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Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I never thought I would be writing a Sirius/OC fic so I feel a little out of my element here, so any advice you guys have would be wonderful. I hope you like this next chapter. This is a fun fic to write so I hope that you have just as much fun reading it! Thanks for coming and I’ll see you again at the bottom!

Chapter Two

Ms. Rude


“Jeez Padfoot,” Remus called to the boy running ahead of him. “Have you ever heard of the words, excuse me?” Sirius turned around to face him, his sleek black hair swaying elegantly as he moved. He had just knocked a girl to the ground in his haste to reach the Great Hall.

“She’s fine,” he answered casually. “Besides we had to get here before the Shepherd’s pie is gone.”

“Now, I’m not sure about this,” Remus said sarcastically. “But I think, I think that more would be put out if it was finished.”

“The second batch is nothing compared to the first, I would say that the House Elves just don’t put as much into it.” James chimed in, his hazel eyes dancing.

“I would have to echo Prongs’ fine statement,” Sirius declared, looking over his shoulder at last to see the girl he had knocked to the ground being helped to her feet by another girl. “I told you she was fine, and by that wonderful smell I can tell that we made it here for the first batch of Shepherd’s pie. I believe that it was well worth our effort.”

“Oh, yes,” Remus answered sarcastically, flipping some of his sandy hair out of his eyes. “I think the cause definitely evens things out.” Sirius flashed him a smile a clapped an arm around the shoulders of the fourth boy in their group, Peter Pettigrew.

“Come on Moony,” he said, grinning. “Even Wormtail is happy that we got here in time, aren’t ya buddy?”

After consuming inhuman amounts of Shepherd’s Pie Remus tapped his watch and announced that they better be heading off for Transfiguration.

“Did we have homework?” Peter asked worriedly.

“It’s McGonagall, duh,” James answered, shaking his head. “Of course we had homework.”

“Now if I did it, now that’s a different question,” Sirius said, cracking a grin. They got up from their table and headed off in the direction of the classroom. After a few flights of stairs and many people greeting and talking to them, the four boys reached the classroom. As they neared the entrance, Remus moved to open the door but James’ arm shot out to stop him.

“Look who it is,” James said, a devilish smirk dancing across his lips. “How many minutes do we have before class starts?”

Sirius grinned, noticing Severus Snape coming down the hall his nose buried in a pile of notes gathered in his arms. Severus was a tall boy, but terribly skinny; most of his face was hidden by his mane of greasy, black hair. Severus was terribly unpopular, especially with James and Sirius, who liked nothing more than starting trouble their Slytherin classmate.

“We have more like fifty seconds,” Remus replied, looking hastily at his watch.

“Excellent,” Sirius said excitedly. “That’s more than enough time to…” He was cut off as a girl with long, curly hair came next to him and slammed him off balance with her shoulder.

“Hey!” Sirius snapped. He was used to girls coming over to talk to him. Flirt, yes? But shove? This was new.

“Whoops,” the girl said sarcastically. “It was an accident.” She said this last part in a way that told Sirius that this was no accident.

“What is the matter with you?” Sirius asked, forgetting all about Snape.

“We don’t really have time for this,” Remus chimed in. “Class has pretty much started.”

“Hold on, I want to know why Ms. Rude felt she needed to slam into me,” Sirius said, folding his arms at the strange girl.

“Oh, I’m rude!” the girl exclaimed, pointing to herself. “I thought it was you who knocked people to the ground without apologizing or offering help.”

Light bulb. That’s right. The girl was familiar. After he had knocked another girl to the ground, she had been the one assisting her back to her feet.

“Hey, sorry about your friend earlier,” Sirius said, eyeing the girl with his deep, grey eyes; not sounding sorry at all.

“How about next time you smash one of my friends to the ground you apologize to her?” the girl snapped angrily, moving to pass him. This stopped Sirius a little short. She was being a bit too rude to him. That almost never happened. He moved in front of her, blocking her way into the already full classroom.

“You know, I didn’t knock you to the ground,” he replied casually.

“No,” the girl answered with fake disappointment. “But if you had I doubt you would have apologized then either. It just seems to be your brainless nature not to care.”

“Hey,” Sirius started to protest, but Moony was pushing him from behind, ushering him inside. The girl brushed past him and entered the classroom. They all muttered a quiet apology to Professor McGonagall as they all slid over to their desks and sat down. Sirius was still shaking his head in frustration as he sat next to Remus, looking at the girl.

So he hadn’t said he was sorry. So sue him! Where did she get off? And she had slammed into him intentionally! At least his had been an accident. And for Shepherd’s Pie.

“Remus,” he hissed to his left.

“Shhhh,” Remus answered. “I want to hear this.”

“Remus,” Sirius whispered again.


“Who is that girl?”

“Not now.”


“Her name is Ava. She’s in our year and in our house, so the fact that you don’t know her name is pretty pathetic. She’s really smart, Transfiguration is her favorite subject, and she hangs around with Tom Bergson.”


“The guy sitting next to her. Jeez Padfoot, could you be more out of touch.” Sirius folded his hands and leaned back in his chair, still looking at the girl.

She had gotten out a pair of reading classes and was examining the piece of parchment in front of her; it was most likely her homework, neat and finished. Oh yeah. That was the girl who was always raising her hand in this class. Makes sense, considering it was her favorite subject.

