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Chapter image by Anna_Black @TDA

Though our massive hang overs Skylar and I still remembered the deal we made with the guys the night previous and it was beyond obvious that Sirius had lost with great numbers, after drinking a couple coffees and taking a bunch of Tylenol we snuck up to the boys dormitory.  Emma had already left to the Headmasters office for their meeting and had congratulated us on our win, or in her words ‘immaturity’.  With pink silly string, some cool muggle stuff that Lily introduced us to which I swear she regrets, in hand she hurried up the boys stair case passing Frank Longbottom.

“ May I ask what you two fine ladies are doing? “ He asked in  his sweet tone, we smiled showing him our muggle toys. 

“ We’ve decided to surprise the boys with a treat, are they still sleeping?” I asked him, my smirk growing by the second.  He nodded and with a heart breaking smile he left us to our tormenting.  Grinning like maniacs we creped up the boys stair case receiving odd and discomforting looks from the boys who were descending, scaring off a couple embarrassed and flushed first years.  Finally we came to the door with a plaque saying ‘7th Year’, under it were five names, Sirius Black, Eric Brown, Frank Longbottom, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. We stopped for a second and eyed the plaque.

“ Why is there’s alphabetical?” Skylar asked and it dawned on me why it looked so odd. Tilting my head I looked at it, a smirk forming on my face.  Taking out my wand I swish, flicked and pointed, muttering Latin words, when I was done I allowed Skylar to look over my masterpiece. 

A loud eruption of giggles escaped her mouth for know under the words ‘ The 7th year Wankers’ were the names , Snuffles Black, Stuck-up Brown, Cuddlesome Longbottom, Sane Lupin and Jittery Pettigrew. 

“It’s odd how my wand chose those names.. Hmm” Shaking my head with a grin we snuck into the room to see Remus sleeping soundlessly, Peter rolled up into a ball and Sirius snoring loudly with his body parts hanging in all different directions while Eric brown, a dark haired and blue eyed boy who seemed to be rather angry that James had gotten the spot of Quidditch captain instead of him.  The girls spotting him  on the other side of the room making his bed stuck out their tongues, neither liked the boy much. Ignoring his eyes on them they crept over to two of the sleeping forms, at first they figured it would have been funny to prank  Peter as well but resumed to his panic attack afterwards would be just as funny.

With one last sideways grin we took the caps of the spray cans and slowly and quietly walked towards our victims. I could feel the bubble of giggles in my tummy grow but I knew I couldn’t let them out just yet as I stopped in front of the bed.  Turning to Skylar who stood impatiently over Sirius bed gave me a thumbs up and started mouthing ‘one, two thee!’. Finally as three came out in a loud shout we began spraying the silly string over the boys in the bed who had woken up to our shouts and giggles and as presumed Peter had jumped out of bed and started running around as if someone had shouted ‘FIRE!’.

Finally as our cans stopped shooting out the odd stringy stuff we stood still grinning madly at the boys who for a moment seemed shocked and confused to what had happened.  When their eyes met our own recognition appeared and their lips formed their very own smirk, dangerous those things are.  Letting out a shriek I fallowed Skylar out the door and down the stairs pushing aside the shocked boys as we came to the common room which was know semi filled. 

“ Where do we hide? “ Skylar asked and we stood there a moment trying to think but as we heard their loud stumps down the stair case we squealed and headed towards the portrait hole. “ Lily!”  Skylar screamed and we quickly turned down a corridor towards our strict and protective friend. 

Spotting the statue of the four founders  we came to a skidded stop, breathing deeply in exhaustion we mumbled the password, only after the four time did they hear us and allow us entry.  Hearing loud footsteps behind us we ran in and squealed as the statue closed in front of the boys, we sighed but knew we had to hide or they’d catch us in a mater of seconds. 

“ James’s room” I whispered to Skylar who nodded and fallowed me towards the head boys dorm room.  Hurrying across the common room we  guessed the heads were still sleeping for no one littered the common room.  Hearing the stone of the statue scratch against the floor we ran the rest of the way up the stairs and into James room where we instantly became quiet after spotted the two bumps under the covers.

