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Declaimer: I am not J.K.Rowling, so I do not own the characters...but he plot is totally mine!
Okay, My new idea I will write 5 chappies, as done before, and then I will do a one shot, and then return to make 5 more chappies on this story ans so on, Me smart! Okay thanks to my ah-mazing beta Pau9104, U rock, and I luv u a lot... Okay Hope you all enjoy...Please review! And this is short on purpose!
Ginny Weasley took deep breaths; she could smell the killer breath of Greyback as he leaned in to take that horrible bite. That bite that took away your sanity and normality. She could hear the evil shrieks that came from Pansy Parkinson as she laughed.

"Potter thought that he could outsmart us all. Hidding away like a criminal, not telling a single soul that he was a father! Ha!" she laughed as she continued piercing Ginny's heart, with dark horrible words.

"Stop that Pansy, my sweet, sweet love" a man that resembled Draco Malfoy stepped out from the shadows of the house. He as I said earlier looked like Draco but was not. He hada haughtier look on his face, plus he was more handsome."Pansy, you know that we must be cordial to our guests, and really Greyback , do you think if Potter is really alive he'll forgive you after you take a bite out of his girl?"

Greyback dropped Ginny, a snarl errupted from his lips. He looked at the man with a menacing glare. Pansy's bottom lip was in a pout.

"That's what I thought." the man said as he watched the whole scene unfurl.

"Anguiano, I was really starting to enjoy the scene." she pouted looking at him.

The man who had just saved Ginny from the horrible fate of a werewolf was none other than Anguiano Malfoy, Draco's older, handsomer, smarter, better, everything that Draco wasn't brother. He had the same blonde hair, though his was shinner and made him look better. He had a skin skin the color of, well his was just not as pale or white as Draco's. He was tall yet he had muscles, not at all the skinny looking wimp that was his little brother. All in all he was better looking.

Ginny took a silent breath, and thanked everything she could think of for sending Anguiano right at that perfect time. She heard a small whimper from the corner of the room, she turned and saw Hermione, Lilly, James, and Rose all tied up in the corner. Lilly looked at Ginny her small green eyes were filled with fright.

"Mummy!" she managed to squeak. Anguiano approached her. Lilly eyes went wild, she started to wail. Anguiano picked her up and looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Little girl why do cry so?" he asked in his deep elegant voice.

"I want my mummy! I want my daddy! I want my brother! I want aunt Mione and Uncle Ron!" she said in another squeak.

"But I didn't ask you that, I want to know why you cry." he answered.

"Because you look all mean and scary, and I think you and that mean man, and the mean woman are going to hurt my mummy!" now Lilly's voice was rising as all the anger rose within her.

Anguiano gray eyes looked at her, they were warm and soft, "I would never hurt a woman that had two little kids. I'm a father myself." he set Lilly down and walked over to the rest of the group and untied them, "You can all go for now, but mark my words, if Potter comes back you will be brought back here. I am only doing this because, I have seen what it takes to be a wonderful Slytherin in this girl.  , which is why I will keep her as my own." He looked at Ginny," You may take the wimp, the mudblood, and the small baby with you, but this girl stays with me."

Ginny let out a small whimper. Pansy turned and looked at her, "Are you questioning the words of my husband? Crucio." She smile wickedly as Ginny writhed in pain. Lilly started wailing again, Hermione let out a horrified gasp. For Ginny everything went absolutely dark.

She woke at St. Mungos, in a bed in broad daylight. All her family was there, everyone except Lilly.

"Ginny?" someone asked, in a voice filled with love and worry.

"No" she croaked as she searched the room for any trace of Lilly, but there was none. There would never be one, and Lilly was most probably lost. Yes, lost; going from being Lilly Hermione Potter to Alexandria Arlette Malfoy. A little girl that would be raised as a spoiled brat, with no limits what so ever except the sky itself, and the ability to be treacherous would be plentiful for this little girl that would never recall being a Potter, being Ginny's daughter, or having a twin brother. No the only recollections would be those of a small blonde haired girl with piercing gray eyes, and a fun life as Anguiano and Pansy Malfoy's daughter. A life as Alexandria Arlette Malfoy.

Thank you soooo much for reading my story, please review. Thanks so much to my cousin and beta Pau9104, if you haven't read her story please do. It really rocks. Anyway please review and I hope you guys will read my one-shot My Life as Squib

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