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Ginny couldn’t sleep; she knew what she had to do. She grabbed her wand off her bedside table before she quietly crawled out of bed and reached for her school bag sitting on her trunk at the end of her bed. She pulled out the packet of parchment she had been saving for her Defense Against the Dark Arts essay and her quill. She then walked out the door and down the stairs to the common room. The few embers left in the fireplace glowed slightly while long shadows stretched the length of the room. She found her way to a chair before whispering, “lumos.” She wanted to make sure that there wasn’t light bouncing about while she maneuvered through the maze of tables and chairs. She placed her wand carefully on the arm of her chair so that its light shown clearly on her lap. She unfolded the pages she had brought with her and placed the tip of her quill to the surface. She knew she had to do it but how? How was she supposed to explain to her mother what had happened, why it had, and how had?


            The next morning Harry and Ron found Ginny sleeping soundly in one of the large lounge chairs in the common room. Harry approached her wrapping his fingers around her hand lying lightly on the arm of the chair. Ginny stirred and blinked, she looked around disoriented before looking into Harry’s eyes and realizing where she was. “Ginny did you sleep out here all night?” Ginny stretched and yawned.
          “Oh- well- I guess I did” She had almost forgotten why she was out here and that she had finally told her mother about the baby.
            “Are you feeling alright?” Harry asked noticing the dark circles beneath her lower eye lids.
            “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m going to go shower and get ready, ok.” Ginny stood and gave Harry a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before leaving for the girls’ dorms. A few minutes later Hermione was making her way down the stairs to meet Harry and Ron.
            “Ginny told me to tell you guys not to wait for her, just to go ahead and go to breakfast. She said she’d be down shortly.”
            “That’s good, I’m starving.” Ron didn’t even bother to wait for the others before clambering through the portrait hole and heading to breakfast.
            “I can tell…” Hermione replied and led Harry, who was reluctant to leave, after Ron. Hermione and Harry had finally caught up with Ron right as they were entering the Great Hall. “Oh the mail’s here.” Hermione hurried forward to retrieve her Daily Profit from the grey and brown screech owl. Ron and Harry had barely came into view of the owls when two owls came hurtling toward them. Harry’s snowy owl, Hedwig stopped abruptly, inches from Harry’s nose and pecked repeatedly on his forehead while Ron’s owl, Pig did the same.
           “Ok, ok jeez hold up I’m getting it. Calm down Hedwig.” Harry fumbled with the beige envelope in Hedwig’s beak. After releasing the letters to Harry and Ron the two owls zoomed out the tall windows and off to the owlery.
           “What the bloody hell was that all about?” Ron asked looking at his beige envelope. 
           “I don’t know, but I think we should open these in privet.” Harry looked worriedly at the envelope with his name on it and then at Ron who slowly understood what Harry meant. The boys quickly ran out of the Great Hall and down the corridor to the left to find an empty classroom or some room that they could be alone. “Ron, in here.” Harry pushed open a solid oak door similar to the ones leading into the Great Hall but they were not as grand and a lot smaller. Ron followed Harry into the room that seemed to be used for storage because there were desks and chairs lying all the around the room in disarray. Harry was already breaking the seal of his envelope when Ron looked up at him. Harry pulled out his brief letter from Mr.Weasley although what he had previously thought about what the letter contained was wrong.


“’Harry- I have to make this brief. We got Ginny’s letter, but we think it has been intercepted. Hedwig was a bit ruffled but all-in-all she is ok. We have informed Dumbledore of our suspicions and he says he will keep a close eye out for your safety. Please keep us updated on yours and Ginny’s well being. We love you and hope you are safe. ~Arthur and Molly’”


            “What does yours say?” Harry began but before finishing Ron had begun to read his aloud.


“’Ron- I thought we would just inform you of what is going on I’m sure Harry will tell you but we wanted to make sure you knew too. Someone may be after Ginny, the baby, or Harry. Of course we suspect You-Know-Who’s behind this, although that is just a hunch. Please help Harry in any way possible and I have asked Harry to update us on all of you and your well being. We love you and hope you are safe. ~Dad and Mum ‘”


