The next morning Raine felt something next to her move. The thing started to lick her nose and Raine got frustrated so she swatted away what ever was bugging her. A few seconds later something lay down on her chest. Raine finally got so annoyed she decided to open her eyes to see what was disturbing her peaceful slumber. "Damn it Aquarius. What is your problem? I was sleeping."

Aquarius just looked up at her then rested her head back down on Raine's chest. Raine groaned and looked around. Fabian was sitting down at the twins' desk working on some homework. Neither Caine nor Gideon was anywhere to be found. "Where's Gid?"

"Off with Dumbledore." Fabian replied, "He tried to wake you up but apparently he failed."

"Oh, that's right. So, where's Caine? Oh, he changed the practice time to immediately after lunch. So reschedule your shagging sessions with Em." Raine said while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

            "I'm not his keeper you know. Yeah he told everyone on the team already. Em and I don't schedule anything we just let things happen. You should try that. Oh and you might want to get a movie on it's almost lunch anyways." Fabian replied getting up and walking over to a window and opening it, "Oh and by the way it's pouring. Practice should be a lot of fun."

            "Yippe Ki Yay." Raine replied sarcastically. "What time is it? It can't be time for lunch yet. I haven't even had breakfast!”

            "I know, and it's 11. Someone must have been up late last night." Fabian said while walking to his dresser to search for his practice robes.

            "Damn it!" Raine said as she hopped off the bed, grabbed the clothes that were on the floor, and ran into the common room looking for Dorcas or Lily.

While she was in the common room, Raine heard lots of Wolf Whistles since she was still in Gideon's T-shirt. Then she spotted James and Sirius on the couch in front of the fire trying to sleep, but they were distracted by all the noise. Raine passed by them on her way to the Girl's Dorms and said, "So, how'd you sleep last night fellas?"

            "Great why do you ask?" Sirius asked while yawning. "Yeah what Sirius said," James groaned and buried his head into the couch.

            "Oh, no reason. If you slept good last night, then why are you guys trying to sleep on the couch?" Raine said sweetly.

            "Getting ready for practice Raine." Sirius replied, "and why are still not dressed and in your boyfriend's t-shirt?"

            "It's my new style. Wearing clothes that are close to nothing. Why Sirius? Do you like it?" Raine questioned.

            "Of course Raine but I think you would look better in one of my t-shirts. I think you should keep this style all year." Sirius replied

            "Well, then give me one of your shirts. I'll wear it all day." Raine said while winking at him.

            Sirius grinned at her and sat up, "Sure thing Raine." Sirius stood up and pulled of the t-shirt he was wearing, "He you go Raine." Sirius handed her the shirt, all the girls in the common room had their eyes glued to him.

            "Thanks darling. I'll go put it on right now." Raine replied as she took Sirius' shirt and headed over to the Girl's Dorm.

"Be out in a few minutes!" She said and once again winked at Sirius. Raine went up to her room and put Sirius' shirt on her bed as she got out some clean under garments and a pair of short shorts. Raine got into the shower and when she finished she got all her clothes on. When she looked in the mirror, you couldn't even see the shorts.

"Perfect." Raine said, "Now, how should I do my hair?"

 She decided to put it up in a messy bun. "Alright. Now it's time for lunch." As if on que, Raine's stomach began to growl.

            Raine made her way back down to the common room, where James and Sirius were waiting for her. "See, I told you I'd wear it all day." Raine said to Sirius.

            "I think you should keep it. It looks better on you then it ever did on me." Sirius replied, "Come on James we should go get some food before practice."

James stood up and yawned, "Yeah let's go."

"You coming Raine?" Sirius asked.

"Yep. I'm starving. And I need my daily drugs." Raine replied.

"James I'm starting to think she really does drugs." Sirius whispered to James not so quietly.

"Yeah me too." James said almost falling on his face as he walked down the hall.

"I think James maybe the one on drugs. He can't even walk straight." Raine quipped.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Raine said to some sixth year boys looking at her as they passed by.

"Raine you do realize you just insulted yourself." James said as he sat down at the table and while grabbing everything in sight

"What do you mean, James? Oh! Look Drugs!" Raine said as she sat down and grabbed some macaroni and cheese.

