Chapter Notes:

My Fallen Warrior cuts in with events of the real Deathly Hallows. Yes, Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix. I loved this part, and wanted to give Molly Weasley the glory she deserved. Also, Ron, Hermione, and Neville appear because of the coin, Yeah, the D.A coin. I figured I would bring it back. Also, I changed around the Horcruxes a little to, They are as follows (as their status) The Stone of the Sorcerer, The Secret Chamber, The Azkaban Prisoner, The Fire Goblet, and the Phoenix, symbolic of the Order, and as well as The Half Blood Prince, and the Hallows of Death were also Horcruxes. The Stone, Prisoner, Phoenix (Killed by Voldemort) and The Prince (Snape has also been destroyed). Voldemort killed his own Horcrux, in order to master the Elder Wand. You’ll also note that I use graveyards a lot yeah I’m a little obsessed.



 Chapter Two:  Death Amongst the Graveyard


                Voldemort quickly disappeared with a loud crack. This was not the place, not the right time, nor was Harry Potter supposed to witness Severus Snape die. It was his casualty; it had been Potter’s point. But in this battle, He would prevail. Some Death Eaters stayed behind, in case Potter might apparate with him. He had to get to the Department of Mysteries immediately.


                “Crucio”! Harry shouted. Bellatrix Lestrange screamed. She dropped, slowly, like an old rag doll. Lucicus Malfoy quickly flicked his wand, and a silver snake emerged and made its way to Harry.  Harry motioned the same, and a stag shot from his own it quickly killed it, and disappeared.  Including Bellatrix and Lucuis, Greyback, Crabbe and Goyle were also in stationed in the graveyard. They sprang foreword at Harry, each shouting curses at him. Harry felt his wand hand motion up, and a gold shield bearing the Hogwarts crest materialize in front of him. His wand, again was acting on his own accord. Bellatrix soon got up, dazed and awestruck. Courage seemed to rush in his head. He held his wand, straight in front of his chest, and slowly walked forward to meet Bellatrix. She, like her master, motioned the others to stay back. This was her battle. She brought her wand up over head in a swift motion. And sure enough, an Unforgivable Curse was sent to greet Harry. “I’m not sure you’d want to mess with me Bella” said Harry, dodging the curse.

“Enough with pet names, Potter” she scowled. “You’re sure to die, and I’m the one to do it, if so possible”. Spells, although scattershot, whizzed past both of them continuously. “Oh but Master would like that, now would he”? “Little Bella doing her master’s dirty work”?

“The Dark Lord had made his share of mistakes, one of them right in front of me” She scowled.

Harry could tell she could take no more, she worked hard on killing him, but yet, He was barely moving his wand. He could see Lucius and the others, patiently waiting for Bellatrix to allow them in.  He heard a distinct crack, and three figures emerged from the darkness. Ron, Hermione, and Neville each with wands at ready. “Stand BACK” Harry shouted. “Not this time, Harry”. And before he could speak, Neville charged Bellatrix. The trio watched, Bellatrix laughed as she playfully shot a Killing Curse in Neville way, Harry watched, slowly but surely, Neville crumpled to the ground. Hermione screamed. Her and Ron both joined Harry’s side. The other Death Eaters joined in, Ron and Hermione faced them, and Harry remained on Bellatrix. Soon, Ron and Hermione had Crabbe and Goyle knocked out cold.  The attention of the trio now focused on Bellatrix, Lucius, and Greyback. “Oh pretty girl, pretty mudblood” mocked Bellatrix. And Harry and Ron both flicked their wands, and the spells hit Bellatrix in the chest. She fell, as if the inside her life itself was removed. Both Lucius and Fenrir seemed to be lost. Harry lost control, and without thinking shouted “AVADA KEDAVRA”! It struck Greyback, and it was clear he was destroyed.. Lucius looked from Harry to Greyback. And He, with the corpse of Greyback, and the knocked-out Bellatrix, disappeared.



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