"What is it Raine?" Gideon asked as she landed on him.

“Why am I always being tormented?” Raine asked. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"What is it sweetheart?" Gideon asked pulling her on to his lap and brushing her out of her face.

"Well," Raine started, "You know how I came into the common room earlier with just a towel on?"

"Yes, I was kind of wondering about your new fashion statement."

"Well, after Quidditch practice I went into the locker room and got into the shower. When I got out of the shower I realized I didn't bring any clothes with me. So, I wrapped the towel tightly around myself and walked over to the boy's locker room door and knocked to see if I could borrow one of your T-Shirts. But there was no answer. So I tried to go back into the Girl's locker room but the door was locked. So I had to run from the locker rooms all the way to the Gryffindor tower. And the only people not in there were James and Sirius. They enchanted the doors so I couldn't open them. Those gits made me run around the entire school with just a towel on." Raine was suddenly on the brink of tears.

Gideon wrapped his arms tightly around her pulling her face into his shoulder. "I'm going to kill them." He said holding her close to him.

"Gideon, I'm just so tired of being messed with by them. I tried to take their brooms and hide them, for revenge, but Remus stopped me and forced the brooms out of my possession. I just wanted to slap all three of them across the face right there." Raine said.

            "I'm sorry Raine. I don't know what their problem is but I know I am going to make them think twice before messing with you again, and I don't even want to think about Lupin." Gideon replied stroking her hair.

            "I tore up their room though." Raine stated with a small smile upon her lips.

“That's great Raine." Gideon replied, "I'm still going to get them back for it as well."

"Thanks Gideon." Raine said before kissing his lips softly.

Gideon kissed her back and pulled his curtains closed so his brother wouldn't have to watch them. Gideon moved his hands to her hips and left them there, kissing her passionately. Raine placed one of her hands behind Gideon's neck and pulled him forward deepening the kiss. Gideon slid down his bed a little bit so Raine didn't have to lean up so much. Raine softly ran her tongue across Gideon's bottom lip, eager to be let in. Gideon smirked into the kiss and opened his mouth for her. Raine started massaging Gideon's tongue with her own and then slowly began to unbutton Gideon’s shirt.

Gideon pulled back and looked down at her, "Raine, how far do you want this to go?"

"Gideon, I want to go all the way." Raine said seriously.

"Are you positive?" Gideon asked her.

Raine took in a deep breath, "Yes, I'm positive" she replied when she exhaled

"Okay, Fabian get out." Gideon demanded

"What? Why?" Fabian asked dumbfounded.

"Get out or I am going to murder you." Gideon replied, "and keep Caine busy as well."

Fabian sighed and said, "Whatever." Then he exited the room.

"So you really are sure you want to do this? Because if we get much further and you change your mind I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself." Gideon asked once again.

"I'm sure." Raine said nervously.

“Why are you nervous?”

"We're you not nervous the first time you had sex?"

"No, but I think I was smashed..."

"Well, isn't that just peachy." Raine said as she pulled Gideon into another passionate kiss.

Gideon kissed her back as he slid his hands slowly up her shirt. Raine slowly started to unbutton Gideon's shirt again. Gideon leaned forward so she could finish removing it and then leaned back down; his hands just underneath the wire in her bra slowly rubbing in circles. Raine ran her fingers down Gideon's now bare chest and down to the button on his pants. Gideon chuckled and moved his hands back down to pull off her shirt when there was a knock on the door.

“Bloody hell don’t I ever get a break.” Gideon mumbled.

"What do you want?" Raine yelled to the person knocking at the door.

 No one answered. Instead the person came barging into the room.

"Raine? James and Sirius have something they want to say to you." Remus said.

 "Later, I'm busy right now!" Raine sneered.

Gideon sighed, "Raine hear them out. So I can kill them and get it over with."

 "Fine." Raine opened the curtains around Gideon's bed and snapped. "What do you want?"

 "Raine, we came to apologize." James said looking around the room.

 "Aannnd?" Remus rushed.

 "And to give you this singing pumpkin on behalf of it." James finished.

 Raine sighed. "I don't know what to do right now James. I don't know whether to forgive you or to throw this pumpkin right at your face. Why is Sirius here if he's just going to act like a bloody dolt and not say a word?" Raine asked annoyed.

