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“Alright teem, t’is game is very important. I know ‘ou will all make me so very proud,” Jolie smiled at them, attempting to hide her nervousness. It shone through her voice though, for her accent never came out unless she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

“Kristen,” Sirius whispered, nudging her in the ribs. “Breathe!”

She inhaled deeply, not even realizing that she had been attempting suicide by suffocation. With breathing though came the shaking. Her hands were moving violently, her broom nearly knocking James in the shins as she attempted to hold it still.

“Just remember everyt’ing I’ve taught you this ‘ear and you will all do brilliantly,” Jolie continued. “Come, it’s time to begin.”

The team marched into the brisk May air to the chants of the Gryffindor house. Kristen could vaguely hear hers and the others names called out. This was it; the final quidditch game was upon them.

“Mount you brooms!” The referee was already calling. This was moving so fast! The snitch and bludgers flew out of the box eagerly. The quaffel was held at the ready, and then tossed high in the air.

James quickly took possession. He was smaller than the Ravenclaw chasers, and it enabled him to weave in and out of the players, quickly as he laid low on his broom. Kristen and Sirius flanked him on either side

And then, suddenly, she felt something very solid and cold lodge itself in her throat. Somehow, the snitch had been caught in her throat, cutting off her air. She started thrashing around on her broom. Hitting players everywhere, players she thought were far away from her…

Kristen sat up quickly, coughing wildly as the ice cub that had been shoved in her mouth melted away. “These wake up calls really aren’t much fun.” She shot at the two boys who had the pleasure today to get her up way too early on a Sunday morning, especially after she had been up until nearly five celebrating the win of the quiditch cup with the rest of the Gryffindors, particularly a mister Luke Meyers.

“Yeah, but Pete and James aren’t up yet and we’re bored,” Sirius whispered so as to not wake the already restless occupants of Kristen’s dormitory.

“Well why didn’t you wake them up?”

Sirius and Remus looked at each other before shrugging. “We figured you’d be more fun to wake up.”

“Well you were wrong!” Kristen snapped at them, pulling the covers over her head. For a moment she thought that they had left. And then she felt a poking in on her side, followed in quick succession by several other pokes. Soon, the poking was becoming unbearable until she finally hissed, “Fine! I’m up! I’ve got to change though so you two are going to have to go downstairs!”

“How do we know that you’ll keep your promise?” Remus asked slyly.

“Cross my heart, hope to die,” Kristen rattled off with a role of her eyes. She hated Remus when he was like this. It seemed that in the days leading up to the full moon he got a charge of testosterone and sarcasm.

“I don’t know if we can trust her,” drawled Sirius, smirking. “I think we should watch you and then escort you down stairs, just to be sure.”

“You are most certainly not staying in here while I’m changing clothes!” Kristen told them fiercely.

“Oh come on Krissie!”




“Just take off your clothes Kristen!” Remus suddenly blurted out. Sirius burst into extremely loud laughter at that while Remus continued to watch her with an expectant smile.

“Are you boys in here again? That’s the third time this semester!”

“Well, got to go!” Remus said quickly, alerted to trouble by the sound of Lily’s voice. “Five minutes Kristen! We’ve got planning!”

Kristen nodded her head and began to change once they were out of the room. She had nearly forgotten. Now that the final quiditch match was over (280-30, thank you very much, with a spectacular save by Xavier two hours into the game) their plans were sure to resume full steam ahead, and apparently Remus was all for the prank (they’d finally broken down and told both him and Peter), though that would probably change as soon as the full moon was done with.

“Planning? What planning?” Lily asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Kristen told her quickly, pulling her most comfortable Beatles shirt over her head.

“If you plan to hang my knickers in the great hall again St.Claire you better think twice!” Gwen warned her, her boy radar having woken her up.

“For the last time, I didn’t do that!” Kristen shouted back at her, perfectly truthful for once. Kristen had no idea who had done it, though she dearly wished she did. She would simply love to give them huge thank you. It had been the best day in the whole of the spring term.

“Yeah right,” Gwen scoffed, stretching her arms and shaking out her long, blonde hair. It was strange, how alike Kristen and Gwen looked when they both rivaled each other. Blonde hair, light eyes, small features, though Gwen was already standing at 5’7 where as Kristen stood four inches below her.

Kristen simply rolled her eyes, slipped on her jeans and shoes and went to the Bathroom for the necessities before proceeding down stairs.

“Well about time!” Remus greeted her with and exasperated expression. “We’ve been waiting forever!”

“It took me like three minutes!”

“Correction. It was twelve minutes and thirty-seven seconds,” Sirius told her knowingly, glancing at his watch.

“Whatever! What are we planning today? We have it totally ready except to pick a day.”

