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Chapter 3: New Kids In Town

Professor, or now Headmistress, McGonagall looked up in dismayed shock at a student calling her by such a name. She was the Headmistress of Hogwarts, she must be treated with respect! She was about to tell the perpetrators just this when she looked up and saw who they were, sinking back down into her seat heavily.

“Oh my.”

“Nice to see you too, Professor,” James greeted.

“I see you’re doing well for yourself,” Sirius added, grinning at how stunned his teacher looked. Then again he was used to it, being Sirius Black and all, he always left the ladies speechless!

“Potter…What’s going on here?” the woman asked, glancing around the four faces she knew so well and yet hadn’t seen in so long. Harry and James looked at one another before Harry decided it was him who the Headmistress had addressed.

If this was for real, the whole two Potter’s thing was going to get confusing.

“We’re not really sure. Hermione came downstairs and they were just standing there at the fire,” he explained simply.

“Are they genuine?” was the first question McGonagall asked, thinking much along the same lines as her students that this could very well be a trap.

“As far as we can tell; yes, Professor,” Hermione answered.

“We need to make sure,” the Headmistress said after a few moments. “Mr. Weasley, will you please go and ask the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor to come up to us?”

Ron nodded in understanding and turned to leave the room, glancing at the four very confused looking new comers.

“While we’re waiting, would someone like to tell me how you managed to get here?” McGonagall asked the four, three of which looked at Lily to be their speaker. She obliged willingly, loving the opportunity to hang the Marauders.

“Well, Professor, I went to find Potter after you gave me the time-turner, in our year that is, but Black here stole it when he saw it,” Lily said.

“I did not steal, I was just looking!” Sirius objected. A Marauder did not steal, it was degrading. They just borrowed without permission with little intent of returning.

“So when he wouldn’t give it back I forced him to but then Potter and Lupin joined in and it sent us here!” Lily continued.

“So you were dwelling in the common room, Ms. Evans?” McGonagall asked.

“Well…no, I…I mean,” Lily flustered. This wasn’t even her own Professor, this one being twenty years on, but Lily still didn’t want to be seen breaking rules. It just wasn’t a natural thing for her.

“That’s exactly what she was doing, Professor,” Sirius quipped in straight away. “Shocking, isn’t it?”

“What were the spells used exactly?”

“Well let me see, I think there was a stunner, a disarmer or two, a Petrificus and, what was did you shoot, Evans?” James asked in a mock sweet voice.

“Tantellegra,” Lily said in a quiet, mortified voice making to two black haired Marauders grin while she blushed.

“That was probably it. A spell such as that one, combined with the others, all of which I assume came into contact with the time-turner, must have caused a malfunction which resulted in bringing you here,” McGonagall explained, solving one of the many mysteries.

But James and Sirius were looking at each other with incredulous stares after “That was probably it” and their faces were nearly splitting with identical grins.

“So you mean this, this whole thing, was all Evans’ fault?!” Sirius exclaimed joyfully.

“It is not! If you hadn’t taken the time-turner off me in the first place, Black, then none of-” Lily stormed, her cheeks now the same color as her hair.

“Ah but, Evans, if you hadn’t cast that specific spell then we would still be in our own time and would never have had to disrupt our son from what I’m sure is his very busy life here in the future,” James took pleasure in saying, only making Lily’s face go from scarlet to crimson, this time in rage.

“He is NOT our son, Potter! Stop calling him that!”

“You told them, Potter? Harry Potter, I mean,” McGonagall demanded.

“Well it was a little obvious, they just figured it out,” Harry said with a shrug. There wasn’t really much he could have done or said now to defend it, it just happened.

“You called for me, Headmistress?”

The whole room, including the usually sleeping portraits on the wall, turned to see the next drama unfold as Ron re-entered the office, now accompanied by an older man who stood struck-dumb in the doorway.

“It’s you, Moony!” James cried, the first to catch on to the obvious resemblance. “It’s the older you, how weird is that?!”

“Man, do you look different twenty years in the future, Moony,” Sirius laughed. “And, wow, you’re a Professor!”

The older Remus Lupin looked around his audience, seemingly totally lost. But that was nothing compared to the completely shocked look on the face of his miniature self who was so stunned that his twenty year older self had walked in.

It’s quite an odd experience I’d imagine, don’t you agree?

“Would someone like to explain what’s going on here?” the Professor Lupin asked nervously.

