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It had been five years since Harry and Ginny’s wedding and the one thing that both wanted more then anything hadn’t happened yet. Five long years of watching everyone else. Five years without children of their own.

Ron and Hermione announced that they were having twins the day after Harry and Ginny‘s wedding. Now they had two wonderful children, Jane and Alexander. While Ginny and Harry adored her niece and nephew, she yearned for children of her own. They only went to the Burrow these days for the weekly dinners, and even that wasn’t every weekend.

The morning started like every other morning even though it was Harry‘s birthday. Ginny woke before Harry and was showered, dressed, and down stairs cooking before Harry was even awake. She loved to have everything perfect for him. The house was never dirty and he never went hungry. She tried to make up for the fact that there still wasn’t and little potters running around.

Ginny was so afraid it had been her stupidity during the war. Garry had told her to stay put but she didn’t and was hurt pretty badly. Every day she prayed that what happened didn’t cause her to lose her ability to have children.

Ginny looked up from fixing breakfast to see Harry waiting her.

“Hey babe, how are you today?” he asked her.

“I’m ok” she lied.

Harry didn’t believe her. He took her in his arms. Her sad eye’s told him all he needed to know. Every month it was the same thing. The same silent, emotional roller coaster. Harry couldn’t help but wonder if he should bring up adoption even though the thought scared him. After everything he had been though, he so desperately wanted a child of her own. One with her hair and his mothers eyes. He was afraid that day would never come.

After discussing seeing a specialist with Ginny he decided to go, even if Ginny wouldn’t. His appointment was at 9:00 am. Harry hoped to bring home good news. He hoped it would be enough to convince Gin to go in. Harry smiled sadly at his wife.

The silence was killing him. For two weeks every month they hardly spoke. It was taking its toll on their marriage. Harry smiled at his wife and kissed her good-bye. He loved her so much and it pained him to think of her hurting inside.

What Harry didn’t know was that Ginny also had an appointment. But hers was at 11. She wanted to know for sure, it was killing her inside.

She had a few errands before her appointment. She had to get Harry a birthday present. Ginny took some floo powder and yelled ‘DIAGON ALLEY” and in an instant she was there.

Ginny had decided to get Harry some new robes for his birthday. His were getting old. After picking some she thought he would like she walked into the Three Broomstiks for a butterbeer. She saw two familiar faces. Sitting at a table in the corner were Hermione and Luna.

“Ginny!” Yelled Luna.

“hey you two! Ginny flashed them a fake smile.

“Shopping for Harry?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah. I picked out two new robes I thought he might like.” Ginny told them.

“Very sensible” Luna said with a dreamy look.

“Gin, Join us. We never see you any more.” Hermione asked sadly.

“I would Hermione, but I can’t. I have an appointment at St. Mongo’s. Ginny told her friend.

The three witches hugged and bid each other good-bye. She would see Hermione later that night for Harry’s birthday.

Ginny gathered her things and aparated to St. mungo’s. She was surprised to see Lavender Brown at the information desk.

“Ginny! How nice to see you! What can I get for you?” she asked.

“Hey Lavender, I have an appointment with Healer Marks.” Ginny smiled the same fake smile as before.

“Good good. Lets see, yep I see you. Healer Marks, 11 am. Third floor, room forty.” Lavender said handing Ginny a slip of parchment.

Ginny thanked her old house mate and took the slip. Went to the third floor and found her room. Healer Marks was waiting for her.

Good morning Mrs. Potter. Would you like to get started?” the Healer asked. Ginny nodded.

After a though examination and tests the healer went into another room. Ginny saw waiting nervously. She was so scared. It was the moment of truth. She couldn’t help the tears that slowly started to fall. Here heart was pounding as the door started to open.

“Well Mrs. Potter, everything seams to be in working order.” the healer smiled.

“I don’t understand. Harry and I have been trying for five years now. If there isn’t anything wrong with me then… oh no! Harry!” Ginny sat back down, tears already flowing.

“oh no mam. Mr. Potter is just fine. He was in earlier. You both are in perfect health. I want to congratulate you as well. Your pregnant! Now the baby will be due April 20th. Please take one of these every day..” the healer said handing Ginny a bottle of pills.

Pregnant, Ginny thought. A baby? Finally! Ginny couldn’t believe it. She was going to be a mum. All at once Ginny was confused. She started today..

