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Chapter Name- Death and Fear..

A/N: Special thanks to my beta, teenage_firestarter, she's great.

Days went past as Harry and Crystal fell more in love and the children were soon six months old. Alex has said 'mama', and Lily is still working on 'dada'. They are crawling everywhere and everyone's lives seem perfect in every aspect.

"We need a plan." Crystal decided one day that now was the time to worry.

"A plan? For what?"

"For Voldemort. He will come back, and probably with backup, so we need to be prepared. With Ron and Hermione living next door, all we have to do is call them, or apparate there and get them, but the children. They cant do anything to get out. They can apparate, but usually and up on the other one. So how do we protect them. We need a room to put them in. someplace no one can get in without a password, protected from magic. We will need Dumbledore."

"Yeah, I agree. We need that, but it needs to be hidden too. With them out of the way, we can fight him by ourselves, or with Ron and Hermione. Together. I will go talk to him. I think Ill fly, my broom is still in good shape, so I think I will do that. If you needs me, call, ok?"

"Yeah, I will."

He kissed her forehead and mounted the broom.

"Ill be back soon." And off he flew through the giant bay window int eh living room. Good thing it was open.

He landed inside Hogwarts in the main hall. From there he walked to the headmasters office through the usually full, but now empty and desolate hallways. He entered the stairs up to the door and knocked gently on it.

"Come in."

Harry glanced around and watched Dumbledore for a moment while he wrote on a piece of rather old looking parchment.

"A letter for Professor McGonagall. Have a seat, Harry, what's troubling you?"

"Professor, we need your help. Our magic isn't yet developed yet, and we need a sort of safe house for the children. In case Voldemort attacks. Can you help us?"

"Yes, Harry, we can help you."

"Thank you. We need it to be a safe house for them. No apparating, no magic, and so it cant be plotted. Can you do that?" Harry asked quietly.

"Yes, we can do that. Just let me know where the room is and I will take care of it."

"Ok, its at our house, when you come we will show you where. Thank you sir."

"Its ok Harry, I understand. Ill see you soon."

"Bye, Professor."

Harry walked through the statue. He was glad Dumbledore always believed him and trusted him. Even if he still saw Harry as a child, he would always trust him.

As Harry came to a halt in the house, and he saw the letter Dumbledore had sent him last year about the horcruxes. It was in the box marked 'Harry, personal information.' Harry had told Crystal he would unpack this box. She must have forgotten. He didn’t want it unpacked. With the arrival of the twins, ha didn’t want to worry about the horcruxes. He had a general gist of what the last one was, but he wasn’t going to think about it. Too depressing.

He neatly folded the letter up and placed it back in the envelope. Then back in the box, which he then magically sealed.

"Levicorpus" The box lifted and he moved it down to the bottom of his closet.

He wanted to forget the last two horcruxes. Harry had been sneaking off to find the previous one, and destroyed it right before the twins came.


No answer. Harry picked up his walking speed calling again.

Still no answer. He reached the master bath. Crystal lay there holding a still, unmoving Alex.

He dropped to his knees as he realized what had happened.

"No." He muttered it rather than screaming. He couldn’t even muster the strength to hug her. His hands fell from his eyes, which were tear stained and red.

She couldn’t even bring herself to speak.

'He left this. I was going to take a shower, so I brought the cribs in there with me. He killed Alex as a warning. Through the fucking keyhole. He didn’t even have the bravery to open the damn door.'

Harry took the note that was left by the door.


This is my one and only warning. I admit I am fearful of the Elemental, but I have the strength to defeat her. I will break her down and ruin you, Harry, as I am sure you are reading this at some point. The connection will be what kills you.

Signed in blood..


Crystals body was shaking with her silent sobs. Harry reached over and took Alex from her. He stood and silently strode to the bed and lay him there. He walked back to Crystal and dropped back to his knees. He wrapped his arms around her and they stayed there until late at night. He rose her face and put his forehead to hers.

"We need to report this to the hospital, and to Dumbledore."

"Okay." It was all she could muster before collapsing back into her tears.

They did the needed things. All with as little movement and speech as possible. They were weak. Tired, and momentarily lost. They still had things to take care of, and many duties with Lily. Crystal was handling her loss because she had too. Harry was because he wanted to be there for her.

~~~Three days later~~~

"Yeah, Hermione. I'm telling the truth." He spoke with such a sadness that Hermione had to hold back the tears that threatened to spill over.

"Ill be there before you can hang up that damn phone."

And she was. She comforted Crystal in a way Harry couldn’t. In a way they shared a bond. The bond of femininity. They were helping each other without even speaking.

He knew they would make it through, but since she was so distraught, Harry had to make the plans for the funeral.

All the while, though, as Harry called different places, he couldn't help but wonder, how was Voldemort scared? He wasn’t even scared of the one boy who lived, the one strong enough to kill him, yet he was afraid of an Elemental? How was that possible? He would have to let it go until he could get the funeral over with, then he would start going over old battles sites looking for another horcrux. Seeing Alex dead was enough to push Harry over the edge. This was the end. Now, they would train until they found him, and the horcruxes, which would put an end to it all.

Harry knew where one of them was just from speaking to Crystal about her past. He had to go there, to her home. There was something there that had to be destroyed, and he was going to take care of it.

He had the funeral set up for tomorrow at their house, and he would be buried in the cemetery in the little town near here.

~~~~The next day~~~~

Harry walked out to see a small casket under a little tent, for it was raining slightly. He knew it was because Crystal was upset, she was making it rain. He walked down the aisle to hear 'I'm so sorry, Harry.' on many different occasions, and the rest were sobs. Not that many people were there, because it was to be a private ceremony.

As the funeral progressed, Crystals body began to quiver with crying. She son had to walk out, she couldn’t handle it anymore. Harry followed her, saying to the man, keep going.

He followed her to the edge of the pasture, where she saddled up a horse and took off, without even bothering to open the gate again, she just jumped it. Angel was fast, but Demon was faster, Harry got on and followed her as fast as he could, but he was always a few strides behind, trying to predict her movements.

She came to a stop at a little clearing, still oblivious that Harry had followed her. She sat in the damp grass of the dark forest. She was still sobbing, and soon looked up to see Harry there. He dropped beside her, and wrapped her in his arms. He rested his head on hers.

'You know, it doesn’t seem like it will happen, but it will. We can get past this. It will take time, but we can make it.'

'I know, I just feel this pain.. Something I cant even describe.'

'Use it, we can defeat him with this pain, because we have the love to get through it.'

'I know. I will kill him if it’s the last thing I do.'

As they sat, silently conversing, the night drew on, and they would soon return home to see Hermione sleeping quietly on the couch near Lily's crib.

They let Hermione sleep, as it was late, and there was no point in waking her. They fell asleep on the couch next to her, enjoying even having a friend such as Hermione there with them. Crystal was tormented by her dreams, dreams beyond horrid, but she would soon rise to find Lily asleep in her crib.

A/N: Ick.. I dotn like it all that much. heh. but yeah.. I hope its ok.. and I know timings for the kids growing up may be off.. but yeah.. go with it... lol.

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