Perhaps he was a little out of touch. But paying attention to McGonagall was hard enough, much less paying attention to the rest of the room as well. Like now for example. He could see Professor’s mouth moving but he was not listening to a syllable coming out. She must have asked a question though because Ava’s hand shot into the air.

Sirius twisted his lips, thinking fast. McGonagall always paused before calling on Ava in a vain hope that someone else would answer. Sirius looked to his left where Remus has scribbled something on the paper in front of him.

“Do you know the answer?” Sirius asked him quietly, still eyeing Ava’s hand in the air.

“I think I might have gotten the right…” Remus stopped talking as Sirius snatched his paper away and thrust his hand in the air. When Professor McGonagall’s scanning eyes reached his raised fingers, her eyes widened. Sirius could have been dancing naked on his chair and gotten a less shocked expression.

“Mr. Black?” she inquired. “Do you have the answer?”

“Maybe,” Sirius answered, locking eyes with Ava, before reading the answer Remus had written. When he was finished, he watched as Ava’s hand went down and her mouth flipped into a frown.

“Well done,” Professor McGonagall answered, still in awe. Sirius smirked and raised his eyebrows at Ava as he watched her fume at her desk, before leaning over to talk to the boy at her right.


“Did you see that?” Ava muttered to Tom.

“Yeah, Sirius Black answered a Transfiguration question,” Tom replied, not sounding too interested. “When shall we expect the Apocalypse?”

“He did it because of me!” Ava spat angrily. “Because I tried to give him a lesson on rudeness. It never ends with this guy!”

“So he knew the answer before you, who cares,” Tom answered, twirling his quill.

“I care,” Ava hissed. “I care because I saw him take a look at Lupin’s paper. That wasn’t even his own answer. He just did it to make me mad.”

“Well you did slam into him outside,” Tom said, sounding bored. “On purpose.”

“Just to show him…to teach him a lesson. Haven’t you heard of giving someone a taste of their own medicine?”

“No, I’ve never heard of that,” Tom answered sarcastically. “But wait until after class to explain it to me. Its hard enough listening without you talking. Besides McGonagall has looked at us twice.”

Ava fell silent. Why did this bother her so much? Other people answered questions in class. But looking over at Sirius’ face made her blood boil. His dancing eyes and his triumphant smile. He had gotten to her. And what was worse, he knew it.

“Don’t be stupid, Ava,” she told herself. Normally things like this didn’t bother her. In fact, she was going to let this go. She wasn’t a vengeful person anyway. Ava shook her gaze from Sirius and gave her full attention to the class.


Ava knew as she shuffled with the rest of the students out of class that Sirius was going to stop her to gloat his victory. Indeed, as soon as she managed to reach the hallway his voice came from behind her.

“Couldn’t resist,” he said. “Guess I have more brains than you thought.”

“And apparently you think I have less brains than I do,” Ava said angrily, whipping around to face him. Why was she rising to the occasion? This was the first day in the history of the world that she and Sirius had even spoken. Why did she care if he got the last word?

“It’s pretty obvious that you took your friend’s paper and looked at the answer,” she muttered, gesturing to Remus who wasn’t far away. “I might not be Hercule Poirot but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.”

“You’re not who?” Sirius asked blankly.

“He’s a famous fictional detective” Ava gasped. “Don’t you read? Oh, wait. That’s the wrong question. I meant, can you read?”

She clapped her hand over her mouth. Since when did she become so insulting? Normally her brain mucked up insults so terribly that they hardly made sense. She was used to avoiding conflict all together. And now, here she was spurring it on.

“Oh yes, I can read,” Sirius said, cracking that famous smile. “At least last time I checked I could. And just because I don’t understand your weird book references, doesn’t mean I’m and idiot.”

Ava was busy thinking up a comeback but forcing herself to stop, she said, “I have to go.”

“What, like go study, go read, or go do homework?” Sirius asked. It wasn’t really a good insult, but for some reason it stung a bit.

“So I suppose you’re off to dink around with your friends, be rude to people, and prank the total defenseless huh?” Ava shot back.

The two stared at each other in anger. What did Sirius Black assume about her? What could he possibly know about her? But then…she had done the same thing.

“I have to go,” she said again. “Let’s pray this is the last conversation we ever have.”

“Amen,” Sirius said. Without another word, Ava headed off down the hall.


Ava was planning to go to the library and read, but after what Sirius had said, she didn’t feel in the mood…well at least not right away.

After what seemed like the longest three hours ever, Ava decided to go anyway. Who gave a snit about what Sirius Black thought? So she was a good student! So she liked to read! It was true. There was nothing to be ashamed about! She sighed. Why was she still angry at him. Normally it took her a couple minutes to get over anything. Normally…that word had been flying through her head a lot today.

Ava concluded that she simply was not acting normal today. What had been different? Stupid Sirius Black pushing her buttons, that was what was different.

“I just won’t speak to him anymore,” Ava declared, bristling at the very thought of him. She plunked down her bag on her favorite table in the library and started to pull out books. Along with the books and parchment, a piece of paper floated out. She turned it over and realized it was the letter from Kiss Me Kate, seeking advice about her boyfriend.

In her frustration, Ava wrote,

Kiss Me Kate,

Dump the bum!

Satisfied, at least for now, Ava decided to write the rest of the letter later.


Well thanks for reading!!!! If you have some thoughts a review would be wonderful! See you next time!


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