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Chapter 17: Reveals, rambling, and the psychological states of trees

So let’s do a quick recap shall we? One year ago Amy and I were happy, actually now that I think about it, I think it was this time a year ago that Amy went through that skull faze and I was too afraid to tell her that she was overdoing it and that skull socks were not bad ass, they were actually kind of adorable. When I finally did say something, she told me that my pigtail thing I had going on for the last month wasn’t cute anymore. Anyways we made up after a day of ignoring that proved to be annoying because we didn’t really talk to anyone else and just never discussed it again. Where was I? Right, so a year ago we were generally good and then this year happened and granted it had its good moments but it had been kind of a pain in the butt lately with boy troubles. Now we come to the scene where we left off. My friend is hurt and my may or may not be boyfriend is for some reason restraining me. Being upset also has me on a rambling role. Even in my mind. Not that I don’t ramble on other occasions, upsetting times just bring out the extra rambling.

Right where were we?


I continued to struggle even though Sirius has the strength of someone who should be in a circus lifting lions. His hand was also stopping me from yelling a string of very bad words and death threats.

“Paige please stop, I’ll explain everything I swear, we just need to get out of here before someone comes” he begged, trying to reason with me.

I responded by biting his hand as hard as I possibly could.

“OW” he hissed loudly. I don’t care, I can’t care, I have to get to her. That was MY Amy they were taking away, the only person on this planet who gets me and the only one I can’t do without.

He managed to get me to the top of the staircase; but inspiration came when we got close to a wall. In a quick burst of thought I position my legs against it, bending, ready to spring. He may have been able to contain my thrashing about but he wouldn’t be expecting the sudden force pushing against him. “ARGH” I yelled and used all the energy I could muster in my legs to push him back.

One small problem, I had forgotten the many dangers of staircases. I especially forgot the fact that people being pushed backwards towards staircases usually don’t remain steady on their feet. Also people they are currently carrying usually fall down with them.

I landed on him, which cushioned my fall but we were separated after that. I had gripped the railing and managed to stop myself from falling but he had let go of me and tumbled down the stairs.

“SIRIUS” I shouted, long past caring about the dangers of getting caught. He was unmoving at the bottom of the stairs, oh crap oh crap I think every girl in this school is going to kill me if this is fatal. I ran down the steps miraculously not tripping, and I was relieved to see he was breathing when I got up close, I managed to turn him over and there was a nasty gash at the top of his head but no limbs looked out of place or anything. He let out a moan and opened his eyes. His eyelids flickered before focusing on me.

“Good you’re alive” I breathed.

“Am I?” he asked wincing and his hand slowly touched his injury on his head. “Bloody hell Paige next time why don’t you just hit me with a bludger’s bat”

“My best friend looks like she was hit by a truck and you want sympathy!” I exclaimed. Oh that was the end of his pity party.

“Help me up” he asked, not mentioning Amy at all. I grudgingly complied and slung one of his arms over my shoulders; I guess I’ll have to help him to the hospital wing seeing how it looks like he won’t be able to walk straight for a little while.

“Stupid Marauders doing dangerous pranks and getting innocents involved” I grumbled.

“We were hardly recruiting”

“Well what were you doing?”


“Oh shut up”


The nurse did not look pleased at having to admit another patient. I practically threw Sirius at James and rushed over to where a curtain was drawn back.

“AMY” I yelled as I ran over “YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP”

“Bloody hell Paige will you keep it down” an annoyed voice called out as a hand appeared from behind the curtain and pulled it aside to reveal my best friend. She was bandaged and bruised but looked very much alive. Her eyes widened, she was looking behind me. I turned my head around. The nurse was fussing over Sirius’s head wound. That actually looked like a nasty gash I had inadvertently given him. I looked back at Amy feeling slightly guilty.

“Merlin Paige what did you do to the bloke?” she asked incredulously.

This wasn’t making a whole lot of sense. Shouldn’t she be, well not worried about the state of my…boy..male companion possibly ex. She should be woefully telling me a story that would justify his pain, such as the marauders getting her into some sort of trouble. Then I would heroically revenge her and well, we’d go one with our lives. Maybe we’d go to a concert and meet some new boys. Hopefully ones that are good snoggers, Sirius does this thing with his tongue that…

“PAIGE” Amy hollered to get my attention. “Are you going to tell me what happened?”

I tried giving her my best innocent smile. I practically was innocent anyways; he was completely violating my rights earlier.

“The boy is a walking disaster, tripped and fell down the stairs.” I informed her. “Now more importantly my dear friend, are YOU going to tell me what happened that has you in the hospital looking a lot worse than twinkle toes over there?”

She bit her lip and looked down “I’m fine, I’ve just been a bit stupid”


She took a deep breath “I decided to follow the boys so I hid in the common room and followed them, which wasn’t very hard even though they were invisible because blimey they are a noisy bunch”

“I may have noticed once or twice in class”

“Anyways they went over to the Whomping Willow and a mouse crawled out of the air which I assume was the cloak and climbed into the roots. The roots parted into some sort of entrance and I guessed they went in and followed. It was a passage that led to what I think was the shrieking shack of all places and then I peeked into the door and they all saw me and I ran and when I got out of the passage I was attacked-“

“WHO ATTACKED YOU?” I interjected

He face got a little pink and she starting twirling her hair “It was Whomping Willow” she said finally.


“You got beat up by a tree?” I said blankly.