            “We need to tell Ginny and Hermione!” Harry replied to Ron after finishing his letter. They shoved their letters into their robes and bolted out the door and down the corridor to the staircase.
            “Whoa! Where are you boys of to in such a hurry?” McGonagall asked as she was leaving breakfast and heading to her office.
            “We-have-to-tell-Ginny!” Harry wheezed as he clutched his side.
           “’Tell Ginny’? Tell her what?” McGonagall questioned. There wasn’t time for this they had to get to Ginny.
           “Professor, please we have to hurry she could be in danger. Ginny could be in danger of Vol-”
           “Potter, don’t say that name. Why is she in danger of You-Know-Who?”
           “Professor, there’s no time we have to hurry I don’t know when Mr. Weasley wrote those letters so we have to hurry. Come with us if you must, but we have to go.” They didn’t even wait for a reply before they began to sprint up the stairs with McGonagall walking swiftly behind them. When they finally reached the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room they found the portrait of the fat lady empty only a blank canvas and the antique frame remained. The party came to an abrupt stop and looked at the canvas with shock.
            “What, wait? What is going on? Where is she?” Ron looked puzzled as he stuttered these questions out of his mouth. Harry had seemed to have lost all ways of communication except his fists. He had charged at the frame and was pounding as hard as he could to try and make Ginny hear him on the other side. All was silent on the other side of the blank canvas. How were they supposed to warn Ginny if they couldn’t even get to her?
            “Please McGonagall; please tell me you know another way to get in. We need to get in to warn Ginny.” Harry had found his voice again.
            “I’m sorry, but without the fat lady there is no other way. Now would you please tell me what’s going on and why it is of the utmost importance to warn Ginny?” But right as she finished her question Hermione came running up the corridor.
            “I heard, I heard! Mr.Weasley wrote me and told me about Hedwig and You-Know-Who. Have you told Ginny yet?” Once she had reached them she realized the problem and stumbled to a stop gazing at the supposed to be filled space on the canvas. “Oh, well where is the fat lady?”
            “Well that’s what we’re trying to figure out. Please tell me you know of another a way.” Harry pleaded.
             “What about Hedwig and You-Know-Who? What is going on I have the right to know what’s going on.” They had completely forgotten that McGonagall was in their midst. 
              “Well hold on we’ll explain as soon as we know that Ginny’s safe.—No I’m sorry Harry I only know of the password way.” Hermione said sorrowfully as she had failed.
             “Ugh!” Harry gave a feeble swing at the portrait before slowly sliding down the wall and landing with a muffled thump onto the cold, hard floor. All of a sudden McGonagall turned on her heal and was walking back up the corridor to the staircase.
          “Professor?” Hermione asked.
          “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before--”
          “—Dumbledore!” Hermione finished and took of with McGonagall. Harry didn’t even look up as they left he just sat with his hands over his face and his knees pulled to his chest.
          “Mate, it’s going to be ok we’ll get in there and everything will be ok. She’s probably still in the shower you know how women are they feel that they need to take an hour and half long shower before they feel clean enough to go out in public.” Ron tried to make Harry laugh but Harry merely chuckled once.
           “This can’t happen! We have to do something!” Right as these words escaped Harry’s lips there was a blood-curling scream coming from behind the canvas. 
           “GINNY!” They bellowed in unison as they began to pound on the blank portrait.


            “Dumbledore!” McGonagall and Hermione screamed as they ran up the corridor.
            “Ah, Professor I just saw the headmaster out. He had a meeting at the Ministry that was quite urgent he supposed. Didn’t really want to leave but I told him I’d keep an eye on things while he was gone. Well then he told me he needed me and the rest of the professors to help him cast protective spells around the castle, even more then what was already there. He would have asked you as well, Minevra but he could not find you.” Professor Flitwick squeaked.
          “How can this be that every time you need him he has disappeared somewhere? We don’t have much time Professor. What can we do now?” Hermione was beginning to panic.
          “No worries Miss Granger we will find a way.” McGonagall reassured her although she herself was not.


            Ginny was just grabbing her school bag and getting the rest of her things together when out of nowhere a dark cloaked figure rose before her. Ginny screamed and ran for the door but was confronted by another cloaked figure. She was panicking and had completely forgotten about her wand sitting in her pocket. “GINNY!” She could hear Harry and Ron yelling for her, they must have heard her scream. Then with a flash of light and dark fabric brushing over her, everything was black.


            Hermione and McGonagall were running out the oaken front doors to where the charms and spells stopped. “Were going after him right?” Hermione asked.
          “Concentrate on the Ministry and Apparent,” was all she replied. Hermione and McGonagall turned on their heels and disappeared. They turned up shortly in the Ministry, although as they became aware of their surroundings they were bombarded by masked figures and were tied to one of the many marble pillars in the entrance.


            Harry and Ron continued to pound on the canvas and then all of a sudden the portrait sprang open even without a password or the fat lady. Ron and Harry looked bewildered but that didn’t slow them down. They dashed into the common room, “Ginny!” they yelled. They ran up the stairs to the girls’ dorms and into Ginny’s room. It was a mess, Ginny’s bag had been thrown down and everything from within it had spewed all over the floor, the books from different shelves and tables were now on the floor with Ginny’s things. They were all not in their proper places and neither was Ginny. Ginny was no where to be seen in the destroyed room. Harry ran from the bathroom to the bedroom and back again desperately searching for Ginny. Ron stood looking not for his sister but for things her kidnapper might have left behind some sort of clue or sign to help find out who did this. 
         “Harry,” a soft voice sounded up the stairs. Harry looked at Ron, he knew that voice. Harry pushed past Ron who looked puzzled and confused, but followed. Harry made it to the bottom of the stairs, but then stopped he could go no further. There before him was Ginny and the two cloaked figures that had attacked her. He nervously began to walk toward her again.  “Harry! No stop, please, just listen to me don’t try to protect me!” Ginny’s voice continued to be soft but urgent at the same time. “I’ll be ok just save your self. They promised not to hurt the baby as or me as long as you let me go with them.”
        “How can you say that of course they’ll hurt you that’s just what they do? Why else would they want you?” Harry replied unable to keep his voice calm. Ron had been standing there the whole time unable to speak as he gazed upon his little sister in this predicament. 
        “Harry, please?” Ginny pleaded but that was all the time she was allotted before the cloaked figure disappeared, but just seconds before it totally disappeared Harry reached out for Ginny and was plunged into complete darkness.

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