“And that’s exactly what we’re doing. My vote is for the last day of school, during dinner,” Sirius answered her.

“I say tomorrow!” Remus put in his two Knuts eagerly.

“I agree with Sirius, that would be much more of a dramatic time.”

“Fine! Don’t take my suggestion! It’s not like I’m the smart one or anything!” Remus snapped at them.

“He does have a point there.” Sirius said thoughtfully.

“We don’t have time to do it tomorrow! We haven’t even finished getting the shipments from your cousin and we need to go butter up to the house elves.”

“You don’t need to butter them up! I’m the one that’s been there and they practically hand you anything you want!” Remus told them, reminding them both of when Jolie had sent him and some others to get food from the kitchen.

“Yeah, but we’re asking them to put some foreign substance in the food, they probably won’t be too keen to do that.” Kristen pointed out.

“Very true,” Sirius agreed again, apparently having difficulty in choosing which side he wanted to be on.

They were cut off from speaking by the emergence of Gwen, Lily, and Mary-Jane, apparently unable to go back to sleep after they morning call. Mary-Jane went straight to the window and began to gaze out of it as the sun attempted to blind the Hogwarts’ inhabitants. She was such a strange girl…

Lily went straight to her books, of course, while Gwen strolled over to them. “So what are you boys planning?” She cooed to Remus and Sirius in an alluring voice.

“Planning?” Sirius questioned her, his eyebrows raised. “Why, we’re not planning a thing.”

“You’re so cute when you’re lying.” Gwen told him, nipping him affectionately in the nose.

“You would know,” Kristen mumbled, causing Remus to smirk with her.

“I heard about your breakup with Nickie,” She purred next, referring to the latest Black conquering.

“Yeah? You know why I broke up with her?”

“She was too much of a prude?”

“No, she was too much like you.”

“Oh!” Remus and Kristen howled together, laughing hysterically as Gwen scowled huffily and stalked away. “I could kiss you for that!” Kristen exclaimed excitedly.

“She’s kidding,” Remus told him quickly.

Sirius rolled his eyes, having realized that on his own, though he had been hoping to call her on it.

They never received another chance to talk about their prank as sleepy, though enthusiastic, students soon filled the common room. Last to show up, naturally, were James and Peter, both late sleepers even on the best of days.

“How about some breakfast,” James yawned, stretching his arms wide.

“It’s three in the afternoon,” Kristen told him.

“Crap, we’ve got detention in five hours,” Peter moaned. “The whole day has gone by!”

“Well you should have just gotten up with us at bloody ten a.m. after five hours of sleep,” Kristen told them sarcastically.

“Ten? Why did you get up then? I don’t even get up until ten on days when I follow curfew!” James asked her incredulously.

“Because some people,” Kristen threw a glare in the direction of Remus and Sirius, “Don’t appreciate other people’s need for sleep.”

“It’s true, we don’t,” Sirius admitted happily.

“Kristen St.Claire!”

Five heads whipped around to see a tiny boy trotting up to them. He blushed profusely as he handed Kristen a letter. At first she assumed it was from her sisters, they had been corresponding frequently (Through Mr. Potter once again, who gallantly made up a new address and changed the recipients name) but she saw no sign of a trip through muggle postage. She opened it to see his handwriting, that brilliant, perfect cursive. She hadn’t heard from him in ages, since before Christmas. She had been convinced he’d given up on her, which was just as well; she’d had a boyfriend at the time. But, secretly, she had missed it. Flowers, and a letter had been enough to successfully pull her under.

Premièr dans ma esprit
Premièr dans ma couer
Tu es mon dous
Et tu es mon âme

-Loves from afar

“Oh Merlin,” Kristen moaned, the corners of her eyes watery. “That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!”

“What does is it say?” Remus asked with a smirk, struggling not to look at Sirius.

“I have no idea,” Kristen admitted, still gazing at the paper with a star-struck expression. “I think it’s German, maybe Portuguese.”

“It’s French,” Sirius told her, grabbing the paper from her. “It says ‘First in my mind, first in my heart; you are my sweet, and you are my soul.”

“Merlin, this guy is a sap,” James declared.

“No he is not!” Kristen snapped at him. “He’s perfectly romantic and you would do well to take a leaf out of his book. Lily would adore you if you did.”

“Yeah James, you should try and be more like this guy,” Sirius told him, raising his eyebrows in mockery.

“You can’t talk at all Sirius! You need more help than even James does!”

Sirius gaped at her for a moment, momentarily stunned by the sheer ludicrously of these words. Like Sirius would ever need to take a leaf out of anyone’s book, let alone his own. “No I don’t! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had nine different girl friends this year!”