"You're insane Raine." Sirius said.

"You just said you wouldn't last as long as a picture." James mumbled through a mouth full of food.

            "Well, that’s not what I meant. They wouldn't be seeing me much longer because we were walking in different directions." Raine said. "Oy! Can I have my body back please Caine?" Raine yelled to the Quidditch captain.

            "If that’s all you're wearing. Then, no, you can't have your body back." Caine said with a smirk on his face. Raine rolled her eyes and continued eating her meal.

"So, James, have you been practicing over the summer?" Raine questioned.

            "No shite, Raine. That is pretty much all I did over the summer. I went to Quidditch camp. It was great other then having to get up at the crack of dawn." James replied while stealing some of the food off of Sirius' plate when he wasn't looking, "So did you practice?"

            "Practice what?" Raine said while putting some chicken tenders on her plate.

            "I don't know anything." James answered grabbing some more food.

            "Yep. I practiced Quidditch, with Nate and the rest of my family. Donnalyn started whining because it was to hot outside. It was so annoying. Oh, I also practiced snogging. Want to see Sirius?" Raine said with a smirk on her face.

            Sirius grinned, "Sure Raine."

            "Oh. Never mind. I don't want to show you since you have that piece of broccoli stuck in between your teeth." Raine laughed. "What camp was it, James?"

            "Oy, I was saving that for you." Sirius pouted. "I don't remember what it was called but it was in Canada." James replied smacking Sirius in the back of the head.

            "Ew, that’s gross." Raine said with a scrunched up face. "In Canada? Why didn't you just go to the one in France?" Raine asked.’’

            "Because my parents were working in the states and one of their friends from other's daughter was going." James replied while Sirius sulked.

            "So, I'm guessing you had loads of fun." Raine smirked. "Cheer up Sirius, we have practice today! In the pouring rain!" she added as she grabbed some tater tots.

            "Yep she was really dishy." James replied. 

"Joy." Sirius mumbled glaring at Caine.

            "That's great James." Raine said rolling her eyes. "Well, how was your summer Sirius?" Raine asked before taking a sip of her pumpkin juice.

            "Horrible as usual. My parents were being complete arses and my brother is a wanker." Sirius replied glaring at the Slytherin table where his younger brother sat next to their cousin Narcissa.

            "Ha ha. Well, you should have come over to my house. Maybe you could've kept me company while the rest of my family was being all, family like. Nate was there with them too, he never usually does. So I'm guessing he was under the Imperious Curse." Raine said sarcastically.

            "I would have if they hadn't locked me the attic again, and the stupid house elf kept coming up there and stealing all of my things."

            "Well, give the elf some article of clothing so it could, go away. But anyways you should've owled me, I would've come to your rescue!" Raine said while standing up and striking a super hero pose.

            "Yeah because they gave me an owl while I was up there, and don't you think I tried that. The stupid thing was to smart for that." Sirius groaned

            "Jez, sorry I even asked." Raine replied a little taken back.

            "Well not all of our lives biggest problems are what to get the friends for Christmas, Raine." Sirius snapped.

            "You don't even know what my biggest problem is right now Sirius Black! So, don't even start with me. I may be small and a girl but I can kick your arse and I'm not afraid to do it right here in front of the entire Great Hall!" Raine said while standing up from her seat. "I'm finished with lunch. I'm going to go get ready for Quidditch." Raine snapped at James before storming out of the Great Hall into the Gryffindor Common Room.

            "Okay then." James replied, "You okay Sirius?"  

"I'll be fine, James. Come on we should probably head down for practice or Wood will make us ran laps." Sirius declared.

James nodded and the two boys headed down to the pitch and went into the locker room to change.

            "That stupid bloody git! Who does he think he is? Oh, he's in for it at practice. Maybe a bludger to the head? No, that’s to extreme. Now a bludger to the stomach, that'll work." Raine said, as she got ready for practice. When she was finished getting ready she stormed down to the Quidditch Pitch with bat in hand, ready for anyone who got in her way.

"Raine, you're going to get sick if that's all you're wearing." Nieva said when Raine go onto the Pitch. Raine looked down and realized she hadn't changed, she just grabbed all her equipment and left. "Oh well, that’s the least of my concerns right now." Raine said as she grabbed her broom out of the broom shed.

