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I lay awake for ages, looking up at the roof of my four poster bed. The moonlight shone through the curtains, casting a reddish glow over me (which probably made me look even more ginger). I let out a massive yawn. I started counting stiches in the curtains.

After ten minutes and fifty-eight stiches I decided to start counting hippogriffs; I feared I would never be able to sleep again.

I imagined a nice field with tall grass and a random gate in the middle of it. No fence or anything, just the gate. Hippogriff number one came half galloping, half flying towards me and gilded nicely over the gate.

Then came hippogriff number two. Just as graceful. Just as pretty.

Then hippogriffs three, four and five. Up to ten.



Fourty. Fourty-one. Fourty-two.

Hippogriff fourty-three had a cast on one of it's hind legs. Don't ask why, I just felt like spicing things up a little. It galloped and limped and stumbled un-elagantly towards the gate and then, BOOM, crashed into it.

It lay on the floor, twitching and shouting "OH MAH DAYS! ME RUDDY LEG!"

Hippogriff fourty-four started gilding towards us. It stopped, looking furious, and said to the hippogriff on the floor, "Excuse me, kind sir, you appear to be in my way. I need to jump over this here gate."

"Go around the gate!"

"But I don't want to. I cannot! I must jump over the gate!"

Hippogriff fourty-five arrived. "By jove, what a commotion." he said and jumped over the two hippogriffs and the fence and continued on his merry way.

Hippogriff fourty-four followed after him, "But you cannot go before me, fourty-five! This will ruin everything!"

Hippogriff fourty-three stood up. "God bless ye merry humans." He sang.

Then the tall green grass turned an orange colour, and the hippogriff turned into Aunt Gabrielle.

"Dominique!" she cried. "Your ginger ees getting everywhere! Dominique! Dominique!" she jumped up and down screaming "GET ZE GINGER AWAY FROM ME!"

And then she turned into Giles, who was wearing a lioncloth. "Dom," he said, rubbing lotion on his chest. "Come here, baby."


I jumped awake, startled. Harriet was looking down on me. She had pulled the curtains apart and stood with her arms outstreched, looking strangely like some Greek goddess, the moonight shining through her mass of messy curls.

"Dom? Are you awake? I can't sleep." she whispered.

I rolled over and buried my head under my pillow. I tried to remove the image of Giles in a lioncloth and lotion out of my head (although, I kind of wanted it to stay).

"Go away, Harri." I groaned. "It is late, we have lessons tomorrow and I need to digest an entire treacle tart.

Harriet lifted the blankets and scrambled into bed next to me.

"This isn't your bed." I snapped.

"Hush, fatty." she whispered, patting my belly. "Go to sleepy-bys. Digest that treacle."

I kicked her. "You disturb my dreams of ginger grass, singing hippogriffs, lioncloths and crazy aunts, and then you call me a fatty? Get out of my bed, you wierdo."

She wove her skinny arms around me and said, "I love you, man. You have the wierdest dreams. You have to tell me about that one tomorrow." then she fell sound asleep.

I let out a sigh; there was no way I'd be telling her about Giles in a loincloth, that's for sure.

I pushed her away from me and started counting hippogriffs.


We got our timetables over breakfast the next morning. As soon as Professor Cornforth handed me mine it was pulled out of my grasp by Harriet.

Giles put a giant spoonful of scrambled eggs on my plate.

"Eat up." he said. "You look terrible."

I glared at him (I couldn't get the image of him in a lioncloth out of my head) "I had Harriet in my bed all night." I waved my hand in Harriet's direction who handed me back my timetable.

"Exactly the same timetable as me and Giles." she said happily, and downed her pumpkin juice in one. She eyed me suspiciously. "You look tired."

"Well i'm not." I snapped and, rubbing sleeping dust out of my eyes, I picked up the milk jug and poured it into my bowl of cereal. "I am completely awake!"

Harriet raised an eyebrow. "If you're completely awake, why did you just pour orange juice into your cereal?"

Giles burst into laughter. I looked down at my bowl in dismay. The little flakes of cereal were floating in bright orange liquid. It kinda resembled puke. I looked at the jug in my hand.

"This isn't the milk jug." I said. I pushed the bowl across the table, as far away from myself as possible. I hated mornings and I missed my mother's homecoked berry muffins. I shared this fact with the table.

Giles picked up a plate of muffins and handed them to me. I shook my head frantically. "Those are not the same!" I insisted, pushing the plate away.

