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Harry stood outside the staff room and he had been stood there for a very long time as he had a problem. A big problem. He didn’t know the password for the staff room and as it was a gargoyle blocking the entrance he couldn’t just knock on the door. Instead he tried talking to the gargoyle. 

“Can you open for me please; I really need to be inside.” He said however the gargoyle didn’t respond. 

“Please?” Harry tried once more, but to no avail. Instead he began to try the passwords Dumbledore used to use to guard his office. It was a stab in the dark but these were the only passwords he knew. 

After what felt like an hour there was a puffing sound behind him and Harry turned to find Professor Slughorn wheezing behind him. 

“Harry m’boy” He said before taking a deep breath and continuing. “Meeting inside…fell asleep…late” 

“Yes sir.” Harry replied indicating he understood what Slughorn was saying. “Can you tell me the password so we can get inside?” He asked attentively 

“The password, of course!” Turning to the gargoyle he clearly stated “gurdyroots” and stepped back to allow the gargoyle to move aside. When they stepped onto the winding staircase Slughorn added “and please Harry, call me Horace.” 

“Okay Pro…Horace.” Harry could tell it was going to be hard to get used to calling his former teachers by their first names. 

The staircase reached the top and Slughorn stepped through the big oak door, followed by Harry. Inside the room Harry could see the staff sat on sofas and chairs around a coffee table. The teachers just stared at him, all except Hagrid who waved knocking his cup of coffee from the table next to him. He hurriedly bent to pick it up and bashed his head on the corner of the table. Harry smiled encouragingly before taking another look around the room. The big arched ceiling above them was bewitched not unlike the one in the great hall, and the only other furniture in the room was a big coat cupboard in the far corner. Harry remembered a time when he and Ron had hidden inside the cupboard and overheard the teachers talking about Ginny. Harry shivered at the memory and turned to look to his left. 

By his side was a large wooden bookshelf. Each section had a name imprinted in the wood above the hole and Harry could only presume that this was for letters and reminders for each teacher. Harry found his name near the middle of the bookcase and noticed that only his, and Slughorn’s, pigeonholes had anything in them. Horace reached up and took his letter before heading to a chair over the opposite side of the room. Harry followed suit and sat in a chair to his left. 

“I’m sorry.” He began to explain. “I’ve been outside for a while and I didn’t know the password so…” 

“No worries.” Professor McGonagall cut through swiftly. “As long as you’re here now. Now where was I… ah yes. This is Tobias Sheldrake. He is going to be our new Muggle Studies teacher. Welcome.” Tobias smiled genially throughout the room and Harry noticed a scar on his pointed chin. He must not have been very old, only around twenty five, however he looked like a man who had wisdom beyond his years. 

“Also, the sheet of parchment in your hand will be your timetable for the next year. Some of you are lucky enough to have a free period first thing tomorrow morning, others are not.” Harry looked down at his timetable and found he was not that lucky. He was however looking forward to teaching his first lesson and he didn’t need any extra time to plan. 

“Finally I will pass a piece of parchment around now, any clubs or out of hours activities you would like to suggest should be written down so I can organise which nights shall be dedicated to which activities. 

By the time the parchment had reached Harry a lot of clubs had already been listed.

Duelling club
First year’s quidditch training
Wizard’s Chess club
Hogsmede Weekends
Herbology club
Divination – broadening the minds

Harry could not think of any activities to add as of yet so he hurriedly passed the parchment on to Professor Flitwick who smiled in thanks and added charms club to the list. 

When the parchment had returned to McGonagall she smiled broadly and rose from her seat. 

“Well, I think that is all for now. If anything else is needed I shall leave a note in your pigeon holes. You may go and settle in to your quarters and I shall see you all at the feast.” Harry had decided to duplicate most of his things instead of moving them all. That way he could either stay at his apartment or at the school. Harry watched as Hagrid stood up and announced that he was going to get the boats ready for the first years. He smiled proudly at Harry before leaving. 

Just as Harry stood up to follow his colleagues Professor McGonagall spoke to him.
“Harry, may I have a quick word?” 

“Yes of course Professor. What is it you needed?” he inquired.
“Call me Minerva, and I was just wondering if you would like to run a club after school hours?” 

“Which club did you have in mind?” Harry asked inclining his head wonderingly and heading over to the seat next to Minerva. 

“Well this year we were not able to find a flying teacher. This is fine for year two and above as they were taught in previous years however many of the first years have never ridden a broom before. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to teach, the ones that are interested, after school. It needn’t be a permanent thing, just until they can fly.” 

“Of course!” Harry stated enthusiastically. “I would love to, It will give me the chance to get back on that old broom of mine. And maybe even show off my skills” He finished playfully. Minerva smiled. 

“You have no idea how alike you and your father are. And I will let you know more about the flying later this week.” She said before sweeping past him to the door of the staff room.

When Harry entered the great hall later that evening it was slowly starting to fill up. He set out down the hall towards Gryffindor table before realising he had to sit at the staff table now and making a sharp turn to his right. He saw Professor Sprout smiling lightly at his mistake before turning to engage in conversation with Professor Flitwick. He sought out Professor McGonagall along the table and she pointed him in the direction of his seat. He sat down next to Tobias and waited for the hall to fill with chatting students so that he could finally see Hogwarts from a teacher’s perspective.

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