 “He is going to apologize too.” Remus said calmly.

Raine glared at Sirius, but he just kept his eye on Gideon as if Gideon was going to attack at any given moment. James nudged Sirius and whispered, “Come on mate, get it over with so we can leave before Prewett attacks.”

Sirius sighed and finally looked over at Raine with sincerity in his eyes. “Raine, I’m sorry. We went to far this time. Please don’t be mad anymore.”

Raine jumped off of the bed and yelled, “How can I not be mad? You two made me run around the school in nothing but a towel. Do you know how bloody embarrassing that is? You are so lucky Remus is hear right now. Other wise, both of you would be on the floor, dead, right now!” Raine then stormed out of the room to go back to the Girl’s dorm.

When Raine got into her room Lily, Dorcas, Marlene, and Emmeline were all there sitting on their beds doing some kind of homework. “They have some nerve!” Raine yelled.

“Raine, calm down.” Emmeline said.

“Fabian told me what they did. They had no right what so ever to do that. But, you need to calm down. I’m pretty sure I don’t want all of my clothes to be throne about the room like you did with James’ and Sirius’.” Emmeline finished. Raine didn’t hear a word of it, she was to busy thinking of away to get those two back. “Lily,“ Raine started.

“Can I see your wand?” she questioned.

“No.” Lily stated firmly.

“Why the bloody hell not?” Raine asked angrily. 

 “You’re upset right now and you’re probably going to do something extreme.” Lily replied.

“Oh, and what those two did wasn’t extreme?” Raine yelled.

“I didn’t say that Raine. Why don’t you use your wand?”

“It was implied Lily.” Raine sneered.

“And I can’t use my wand. Lupin will know who did it then.”

“Raine, what are you going to do?” Marlene questioned.

“I’m going to get those to bloody gits back. What do you think?” Raine replied getting more annoyed by the second.

 “Quegli asini stupidi! Là andando ora ottenerlo. Non posso credere che Sirius abbia detto quello a me! Dimentichi circa che cosa Remus dice. Sto prendendo le loro scope e sto rompendole in milione parti piccole!” Raine yelled in Italian.

Raine forcefully grabbed her wand out of her pocket and yelled “Accio James’ and Sirius’ broom!” a couple of seconds later two brooms came flying into the room and Raine grabbed them when they stopped right in front of her.

 “Raine, don’t do it. You’re going to be punished horribly for this.” Dorcas said in a concerned voice.

 Before anyone could stop her, Raine started saying spells under her breath. Five seconds later, the brooms were still all in one piece and Raine had calmed down a bit. “There, that should teach them to not to mess with me anymore.” Raine said calmly.

 “RAINE de LUCA!” Some one yelled from down stairs.

 Raine opened the door and saw Remus standing there with a flustered look on his face. When Raine looked behind him she saw James and Sirius standing there looking at her with death glares.

“You give me my broom back now.” Sirius barked.

 Raine shook her head no.

“I don’t think you deserve to have them.” Raine said with a smirk on her face. Raine went back into the room and saw the girls looking at her with stern looks in their eyes.

“Raine,” Lily started. “Give them their brooms back.

Raine looked at the two brooms and smirked. “Okay Lily. What ever you say.” Raine then shrank the brooms and put them into her pocket.

Dorcas said to Raine sternly, “Now Raine.”

“Okay. Okay.” Raine replied before walking out of the room, down to the common room where the boys were.

            “Where is my broom Raine?” James asked angrily.

            “In my pocket.” Raine smirked.

            “Well, can we have our brooms back?” Sirius said annoyed.

            “Hmm, I’ll have to think about it. I don’t give stuff to impolite people.” She replied while leaning back and forth on her heels.

            Both James and Sirius sighed. “Can we please have our brooms back?” They both asked simultaneously.

            “Well, I don’t see why not.” Raine said innocently as she took the two shrunken brooms out of her pocket and held them out to the two boys.

"Wait before you touch them." Remus replied, "What did you do to them Raine?

Raine smiled. "Nothing Remus! Why would I do anything to their brooms?"