“Exactly! I’m sure this guy doesn’t do that at all!” Kristen’s voice turned wistful once more as she gazed blankly at a spot on the wall. “I’m sure he lies under a tree, contemplating what words to write next. He would never dare date a girl while sending another love letters. As to how he learned French…hmm…perhaps his mother is French, yes, and his father an English man. And they live in a little cottage, with horses, and ducks! They have lots and lots of ducks.”


“Yes ducks,” Kristen told Peter haughtily. “I like ducks.”

“I’ll be sure and tell him that,” Sirius assured her, watching her a bit warily.

“Oh, will you? And tell him I really want to meet him; I’m getting terribly impatient! His poem was wonderful, so romantic!”

“I might change some words but yeah, I’ll tell him.” He told her once more, allowing himself a smile.

“You know, I personally find this whole thing very strange. I mean this guy knows loads more about Kristen than she does about him. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as slightly odd?” Remus asked with a serious face, though his eyes twinkled impishly.

“No, Kristen knows him too, she just doesn’t know it’s him,” Sirius shot back. “I’ve told her so before, haven’t I Krissie?”

“Yes, but I can’t think for the life of me who it is,” Kristen complained. “With my luck it’s probably dorky Daniel Johnson.”

“What’s wrong with Daniel? He’s very nice, and smart. I mean, he doesn’t score as high as us in classes but still,” Remus tried to defend the boy he knew he so much resembled.

“But he’s dorky,” Kristen whined. “He’s got glasses and buckteeth. Please tell me it isn’t him Sirius! Please!”

“Can’t promise anything,” Sirius smirked at her. “Although I can at least tell you that is a boy.”

“Well thanks, that really helps in me figuring out who it is,” Kristen scoffed, though she knew she should be thankful for the small bit of comforting information.

James leaned back casually in his armchair as the group fell into silence. He then pulled out a gold, fluttering ball from his pocket and, apparently out of sheer boredom, let it go a few feet from him, before snatching it out of the air.

“What are you doing?” Remus asked him, watching him with a tinge of apprehension.

“Xavier gave it to me last night. It’s lucky apparently.” James told him, once again letting the snitch go before snatching it back.

“But you’re not a seeker.” Sirius pointed out rather lamely.

James just shrugged and continued his game of catch. Several girls were watching him with appreciative eyes and giggled at every spectacular grab.

Kristen rolled her eyes. “What do you say we head off to the kitchens and begin buttering up those house elves, yeah?”

“Don’t you think that maybe we should wait until no one is out and roaming the halls? The kitchens are near the Hufflepuff common room and we’re bound to be caught by one of them.” Sirius reminded her.

“Fine, ruin the fun! I was just trying to bring a little excitement back into our lives! But is you all are too chicken…”

James’s hand snapped around the snitch as he glared at her. “I am not a chicken!”

“Well, if you and the others aren’t brave enough to even sneak into the kitchens…”

Peter eagerly shook his head in agreement with the statement while Remus, James, and Sirius instantly went into an angry discussion of why they were not ‘chickens’ but simply smart in their endeavors. “Call it whatever you like, it all comes back to the same thing.” Kristen told them cheekily.

“If you want to get caught, be our guests,” Remus told her venomously, at least keeping his smarts during his testosterone driven days.

“All I need is the cloak,” Kristen whispered to them.

“I don’t think the cloak would cover all of us, or even just you, me, and Sirius,” James told her.

“I though you didn’t want to go!”

“Well if you’re going to call me a chicken-”

“How ‘bout Kristen and I go. The cloak will at least cover us. You’re too tall James.” Sirius told him, and he was right. James would easily cause the cloak to expose their feet if three people were hidden underneath.

“Why should you get to go?” James asked testily.

Sirius looked slightly amused by the question and said, “If you want to go, you can. That’s totally fine.”

“Would you two hurry up and decide who my chaperone is already!”

“I want to go!” James declared, standing up quickly and rushing to his dormitory for the cloak and map. Kristen just shrugged and slumped in her chair, not particularly caring who went with her as long as they were a help and not a hindrance.

James rushed down moments later, looking as if he had consumed several tons of donuts in his absence as his front bulged. A dingy piece of parchment hung out of his pocket as well, adding to his look of disarray. “Come on,” he grabbed Kristen’s arm and pulled her out of the room, Kristen smiling and waving at the three boys as she disappeared into the corridor.

“Where’s Potter taking your girl Black?”

It took Sirius a moment to register what was said to him, as the portrait hole had only just closed. The cocky voice was very hard to miss though, and soon gartered his full attention. “Excuse me?” He asked acidly, turning to face the person.