“It seems that these four appeared in Gryffindor Tower this evening and are claiming to be yourself, your two friends and Lily Evans from your seventh year, Remus,” McGonagall explained in a hurried way.

“But you don’t believe them?” he stated obviously.

“No of course not, not yet. We were hoping you would be able to think up a way to determine the truth since one of them seems to be you after all,” the Headmistress said.

“Hold on, how do we know this isn’t some big joke or trap on your part?” Lily interrupted suspiciously. “You keep doubting us but how do we know we can trust you?”

Professor Lupin looked at McGonagall with one cocked eyebrow. “That would be my first clue about it, right there,” he said, addressing the older woman before turning to the younger one again. “You don’t know, which is why we are going to prove both of us trustworthy,” he explained, taking a good look at each of the four teenagers in turn. “If they’re impostors, it’s still extremely likely they’ll have most of the facts anyway from their source. I doubt He sent in spies without researching his subjects first.”

“Isn’t there something he wouldn’t have known? I mean he couldn’t have known everything about all of you, right?” Harry pointed out, joining the discussion. His Professor nodded, looking intently at his own young version.

“What date were you first bitten by a werewolf?” The seventeen year old Remus turned deathly pale.

“How did you know that? And all of them?” he asked, indicating to Harry, Ron and Hermione, for no one in the room showed any surprise about the creature’s mention.

“Same reason James, Sirius and Lily know; we trusted them with the secret. Not to mention they figured it out for themselves over time.”

She knew?!” James demanded, gesturing wildly at Lily. “How come you never felt the need to mention that fact, Moony? It could have really helped me, in case it bothered you!”

“Oh please, nothing ever could or ever can help you, Potter. And of course I knew, I’m not stupid, it was pretty obvious, especially since you managed to find out,” Lily spat, completely forgetting she was in the presence of a Professor. Or, two technically it seemed.

“The date, Remus?” Lupin pressed, ignoring James and Lily, though it was a little hard to do so. How he’d missed hearing them like that, or even just hearing them at all.

“June 20th, 1966 at five minutes past midnight in Phoenix Park Forest,” the younger sandy haired boy said in quiet preciseness, his head hanging.

The male teacher breathed a sigh, but of relief or sorrow it wasn’t made clear. “They’re real, Minerva. There’s no way anybody would have known that, not even with their source,” he confirmed, patting his younger self rather awkwardly on the back. They talk about giving yourself a pat on the back, well it’s a lot stranger than it sounds.

McGonagall sank back into her seat, her hand coming to her mouth as she stared in genuine awe. “You’re…They’re…It’s really them. They’re back, right here. I don’t believe it, oh Merlin.”

Looks were exchanged: the Headmistress just swore?! Unnatural things were at work here.

“See, Minnie, I knew you really loved us and would miss us when we left,” Sirius said proudly, not letting the truly stunned looks on the faces of the people native to this time bother him. He was Sirius Black, nothing bothered him, whether it was past, present or indeed future.

“What do you mean ‘back’, Professor? Surely we’re around somewhere in this time?” Lily asked, not nearly as satisfied as Sirius was that the discussion was over.

McGonagall looked from Lily to a very pale Harry. “How much do they know?”

“Nothing other than who I am, as in who my parents are,” Harry replied, refusing to look at anyone, especially one of his parents who was trying to make eye contact with him. It was too bizarre, too farfetched.

“You mean they don’t know about your sc-” the Headmistress started to ask but once more Remus Lupin stepped in, sensing the danger.

“I don’t think now is the time to go into all that, Minerva. I think we all need to get something to eat and get some rest, don’t you think? Then we can see where we go from there.”

“But what if they do find out about…certain stuff while they’re here? Could it mess things up for us?” Hermione asked the Professors.

“Honestly, Hermione, I haven’t the slightest clue. I don’t think anyone has ever been put in this situation before, we just have to play it as it comes I suppose.” There was nods all around, but everyone knew this was far from over. It wasn’t as simple as some may think.

“So…about that food you offered? That still happening?” Sirius put in, causing James, Ron and Professor Lupin to laugh.

So Sirius!

“Where are they going to stay?” Hermione questioned.

“We can worry about that later, what about the food?” Sirius persisted. “I’m really hungry you know.”

After they’ve eaten then, where will they spend tonight?”