            "Alright now that everyone is here; I want everyone to run 5 laps around the field for now!" Caine shouted at them.   Everyone groaned and started running. "Pick it up, or you're all going to run 10 more!" Caine yelled at them about two minutes later.

            Raine was running the fastest and had finished before everyone else. When she got back to Caine for the fifth time she was mumbling curse words while she plopped down on the bench next to him.

            "Clean up the langue while at practice de Luca, or you going to keep running." Caine said, "Let's go Black!"

            Raine looked up and noticed Sirius was behind everyone else. At the sight of this Raine started snickering. "Um, Coach Caine? Can we possibly get to the practice game quickly?" Raine questioned innocently

            "I have some practice drills we're going to do today. We need to warm Nieva up anyways. So I'm not sure if we're going to make it to a practice game today, Raine."

            "Well, what are us beaters going to do?" Raine asked slightly annoyed,

            "If you keep talking to me like that de Luca you're going to be running. So far I'm thinking about having you two play chaser too."

            "Don't I owe you fifteen laps already? Why would you give me more? And why do you want us to play chaser?" Raine questioned.

            "Well then get running de Luca, and because how else is Nieva going to get use to playing against another team?"

"Well, how is she going to learn how to dodge bludgers?" Raine asked before she stood up.

            "I can enchant them Raine." Caine sighed, "Get running."

            "Whatever." Raine replied completely annoyed.

            Caine sighed, "Alright well when de Luca is done running the laps she owes me; we’ll get started so everyone start stretching."

            "Why does she have extra laps Caine?" Gideon questioned. “Oh, wait, never mind. I remember. I thought you were just kidding about those! A couple of minutes later, Raine was done with her laps and walked up to Gideon and threw herself on to him, completely exhausted.

            "Nice to see you to, Raine." Gideon said holding her up. 

"Okay well everyone finish stretching, and then I want Sirius, Raine, and Gideon to play chaser as well today. We need to get Nieva use to playing against people. Now if anyone has any problems with say so now." Caine shouted

            "I have a problem with that." Raine said while trying to catch her breath.

            "Alright de Luca get running again." Caine demanded.

            "I can barely stand up by myself!" Raine said angrily while trying to step away from Gideon, but instead she fell flat on her bum. 

            "Caine, don't make her run anymore." Nieva said. "She's completely exhausted."

            "Her choice; do what I say or run all practice." Caine replied.

            "Can't you tell her to sit down and take a break?" Nieva pleaded.

"She looks worse than Black after he's been rejected!" Gideon added.

            "Oy! I've never been rejected!" Sirius yelled.

            "Alright that's it everyone start running again!" Caine demanded.

            Every person on the team started moaning. Then everyone except Raine got up and started running. Instead, Raine just sat there in a muddy puddle

            "What am I supposed to do, Caine?" Raine asked sourly.

            "What do you mean what are you suppose to do?" Caine snapped getting aggravated with his team he just didn't understand why they weren't as excited about this as he was.

            "I can barely stand up by myself. How am I supposed to run laps? Isn't there anything else I can do?" Raine pleaded.

            "Yeah play chaser and stop whining. I don't know what your problem is but you've been a pain in the arse lately de Luca." Caine replied leaning on his broomstick watching the rest of his team run.

            "Fine. Whatever. Just give me ten minutes. Please?" Raine asked trying not to cry.

            "Yeah sure, what's up Raine?" Caine asked sitting down next to her, "Hold on, when you're done I want everyone to do 20 push ups and 25 crunches."

            "Everyone is being a total arse to me lately. I'll be nice and forgive them but, they'll ruin it by being an even bigger arse." Raine said as the rain started to come down harder. That and the fact that every muscle in my entire body hurts like I just got Crucio-ed." Raine finished.

            "Well I can't say why everyone else is being an arse to you, but you are usually an arse to me first. Just remember treat others how you want to be treated, and when someone snaps at you for no reasons don't take it. Tell them and not just be an arse back. Don't tell anyone this but if you want you can go back in and just sit in the common room or whatever. I'll think of some excuse so I don't lose my edge." Caine replied standing up again.

