walk to breakfast with us.

And walk to breakfast we do, with Barnett and Ellis bickering on each side of me about whether or not I look as though I need the Hospital Wing.

“You’re white as a sheet!” Ellis insists, and I quicken my pace.

“She’s fine,” Barnett mumbles, putting his warm and slightly damp hand to my head.

I give an involuntary twitch and veer away from his touch without really thinking what I am doing, and I am slightly ashamed that it sickens me so much to have him near me. He looks taken aback, but quickly recovers, and resumes my defence to Ellis as we continue down to the Great Hall.

After I convince Ellis that what I need is a good breakfast, I murmur something about Potions homework and dart across the Hall towards the Gryffindor table. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do or say when I get there, but I am sure that if I know Cariad at all – which, come to think of it, is not exactly much – she must be feeling as trapped as I do.

“Er, Lily, can I have a word quickly?” I say when I reach her seat, ignoring the fact that James’ eyes are boring into the back of my head. As he starts to protest, Cariad gives him an icy stare and he falls silent.

When we are safely several feet away from anyone who cares what we’re saying, I begin.

“I can’t do this! I can’t live like this! What are we going to do? How can you not - Professor Slughorn – we’ve got to – let’s tell someone else, it’s –”

I break off as I see the look on her face. When she speaks it is a low hiss that makes me feel ashamed of my own outburst.

“Do you think that for one moment – one moment, I haven’t been trying to think of a way to get us out of this mess? I’m sorry, Evans, but being trapped looking like you isn’t exactly a holiday for me, either, OK? I can’t talk to your friends, they’re so different to me – I can’t – I miss myself, right?” My own green eyes are shining with tears, and it is now that I realise Cariad and I have one thing, at least, in common.

I start to tell her not to be a wimp about this, but the words die in my throat as I remember how I felt looking in the mirror this morning.


“It’s a week. We can deal with a week.” I can tell she is trying to reassure herself as much as she is me.

“OK,” I repeat, and turn to walk back to the Slytherin table when I feel her hand on my arm.

“And, Evans? Please don’t wear my hair like that.”

I feel the sides of my mouth twitch as I pull my dirty blonde hair out of its pony tail and return to eat breakfast with the Slytherins.

As I sit back down beside Alison Archers and Ingrid Gaiger, I start to feel angry at myself: how can I have let Lily Evans see me break down like that? True, I hadn’t actually cried, but it was mortifying to know I’d let her see so far into what I was thinking.

Gaiger turns to me with worried eyes: “What did she want this time?”

“It was about the Potions detention,” I reply in what I hope is a convincing tone. I seem to have achieved the affect I was hoping for, because her expression becomes one of pity as she says something about how awful it must be for me to have to spend a whole evening with Cariad…

I’m not really listening. I’m thinking about how this lunchtime would ordinarily be spent discussing homework with Will, and asking Stephanie how it’s going with her and Jaques, a French student in the year below us who she’s had a crush on for like … ever. My heart starts to race as I realise Steph will probably pour her heart out to the girl she thinks is me, and Evans will probably repeat everything she hears to these people I’m sitting with –

“…she’ll only use it as an excuse to - Lily, where are you going?”

“I don’t know,” I say truthfully, “I’m not hungry – I don’t really know – um, I should leave…”

I ignore their anxious stares and avoid Lupin’s hand as he reaches out to me, somewhat ashamed that I can’t handle him touching me.

Once out of the room, I pace the Entrance Hall, holding my hands to my head and taking deep breaths. I’m glad Evans isn’t here right now, or I just might die of humiliation.

My vision clears slightly and I stop feeling so panicked; I shake my head and prepare to walk back into the hall. But I stop with my hand inches from the door, and change my mind. I turn tail and march away from the room, away from the Gryffindors, the Slytherins and –


I close my eyes and slowly turn around to face the voice. It’s Potter.

“Lily, what’s going on? You didn’t seem yourself yesterday.”

His choice of words makes me laugh, but it sounds harsh and raw, even to me.

“Nothing’s going on. Nothing you’d care about, anyway, Potter.”

He laughs nervously, and takes a step towards me. “Lily? Have we just gone back in time a couple of years?”

I try not to let my confusion show in my face. “Er … sorry. I just feel kind of ill, you know … maybe it’s all this Head Girl stuff getting to me …”

Potter’s expression mirrors the bewilderment I’m trying not to show: “What are you talking about? The only Head Girl thing you’ve had to do so far is talk to the Prefects on the train!”

“Is it? I mean…it is! I just … yeah, I’m tired. Seventh year isn’t so much fun, right?” I’m doing an awful job at covering myself, but this last statement, at least, I can say with conviction.

Potter’s expression softens. “You were going for a walk? Can I join you?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I wasn’t particularly going anywhere …”

We walk in silence for a few minutes, without any specific direction, but I find this silence with James Potter isn’t awkward: I don’t feel I have to fill it with something, it’s just there, and I enjoy the peacefulness.

“I love Hogwarts in the winter,” he remarks, and I smile. I don’t really know what to say, so I don’t say anything, and we continue to walk. It’s true: the castle, with the glowing warmth emitting from every room with a fireplace, and the glittering decorations strung from beams in the high ceiling feels so friendly, so exciting.

Before I know it, we have reached the Entrance Hall, and I am being led outside. Snow is falling softly, and despite the embarassement of being with James Potter, I open my mouth and catch a flake on my tongue.

James laughs. “That’s attractive.”

I feel myself blush and quickly close my mouth. James starts to walk again, picking his way carefully through the snowy grounds, and I follow.

“How come I got Head Boy?” He blurts out suddenly.

I try to gather my thoughts. For the last six years I’ve known James and his friends as the four biggest trouble-makers in the school, and I am also aware that of them – all respectable Purebloods, I grudgingly admit – Remus Lupin became a Prefect alongside Evans. Now he draws attention to it, it does seem slightly strange that he, out of all the boys in our year became Head Boy. Personally, I would have elected William, but perhaps I’m biased.

“I’ve no idea. You have become a lot more mature within the last year …” I hope this is true, and that I don’t look too stupid for suggesting it.

“You think so?” James looks at me curiously. “Lily, there’s something about you today…”

“What do you mean?” I ask quickly.

“Well, just that you seem so blunt, but not in a bad way … although earlier you did give me a kind of harsh look when I tried to stop Cariad – ” I notice his face darken at the mention of my name – “trying anything when she came over just now.”

“Sorry…” I try, raising my eyebrows hopefully.

“No, don’t apologise. I was merely observing…” He grins.

We’re close to the Forbidden Forest now, and the snow on the treetops is glinting in the weak sunlight struggling out from behind yellow clouds.

I don’t realise I’m shivering until James shrugs off his jacket and places it gently around my shoulders. I smile up at him, and his expression is so calm, so tender – and then I realise. He’s looking at Lily. This is how he’s looking at Lily Evans.

“No – Potter – James, this isn’t right, I –” I look down, and fidget uncomfortably.

“What’s not right? Lily – what’s up?”

I avoid his eyes. “I’d better go, I’m sorry. Have your jacket – thank you – I’ll see you in the Common – I have to –”

I turn and walk hastily back towards the Entrance Hall, leaving James standing in the snow, a hand half raised in farewell.

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