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Three weeks had passed since that day at Hogwarts and Lily was sat curled up on the sofa, she stared aimlessly into the flames of the dying fire, it was dark out, and freezing cold, but she seemed unaffected by it. As she sat there James walked into the common room and watched her for a few seconds, just took the sight in before slowly making his way to her and sitting down next to her, he didn’t move to hold her or make any contact, he just sat there.

“James.” Lily whispered, James looked at her a light smile on his face, portraying nothing. “I love you, I’ll always love you, please never leave me.” Lily said her voice scared, tears filling her eyes.

James looked at Lily both shocked and joyful.

“Lily, Merlin, I love you so much. I’ll never leave you, never, Lily.” James said cupping her face and kissing the tip of her nose. Lily leaned into him, and snuggled closer to him.

“James can I stay with you tonight?” Lily asked him.

“Er, well the thing is Lily… I don’t think… It’s probably not the best idea…” James said suddenly nervous, Lily looked up at him with her big emerald eyes and James melted into them. “But if you really want to.” When Lily nodded he suddenly felt all the blood rush to his lower parts with the thought of Lily in his bed.

Lily walked slowly with James to his room and pulled off her school tie and socks.

“Can I burrow a t-shirt?” Lily asked James, he looked at her with a smirk gracing his face.

“Of course not Lily.” He said teasingly, and she swiped at him playfully, and then caught the baggy black t-shirt he threw to her. With out bothering to leave the room Lily pulled off her school shirt and skirt then pulled on the t-shirt, and reached back, unclipping her bra, then pulled it through one of the arms. James looked at her pretty much in a shocked daze. Lily laughed at his expression and crawled into his bed; she turned away from him and snuggled into the pillows.

James just stared at her, then shrugged his shoulders before stripping down to his boxers and pulling on his flannel pants and crawling into the bed, pulling her body to his and wrapping his arms around her.

The next morning Sirius and Ivy decided to go to the Head Dorms and see the other couple; with them they brought Remus and Robyn. When they reached the Head Common room they found no one there, which was surprising on a Saturday morning.

“Lily?!” Ivy called out, but she got no response, she looked questioningly at Sirius. He shrugged then walked towards James’ room before pushing the door open.

“WOAH! Hey Lily sorry! James, mate, score!” Sirius exclaimed before a book went flying by his head and he legged it to Ivy. “You’re sister is trying to kill me!” He squeaked as Ivy and Robyn laughed and even Remus managed a weak chuckle – he hadn’t been the same since Hannah had died.

“It’s your own fault for bursting into James’ room like that.” Ivy said. “They’ve been together for five months now… Maybe they just wanted more then snogging.” Ivy said with a shrug.

“You mean you think they’ve-“ Sirius started, but Lily cut across him.

“No we haven’t you fool.” Lily said as she walked out of James wearing another one of his t-shirts and a pair of her own baggy jeans.

“What do you guys want to do today?” Robyn asked.

“Oh I have a few idea’s.” Sirius said pulling Ivy to him. Robyn rolled her eyes at him.

“That we can all do together.” She said with a great sigh.

“You can join in if you really want Robyn.” Sirius said with a smirk. Ivy hit him over the head as Robyn sent an icy glare at him.

“I really don’t want to do anything.” Remus said and headed out of the common room, but Lily called after him.

“Are you sure? I mean we could go get some butterbeer, chocolate, and maybe watch a movie? It’ll be fun.” Lily said with a smile.

“No thanks.” And then he was gone.

“He’s going be alright, right?” Robyn asked then worriedly. But no one had an answer for her as they watched his retreating back.

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