            Raine smiled up at Caine and replied with, "Thanks Caine. But, I think I'd better stay, otherwise Gideon will be whining all night about how lucky I was that I got to go back inside. But thanks anyways."

            "Fine well don't ever except me to offer again you've got one more chance to take me up on it though. Anyways by the time I'm done with practice today his going to be to tired talk." Caine grinned and motioned for everyone to do a cool down lap.

            "Psh. I seriously doubt it. Gideon is only quite when he's in the library. Which, I still can't believe he even knew there was a library. And I think I'll take your offer up on a different day." Raine smirked.

            “Nope my offer expires in 5 seconds." Caine replied moving towards the middle of the pitch.

            "Dang. Fine Mister Wood. I won't take up your offer." Raine pouted.

"Wh-what offer?" Gideon and Fabian questioned while trying to catch their breath.

            "Well, Mister Wood here has offered me a chance to sleep with him. I was seriously thinking about it. But then he told me he got crabs from Hana Yang." Raine laughed.

            Caine chuckled, "de Luca you can't lie worth a damn."

            "But Nieva believed me!" Raine said as she put her arm around Nieva's shoulder. "Didn't you?" she questioned Nieva.

            "I'd rather not answer that question. I don't want anymore laps." Nieva answered.

            "Alright now everyone get on your broom and do two warm up laps in the air, then come back down here and we'll talk about what we're going today." Caine replied ignoring Raine.

            Raine got on her broom and flew up into the air, looking for Nieva. "Come on Nieva! I'll race you!" Raine shouted. A split second later Nieva was right next to Raine, on her broom. 

            "All right! You ready?" Nieva asked. "I was born ready, fool!" Raine replied before taking off on her broom. Raine was flying at a breakneck speed when she realized that she had done more than two laps. She immediately stopped and flew slowly back down to the Pitch. She looked up at Caine and said "Sorry, Wood."

            "Yep, okay so first I just want to do some passing drills and then some flying drills and then everyone is going to practice some dodging drills. Then we will talk again from there." Caine called out.

            "How many of each, Caine?" Nieva asked.

            "Some where around fifty should do it." Caine replied.

            The entire team grumbled and headed off into the sky. After about an hour of doing those drills everyone was done. They all flew down next to Caine and Raine asked, "Okay, what now?"

Then Gideon whispered in her ear, "No don't encourage him! He'll give us more stuff to do!

"Well I want Raine, Sirius, and Fabian to also play chaser. Nieva needs to learn how to play against other players. So get to it. I'll be blocking the goal. The first team to 300 doesn't have to run at the end of practice." Caine answered.

"Good Lord Wood! Are you trying to kill us?" James shouted.

"Why can't we pick our teams, Wood?" Raine whined.

"You know what Sirius, James, Raine team one. Fabian, Gideon, Nieva team two. Get to it, and yes Potter I'm trying to kill you.

            "No!" Raine shouted. "That’s not fair! Nieva's team has all the good chasers!

"Well Nieva is the new one who doesn't know the rest of us. You know what fine Nieva pick your team mates." Caine declared glaring at his team.

Raine started snickering.

"Uhh, I'd like to keep the team I have now." Nieva replied.

At that statement Raine's snickering immediately stopped and she had a stunned look on her face.

"Alright, everyone get to it. Now!" Caine shouted completely pissed off.

"Damn it." Raine mumbled. 

 "So, it looks like you're going to have to run laps after practice, Raine. Seeing as how I'm not a very good chaser." James sneered.

Raine just glared back at him and got on to her broom. As soon as everyone was in the air, Caine flicked his wand and two bludgers came flying out of the trunk along with the one quaffle. Fabian immediately grabbed the quaffle and threw it to Nieva who started flying towards the goal posts. Sirius easily grabbed the quaffle from her and threw it to James. James started flying towards the goal post and stopped right in front of them and threw the quaffle into the goal and got one point.

Nieva flew down and caught the ball then threw it to Gideon who in turn made the first goal for their team.

 It was hours later when the score was once again, tied. The score was 250 to 250. James and Sirius hadn't passed the ball once, to Raine. So the entire game thus far Raine was just flying whichever way the quaffle was.

