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This is a story of quintuplets, and they don't know each other exsist. Exept for two of the quints live together as twins. They help each other find the other 3 sisters. Only where are they?

Hermione was busy taming her hair. " Aggghhh! ", she cried. Her twin sister heared her from downstairs. Sydne wondered what happened so, she ran upstairs to the bathroom. Aparently she didn't get there fast enough because she found Hermione in a ball on the bathroom floor. She was crying lightly into herself. She just couldn't ever get her hair right. She had a brush and a straightner tangled in her hair. This was one massive hair disaster.

" Hermione, are you ok?" Hermione could hear the concern in her voice. As she rushed in to help.

" Hermione, what happened this time?", Sydne thought. Sydne was in charge so, Hermione was her responsability. She should have known not to leave Hermione by herself. Ever since Hermione cast that " Intellegence " spell she has been loopier than a loopy loop because it back-fired somehow. Plus It doesn't help that only Hermione can find the reversal spell because no one else is as smart as she "WAS".

The two sisters tell each other everything so they can be as close as possible in Hermione's condition. But, there were two things Sydne kept a secret from her sister. She couldn't. No, she couldn't keep these a secret any longer. They were her only hope, maybe the only way Hermione " Might " get better.

While all of these thoughts were going through Sydne's head she calmly helped her sister up and took her into her bedroom. She helped Hermione sit down in a large plush chair infront of a huge mirror.

" Hermione , what exactly happend to your hair?"

" I don't know sis. I was just trying to tame my hair , but it got a little out of control. The next thing I know
THIS HAPPEND!" she screamed in frustration at her hair, not at her sister. " How could i have been so cursed with this stuff they call hair , its not hair its a mangly bush for crying out loud!

" Well , don't worry little sis I will have that messy bush fixed up in no time. What are big sisters for anyhow."

" Thanks Sydne , your always looking out for me."

While casting the last of the hair spells Sydne knew she had to talk to her sister about what was troubling her. She knew she had to sooner or later, and later just didn't seem right.

" Hermione, I need to talk to you about something very important. I need you to meet me down in the den in about an hour. I need to get somethings first and then we will talk. "

Hermione said ok and went about cleaning her room up and changing clothes .

Sydne went downstairs to get snacks and tea ready for them. It was going to take a while to tell Hermione all of the things she needed to. She needed for her to understand.

Thinking to herself, I sure hope this doesn't go badly.
I wish mum and dad were here to help me explain this to her. Then again if mum and dad were here I wouldn't be telling her this.

Wondering where she should start she glanced at the clock that hung in the kitchen, she noticed that she was 5 minuts late . Runnning full speed down to the den she noticed something , her wishing star !

A/N ... There will be more characters in the story then is listed due to the limit. There will also be more characters that are of my imagination . This story is in honor of my friend Sydne who was murdered a year ago. I sure do miss her alot.

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