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Nine: Morgana's Mystery

“HARRY JAMES POTTER I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Ginny yelled, leaping on Harry and knocking him to the floor. She pointed her wand at his throat, her head thrown back, eyes wild, her mouth in a deep snarl.

This reminded Harry vaguely of Ginny’s reaction after Harry had defeated Voldemort, except angrier. He had just returned to his flat and met up with an extremely anxious Hermione and Ron, and a very, very angry girlfriend.

“Nice to see you too.” Harry croaked; Ginny was kind of crushing his lungs.

“Don’t you joke with me! Where the hell have you been for a whole three days, hmm? Didn’t think we’d be worried, did you? I had to come all the way out of the school just to find you!”

“Blimey, Ginny, get off hi-“ Ron started, but his sister turned her wand on him. Harry could of sworn her heard a growl come from her throat.

“Shut up, Ron! This is between me and Harry.” Ginny turned back on Harry and pressed her wand up against his throat.

“I’ll explain as soon as you get off my windpipe, Gin.” Harry gasped. Still snarling and pointing her wand at him, Ginny stood up. Harry dusted himself off and stood up too.


“I went to visit Snape’s half-sister. Her name is Runa, she’s a Legilimens – “

“AND YOU DIDN’T THINK TO TELL US WHERE YOU WENT?” Ginny yelled, her wand poking right into his chest, almost a mirror image of her mother when angry.

“I’m sorry! I had so much baggage to deal with, and she helped me-“

“And it took three bloody whole days!?”

“Well she didn’t tell me it would take that long…Ginny I’m sorry, I love you, I was a git, please forgive me. I just wanted to…be happy. I want to start again.” Ginny stared at him for a moment, stony-eyed.

Then, her face melted. She put her wand away and stepped forward to lock her arms around Harry. Harry felt her nestle into his neck, breathing softly.

“I was so scared. I don’t ever want to lose you.” Ginny whispered.

“I’ll always come back. You remember that, OK?” Harry said, reaching down to stroke the bracelet he had given her for her birthday.
Hermione cleared her throat and Harry and Ginny let go.

“I’m sorry to you guys too,” Harry said, “I just had to clear my head a bit, all the things with Snape...”

“He was a jerk to you, Harry,” Ron said, “But we’ve dealt with those demons, right? Let’s forget about the war for tonight. Let’s go out. My treat.”

“Oh Ron,” Hermione murmured, her eyes getting misty. Ginny stuck her tongue out, so that Hermione couldn’t see, and Harry stifled laughter. He was so glad to have her. Someone he could always count on. The one who would always forgive him.


The girls had made a big fuss about getting ready, so Harry and Ron had to wait in the sitting room while they got ready. Ginny was going to borrow some of Hermione’s clothes so she didn’t have to go back to the school.

Finally, Ginny and Hermione emerged from the bathroom. Harry had changed his own clothes, having worn the same ones for three days. But he was nothing compared to how Ginny looked at this moment.

“You look beautiful.” He said to her quietly, so the other two couldn’t hear. And it was true. Ginny was wearing tight fitting jeans and a flowy blue top that showed the slightest strip of pale freckled abdomen. As they drew close, Harry ran his finger along the bare skin.

“Watch it,” Ginny said, grabbing his hand. But she was smiling.

“Ready?” Ron said from the doorway. He and Hermione were already putting their jackets on.

“We’re coming.” Harry said, and he and Ginny slipped their own jackets on and headed out of the building.


It was cool and dark outside in Hogsmeade. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny walked slowly, savouring the trip. The stars were bright overhead, and the group were the only people on the whole street. Merry lights danced from inside the buildings as the group headed up the front-steps of the three broomsticks.

Laughter and loud voices rang out from the pub as Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny stepped into the pub. Madam Rosmerta waved from the bar, and Harry determinedly grabbed Ron’s arm and steered him toward a table.

“So what’ll we have?” Ron asked, looking at the menu, “Our usual summer indulgence?” Ron pointed his wand at firewhisky, which was written on the menu, and tapped it four times. A couple minutes later, Rosmerta arrived, bearing drinks. Harry quickly edged his chair over so that he was in Ron’s direct line of vision to Rosmerta. After the curvy barmaid had left, Harry moved his chair back next to Ginny and sipped his Firewhisky. He was just letting his eyes linger on Ginny for longer than he should’ve when something came to him.

“You guys do know we’re out on a weeknight, don’t you? And Harry’s missed enough school as it is…” Hermione said. Ginny scoffed, taking Hermione’s glass and pushing it towards her.

“Here. Drink up. You need to relax a little and stop worrying about everything.” Ron nodded, gulping down half of his own drink. Harry shrugged and did the same.


Harry stumbled into Turner’s the next morning, holding a cup of coffee and yawning. They had stayed out until well past midnight last night, but Harry knew he had to make things right both at work and school since he had missed out on three days.

Mrs. Turner was sitting at the counter, and she waved when he entered.

”Harry! Are you all right? We were so worried when you didn’t come in
yesterday!” She stood up and came round the counters, grabbing his shoulders and looking him up and down.

“You mean you’re not going to fire me?” Harry asked. He had fully expected to be looking for a new job that day.

“Of course not, we know you wouldn’t just miss work on purpose. You’re a very trustworthy young man.” Harry felt his ears go red.

“Thanks. I’ll get started right away.” Harry saw Shadow come up to him and rub against his legs, purring.

“I have no idea why, but that cat just adores you.” Mrs. Turner said, bending down to pet him. Suddenly, she straightened up.