 "Would you guys pass the bloody quaffle to me!" Raine shouted. Sirius looked over at her and smirked but then immediately passed the ball to James who made yet another goal

"Um about that, No." James replied ask he flew past her off towards the Nieva who had the quaffle.  

Nieva saw him coming and quickly dived towards the ground and then flew straight up surprising Caine as she through the ball through one of the hoops bring the scores back up to a tie.

"Caine can we just stop now?" Sirius groaned as he raced forward and grabbed the ball Caine had just tossed back into the playing field.   

 "No keep playing Black, or I'm going to penalize your team and take away points." Caine replied.

"Please, Caine. We're all so bloody tried." Gideon added before he snatched the ball from Sirius.

"Next person to whine loses their team fifty points and then we'll play to 400." Caine replied as he pushed back his wet hair no longer sure if it was from sweat or the rain.

            Everyone moaned except Raine who was to far away to hear anything Caine was saying. "What did you say Caine?" Raine yelled.

"de Luca thanks to you, we just lost fifty points and are playing to 400." Sirius said as he flew by her. 

 Caine rolled his eyes, "Black's right Raine."

Everyone groaned and glared at Raine. They continued playing until Nieva's team finally won almost two hours later.

"How many laps do we have to run Wood?" Raine said angrily

"Do them next practice. Everyone hit the showers." Caine replied as he started walking towards the locker room

All the way Raine mumble curse words under her breath. When Raine walked in the locker room, Nieva was already in the shower. 

 "Those gits! We would've won if they passed me the bloody ball!" Raine yelled.

"Yeah well they would have passed you the ball if you hadn't told James that he sucked as a chaser." Nieva replied.

"Well, I only said that because... Well, I don't know why I said that. But, they still should've passed me the ball!

"You hurt James' feelings after all he is one of the actual chasers while your boyfriend is just the seeker."

"I know. I-er. Maybe I should go and apologize." Raine said as she took off all the clothes she had on, even the soaking T-shirt Sirius had given her and then hopping into the nice, warm shower.

"I think that would be a good idea." Nieva agreed as she wrapped a towel around herself and went to change into the other clothes she had brought with her.

A couple of minutes later Raine came out of the shower with a towel tightly wrapped around her body. As she walked over to the area where she normally put her bag, she realized she hadn't brought any clothes with her. "Oh shit. Nieva!" But there was no answer. "Oh double shit." Raine said. She walked over to the door of the girl's locker room and opened it see if anyone was out side. But no one was. Raine then came out of the locker room and knocked on the Boy's locker room door, hoping at least one person was in there.

There was no answer. Raine groaned and turned around to go back into the girls' locker room. She tried the door but for some reason it wouldn't open.

"Holy Shit. What am I supposed to do now?" Raine asked herself. She looked at the Quidditch Pitch. The, she looked at the castle. She looked back at the Locker rooms and tried both doors again. But there was no luck. "Damn it!" Raine shouted before she ran towards the castle with nothing but a towel around her body.

James and Sirius came out of hiding. "I totally feel better what about you James?" Sirius asked while laughing quietly.

"Yes, I think I do Sirius. Come on mate we might want to get back before she does." James replied laughed harder every second.

When Raine entered the Great Hall everyone around looked at her like she was on some kind of drug. Raine just ignored them and ran straight up to the Gryffindor Common Room. When she got into the Common Room Gideon, Fabian, Caine, Nieva, Remus, Peter, Lily, Emmeline, Dorcas, and Marlene were all sitting around playing some card game. Raine looked around the entire common room in search of James and Sirius. But, she had no such luck.

“Those stupid bloody gits! I am so going to Avada Kedavra their arses!” Raine screamed. No one in the entire common room dared to say a word, except for a perverted sixth year boy who said, “Can I take you’re towel miss? It’s really mudd-“ The boy wasn’t able to finish his sentence because Raine punched him directly in the face which everyone heard crack. 

 After that little incident Raine ran up stairs to the Girl’s Dorm, got in the shower again, and changed into some warm pajamas. When Raine came back down stairs, she saw James and Sirius sitting on the couch and laughing. Raine immediately walked up to them and pointed her wand at their faces. “That was so bloody uncalled for!” Raine yelled.