"I know you Raine de Luca. When you get mad you do things you know you're going to regret later." Remus answered keeping James and Sirius away from their brooms until he was sure they were okay.

"Oh, well. I'm not going to regret this." Raine replied.

"Well I think I'll just levitate those to McGonagall and have her check them out then Raine." Remus said.

"Okay Remus! You caught me!" Raine said sarcastically. "All I did was polish them! I wanted to let Sirius and James know that I accept their apologies!

"Bull Raine de Luca, you did not accept their apologies or you would have said so earlier."

"Fine Remus. You don't want them to have their brooms back I'll keep them!" Raine replied while putting the brooms back in her pocket and skipping over to the couch.

Remus groaned, "Next time you to can be your own mediator, accio James' and Sirius' brooms. Now you two stay here make her forgive you while I levitate this to McGonagall.”

"I didn’t do anything Remus! I was framed! Lily is the person who actually put the spells on the brooms!" Raine yelled.

 "Excuse me, but I didn't do a thing." Lily said calmly as she walked down the stairs and left to go to the library.

Raine stood up from the couch and walked over to Remus. "If I did something to them, why would I touch them?" Raine smirked.

"Raine there a spells and curses that don't hurt the caster or you could have just used a spell that would only come into a effect when they are flying leaving them in a life threatening situation." Remus replied sighing.

"Remus, Remus, Remus. What reason do I have for doing such a horrid thing?" Raine said innocently.

"Everything they have ever done to Raine. I'm not dumb. I'm leaving now to see McGonagall and I'm not going to say who hexed their brooms this time." Remus snapped getting extremely annoyed at everyone in the room, before he turned on his heel and exited the common room levitating their brooms in front of him.

Raine smiled back at James and Sirius as she slowly walked over towards them. "Now that he is gone, I can do some real damage." Raine said while pulling out her wand.

“Raine please. I'm really really really really sorry. I'll do anything you want me to do." James pleaded getting on his knees in front of her.

"You see Mister Potter. That's where the issue is. You won't actually do what ever I want you too. You never do." Raine said while tapping her chin with her wand. "Now, lets see. The Cruciatus Curse or the Killing Curse?" Raine questioned her self.

            "But Raine please. It was all Sirius idea in the first place." James begged. 

"Was not! Wait... it was my idea wasn't it." Sirius replied sitting down on the couch.

            "Don't get to comfortable Black," Raine barked. "You're next."

Raine finished while pointing her wand over at Sirius she shouted "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!"

Raine looked down at James who had a look of fear for his life upon his face. "Oh, that's just so he doesn't get away while I'm dealing with you." Raine smirked.

            "But Raine, you were the one who said I sucked at Quidditch. So I had a semi right to do what I did. Although I'm truly sorry but if you're not going to listen then fine curse away." James replied standing up

            "Technically I said the Nieva had the best chasers on her team. I never said you sucked at Quidditch. You're once again putting words into my mouth Potter." Raine replied.

            "No you just said that your boyfriend who doesn't even play chaser was better at what I do then I am." James answered glaring at her.

            "Nope. I wasn't talking about him. You are not looking at the whole thing James. I never said whom I was talking about. I wasn't talking about Gideon. I was talking solely about Nieva and Fabian." Raine said not losing her composure.

            "I don't care anymore. Go ahead and hex us. You’re just a bitch anyways. You snap at everyone for no reason and then get pissed of at us when we aren't perfectly nice to you. Why did you snap at Sirius at lunch? He might not know what's going in your life but you also don't know what his is life." James replied getting just as mad as Raine.

            "Alright. If you're so eager to get hexed I might as well get it over with." Raine said with a bored look on her face. Everyone in the room was deathly quite, wanting to see what will happen next. Raine pointed her wand at James and said, "Last chance Potter. Do you really want this to happen?"

            "It's not like I can say anything that will make you stop. I've known you all of your life but you've always been the same." James replied.

            "Alright." Raine sighed. "AGUAMENTI!" Raine shouted. Then, cold water was blasted all over James.

            Raine and everyone else in the room busted out laughing. "Bet you never expected that, eh Potter?" Raine managed to get out in between laughs.

            "No never. You've done that one before Raine." James replied, "Have I melted yet?"