“ Please tell me that’s not Lily … “ Skylar said, a look of shock on her face.

“ GET OUT!!” We heard our redheaded friends shouts from the other side of the common room.  We grinned knowing the two marauders would be cowering under her hand instead of looking for us.  Our attentions were pulled towards the two in the bed as we spotted movement, with big eyes we crawled to the opposite side of the room towards his washroom, closing the door behind us as well as locking it we hid in the bathtub with the curtain closed. No one would find us in here, right?

“ W-what are you…. Why.. “ We heard James’s confused and sleepy voice as well as the sound of marching foot steps.  We covers our mouths with our hands to muffle the giggles and any other sound that might escape.   Our giddiness only increased as we heard the turning of the doorknob and soon after a click.  Remus had most likely unlocked the door using a simple spell.   With our backs to the wall and us facing the curtain we spotted the two flurry forms in front of the curtain which was soon whipped to the side with one movement from Sirius.

Our excited, giddy  let out a shriek of laughter as the boys attacked us with the pillows they had in hand.  We laughed and shrieked loudly until we felt cold water spray from the shower head onto the four of us who happened to all be in the bathtub.  We all shrieked loudly, Sirius sounding oddly girly, and turned to a smirking James , who had left his date in his bed, and Lily who happened to be the one who turned on the water.  Grinning evilly I picked up a bottle of soap that had fallen by my feet and quietly opened the top, with a silent giggled  I poured the continents on the heads of the two… heads, allowing the others time to run off. Throwing the bottle aside I fallowed the retreating back of  Remus, Sirius and Skylar out the heads door and into the corridor.

The four of us soaking wet and covered with feathers from James’s pillows looked an odd sight to the other students littering the corridor, but we paid them no attention as we ran the rest of the way back to the Gryffindor tower to get ready for the day.


“Miss Emma Courtmen?”

“ Yes?”

“It seems that your babies father is a wizard and not a muggle like you informed me, which gives your child a great chance of being magical. I’m thinking along the lines of pureblood or half blood. There also seems to be some complication but they don’t seem to be affecting the baby, besides that everything is fine.”

A sigh escaped the young girls lips, blowing her short hair out of her face.

“ Would you like to know the sexe ? “

“Yes please. “


They were lounging in the heads common room doing anything that came to mind, ranging from nothing to homework and books to playing indoor Quidditch.  Sirius and James took up one couch that no one dare try to sit at for the fear of getting his by a quaffles, Skylar had stolen the only available chair and was busy drawing her friends in a goofy manner while Lily, Nicole and Remus took the opposite couch of the two boys.  Poor Remus was in the middle with both girls legs spread across his lap  as he read and they did their nails.

It was to that sight that Emma walk in on, smiling big at the homey feeling that engulfed her with one look at her friends.   Lily threw a pillow at James and Sirius before telling them , in an awfully loud voice, to make room for their knew arrival.

“ where’s Peter ?” She asked taking a seat between the boys and putting her bag on her lap. Before anyone could answer the boy in question walked into the room carrying  a large pile of homework and not looking to happy.

“Are you sure you can help me lily? “ He asked as he placed the pile on the table, Lily rolled her eyes and nodded, not understanding how he could be so far behind.

“Can everyone wait for a second, I’d like to tell you something” Emma said, disrupting Lily and Peter. She looked giddy and a little shaky causing her friends to move forward in curiosity and worry. “ Don’t worry my meeting with Dumbledor went well, he brought me to St. Mungo’s and my doctor gave me all the news about the baby.  He said she’s a healthy pureblood but there some complications. “

“ Wait, pureblood?” Sirius question.

“ What kind of complications. “ Remus said ,ignoring his previous friends questions.

“She!” Nicole, Lily and Skylar stood up and ran over to Emma engulfing her in a group hug.  “ We’ve got a girl.”  Lily shriek. As they jumped up and down in a squeally  way that only a girl could pull off.  The boys looked at them in wonder.

“ You’d think they were all having the baby. “ James muttered shaking his head. “ Come on!” He yelled clapping his hands to get the attention of the four girls. Turning around they stared as him oddly.  “ First off, wasn’t the.. Um….. jack off a muggle and what kind of complications?”  After staring at him for a moment the girls took their seats eager to hear Emma’s response.

