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“How did it go Prongs?”


James looked up as he entered the compartment; it was Remus, “The usual Moony, the usual.” Remus Lupin had short dirty blonde hair. He had a wiry frame and was the “good boy” in the Marauders.


Sirius sniggered, “How did she take the, you know, the news?” Sirius was the ringleader with James. He had dark brown hair, the shade of brown just before black. His straight hair was long and it fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance. He had a well-built frame and was the heartthrob of Hogwarts.


James groaned and sat next to Peter, “Well first she started banging her head on the wall, then she asked whether I stole the badge from Remus, then a letter from Dumbledore came, then the letter exploded covering us in soot, then I asked her out, then she said no, and finally I thought my life might be in danger so I got out of there as soon as possible!”


“Prongs, you could have any bloody girl in the school, why go for one that hates your guts?” asked Sirius bluntly.


“Ignore Sirius, he has no heart,” said Remus, jabbing Sirius in the side, “If you really like her, lay off her a bit, don’t ask her out five times every day, give her some breathing space. Let her realize that she actually wants you. Now that you’re both Heads, you’ll be spending a lot of time together, use that time wisely to let her see your better side.”


Peter, who had been quiet the whole time spoke up, “Yeah, Alice was telling me the main reason she won’t date you is because that she’s afraid that it’s only all a game to you. As soon as she gives you the time of day, you won’t want her anymore.” Peter Pettigrew was a short, stout boy, who had blonde, mousy hair and a pointed nose. No one really knew why the other three hung out with him, he was rather odd, always following James and Sirius around.


The other three marauders stared at him, “Since when do you talk to Alice?” James asked. Alice Preston was one of Lily’s best friends, they told each other everything.


Peter shrugged, “Alice likes Frank Longbottom, and was asking me a bit about him. I gave her information if she gave me information on Lily.”


“When was this?” James asked dangerously.


“Five minutes ago!” he replied happily, “Ohh, look the trolleys here!” Sirius and Peter scampered to the trolley, leaving Remus and James alone.


Remus opened his mouth to give James some advice in peace but-


James looked from Remus to the trolley, he grinned, “FOOD!” he shouted, running to the trolley like a five year old to ice cream.



“So, guys, I was thinking-”


“You think?”


“Ha-ha Remus, very funny. Shut up Peter! Anyways- you know how James is head over heels in love with Lily? We should be the three, who get Lily and James together. Then he can shut up about being rejected by Lily,” said Sirius with a smile. He was obviously in love with his plan.


“You know, Padfoot, you actually got something there!” said Remus thoughtfully, “We know for a fact that James isn’t just playing games with Lily, he’s obsessed with her. And we can use Peter to talk to Alice to get information on Lily! Let’s do it!”


“Let’s do what?” mumbled Peter. Remus looked over, Peter had half a chocolate frog sticking out of his mouth, a fizzing whizbee in one hand and a cauldron cake in another. Remus groaned, this was going to be their toughest mission yet.






Lily entered the compartment where her two best friends, Alice Preston and Mary Fodor were sitting. Alice was a pretty girl with shoulder length brown hair; she had sparkling blue eyes, which lit up whenever Frank Longbottom passed by. Mary Fodor on the other hand was tall and curvy. She had long blonde hair and neatly shaped eyebrows. She had grey eyes and a dazzling smile, there was no other word for it, she was gorgeous. “ Do you know,” she started dangerously, “ Who the bloody Head Boy is?” She plopped herself in the seat beside Amelia.


Alice looked up, interested, “ Judging by your swearing, Potter?” she guessed.


“You’re damned right!” growled Lily. She hung her head, “ My world has ended.”


“Potter!” exclaimed Alice, “ Has Dumbledore lost his marbles? Who in the right mind would choose Potter as Head Boy?”


“Well if either of you cared to notice, James has matured, he may be a troublemaker but he gets good marks, sometimes even higher than you Lily, and his heart’s in the right place,” said Mary, not looking up from her book.


Lily glared at her, “You knew,” she stated.


Sighing, Mary looked up, “Yes I knew, we’re friends for goodness sakes Lily. He’s my captain for the qudditch team. Lily I really think you’re missing out on something, every owl he sent me this summer, he asked about you. He really does like you, and you have to admit, he’s hot.”


“He’s good looking, but that’s not the point! The point is that it’s all a game to him, if I ever say yes, which I won’t, he’ll just throw me away, like all those other girls!” pouted Lily.


Mary rolled her eyes, “If you haven’t noticed Lily, he’s been asking you out since fourth year and ever since fourth he hasn’t had a relationship with ANY girl. He’s been too busy chasing you!”


“Well that doesn’t stop him from being a being a bullying toerag,” Lily turned as Alice pointed at someone outside their compartment. It was James, Lily’s heart jumped into her throat as she faced the facts, he had become better looking. He was now a lot taller, his hair longer, the messiness was no longer annoying, it was adorable.


Alice laughed, “ A HOT bullying toerag.” Lily grumbled and pouted, just as Peter Pettigrew walked in.


“Alice, could I talk to you for a minute?” he asked, “You know, about before.” He shifted nervously from one foot to the next, he wasn’t good around girls.


Alice’s face split into a huge grin from ear to ear, “Sure Peter!”


Peter turned to Lily, “Oh, and Lily, James says he’ll meet you in the prefects compartment now, and you’re already a bit late.”


Lily groaned as she looked down at her watch, she was late, “Potter will never let me live this down,” she grumbled as she left the compartment. This had to be the worst day of the stinking life.


Peter and Alice followed, “Hey what about me?” whined Mary. Alice turned around, winked and left the compartment.


((A/N: Ugh, so I’m only allowed to put one chapter up at a time, currently I have four done in total, so after this two more are sure to come. The fifth chapter is coming along. Leave some comments on what you would like to see happen, I’m not going to change anything in the chapters I already have, but maybe in the next few ones? If you took the time to read this, you can take the time to leave a two-word comment at least!))


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