"What are you talking about Raine?" James asked looking up at her.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about James Potter." Raine said through her teeth.

"No I don't think I do know what you're talking about Raine. Would care to enlighten me?" James asked.

"James, I'm going to kill you, same with you Sirius. That was going to bloody far." Raine replied in a dangerously low tone.

"Raine what are you talking about? We didn't do anything." Sirius asked looking dumbfounded.

"Yes the bloody hell you did! You knew I had no clothes with me in the locker room. And you knew I would leave the girl's locker room to see of Gideon was still in the Boy's locker room, so I could get a T-Shirt or something. So, you enchanted the doors to not open after I had left the Girl's locker room. I know you two did it and believe me there will be consequences." Raine said.

"Raine do you think we would honestly do something like that, but good idea. I wish we had thought of that." Sirius replied looking excited at the idea.

"I don't have to think you guys would do something like that. I know you guys would do something like that and you did." Raine said before running up the staircase to the Boy's dorms.

When Raine reached the fifth year boy's dorms she barged in and grabbed all of the clothes in the drawers, which she knew we're James' and Sirius', and threw them all over the room. While she was tearing up their beds a marvelous idea popped into her head.

"What if I take their brooms hostage?" Raine thought aloud. As soon as she finished her sentence Raine ran down to the Common Room and then, outside towards the broom shed. Raine the grabbed the brooms she knew for a fact were James' and Sirius'. She then shrank them and put them into her pocket and ran back up the common room.

Remus sighed, "Raine I really hate to do this but, accio James’ and Sirius' brooms. You really need to start thinking inside your head. Yes they probably did that to you, but didn't you have your wand?"

"Remus! What the hell is your problem? No, I didn't have my wand. I didn't have any pockets to keep it in and I was only going to Quidditch practice, so I thought I didn't need it!" Raine yelled.

"Raine how were they suppose to know that? Secondly stealing their brooms is going to far. Yes, they went to far as well and I will make sure they are punished for it considering I am a perfect. I can also gather Gideon will make sure they are punished for it too." Remus sighed hating being the mediator between his friends.

"Remus, please. They always go to far! Just, let me have my turn to go to far!" Raine pleaded.

"I would love to Raine, but you would probably be caught by a teacher. I know they didn't mean for it to be this bad and it's inexcusable. I'm taking it they thought they had a reason but seeing as how I haven't talked to them about it yet I don't know what that reason maybe. Raine I'm sorry that they are this immature." Remus replied glaring and freezing the two boys who were trying to escape the common room.

"Remus, I could care less right now if I were to be caught by a teacher. And it’s not your fault they're so immature. I blame them. But, just let it be known, I will have my revenge on you two!" Raine said while pointing at James and Sirius. After she said those words she ran straight up to Gideon's Dorm room and barged in, throwing herself on top of Gideon's bed.

Remus looked at the two boys, unfroze them, and pointed up stairs. James and Sirius quickly ran up the stairs with Remus following behind.  

"What were you thinking? First her kitten and now this! Can't you ever give her some peace! I hope you two have fun in the next two months of detention, doing your own homework until the end of the year, and I'm going to talk to McGonagall about suspending your Quidditch privileges until at least Christmas. You two really need to think before you do something, and James I thought you wanted her back. How is doing everything you've done going to get her back? I'm going to find McGonagall and if you're not in here writing her an apology when I get back. I promise the results won't be pretty." Remus yelled at the two and then stormed out of their dormitory in search of their head of house.

Both Sirius and James didn't talk for ten minutes until James finally spoke up, "Maybe we did go a little to far this time Padfoot."

"Yeah but come on taking away or Quidditch privileges that is going to far." Sirius complained, "And what did he mean about writing her an apology?"

"I have no clue. What are we supposed to do about Quidditch? It's is the only reason I come to school in the first place! Besides you, Mooney, Wormtail, Raine, and Lily."

"I don't know mate, but I think instead of writing her an apology, if we really have to, we should enchant some pumpkins or something to do it for us."

"Or we could apologize to her personally. Well, maybe not. She is in Gideon's room now and he's more then likely going to kill us once Raine tells him. So, I'll go with the pumpkin plan.”

"You're a smart man James." Sirius replied.

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