“I have some business to conduct in Diagon Alley today, but Morgana should be working later on. Remind her, okay?” Harry nodded, and Mrs. Turner left. Harry breathed a sigh of relief and sipped his coffee. He liked working for the Turners; he hadn’t been looking forward to finding a new job.

Harry slipped behind the counter and looked around for something to do. There were no customers in the store, and Hermione had taken the Prophet to work to with her this morning.

Harry noticed a copy of Witch Weekly sitting on the counter. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, he curiously snatched it up and leafed through it, stopping on an article entitled Charm Your Wizard. Engrossed, Harry kept reading.

Find your wizard spending way more time on Quidditch than you? Having trouble getting him to notice you at all? Not anymore. With Witch Weekly’s 10 failsafe tricks, you’ll have your wizard hanging off you all day, every day..

1. Look Flirty – Put some extra time into your look. Your wizard will definitely notice. Everyone cares about someone who cares about themselves.

2. Compliments are key – Ever noticed how Wizard’s give compliments out like candy when they want you to pay attention to them? Well the same works in reverse as well. Give your bloke a few well aimed –

Suddenly, Harry heard someone coming down the stairs. Shutting the magazine, Harry shoved it off to the side and tried to pretend he had just been sitting there the whole time.

It was Morgana. Shadow immediately jumped off the counter where she had been sleeping and went to rub up against her owner’s legs.

“Hi Harry.” Morgana said, walking slowly towards him. She was twirling a lock of hair around one finger and giggling. As Harry got a better look at her, he couldn’t help but stare in bewilderment.

Morgana usually had the air of someone who had just tossed on whatever happened to be around. Today she had on tight short shorts and a low-cut tank top. Her hair was curled up elaborately and she was wearing oodles of makeup, more than Harry thought Ginny had ever worn in his presence.

“Hi Harry.” Morgana repeated when she came up to the counter. She was leaning against it, giggling.

“Hi…Morgana…aren’t you a bit chilly in that outfit? It’s November. I mean…you know it might be because it’s warmer in France but here it’s pretty chilly in November…” Harry said, trailing off, and wondering exactly what he had just said. Morgana giggled.

“Oh, Harry, you are so funny!” She laughed, touching his arm. He found himself edging away slightly.

Look flirty….Compliments are key… some of the things Morgana was doing rang familiar to Harry. He gulped.

“I’m just going to sit back here for a while, kay?” Morgana said, giggling again, pointing at the stairs.

Harry nodded stiffly, and looking down at the wood counter. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Morgana pick up a quill and a small notebook and begin to write, sighing every so often. Harry shook his head. This was more than weird.

An hour or so later, Morgana closed her book and put her quill down. She giggled out a quick ‘excuse me’ and headed up the stairs.

Before Harry could think about it, his feet had taken him over to the stairs and he was holding the small book in his hands.
He knew he shouldn’t, but he had to. Looking around nervously, Harry opened the book.

Tuesday November 9th

Harry came back today. I was so worried about him, I couldn’t sleep for days. He didn’t really explain where he went, but I’m sure it was something to do with Death Eaters or something. He’s so brave.
I really think my new look had an effect on him. He couldn’t stop looking at me. Of course I couldn’t say anything intelligent and I giggled like a fool, but that didn’t seem to turn him off me.
I wonder if he and Ginny are still together. She’s really pretty, and there are other boys around. I bet they won’t be together much longer. Then I can comfort him in his time of need! Maybe he’ll turn to me!
Of course, we’d have to wait until I was a little older. But there’s really only five years difference.

Harry shut the book and dropped it back on the stairs like a burning coal. Never had he…this was…how could she…Harry shook his head. He had to figure out what to do about this. But he didn’t want to hurt her…


In the evening, Harry returned home from work and walked into a nearly-empty flat. Hermione was reading a book and taking notes, curled up on the couch, with a pleasant fire lit nearby.
Hermione looked up from her book when Harry came in. “Oh, hi Harry.” Hermione said.

“Hi, Hermione.” Harry said, sitting down. “Where’s Ron?”

“Oh, I don’t know. He was supposed to be back by now.” Hermione said, looking at her watch.

“Are you going to make supper or should I?” Harry asked. Hermione yawned again, and dragged herself to her feet.

“I’ll do it. This book is getting boring anyway.” Hermione tossed Advanced Arithmancy to the side and walked over to the kitchen. Harry heard some pots and pans clanking around the kitchen.

Suddenly, Harry heard a key pushed into the lock. The door opened, and Ron appeared, his cheeks rosy with cold.

“Where have you been?” Hermione asked from the kitchen. Ron grinned.

“I quit my job.” Ron said, “George hired me at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.” Harry stood up.

“You mean you’re replacing Fred?” Ron winced slightly. Harry instantly felt stupid.

“Sort of. George came in today and saw me, then hired me right on the spot. I have to admit, it’s looking a good deal better working with George than at Zonko’s. My boss was always playing practical jokes on me…”

“Ron,” said Hermione, peeking around the kitchen door, “Does this mean you have to wear magenta robes?”

Ron went as pink as the robes he would soon be wearing.

{A/N} The last line in this chapter makes me laugh every time I read it :) Hope you liked!

Now, about reviews. I have really liked all the reviews I've gotten so far, it's been mostly positive :) I especially like it when you tell me what I need to fix, too. I will usually answer most reviews that are more than a "That was great, write more soon!" so you can ask me any questions there. Otherwise, you can ask me on my "Me the Author" thread in the forums. The link to it is on my author page.

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