“I think going back to the Head Dorms would be best for now, keep them away from the other students for tonight at least. We should leave now I think, with your permission of course, Headmistress?” the Defense Professor requested.

“Yes, of course. But I would like to see you and Mr. Potter, Harry Potter that is, later on if possible.”

Both Professor Lupin and Harry nodded in consent before the eight of them left the office, James and Sirius laughing and joking like nothing unusual had just happened.

It was only when they had all left and Professor McGonagall was once again left alone in her office did she turn and look at the newest addition to the collection of the Headmasters and mistresses on the wall.

“Oh, Albus, is this what you left him to face? I hope there’s a reason for it all,” she said softly as a tear trickled down her cheek for the resting wizard.

Or did some things just have no reason at all?


“So what are we like in the future?” Remus asked.

“Am I a good godfather? I’m sure I am!” Sirius said proudly.

“Am I definitely married to Evans?” James demanded.

Since Harry had come back from his meeting with Professors McGonagall and Lupin, declaring they were allowed reveal all, the question river hadn’t stopped it’s flow. The Professors had agreed that since a major part of the future had already been revealed and nothing appeared to have changed, nothing else could really be considered a danger. However, the problem of getting the three Marauders and Lily back to their own time safely wasn’t as easily solved, both adults saying they needed time to figure it out.

Until then, it looked like they were here to stay…at least for a little while.

“What’s going on in here?” Ahh, another question! Harry thought he was going to go insane if he was asked another one. But this didn’t come from any of the “new kids”, but instead surprisingly from Ginny.

“Ginny? What are you doing here? How did you even get in?” Harry demanded, carefully avoiding eye contact.

“I came to visit Hermione, she gave me the password a while ago. Is there something wrong with that? Or am I forbidden to visit my friends now too because it might be dangerous to walk up a flight of stairs?” Ginny spat harshly.

Ok, so obviously Ginny wasn’t coping well with Harry’s return either and was still fuming over their earlier argument. Harry wondered why she came here if she was still angry at him, knowing there was a very good chance he would be there too. But when he really looked at Ginny, he saw the red rings around her eyes that explained nearly too much and tightened the knot in his stomach.

“Ahh, it’s Ginny! Looks like you and your son have the same taste in women, Prongs,” Sirius observed, glancing between the seething Ginny and distressed Harry. “And the same luck too by the looks of things.”

“I’m guessing there’s something going on here?” Remus asked not knowing the magnitude of his question, also looking between Harry and Ginny as everyone else was doing. Harry chanced a look up at Ginny at the question, this time catching her eyes that seemed too dark these days, before lowering his own to the ground.

“No, there’s nothing,” he said quietly. He knew he’d hurt Ginny greatly with those few small words, he’d hurt himself even deeper, but he believed he was saving her in the long run. He had to believe something after all.

“So, Harry, about me and Evans? What happened between us? Do you have any siblings?” James pressed to break the awkward silence that was developing. Or maybe he was just dying to know more about marrying Lily. It was hard to tell with him.

Harry had been ignoring nearly all the questions sent at him since the arrival, at the beginning because he was sure they weren’t real, but now that he knew they were he had a different reason.

It was painful. Meeting his parents had always been something Harry had dreamed of, but now that he really had the chance of seeing them in the flesh, the hurt it caused was unbelievable. And now he was meant to explain to them all about what had happened to them, to him? Maybe it was the recent death of Dumbledore, or his preoccupation with Voldemort and now Ginny, but this really didn’t seem like something he could handle.

“Harry, are you alright?” Lily asked, surprisingly only speaking for the first time since leaving the Headmistress’s office that day.

Bang, answer found. It was that that made Harry so suddenly change his mind. That, of all the questions, was the one to wake him up because it was the first caring thing to come from the mouth of his actual mother. Not Ron’s mum, not a Professor or anyone else, but his own real mum.

On the other end of the scale, it was pretty clear Lily Evans wasn’t thrilled about the idea of having a son with James Potter, and Harry knew it would take a long time before she would accept it. But this was a chance to finally get to know and talk to his parents, even if they were his own age, even with the Voldemort threat, and even though it was only temporary. Did any of it really matter? Should he just seize the chance and go for it, snatching at the opportunity like a Snitch, instead of always hiding behind a wall?


“Yeah, you’re alright? Or “yeah”, I really marry Evans? Specifics would be good here,” James said. Merlin, was he determined. Surprisingly, mostly for himself, Harry laughed.


