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She stepped into the dark house. She could smell mothballs and mildew. Her hand went to her nose at the onslaught of uncharming smells attacked it. She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and searched for a light. She flicked an ancient switch and a chandelier burst to life. She looked around the abandoned foyer.


My mother told me that when the new dark lord came to power he punished all those who had abandoned the original. Your great-grandfather was at the top of the list. My Grandmother and my mother, aunts and uncles fled whilst my Grandfather stayed behind to get everything in order. He came back to them but had to tell them that the house had been put under the fidelus charm and the secret keeper was someone no one would ever find. And there was little chance of going back…


She ran fingers over the pictures in the hall. Pictures of her Great-Grandma and her father. Pictures of all 7 children. She stopped when she found a picture of her Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather it was them in the living room of this house she presumed. Her great grandfather standing behind her great grandmother. The looked so happy.


I had 6 aunts and uncles growing up. Family gatherings were crazy. Plus all of the good family friends we’d acquired over the years. You know Allen Potter? He’s the son of Harry Potter’s son Albus. Your great grandma had two best friends growing up. Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. We’ve been friends with those clans since the beginning of the century. My grandma and grandpa always had enough love to go around, but in my grandpa’s eyes, there wasn’t anyone beside my grandma.


She wandered into the living room. The ornate furniture still in tact after years of abandon. More pictures were littered around this room. Mostly of the children, all her great aunts and uncles. She moved to sit on the couch and saw an old toy on the ground.


My aunts always grieved about childhood toys they left behind in that house. Their dolls and petty things they had to leave behind. They wished they could have had one more time in there just to see their old things. To relive their childhood memories.


In the kitchen she smelled the worst smells. She related it to moldy food growing in the icebox. She saw her Great-grandmother’s style. Big colors and then she noticed the table in the dining room. It was the longest table she’d ever seen. 20 chairs she counted and noted a smaller children’s table.


They had the biggest family dinners. 6 kids plus 2 parents, plus whoever just showed up for dinner from friends’ houses and friends the kids had over. My grandparents always talked of missing their table. Their long elaborate table.


Up the stairs was a long hallway. Filled with pictures all moving around in their frames. She passed one door on the right and looked inside. It was a pastel pink baby nursery. She knew that her youngest Aunt was still an infant when they had fled the house. She saw on the wall her great aunts name painted there. Braelynn Alexandria. She looked at the dresser still half full of baby clothes, the toys still scattered on the floor as if yearning for  someone to play with. The little sheets on the bed still wrinkled from the last slumber over 55 years ago.


Aunt Brae was only like 3 months old when they left. She always looked left out when all the other kids remarked on their favorite parts of the house. They talked of the beautiful flowery script their names had all been written on the wall of their rooms in. It seemed to her that not remembering didn’t help the hurting, only magnified it


The next room was her grand-father. Draco Scorpius Jr. was on the wall. The room had a dignified air. The bed was made the toys hidden away in the toy box. The only thing open was a small book, it looked like a diary. She knew that her grandpa had been like 12 when they fled, so he had been just about to start 2nd year. She looked at the page, yellow with age and read. List of Goals 1.Marry Kasha Allenton 2.Graduate Hogwarts and become a Healer 3. Have lots of kids 4. Tell Brett that he is dumb. She laughed at the final note thinking of her uncle Brett.


My dad was the cleanest cut of the whole family. He took after his mother. He had his fathers platinum blonde hair though, which is where I got it and where you got it. But my grandmother was bookish and wicked smart, graduated Hogwarts she did with honors. You grandpa did too. You know the rest of the story


The next room was her twin Great-uncle’s room. Bretton Andrew and Ryder James were written on this wall. The floor was buried in aged jokes from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.  Old muggle comic books. Moving pictures and odd mismatched socks. They’d been about 15 when they fled. Just about to begin 5th year, She could tell they’d been the liveliest of the bunch.


My uncles Brett and Ry are the funniest bastards you’ll ever meet. Seriously, they were always setting stuff off, my granddad always said they were born to the wrong bloodline. But life wasn’t ever normal with them around.  Funniest bastards ever.


The next room was a room with two beds in it, though she knew there weren’t anymore twins. It was clean and purple. The floors dull and the toys quite lifeless. The names on the wall were Daryn Hermione and Delilah Jane. She knew they were about 5 and 6 when their family left the house. So the unmade bed and dolls around the room didn’t confuse her in the least.


My aunts Daryn and Delilah were like 1 year apart. They were named after my grand-mother. Hermione Jane Malfoy. They were the quiet ones. Always kept to themselves and stayed within the boundaries. It turned out that Delilah was the only squib in the family. She can do common everyday house spells. But other than that he magical ability is nothing. She’s the only squib in our whole bloodline…I think.


Last but not least she walked into her favorite aunt’s room. Ashlei Minerva was the loudest of the bunch. Bookish and smart but so loud. She was only 2 when they left. Thus the toddler bed in the corner and the vast multitudes of loud rattle-y toys. The dresser looked ransacked as if she was an after thought.


I know you know all about your Aunt Ashlei. But what you don’t know is that she was unplanned. My grandparents weren’t sure if they wanted to have any more kids. So when she was born they had a tendency to forget about her in the shuffle. She was the kid that my granddad brought with him after the house had been sealed. They loved her, but it seemed like they couldn’t ever remember her.


The rest of the house was like those rooms. Ransacked, empty, lifeless. She wondered why they couldn’t take the time to get all their things. She was looking through photo books when she heard a voice.




“Dad? I’m up here!” she called


“How’d you find this place?” he asked in awe


“My realtor did some digging. It turns out that when the secret keeper dies, the house is visible again…” she mentioned flipping another page


“Your Grandmother would love to see this.” Her father said


“I know.” She told him, “I think I’m going to buy this house and redo it.”




“Yeah. It seems right. You know? I’ll let them all in and they can grab the things they’ve missed. Did you know grandpa wanted to marry Grandma in the 2nd year, it was in his goals journal.”


“No way? Thank you for finding this.” Her father told her


“No problem. I felt it was time to unearth my heritage.”


“Yeah. I feel like I’m wading through memories.”


“Well dad you kind of are…”


A/n: well…? Here is a one shot I came up with. Any questions? E-mail me at Want to help me write a story?? E-mail me again there. Make banners? Drop me an e-mail! I check it every day. Don’t be shy! Read and review!

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