            “Not you. But you're clothes have." Raine said still laughing at James, who was almost completely naked. "I can cast non-verbal spells Potter. I knew you never expected that one!" Raine stated, still laughing.

            "But see you forget Raine I like showing of my body." James replied grinning at the girls in the common room.

            "Yeah, but not all of us like guys covered in boils." Raine smirked as boils started appearing all over James' chest.

"Well since they aren't really mine it's okay, but I don't know they kinda add a little more drama to all of this don't they. Give up yet Raine?" James said grinning

            "Of course not Potter. AVIS!" Raine shouted before a swarm of birds appeared and began to peck James all over his body and pecking at the boils. Which began to pop.

            James grimaced in pain and grabbed his own wand off the floor with a swish the birds had disappeared as well as the boils, he became clothed again, and Sirius had become unfrozen. 

"Well this has been fun Raine." James quipped, "We should do this again sometime."

            As James began to walk away, Raine ran up behind him and jumped onto his back. "I don't think I'm quite done yet James."

            "Ms. de Luca? Is there a reason for you to be on Mr. Potter's back?" Professor McGonagall asked as she entered the common room carrying James' and Sirius' brooms with her.

            "Yes, Professor. You see. James was giving me a piggy back ride because I just hurt my ankle." Raine said sincerely.

            "Mr. Potter is this the truth?" Professor McGonagall asked.  

"Of course Professor." James replied.

Raine whispered in James' ear "Thanks. I owe you one." Then looked back up to Professor McGonagall and asked, "Is there anything I can do for you Professor?"

"No I suppose not. Black here are your and James' brooms back. Now free of all hexes." Professor McGonagall replied handing Sirius the brooms and then walking out of the door.

"Bye Professor!" Raine yelled cheerfully. "Now, James, take me up to your room and have your way with me." Raine exaggerated while holding tightly on to James' neck.

"Sure think Raine." James replied following Sirius up the stairs.

"Sirius can't be in there too! That’s just a little creepy." Raine stated before they reached the Marauder’s bedroom.

"Yes well I have to drop these of and I figure you want to torture me anyways." Sirius replied putting each broom in each boy’s separate chest.

"You're into that kinky stuff aren't you Sirius? Well, I'm a wholesome girl and I don't go for that kind of stuff." Raine joked while hopping off of James' back and hopped onto his bed.

“Of course Raine. It makes it all that much more exciting and pleasurable. You know." Sirius quipped while grinning and stretching out on his bed.

"Eww!" Raine started. "Oh, yeah, sorry about your room. I was a little pissed off."

"It's okay. If you want to keep tearing things up Remus' stuff is over there." James replied pointing to the only clean area in the room, "I think we more then deserved it."

            "So, I messed up Peter's stuff too? Wow. I better write him a note." Raine said. "So, what do you guys want to do? Em and Fab are more than likely shagging and I don't know what happened to everyone else."

            "Nope Peter's area is always like that. Well I believe you were a little busy with Gideon when we came in so if you want to ditch us for him that’s fine, or you could help us plan our next prank on the Slytherins. Oh and Raine I am really sorry about your kitten, but you didn't really think I would have hurt her did you?" Sirius asked while walking over to Remus' trunk.

            "I was trying to but since you guys interrupted, nothing happened. Why a prank against the Slytherins? Some of them are actually nice." Raine stated. "And I know Sirius, no more apologizing. I'm tired of it.”

            "Well we were going to prank Regulus and his friends." Sirius answered, "So then you do really forgive us then? Oh were you actually going to have sex with him then?"

            "Regulus and his friends are nice to me. Yes, I really forgive you guys. And, I-I," Raine paused. "I don't know if I was. I felt like crap after you guys played that prank on me. I just wanted to... Never mind." Raine finished.

            "They are only nice to you because they are afraid if they do anything that Bella will murder them since she is friends with your cousin Ella. Raine are you trying to prove Remus right. You were going to have sex with him and then regret you know it. You should be thanking us for coming in." Sirius declared as he pulled a piece of old parchment out of Remus trunk.

            "You don't know if I was going to regret it!" Raine protested. "Why would Ella ever care about me? She's been a complete arse to me since she found out I was in Gryffindor!"