“YES!” James roared, causing a sense of déjà vu for everyone by repeating his earlier action and bounding from his seat, punching the air with a stream of triumph.

Although this news had already been released, Lily still didn’t want to hear about it and screamed the total opposite: “NO!”

“No getting away from it, Lily! You know he’s telling the truth now,” James said gleefully.

“I told you not to call me Lily, Potter.”

“Well it doesn’t seem right for me to call my wife by her last name now does it? And an incorrect one at that, according to the timeline.”

“If you call me Potter I swear I really will murder you. It’s not true and there’s nothing you can do or say to make me believe it,” Lily said stubbornly.

Harry was strongly reminded of Ginny, the other head-strong, red haired beauty in the room.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something, but suit yourself. You’ll come around eventually, darling, you always do. So, Harry, how did this happen?” James went on eagerly, for the first time putting very little pass on Lily’s reaction to him.

“Yeah, what curse did he have her under? Did she lose a bet or something?” Sirius laughed, trying to rile Lily up again but she was now tactfully ignoring all conversation that centered around her and Potter as a couple.

“No, nothing like that. You got together in seventh year, were married a year later and then I was born on the 31st of July 1980,” Harry said. It felt extremely weird to be explaining to your own parents how and when you came into existence. Isn’t it usually the other way around?

“Wow, all that in the space of three years? You work fast, Prongs!” Sirius said, laughing at James who grinned on proudly.

“Yeah, it only took him seven years to get her in the first place, he had to make up some of that time,” Remus added in, but nothing was going to phase James at this moment. He was too busy daydreaming.

“So how many siblings do you have? I bet me and Mrs. Potter have tons!” James asked, none of his enthusiasm ebbing.

This time however Harry shook his head, casing James to look faintly disappointed. “No, you only had me.”

“Well he’s a great one to have! You used up all your good genes the first time around, Prongs,” Sirius grinned and then asked; “So, are there any little Sirius’ running around this castle?”

Again, Harry shook his head in the negative effect. “No, you didn’t have any children, neither has Remus so far.”

“Don’t look so down, Padfoot. There’s still the chance we’ll be able to have kids later. Except Moony of course because he’s stuck up here in this women-less castle for nine months a year,” James joked.

But how strange it was that reality was almost the reverse of his statement.

“Well…that’s not really how it works out,” Hermione put in nervously, trying to look encouragingly at Harry who was pointedly avoiding her.

Please don’t tell me we’re teaching here as well? What the hell was wrong with us?!” Sirius burst.

“That’s not it either,” Hermione said cautiously. She didn’t want to be the one to break it to them, it had only been a few hours but she, and she assumed the others, were already feeling close to these four people.

“Well what is it then?” James asked suspiciously. He was beginning to dislike where this was going.

This was it, he had to tell them. McGonagall had said to tell them anything they wanted to know, and the reason Sirius would never marry or James would never have more kids had to be explained. They needed to know, right?

“You’re both Aurors, you said you wouldn’t have any more children because of the war.”

Wrong. Harry couldn’t do it, he just wasn’t able to bring himself to tell his parents and his godfather that they were dead in this time. He wanted the chance to really get to know his Mum and Dad for real, and Harry had a small suspicion that knowing they were going to die before they were twenty-two might change them a little. He wasn’t able to crush them like that, not now.

“War? There’s still a war going on?” Remus asked, surprised. “You mean it hasn’t ended yet?”

“Well it did, it was stopped for thirteen years really, but it started up again three years ago,” Ron told him.

“What do you mean it stopped? How does a war just go on a break? Did someone hit the pause button or something?” Lily asked, coming back into the conversation now that a topic she at least believed in was being discussed.

Harry glared at his friends for opening this can of worms. It kind of fit into the list entitled “Don’t Go There” along with his parent’s deaths. But he knew he had to explain now since they were going to be sticking around for a while and would certainly find out. Not to mention, he really didn’t have a cover story for this one.

But how could he explain without revealing the real faith of two of the new foursome?

“Voldemort lost all his power about sixteen years ago,” Harry said blandly.

“You said his name! Are you mad!?” Sirius cried.

“How? I mean, nobody in our time could get rid of him, not even Dumbledore,” Remus said, cutting across his friend.

