Disclaimer: I own nothing! *** Last Time: *SHUT UP!* Lily stopped thinking about the next day and got into the shower. The hot water felt good against her body. She wouldn’t think about the next day, she had to get threw tonight first. How she would get to sleep with her body hurting she had no clue. ~FLASHBACK ENDS~ The next day Lily woke early and her heart pounding. She dreamt about her father again. She had these dreams many times before, it always end the same. With her killing herself, she didn’t know where that ending came from though. Sure she thought about killing herself but she never really thought she would do it. All she knew was that she had to get away from him and soon. *** Dear Lily, I’m assuming your home right now so I hope this gets to you. I hope you are well. I had this feeling this morning that I should write to you, something happened. I know it did, I’m working on helping you get out of there but Lily I have no clue how to help. You need to talk to someone. I know about you and Liz, Lily I’m sorry. I know you and her are really close. I’m sure if you just explain things she would understand. Liz would do anything for you as I would. You know her father works for the ministry and they could protect you better than I could ever. Please just let me know if you’re ok. Love always, Daisy Lily closed the letter back up and put it in a shoe box. She hid the shoe box in the closet, in the back of the closet part of the wall comes out. She found it when she first moved there and she used it to hide things from her father. She had all Daisy’s letters in the there so when her father searched her room he never found them. If only she could hide herself in her closet. She knew Daisy wanted to help but even as Lily’s sister she couldn’t help, nobody could. Lily tried to convince herself that for years but maybe she couldn’t handle it by herself anymore. What if she did need help? If her father did something to her nobody would know the truth. He would go free, she couldn’t let that happen. But who could she tell? Liz was mad at her, Daisy already knew. Who else would care? James *What? Where did that come from? No I don’t think so, think again or were you even thinking on that one?* James cares, he cares a lot *um…no* Why not? *Because…because…* My point exactly or your point. *** Lily paced her room that afternoon waiting for her father to leave; he was going to the bar. He went there every other afternoon. He went in the afternoon to save the night for her. Plus it gave him more time to drink. Lily heard the door slam and she ran to the phone, she waited to minutes. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to do this, could she really trust James? What if he turned his back on her? He could tell the whole school which would give her the name of the school slut. Lily picked up the phone book hoping Matt had his numbered listed and hoping James was still there. If not she had floo powder hidden in her room, she would floo to the Potter’s. Lily found Matt’s number and thanked god. She really didn’t want to show up at the Potter’s looking like she did. With her hand shaking she dialed Matt’s number. “Hello?” Matt said. Lily didn’t say anything, she lost her voice. *Maybe I should just hang up* “Hello?” Matt repeated. “Hello, Matt,” Lily said in a weak voice. “Lily? Is that you? Are you ok?” Matt asked concerned. “Yeah it’s me, I’m fine,” Lily said, “Is James still there?” “Yeah, hold on.” “JAMES!” Matt called for James. Lily heard James say, “I’m busy!” “Lily’s on the phone!” Matt yelled back. “Coming!” “Lily?” James’ breathless voice asked. “Yeah,” Lily said, “James, I need to talk to you.” “Are you ok?” James asked concern in his voice. “No, I have to tell you something,” Lily said. “What is it?” James asked. “You have to promise not to tell anybody,” Lily said whispering now and holding the phone with both hands. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I voice said behind Lily. Lily dropped the phone and heard James, “Lily? Lily are you there?” Lily turned around to face her father. Her father grabbed the phone and hung it up. He looked livid. Lily backed up as her came closer, she knew she was going to pay. She backed up until she hit the wall, she sung down in the corner hoping he would just lock her in her room. “Do you want to know what I do to little girls who disobey me?” Her father asked her Lily shook her head; no she didn’t want to know all she wanted was to get away from him. Her father laughed and took a step closer. “It’s a good thing I forgot my wallet, don’t you think flower? You would have made a very bad mistake.” He said now whispering. Lily stood up to face him; if this was how she was going to die she wouldn’t do it crying the corner. Besides she called James and he knows something wrong so if anything does happen maybe he could put the pieces together, hopefully. “I wasn’t going to tell,” Lily said. “Liar,” her snarled. “I wasn’t,” Lily insisted, “I was going to tell him that our project was due on the first day back to school so we should get together.” Lily just made all this up at the top of her head. (VIOLENCE COMING UP!) Her father looked at her obviously trying to see if she was lying. He decided he really didn’t care if she was telling the truth or not, he hit her across the face. Grabbing her he dragged her across the ground and to her room. He threw her on her bed and she struggled to get up, she wasn’t going to let him. She couldn’t do it anymore, believing that maybe one day he would stop. He wasn’t going to, he had to be stopped. That was the only way she would get away. Her father grabbed her again and hit her across the head and she fell. He grabbed her again and threw her on the bed for the second time. This time she couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t see. The blow across her head made her dizzy and she wasn’t sure what was going on. This time though her father seemed determined and her ripped her shirt off. Just because she couldn’t see didn’t mean she didn’t know what he was doing. He put a hand over her breast and started to caress it. She knocked his hand away and started to get up again. He grabbed her hands with his other hand and held them above her head. He trailed his hand lower and lower until it went under her pants. Tears slid down her face as he touched her everywhere. Later that night she cried herself to sleep. She didn’t know what was wrong with her; she thought she had gotten over the crying stage. She just gotten so used to being molested by her father that she stopped crying when ever he came but know every time she seen him she wanted to cry out. She wanted someone to save her yet she didn’t want anybody to know. She was so confused about everything. *** Sorry I stopped right there it’s just I think I’m dragging out winter break to long so I think I’m going to started with the last night before she goes back to school next time. I’m going to post it soon. I started to write it before this chapter to so I’m hoping you guys will like it. I might even get it finished tomorrow. Hopefully I will get it posted tomorrow to. Thank you for reviewing! Meaghan Nymphomaniac Tam rina_lilz holly ShellyV929 Also I wanted to explain to you that Lily’s not really sure about her feelings right now but she does consider him a friend. Next Time: -The last night of winter break is here but will Lily survive it? -James knows something’s wrong with Lily but when he finds out what will he be able to handle it? PLEASE REVIEW! IT MEANS A LOT TO ME!

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