"Something about an even bigger disgrace to the family name blah blah blah. Oh really Raine then you wouldn't be all weird around Gideon tomorrow?"

"Exactly. And no I wouldn't be all weird around him tomorrow! How would you know, anyways?" Raine questioned.

"I've known you since first year. You got all weird after you and James kissed for the first time." Sirius replied walking over to James and they bent their heads over the parchment.

"What are you guys doing?" Raine questioned. "I was only all weird around him because I was afraid to tell him he was a bad kisser." Raine laughed. "Only kidding James. Don't go get your knickers in a twist."

James rolled his eyes.  

"Where looking at nude girls what do you think?" Sirius answered, " You were all weird around him because you were afraid that you were the bad kisser."

"You can read me like a book can't you Black?" Raine asked. "Why look at nude girls when you have a fully clothed girl standing right in front of you, in your dorm room, with the door locked?" Raine said smirked seductively.

"Because you're still clothed Raine." Sirius answered with a duh tone in his voice, "You know I can read everyone like a book Raine."

"Really? Then what am I thinking right now?" Raine smiled.

"That we aren't really look at nude girls and you're trying to figure out what we are really looking at." Sirius replied nonchalantly.

"Nope!" Raine replied happily. "I'm thinking about strawberry waffles! You're not very good at your job Sirius!" Raine chuckled.

"See I knew that Raine, but I figured if I told you that you would really freak out." Sirius replied as he looked at James.  

James nodded as if they had really shared words between them.

"What ever." Raine replied. "So, what is the prank fellas?" Raine questioned as she jumped on the bed in between James and Sirius.

"Oh we decided that we are going to dump maple syrup on them during breakfast and then set some dung bombs off on them that will also turn them colors." James replied.

"Why? What if we led them into an abandoned bath room somewhere up stairs, have the entire bath room completely dark, and when they enter the bathroom have a charm put on the place so they can't get out. Then we can dress up as dementors and scare the living day lights out of them? I don't know about you guys, but I've always wanted to hear Regulus scream like a girl." Raine said with a smirk on her face.

"You forget they like the dark, and I wouldn't be surprised if Narcissa was mating with a dementor." Sirius replied as he and James both seemed to be having a silent conversation again.

"Well, then we can have them all in the bath room and make it bright as day and dress up as something happy and then sing "Its a Small World"." Raine said.

"You're really not to good at his Raine. Like the hex you guys put on our beds." James replied standing up and going over to see if they had enough supplies for the prank.

"What do you mean James?" Raine asked.

"You and Lily came up her and hexed our beds to make cat meowing sounds until we decided to apologize to you." James answered.

"Why I'd never!" Raine said with a shocked look on her face.

"Sure de Luca, sure." Sirius replied looking back at the piece of parchment seeming to follow something with his eyes.

"How'd you guys get it to stop? You never apologized to me." Raine replied.

"We asked Remus to take off the hexes." Sirius replied, "James if were going to do this we should do it soon. No one is in the Great Hall."

"Dang. Fine, lets go." Raine said while hopping off of the bed and heading towards the door.

"Hold on." James said pulling a cloak out of his trunk and some dung bombs, "You have the map Sirius?"   

“Yep now come on. We're going to need to stop in the kitchen for the maple syrup.” Sirius replied.

            "What map?" Raine asked.

            "Just the map we made last year." James replied not thinking.

            "Whatever. Can we go now?" Raine asked getting a little impatient.

            “Yeah but you need to come here.” James answered holding up the cloak.

            "I'm not cold. Thanks though." Raine replied.

            "Fine you can stay here then." James replied as he and Sirius both got underneath the cloak and disappeared.

            Sirius groaned and stuck his head back out, "Come de Luca. It's an invisibility cloak. How do you think we never got caught?"

            "Oh." Raine said relieved. "Okay. Is there going to be room for all three of us in there?" Raine said a little skeptical.

            "Yes, we've gotten both of us and Remus and Peter underneath here." James replied, "Now let's go de Luca. If Remus gets back before we leave. Where is Remus, Sirius?" 

"Let me check." Sirius answered pulling the piece of parchment back out, "His in the library with Dorcas."

            "Aw, isn't that just so sweet?" Raine cooed while getting underneath the cloak, in between James and Sirius.