“It wasn’t as simple or straight forward as hitting him with a spell, it was much more complicated than that. He tried to kill me when I was a year old but couldn’t because…someone…made a sacrifice to protect me.” Harry couldn’t stop his eyes from flickering towards Lily as he said this. Thankfully nothing had been given away because she just stared at him in awe.

“You survived an attack by him? When you were only one?” she asked in wonderment.

“That’s why they call him the Boy-Who-Lived,” Ginny said, also looking across the room at the boy in question despite her feelings. She may be quite resentful towards him at that very moment, but no amount of negative feelings could ever stop the amazed respect that flowed when his story was told.

“And the Chosen One. He’s meant to be the only one able to beat You-Know-Who. It’s true too, he’s done a load of stuff against the Dark Arts and everything,” Ron went on proudly, not shy about boasting over his friend’s triumphs.

“Like what?” The question came from Sirius.

“Well let’s see, in first year he stopped You-Know-Who getting the Philosopher’s Stone.”

“And he saved me from Him in second year after killing a Basilisk with Gryffindor’s sword,” Ginny continued.

“He also got rid of a hundred Dementors that were trying to Kiss him in our third year,” Hermione added.

“And when he got entered in the Tri-Wizard Tournament in fourth year, he won after fighting You-Know-Who in a graveyard where he got all his power back,” Ron revealed casually.

“Not to mention he took on the Death Eaters and You-Know-Who himself in the Ministry two years ago,” Hermione concluded. Harry felt like he was at a meeting where his teachers told his parents how good he was, it was the oddest thing he’d ever experienced.

Nobody mentioned last year’s adventures. They were still buried, the right time hadn’t been reached where they were ready to re-open those wounds.

“W-o-w,” Sirius said in slow shock. “Merlin, that’s a lot of achievements, mate.”

“See, Lily? You can’t tell me you aren’t proud to know he’s your son now after hearing all that,” James said to the beautiful red haired girl across from him and although she wasn’t being entirely cold to Harry just now, she still wasn’t ready to admit any such thing just yet.

“I’m as amazed as you are, Potter, but there’s no way he’s your son, especially now after hearing everything he’s done.” She was lying of course. It was fairly obvious that Harry was James’ son, the resemblance was uncanny. So the only way to get herself out of this mess was to find a way to prove she wasn’t related to him in any way…but part of her didn’t want that to be true either.

“Ouch, Evans, no need to be so icy,” James said but Lily only scoffed. If he was anybody else other than James Potter, he would have recognized his mission as a lost cause long ago. But, being James Potter, that just made it all the more interesting.

“I must say, you’ve got a damn cool son, Prongs. Must be my influence,” Sirius said lightly to clear the air. “So, Harry, have you any plans for getting rid of Him?”

“Yeah, have you? We’ll be happy to help you if we’re still around, son,” James volunteered, winking at Lily on his last word.

So much for that air clearing theory.

“Oh…um…no, nothing yet,” Harry stumbled, caught off guard. He supposed he could tell them about the Horcruxes and let them help him since they probably weren’t going to remember anything anyway, in fact he was really considering doing just that. But not now, not while Ginny was here. Including the time-travelled version of his parents and their friends was one thing, but Ginny had a whole new list of rules attached.

And they were rules he just couldn’t break.

“Well that’s ok, all the more time to spend with us and tell us all about you,” Sirius said happily, nearly bouncing on his chair as he cast a not so secret glance a Ginny.

“I think he’ll be running looking for You-Know-Who if you keep saying things like that, Padfoot,” Remus laughed, letting the room tension finally ease.

“So, Harry, do you play Quidditch?” James asked his seventeen year old son eagerly.

And they were off.

The only two not contributing anything at all to the conversation were the two red haired females, who were both engaged in the same activity of watching Harry and, although they were for completely separate reasons, were thinking along the same lines:

What was he really hiding?


“Who are they?”

“I never knew Potter had a brother!”

“Do you think they have girlfriends?”

Harry’s teeth were on edge by lunchtime the next day with the constant rumors and whispers that followed him around the castle like persistent puppies. He’d known focusing on lessons his first day back this year would be difficult, but this was just getting ridiculous!

“Such pretty little future creatures, aren’t they, Prongs?” Sirius said as a group of three sixth year girls walked past, flashing radiant smiles at James, Sirius and Remus. Some things would never change, no matter what the year.