"You are so fussy. Muffins are muffins." he said.

The bell rang. Harriet stood up.

"Come on! We have double charms first thing!" she swung her bag onto her shoulder and pulled four slices of toast out of her protesting brother's hands. "Eat Giles's toast, Dom. Now come on." and she trotted away, curls bouncing.

"Thanks," I said to Giles, my mouth full of toast.

He looked at the toast in my hands sadly and bent down to pick up another slice. Unfortunatly, all the food on the table dissapeared before he could grab one.


I kept falling asleep in charms and Harriet had to keep kicking me.

"Wake up!" she hissed. "This is our first lesson of the year and you're drooling all over your desk!"

I sat up and pointed my wand at the desk.

"Aguamenti!" I cried. Nothing happened.

I let out a sigh. Harriet kicked me again.

"Ow!" I shrieked. "Stop kicking me. I'm awake!"

Harriet shrugged. "I know. I just enjoy kicking you." She raised her wand. "Aguamenti!" A huge stream of confetti blasted out the end of her wand.

I yelped and ducked under the table and Giles was knocked off his chair. The whole class turned around and looked at Harriet.

She giggled. "Oops,"

Professor Hobgob stood up. "Well, not quite how it's done, Miss McCartney. But certainly better than eveyone else. Bravo, bravo. Ten points to Gryffindor, I think."

Harriet grinned down at me. Giles shook his head.

"Talk about favourtism." he said, helping me up. "She did it wrong. Yet she still gets house points."

Harriet pushed her curls out of her face proudly and stuck her tounge out at him.

The bell rang and we all stood up and trudged out of the door ("Thank you very much, Professor Hobgob!" Harriet shouted), down the stairs and out to Herbology. Professor Longbottom was having us plant our own Laughing Flycatchers.

"Over the next couple of weeks," he yelled over the racket of the chatting class. "You will help your fly catchers grow and will have to adapt your feeding and watering methods to suit your plant's personality."

Giles put his hand up.

"Yes, McCartney?"

"Did you just say the plants have a personality?"

Professor Longbottom nodded excitedly. "Yes. Yes I did! Each Laughing Flycatcher has it's own personal character; some of them are very friendly; others are very rude. They enjoy playing tricks on each other and have a very distinct laugh- hense the name 'Laughing Flychatcher'. In fact, if you befriend a particualry nice one, they become very useful to have in your kitchen as they stop flies and other bugs getting into your larder."

Giles stared at the tray of bright purple seeds. "Right," he said, raising an eyebrow.

Professor Longbottom grinned. "Okay, class!" he said clapping his hands. "Get into pairs, please, and start planting your flycatchers! Only one seed per pot, please!"

I turned to face Harriet. "Pairs?" I asked.

She nodded. "Come on! Let's find a particulary nice looking seed. We want to plant the most well behaved one." She ran over to the tray of seeds and started picking each one up and examing them. I went over to the plant pot cupboard and pulled out the largest one I could find.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I spun round and found myself face to face with a round faced Ravenclaw.

"Hi?" I said in a strained voice; the pot in my hands was very heavy.

"Erm...yeah." said the Ravenclaw. "Do you mind if I erm...well, if I partnered with Harriet on this project?" he was looking at his feet.

I raised an eyebrow. "Why?" I asked suspicously, even though it was pretty obvious why; yet another boy had fallen for Harriet's lucious curly locks and sweet smile.

He blushed. "Well, know...and her brother told me to get a grip and to her."

I shifted the weight of the giant pot onto my hip. "What's your name?" I asked him.

"Oh. My name's-"


I spun round, almost dropping the pot. Harriet was standing behind me holding a very large, very round, very smooth, purple seed. Her mouth was shaped into that beautiful smile of hers.

"Rufus, how was your summer?" she asked, flicking her curls out of her face. I groaned in exasperation.

Rufus grinned. "It was great. How was yours?"

"Oh, mine was okay. I mean, I went to France!"

"Really? Wow. I've never been. What was it like-?"

I interupted their little love fest. "Listen, guys. I'm gonna go work with Giles, okay?"

Harriet seemed to come out of her trance. "What now, missy?" she demanded.

I sighed. "Well, you'll work with Rufus and I'll work with Giles." I put the pot into Rufus's hands and patted him on the cheek.

Harriet stood up straighter. "Oh right. Okay. Yeah, good idea. Giles doesn't have a partner yet does he?" she said nodding; her curls were bobbing like crazy. "Is that okay with you, Rufus?"