 Emma sat between the two boys for a moment, trying to figure it all out.

“ Well the doctor said that the man was magical and either pureblood or Halfblood and also that there were some complication but not to worry they didn’t seem to be affection the baby.  That really all he said actually.”   Everyone sat for a moment taking it in, the fact that Emma had a growing baby inside her was still rather odd, she seemed more quiet and serene which was a great difference from the loud and bitchy Em.  They sat talking over the matter some more, wondering  why a wizard was at a muggle club, guessing that he was either a Halfblood and lived near the area or simply a pureblood that didn’t mind muggle’s but them why rape Emma.   “ It wasn’t as if she was waving her wand around shouting, I am Merlin hear me rawer.” Nicole dramatically put it.  Soon the topic of conversation turned to the babies sex.

“ I can’t believe your having a girl. “ Sirius said down hearted, in a matter of seconds a small hand with bright pink nail polish was right in front of his face. Nicole smirked and told him to pay up.  “ Damn!” He said dropping the money in her palm.

“What are you going to name her?” Skylar asked turning her eyes from Sirius to Emma who sat for a moment looking thoughtful.

“ I’m not sure, you guys are going to help aren’t y-”


“James is that your recent girlfriend or are you actually suggesting that name for the  baby. “ Lily said narrowing her eyes at the boy who simply pulled a face out at her mumbling about jealous girls.  Remus put a hand on Lily’s arm before she could dive into an argument.

“ How about Krystal ?” Peter suggested. Everything was quiet for a moment the name was actually tryable but Emma soon shook her head.

“Nah, thank Pete but I think its to….. Barbie? “ Nicole nodded smiling as she ruffled the boy on the floors head. Peter, his cheeks pink brushed her off.

“Melanie, Bridgett, Claire, Vera, Valerie, Naomi, Kass- “

“ Sirius I’m pretty sure Lily made it clear not to give ex- skanky girlfriends names as suggestions.” Nicole said smiling mockingly, Sirius simply rolled his eyes, wondering what had suddenly gotten all the girls in a twist.  Many more names had been passed around such as Vicky, Amanda, Chelsea ( in which Skylar said something about a dog with the name) Melissa , even Angel and Martha which were quickly declined.  Hours had gone by and the group had formed a list of all the names they truly liked which know lay in Emma’s lap as she crossed of the names she didn’t think fit for her child.

“ Alright, we’ve got Alexis, Charlotte, Keely,  Peyton and Daphne. Whoever seriously put Martha in there deserve a kick to the groin. “ Emma said receiving an eruption of laughter from her friends.

“There’s the old Em” Sirius said putting his arm around her. “ I don’t think Daphne nor Alexis are good names, no offences Lils and Sky… I like Keely and Peyton - “

“ Which I totally suggested.” Nicole said proudly before being proded on the shoulder.

“I gave Peyton. Seriously, who’s ever heard of the name Keely. “  Emma stopped their bickering with a silent look before looking back down at her paper.

“ So what about Charlotte ? “ She asked, everyone accept for Peter and James said they liked it. “ Alright so we’ve got Charlotte, Keely and Peyton… “ Their decision would have to wait for at the moment the signal for dinner came and they all hurried down to the great all seeing as they all missed breakfast after their escapade.

The group sat talking loudly, laughing and shrieking as they hungrily ate  their food not noticing the sudden silence until the Headmaster, who happened to be standing, cleared his throat. Now quiet and rather embarrassed the group of eight looked up to the staff table sheepishly, yet still grinning.

“ Good evening students” Dumbledor said removing his twinkling gaze from the overly happy group of teenagers to look at the rest of the students. “ Though Halloween is four weeks away I’d like to announce that we’re holding a costume ball for the fourth to seventh years, the first to third will not have class for the day of the ball and the day after.  Now, you should all retire to bed. “  Sitting down the whole Great hall burst into shatter as the students left for their common rooms to discuss the news, while the eight students returned to the heads common room speaking of not so much the same things but everything besides.

“I like Quidditch” James said wiggling his brows at a passing girl receiving a glare form Lily.

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