“Can’t say I really noticed, Padfoot. The past still captivates me, there isn’t much room left up here to acknowledge any more,” James said, looking ahead to where Lily walked beside Hermione, tapping his temple with his index finger.

“Admitting to your tiny brain capacity, Potter? It’s about time,” Lily called back without looking or even missing a beat in her pace. She always knew when James was talking about her…it usually happened when he opened his mouth.

“Nope, just that there’s nothing else worth occupying the vast space in my mind except you, Lily,” James countered with ease, making her scoff indignantly ahead of him.

Harry allowed the small smile slip across his face that had been struggling with his muscles as he walked into the Great Hall with Ron, Hermione, James, Sirius, Remus and Lily. Much of the same bickering and sly commenting had gone on all morning, and Harry enjoyed watching every moment of it. As well as it just being funny, it provided him with an entertaining distraction from the long list of things he should be thinking about.

“Hey, Ginny,” Hermione greeted the female Weasley as they took their seats at the Gryffindor table, Harry’s stomach twisting only slightly as he sat down on the seat farthest from her. Enter item one from the list. No one said keeping a distance from Ginny was going to be easy, but nobody seemed to be inclined to help with the matter either.

“Hey, Hermione. Hello, everyone,” Ginny greeted calmly, smiling cheerfully at them all in turn, her lips only showing a small strain when she reached Harry at last, but her eyes were soft and they rested on his a beat longer than the others. A good sign? Or one destined to cause a lot more trouble than first appeared?

“So, what do we do next in this exciting future?” Sirius asked, shoveling food on to his plate while grinning like he was part of a big game.

“You can stop referring to it as that, you’ll give yourself away,” Hermione snapped at him, her eyes watching four approaching figures. Even with the hundreds of rumors going around, the idea these four “visitors” were from the past hadn’t come to anyone, and it was intended to stay that way.

“Hey, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny.” This greeting was offered by Seamus Finnegan who came with Dean Thomas and Padma and Parvati Patil to take the four seats beside them.

Was it just Harry’s imagination or were there a lot more people sitting around him than usual? He had grown used to the respectful and fearful distance the students kept from him, but now they seemed to be crowding him. Why?

“Who are your new friends, Harry?” Parvati asked, looking shyly at Sirius who was shooting her a smile the leaked charm.

Of course, that’s why. He should have guessed.

“Well, I am Sirius,” the black haired teenager announced grandly, taking no caution to disguise his name. At least he hadn’t seen reason to give his surname or pandemonium would have ensued. “This is James and Remus is there beside him.”

“I’m Parvati, this is Padma, and they’re Dean and Seamus,” Parvati introduced, pointing to each in turn.

“And who are you?” Dean asked, directing his question towards Lily, the only remaining non-introduced member of the group, who was in the seat beside him. James did not like this guy’s tone and had a pretty strong feeling the seating arrangements were not accidental.

“She’s Lily,” he growled by way of introduction, making his feelings towards this future big-shot painfully clear by his tone. But the Gryffindor boy seemed to take no notice.

“Nice to meet you, Lily. Where are you from?”

“Eh…Ireland,” was the first country to come to the honor student’s mind. But maybe not the smartest…

“Really? How come you were never here before? I’m sure I’d have remembered seeing you.”

“It’s a complicated story, Dean,” Harry said coldly. He hadn’t much time for Dean over the last year or so after the whole thing with Ginny and he had no interest in letting him near his mother.

“I’d like to hear it sometime,” Dean said, smiling at Lily who smiled back, if a little late. Maybe it was the low growl coming from opposite her that caused the stretch in her lips, or maybe it was just her automatic reaction to go against everything Potter wanted? She didn’t really know, nor did she particularly care. She’d show him for introducing her. She had a voice of her own…and she was going to let him know that.

“Maybe I’ll tell you,” Lily replied, her eyes dancing as the growling stopped suddenly to be replaced by a stunned silence.

Don’t mess with Lily Evans…past, present or future.


A/N: Wow, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I’m really really sorry about it school has just been hectic since I got back and I’ve hardly had a moment to myself let alone hours to write!

I’m also sorry that this chapter is so bad! It’s choppy, hardly makes any sense and didn’t have much happen in it so I’m really sorry. But I’ll try make it up to you some how…hopefully soon. I hope things will settle down in school and give me a chance to keep writing but until then…PLEASE REVIEW!

And thanks for reading…and also for sticking around even though I just up and left for two months! I’m sorry!


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