Rufus nodded. "Oh yeah, that's great!"

I was scared Harriet might actually swoon. I kicked her in the ankle to try and knock some sense back into her. I kicked her harder than I'd meant to and she had to grab Rufus's arm to stop herself toppling into a row of flowers that kept changing colour. She turned the colour of a beetroot and glared at me.

"I'll go find your brother then." I said and left them gazing pathetically at each other. I found Giles at the other side of the greenhouse. He was standing with my cousin, Fred.

"I am no longer wanted with Harriet." I announced.

Fred ruffled my hair. I slapped him.

"Are you guys working together?" I asked.

"Sorry, babe." said Giles.

I hit myself on the forehead. "Damn that Rufus-boy." I said. I hated not having a partner. I felt very unwanted and lonely.

Professor Longbottom came up behind us. "Ah," he said. "Not got a partner, Weasley?"

I shook my head. "Mine was stolen."

"I was always partnerless at school, I know how you feel." he said. I glared at him. I was never partnerless. This was the first time, ever!

"Well, why don't you work with me, then? " he said. Oh no; working with the teacher was the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Harriet was going to pay for this. Luckily, Giles came to my rescue.

"Can't she just work with us, Sir? In a three?"

Professor Longbottom grinned. "Very kind of you, Mr. McCartney. Yes, I don't see why she can't. Five points to Gryffindor for being so kind!" he walked away, humming.

Fred watched him go. "God, I love Professor Longbottom."

I nodded. "He rocks."

"He's friends with my dad." said Fred.

"Fred, you freak. He's friends with our whole family." I said.

Fred walked off mumbling. Giles turned to me.

"Why'd Harriet not want to be your partner?" he asked.

"She's with Rufus. He said YOU told him to go and ask her."

Giles shrugged. "I did."

I sighed for the uptienth that day and started clearing a work surface. Giles was putting soil through a seive. I watched his strong muscular arms tense as he worked. I wished that I had perfect brown curls like Harriet instead of my strawlike short ginger strands. Maybe if I had Harriet's hair Giles would want to run those big strong hands through it. Maybe he'd actually start to like me as more than a friend. Hmmm...I smiled at the thought.

But then, If I had hair like his sister's he might be slightly put off by it. Who dates someone who looks like their sister? Okay then; I wished I had long velvety blonde hair like Victoire. Then Giles would definatly want to run those hands through it.
And not only Giles, every boy in the year (except Fred, obviously) would follow me around and write me poems and say "Oh Dominique. Please let me stroke your beautiful blonde vela hair." and I would oblidge, because I am so kind hearted like that.
And maybe Rufus would ask to be MY partner instead of Harriet. So Harriet would have to work with my damn cousin and her brother.
Except, I really like Harriet's brother. Oh, I am confusing myself.

I flattened my fringe. "Why don't I get boys wanting to be my partner?" I demanded.

Giles looked at me. "I want to be your partner." My heart gave a little whoop. I ignored it.

"Why does harriet have to be all pretty and prefect while I'm ugly and ginger."

"Hey!" Giles said. "You aren't ugly at all! And I love you hair." (There goes that whooping again)

I sighed. "I hate being ginger." I was just fishing for compliements now.

Giles laughed. "And personally, I don't think Harriet is all pretty and perfect. I think she's rather gross. You're way prettier than her."

I stared at him. "You're supposed to think that, you're her brother. And I'm not prettier than her; i'm ginger!"

Fred appeared at my shoulder. "What's wrong with being ginger?"

I looked at Fred, incredulous. He and Roxanne didn't have to worry about being ginger, like the rest of the family. I wished I was half black.

"Everything is wrong with being ginger." I snapped at him. "And everything is wrong with that seed you picked." I added, looking at the seed in his hands. It was small and withered and was more black than it was purple.

"Why'd you pick such a rubbish one?" I asked.

"It was the last one left." he said, dropping it into the pot and covering it with soil. "Don't worry. It'll be fine."

I had the funny feeling that it wouldn't be fine. But I didn't really care. Giles had said I was prettier than Harriet and, I know it was mean, but I was secretly thrilled. Even if he had just been saying it to cheer me up because I was his friend. Maybe, just maybe, he might think of me as something more.

Fred is George's son. By the waaaay.

And yeah, this chapter kinda sucks. And yeah, I know it's all yucky and short and it's mostly dialouge. And yeah, I haven't updated in about, four months.
But I'm sorry. Next chapter will be better okay?



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