            "Yeah sure now shout your trap. Sirius you might want to carry her she's to short to keep up with us." James replied grinning.

            "I am not!" Raine protested.

            "Pick her up anyways Sirius, we need to hurry." James said while opening the door carefully.

            "Wh-" Raine once again protested but Sirius covered her mouth before anyone could hear her yelling. Raine finally gave up because Sirius was to strong for her to try and fight off. Raine did know one thing that could get Sirius off of her, at least partially. So Raine licked Sirius' hand that was covering her mouth.

            Sirius rolled his eyes and picked her up, "Alright James let's go."  

They all slowly made their way down to the common room and waited for someone to come into the common room. Peter came into the room and they quickly walked by him. They finally made it down the stairs and down a hallway Raine had never been. James looked around and removed the cloak and then leaned forward and tickled a pear on the painting before them; the painting then open leading down to a winding staircase.

            "Where are we?" Raine asked curiosity coating her every word.

            "The entrance to the kitchen Raine. You have so much to learn." Sirius replied setting Raine down.

            "Well sorry I've never hung out with you guys when you were playing pranks. I was never invited." Raine pouted.

            "You never asked love." Sirius replied while walking down the stairs.

            "Well, I was never invited. You don't have to ask to get an invitation." Raine shot back, while following as close as possible to Sirius.

            "We never ask anyone. We let people put themselves at their own risk." Sirius replied, "Can you walk any closer de Luca?"

            "I never knew that, otherwise I'd be with you guys instead of being bored in the common room." Raine said. "I could be a lot closer Sirius." Raine said while pushing herself onto Sirius' back. "I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

            "Scared Raine?"

            "No. Should I be?" Raine replied.

            "No, just wondering why you were so close." Sirius replied.  

“Will you two shut up already." James yelled at them. 

 “Can I get masters and mistress anything?” A small house elf asked.

"Three bottles of Maple Syrup please." Raine replied. "Oh! And some raspberry cobbler." She added before the little house elf scampered away.

            James rolled his eyes, '"Were going to need at least 12 buckets full of maple syrup and forget the cobbler."

            "What? I'm hungry!" Raine retorted.

            "We don't eat when we're on missions." Sirius replied, "When we're done maybe.

            "So you guys consider these things missions?" Raine laughed. "Should I start calling you guys General and Captain?"

            "You're so immature Raine." James replied levitating the buckets back up the stairs.

            “I'm not the one with 12 buckets of maple syrup and a pocket full of dung bombs." Raine replied following James.

            "We're the ones doing something Raine. You're just making fun of us." Sirius replied running up the stairs after James

            "You guys aren't giving me anything to do!" Raine protested.

            "You need to figure out something to do yourself. We both planned this what did you do?" Sirius replied.

"Well, I- I didn't do anything." Raine said defeated. "What do you guys want me to do? Run around like a retard with no clothes on? If you don't tell me what to do, I won't do anything." Raine stated.

            "Yeah why don't you run around like a retard with out your clothes, I think we would enjoy that." Sirius replied as he charmed the buckets to become invisible and hang above the 'elite' Slytherins' seats.  

James walked around charming the dung bombs, and placing them on every other seat.

            "I bet you would. So, I'm just going to go over to the Gryffindor table." Raine said suspiciously.

            Sirius flicked his wand and Raine's feet were frozen place, "What are you going to do over at the Gryffindor table, Raine dear?"

            "I was just going to sit down." Raine stated. "What else am I supposed to do?"

            "Well were done." James replied walking back over to them.

            "That was so cool." Raine said sarcastically. "Now what are we going to do? Well, I can't do anything until Sirius releases this spell on my feet." Raine asked while trying to yank her feet up from the ground.

            "I thought you were hungry Raine?" Sirius replied while waving his wand towards Raine's feet.

            "I am. And thanks." Raine stated.

            "Then let's go bug some house elves." Sirius replied.   

After they ate they all hid back underneath the cloak and slowly made their way back into the common room. The guys bid good night to Raine and went up stairs to their dorm. Raine made her way up to her room, and when she got there she found Emmeline sitting on the window seal looking out the window.

            "Em, what’s wrong?"

            "Fabian." she replied quietly.