It was a seventh year boy who was the owner of the voice. Damien Hale, known as the one Gryffindor who was obviously sorted wrong. The boy smiled and repeated his question. “Where’s Potter taking your girl? They both looked awfully flushed as they rushed out of here hand in hand.”

Sirius stood up from his chair, jaw clenched as the common room held very still and silent. Everyone knew what happened if anyone dared insult Kristen St.Claire in front of the Marauders, especially Sirius. “Care to explain?” Sirius inquired with an air of complete dominance, something he did not truly feel in the slightest.

“Well she is the Marauder whore isn’t she? I’d always figured that she gave you more preference than the others though, what with the way you two act around each other.”

The silence became more pronounced, if that was possible. That hadn’t been spoken of within the Gryffindor confines since all the Marauders had become united again. It was known to be a strictly forbidden topic, though many still questioned it. Kristen was so flirtatious and wild that the rumors simply fit.

“Think about what your saying Hale.” Remus surprised everyone by stepping forward and looking menacing. “You’re degrading our best friend right in front of our faces. Does that really seem like the smartest idea?”

“Everyone’s thinking it, I’m just the one to say something,” Damien told them defiantly.

Sirius eagerly looked around, waiting for someone to step forward that would contradict him. But everyone was simply looking at one another nervously.

“I think you’re a lousy git who just wants attention!”

Lily stepped out of the mass and came to stand between Remus and Peter. “Kristen is not a harlot and you have absolutely no right to say it!”

“You’re seriously going to stand there and try to make me believe that she hasn’t been sleeping with the four boys she spends every bloody second with?”

“Well Damien, I think I’m seeing the real problem here. Obviously, you are so jealous of James, Remus, Pete, and I that you resort to calling Kristen names in front of us because you want her and can’t get any action for yourself. That’s really, really sad you know.”

“Why you little son of a –”

“You really need to watch your language Damien! In fact, I think your mouth might need a good cleaning. Scourigrify!” Sirius declared, whipping out his wand and watching with immense satisfaction as soup bubbles began billowing out of the boy’s mouth amidst cheers from his housemates. Damien ran up to his dormitory and out of sight, people rushing forwards to Sirius to give him high fives or other signs of encouragement.

“Looks like you’re upholding your end of the bargain,” Matthew told him a few minutes later when he was finally able to get his turn with Sirius.

“I told you I ‘L’-ed her,” Sirius told him a but huffily.

Matthew laughed and smiled good-naturedly at him. “And you know, I’m actually starting to believe you a bit. You seem to be the first to her defense, always. I guess I can finally let it go. It looks like she was cozying up to Meyers last night anyways.”

“Don’t remind me,” Sirius groaned.

Matthew clapped a hand on Sirius’s shoulder brotherly. “Yeah, this is hard for you, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is. Why did I have to pick the most flirtatious girl there is? It’s not fair I tell you!”

“I know.” Matthew told him, not feeling strange at all for suddenly turning brotherly towards Sirius. He felt bad for the kid. And besides, Kristen was behind him now. Sure, they’d had a lot of fun, but his life hadn’t ended when she broke up with him, not that he hadn’t felt like it did at the time. “Give it time, she’ll realize sooner or later.”

“Yeah right,” Sirius scoffed. “I’m the best friend who likes to snog her. She’ll never see me as more than that.”

“The whole time we were dating she talked about you constantly. Even is she hasn’t realized it yet, she ‘L’s you too.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, refusing to let Matthew get his hopes up in the slightest.
* * *
“And here are the pumpkin pies you asked for sir,” a tiny voice squeaked, bowing as she handed James a plate stacked high with them.

“Thank you very much Goody,” James said, causing the house elf to beam as the others crowded around them eagerly awaited instructions.

“So it’s all agreed then. You’ll add that special flavoring the night before the going away feast?” Kristen asked for what must have been the thirtieth time.

They nodded their heads in agreement; each looking simply delighted at being asked to do such an important task, straight from the Headmaster in fact. “Thanks you guys!” James called as they exited through the portrait.

“Good-bye Mister Snape and Miss Black!” They chanted back happily.

As soon as the portrait was shut James and Kristen burst out in laughter. They never dreamed that it would be this easy, a simple get in, tell a few lies, and get out as well as getting some delicious food in the process. If any one ever questioned those house elves, Severus Snape and Narcissa Black were going to be in some serious trouble. This prank was going to be the best of their lives. 
So? Love it? Hate it with a passion? You know how I love to hear your thoughts. And I will go back and answer reviews, scout's honor. Oh and, of course, your tantalyzing quote...
"Sacrifices are made in a war Minerva, this will be ours!”
“Sacrifices are not made in the form of fifteen year old girls!”
“Sacrifices are whatever helps the greater good!”
I'm sure you can figure out who's on the other end of that conversation.

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