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Ok, First of all JK Rowling made the characters, setting, all that, except the ones i made. I own nothing but the plot.



The sun slowly sank down beneath the trees, the magnificent golden orb only half seen, sending a beautiful orange light flooding through the air, gradually growing darker. Some sounds normally heard through the foliage were steadily disappearing, replaced by the sounds and noises of the nocturnal creatures that prowled. A small trickling stream looped around rocks, bubbling and foaming merrily. None of was noticed, however, by four year-old Remus Lupin. 

      An odd looking man had told Remus that on the night of a full moon, special creatures would go to this little stream. Remus knew, with his father being a wizard, that some magical creatures liked the full moon, though he didn’t know why. And Remus had always liked animals. So, he had come.

But he did not know what kind of creatures came out on the full moon.

Remus glanced up, gazing at the beautiful moon. He did not know this would be the last time he would gaze at it with his dark brown, human eyes. Nothing had ever led him to believe he would, even could, hate the wonderful moon, which he had always admired. But he would learn to hate it. He would learn to hate it very, very quickly.

He looked at the trees curiously, trying to peer through the thick foliage as he heard twigs snapping and rapidly. He heard his parents calling for him in the distance, but he ignored their pleas. He wanted to see the animals.

So mesmerized was young  Remus that he didn’t even notice the clamorous sounds of the forest quiet, a blanket of silence creeping upon it with the mysterious dark creature. His young mind knew nothing of fear because he had lived through none. Not yet.

He tensed as he saw a pair of golden eyes flash behind the bushes, not out of fear, but of excitement. He hardly dared to breathe, lest he scare the creature off.

The twigs continued breaking and the leaves still rustling, but slower this time. The creature slunk forward with a predatory grace, and the young boy felt a terror born of instinct, a feeling that he had to run as the creatures muzzle came through from the bushes. The head with the feral golden eyes next, then the body which crouched low as it stalked him. He realized all too late his mistake. This was no cute, harmless little creature to watch. This was a creature was only known to him in stories, a creature he had never believed he would see. This creature would kill him if it could. It was a werewolf.

A scream of pure terror rose and exploded from his throat as he realized this, and what happened next seemed to go in slow motion. Remus automatically put his arms up to cover his face and the beast snarled with rage, crouching to spring. There were hurried, loud footsteps and yells from his parents, close now, at his yell. And then the werewolf jumped at him, scratching his side and closing its strong jaws on his shoulder, and Remus knew only darkness.





As Remus slowly came to his senses in the warm bed at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries he also became achingly aware of the shots of pain coursing through him, particularly his side and arm. With an effort, he opened his eyes, and then promptly shut them again against the light.


Remus gave a yelp of pain as a blurry figure hugged him tight. The person, his mother, quickly jumped away as though burned at his yelp. “Healers! He’s awake!” She called in delight. His dad and a young lady dressed in a plain white outfit walked in.

“H-how are you feeling, Remus?” Asked his father nervously. He seemed almost afraid, though Remus wasn’t paying attention close enough to notice. His mother shot his father a deathly glare that caused John to hide his anxiousness.

“My arm and side hurts,” He said, looking at them sadly. “What happened Daddy?”

The healer busied herself with a few potions, feeling like she was intruding. John Lupin bit his lip nervously. “Son, do you now what creature hurt you?”

“A werewolf, Daddy.”

“Do you know what happens when a werewolf bites someone?” Remus shook his head with a frown and his mother clutched him tighter, if possible. “They turn into a werewolf themselves.”


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