            "What did he do now?" Raine questioned while walking over to her friend and sitting down next to her.

            "Apparently he's just tired of me." Emmeline answered turning to look at Raine, tears slowly falling from her hazel eyes.

            "What? How could anyone be tired of you? Why would he even say something like that?" Raine questioned completely taken back.

            "He didn't exactly say those words but that's what he meant."

            “What did he say?”

            "He said that this just wasn't working for him anymore, and that he thought I could do better then him."

            "I'll be right back Emmeline." Raine said angrily as she walked towards the door.   

            "Okay Raine." Emmeline answered burying her face in her knees

            Raine stormed through the common room and up to Fabian's, Gideon's, and Caine's dorm room. She barged straight in and yelled, "What the hell is your problem Prewett?"

            “What the hell do you want de Luca?" Fabian asked groggily.  

"Raine what's going on?" Gideon asked.  

"Shut the bloody hell up de Luca. I'm trying to sleep!" Caine yelled at her and then buried his head underneath his pillows.

            "Why the bloody hell did you break up with Emmeline for?" Raine asked.

            "de Luca! Voice!" Caine yelled once again.           

 "That's not any of your business de Luca." Fabian replied.

            "Up yours Wood." Raine yelled to Caine. "It is my business Prewett! She is one of my best friends. Why did you break up with her?"

            “That's it! I'm going to sleep in another room." Caine yelled at them grabbing his blanket and storming out of the room.   

"You want the truth de Luca?" Fabian asked.

Raine rolled her eyes at Caine. "Hell yes I want the truth!" Raine answered.

“I was bored.”


“You wanted the truth.”

"Bored with what exactly?" Raine asked in a dead serious tone.

“With my relationship.”

Raine stormed over to Fabian's bed and slapped him on the face. "If you were bored then why were you two shagging yesterday? That seemed to be a lot of excitement."

"We weren't shagging. What I do in my relationships is my deal. If you weren't with my brother I wouldn't be taking this."

"What exactly would you do if I wasn't with him? Be bored with me too and kick me to the curb like what you did with Emmeline? I never would have expected this to come from you Fabian. Emmeline loved you. How could you just break her heart like that?"

"Should I have stayed with her just because she loved me even though I know I could have never returned the feelings? Should I have kept leading her on? Or should I just have cheated on her?"

"Well," Raine started. "Why were you with her in the first place? To see if you could get a good shag in? You knew what her feelings were toward you long before you broke up with her."

            "Why does anyone get with anyone in the first place? Yes, I knew of her feelings but I've finally realized I don't love her I thought I did."

            "You get together with some one because you feel chemistry when you're around them. You know what? I don't even see how you and Gideon are related. He actually has concern for other people's feelings. You self absorbed arrogant jerk!" Raine shouted and then stormed out of the room.

            Fabian rolled his eyes and then buried himself back into his bed, "Don't say anything."

            "Why not? I'm actually glad you broke up with her Fab. Now I won't have to worry about walking in on you and her." Gideon replied before burying himself into his own bed.

            "I hate your girlfriend. Will you hurry up and shag her so you can break up. What happened earlier anyways?”

            "I'm trying to hurry it up. She's apparently still not ready. And today she told me she was ready and we were about to go through with it but then Lupin, Black, and Potter walked in." Gideon sneered. "I don't even see why she's friends with them if they bug her so much."

            "I don't know either. Next weekend. Do it next weekend." Fabian replied before pulling his curtains shut.

            "I'm going to try mate. I'm going to try." Gideon said before dozing back to sleep.



            "Emmeline, he's such a jerk." Raine said as she stormed into her dorm room.

            "No he's not." Emmeline said.

            "Yes the bloody hell he is! You deserve so much better then him." Raine replied

            "Raine just stop I don't want to hear it yet.”

            "Well, you better get over him quickly because if he says one more thing to me you'll be mourning his death." Raine snapped.

            Emmeline glared at Raine and pulled the curtains around he bed closed. Raine rolled her eyes and stormed around the room until she was ready for bed. She then climbed into her bed and looked around the room to see if everyone was there. "Dorcas is still out. Aw, with Remy!" Raine said before closing her eyes and finally falling asleep herself.

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