“Well it’s a very big tree and if you haven’t noticed it’s a bit insane”

“but still, it’s…it’s a…..tree Amy”

“Paige it’s not your regular tree”

“I mean younger students cower at the sight of you, better not let it get out that you’re susceptible to insane trees”

“Well if I recall you’ve walked into loads of trees and they were completely sane” she retorted huffily.

I blinked a few times “Err, Amy, trees don’t have personalities that allow themselves to be classified as sane or insane”

She crossed her arms and glared at me. “Don’t you want to know what I saw?” she asked with a slight eyebrow raise to let me know I hadn’t heard the most intriguing part.

We both looked around. The nurse had quickly patched up Sirius during our conversation and everyone had left the hospital wing.

She leaned forward as if someone could still hear and whispered “Remus is a werewolf”

“A shwhat?”

“I figured it out in the library earlier, I just wanted to confirm it so badly so I followed them. I looked through a crack in a doorway at the end of the passage and there were four animals in the room, one was Remus, who was gnawing on a bedpost, he didn’t see me but the others did.

“Hold up, four animals?”

“Oh that’s right” she exclaimed “There was a stag and a dog and that mouse I saw earlier, or it could have been a rat. I can only suspect that it was Sirius, James and Peter and that they had managed an animagus transformation somehow”

Whoa. Changing into animals….a werewolf…evil trees. This is a lot of information to process.

“Wow I had no idea…though the nicknames were always a little suspicious”

Amy suddenly groaned and buried her head in the covers and I heard a mumbled “hesgonnahatesme”

“Say what now Miss Sam Spade?”

She brought her head back up, her eyes were watery. “I said he’s going to hate me, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want it advertised about his condition”

“Well its not exactly front page on the Daily Prophet” I noted.

“Still, I don’t know if you picked up on this but he was kind of sensitive about his secret, like break up with his girlfriend sensitive” She buried her head again. “Now that I know my feelings for him are even stronger, it’s so brave to of him to live with a secret like this”

“I know, it was also pretty awesome of the guys to become animagus too” I agreed. The guilt factor over Sirius’s accident was rising.

It took awhile of convincing but eventually I got her down from the idea that Remus was going to despise her to the idea that he would be a little more rational. Then I had to explain why I referred her to as Sam Spade and exactly who he was. Oh those non muggleborns and their naïve ways. Knowing she needed her rest I grudgingly left her afterwards in the hospital wing and returned to the dormitories.

I was about to head up to the girls dorms but I sat down on the couch instead. There was much to ponder. So Remus was a werewolf. That…well that really sucks. I wondered how long he had been one and tried to remember if I ever saw him eat garlic, then tried to remember if it was werewolves that were vehemently opposed to garlic. Man I could go from some garlic bread right now. Maybe used as a side to a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmmm and some tomato sauce. Okay back to the issue at hand. This is what I knew but still remained confused about:

1. Remus has lycanthropy, how long? Does it hurt? Does his clothes transform? Or does his werewolf form fit into his clothes?
2. The rest of the Marauders are animagus…and one is a rat. I hope its not Sirius…..oh right which leads to number 3
3. Status with before mentioned person
4. Garlic and which creature it applies to ohhhhh I remember now it’s vampires . Though now that I think of it that is kind of the lamest weakness ever. Hi I’m Dracula, I have super strength, bat transforming abilities and seductiveness skills but uh oh I didn’t order these mushrooms to be sautéed with……..ooooohhhh help me I’m dying from the agony of the spice known as garlic. Like I said, lame.
5. Also Potions
6. Annnnnddd just about everything else.

I wonder if the boys are upstairs and if help me figure out this little problem I have of understanding life the universe and everything. I leapt up and headed for the boys staircase. Now I actually wonder if they would be accepting to my presence. Well its lot like I would leave if they weren’t. I decided against knocking and opened the door, peering in. My eyes scanned the area. Only Sirius was in the room and he was sleeping. I went over and sat on his bed.

“Psssst Black wake up” He didn’t move. His gash from the fall earlier had been bandaged up quite nicely though.

I poked him a little. He stirred a bit and I could of sworn his eyes opened a smidge but shut again. Oh he better not be faking. I was going to be relentless now.

“Sirius I need to talk to you”

Still nothing.

“There’s a flubberworm on you”

Nadda. Git.

I sighed and thought if this doesn’t get him than I’m out of ideas that don’t involve physical harm. I took off my shirt and tossed it on the floor.

“I’m no longer wearing the oppressive clothing material referred to as a shirt”

His eyes flew open. Boys are so easy.

“AHA caught you” I exclaimed and yanked his arm to get him to sit up.

I looked him in the eyes. He looked back, and occasionally down at my green bra. My eyes occasionally went down to his ch-ahem I mean my eyes were deadlocked on his. This was a serious situation and I, as a serious female, was not going to drool over his perfectly formed body.

It was kind of silent for awhile. After all that had happened tonight it was kind of hard to know where to start.

“Hi” I finally said. “Umm you’re not the rat one are you?”


A/N: See I told you all Amy would be alright. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews after such a long period of absence.

Side note (with possible interesting fact about this story): I just received the hilarious show clone high on dvd, which includes a very funny episode that involves the phrase “say, what” which as you know is the title of this story. I remember when I started writing this I was picturing Paige giving someone a blank look and uttering those words. So there’s the story behind the title. Good or not, it still makes me laugh.

P.S Next chapter will be longer. Also, I’m starting to get to the end of this story. I MAY do a possible sequel set a few years later. I don’t know. I would definitely want to finish one of my other stories first.

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