“Sir. I don’t understand. When I woke up this morning I had started. Well it wasn’t much but it was still there. Is that normal?” she asked the healer.

“ Yes yes. It is perfectly normal. It is called implantation bleeding and it happened quiet often.” the healer explained.

Relieved, Ginny thanked the healer and rushed out. Ginny was ecstatic. A baby! She didn’t even notice Lavender trying to get her attention.

Ginny had to think of a way to tell Harry. A card! that’s it. She would put it in the birthday card. Ginny rushed home to get everything ready.

Ginny couldn’t stop smiling. She was going to be a mum. Oh how she couldn’t wait. She quickly set up the gift and set it aside. She then went upstairs and changed. she wanted this day to be perfect. Once ready she picked up the gift and aparated home

When Ginny walked into the house she didn’t see anyone but herd voices from the sitting room. She walked into the room and set the gift by the fire place and sat down next to Hermione. She noticed that they were all waiting for Harry.

“Harry should be here soon” she told everyone.

They all talked about nothing in particular while they waited. She couldn’t help smiling. She looked over and saw the Weasley children playing and her family, oh what a family. She was going to be a aunt again. Fluer was very pregnant with her 3rd little one. Ginny couldn’t help but smile and think about the little one growing inside her.

Hermione watched her friend with curiosity. She looked brighter then she did this morning. Could it be? Could her appointment with the healer been her reason for the sudden her eyes didn’t hold the same sadness that it did earlier in the day. Could it be that after five years her beloved friends would finally get what they so desperately wanted and deserved. She quietly went into the kitchen, hoping that her friend would follow.

Ginny looked to see Hermione head to the kitchen. She had to tell someone about her news before she went crazy. Hermione would be the only one she would trust not to blab it. Ginny fallowed Hermione into the kitchen.

“Hey ‘Moine.” She said using a nick name that she hadn’t used in years.

Hermione smiled at her. She was defiantly in a much better mood then earlier. Maybe even in years.

“Hey Gin. So are you going to tell me when you had to go to St. Mungo’s today? She asked quietly.

“Oh that,” Ginny smiled “Can you keep a secret?” she asked.

Hermione new at that point the she was right but nodded anyway.

Ginny got closer to Hermione and told her.

“I’m Pregnant!”

Hermione’s eyes grew and hugged her dear friend

“Congratulations!” Hermionie whispered into Ginny’s ear.

They both herd a pop outside. Hermione hugged her friend again and left the room. She wasn’t sure when Ginny was going to tell Harry but she hoped it would be soon.

When Harry walked in he saw his wife just standing there with a silly grin on her face he was confused. He kissed his wife.

“Gin, please don’t be mad at me. I went and got tested today. I think you should as well. I’m fine, but we need to know about you. I just can’t stand to watch you suffer anymore” Harry whispered sadly.

Ginny looked at him with tears in her eyes. “I went today as well. We are both fine.” she said smiling.

Harry smiled down at his wife. He was relieved. Now they could stop worrying and maybe their luck would change.

They went into the sitting room and everyone wished Harry a happy birthday. They all talked and laughed. It was a awesome feeling for the both of them. Harry new it would just take a little more time. He was just thankful that they were both fine. And Ginny new that before the end of the night they would all know her secret, not just Hermione.

Before long it was time for dinner. Afterward, when they all gathered back into the sitting room Harry opened the gifts. There were an assortment of things from dragon hide gloves to books and sweets. The twins even gave him the latest from their joke shop.

When he picked up the last one Ginny’s heart started beating faster and faster.

“Awesome. New robes!” Harry exclaimed.

After setting the robes down did he notice the card. He picked it up and read it.


To Harry

Love Ginny and baby

Harry just stared at the card. Was he reading it right? Baby?

The Weasley’s looked at him, “Is everything ok dear?” Mrs. Weasley asked him glancing over his shoulder to see. Her eyes grew as big as saucers and she squealed.

“Ginny!!” she yelled hugging her only daughter. Ginny couldn’t help but smile.

Everyone but Hermione looked on confused. Harry finally looked up at his wife.

“A baby.” he whispered

Ginny nodded smiling. A huge grin formed on Harry’s face as he grabbed his wife, swinging her around. “WE”RE HAVING A BABY” he yelled at the top of his lungs as the entire Weasley family gathered around them.

To Harry it was the best birthday ever.

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