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“I will not go out in public with those freaks!” petunia was screaming at her parents.


“You know Petunia you really shouldn’t talk about yourself like that. It’s bad for that self-confidence thing.” Lily said with a straight face, until she looked at Gabby who was red in the face trying not to laugh. They both burst out laughing.


“MOTHER! MAKE HER STOP!” Petunia screamed at a level of sound that Lily did not think was possible. She mentally clapped for her.


“Lily enough. Now petunia we’re all going to the beach as a family.” Emma started. Lily and Gabby squealed.


“WE”RE GOING TO THE BEACH?!” they both yelled happily. Her mother nodded. “YES!” they said. Then looked at each other and laughed. “One mind darling, one mind,” Lily said to Gabby. She nodded. It happened all the time. People were constantly asking if they were twins even though they look nothing alike. It’s odd.


“Fine,” Petunia huffed,” But Vernon’s coming too then,” she said with a smirk. Lily and Gabby got a disgusting look on their faces.


“Eww. I do not want to see him in a swim suit. Can you say scarred for life?” Lily giggled.


“Scarred for life!” Gabby said matter-of-factly. They laughed again.


“MOTHER!” Petunia yelled again. She looked appalled.


“Enough Lily,” Her mother scolded, although she looked a little disgusted herself. “If Vernon can come, he may. Why don’t you girls go get in your suits. It’s 12:30 now, I want to leave at the latest by 1:00. Tell Vernon, if he’s coming, to get here by 1:00. Now shoo!” Her mother said. Lily and Gabby scrambled up the stairs tripping and laughing the whole way while petunia looked at them like they were germs. Well… that’s life, thought Lily.




It was 1:45 and the Evans’s and Gabby were all in their car. Vernon couldn’t come, he had work at this company his father owns called Grunnings or something. So Petunia, in her one piece flower power bathing suit, was pouting in the corner, sitting as far away as you can in the back seat of a car from Lily. Lily was wearing a two-piece pink and green (her favorite colors) bathing suit. Gabby was wearing a two-piece brown bathing suit. They looked hot! Petunia huffed for the third time in 5 minutes and Lily looked at her.


“What freak?” Petunia asked her.


“Oh nothing,” Lily said smiling. Lily and Gabby couldn’t believe that Petunia, a 20 year old woman, was wearing that bathing suit in public.


Finally after an hour drive to the beach, they piled out and Lily and Gabs ran to the sea Baywatch style. They jumping in the water and splashed each other. They dove into the waves, rode them in, and got trampled by them too. Finally, they were exhausted and rode a wave on the sand on the beach. They slowly walked back to the blanket were Lily’s parents were sitting, but first they heard a man someone shout “Lily?” Lily and Gabby swung around and saw a gorgeous man. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, toned body and a lifeguard too. Gabby gasped and looked at Lily who was smiling really big.


“Roger?” Lily said as she ran to him and hugged him. “It’s been so long. This is my best friend Gabriella.”


He nodded and smirked while looking at her chest, “Yeah the last time I saw you, you defiantly were not this grown up!” he said happily. “And hello Gabriella, nice to meet you” he said with a wink as he shook her hand.


“Why do I keep repeating this to boys?” Lily said to Gabby, blushing. “My eyes are up here!” and yet again pointed to her eyes.


Roger blushed and looked up confused. “You’ve said that before? To another guy?”


“Yeah. To James Potter; a creep who’s obsessed with me,” Lily said with a smile. Gabby noticed this and cheered in her mind. But then again, this adorable boy could ruin her plans for Lily and James.


“Who’s James Potter?” asked Roger, sounding very jealous.


“A guy who goes to school with me,” Lily said. Lily looked at Gabby. She was staring at Roger like she’s never seen a guy before. Lily giggled and decided that she should probably get out of this situation for now. “But we have to go. My parents are probably wondering where we are.”


“Ok, Lily. But I want to see you again before summer ends.


“Defiantly. Bye Roger,” Lily said smiling and hugged him again. She blushed when he kissed her softly on the cheek. Gabby gasped.


“Goodbye Lily Evans, Gabriella.” Roger said flirtatiously as he walked away.


Oh. Mon. Dieu! Oh. My. God! Who was that gorgeous man who you know but never told me about?!” Gabby said accusingly.


“That was Roger Aida. We’ve been friends since I was 5 years old. Our parents used to be best friends. They’ve grown apart since then. The last time I saw him, I was about 14, he 15, and we had a summer fling. It was really nothing. Mostly hand-holding, swift kisses, or kisses on the cheek. We ended it at the end of the summer because I was going back to school. We didn’t love each other or anything, but it was fun,” Lily said reminiscing. Gabby sighed.


“Wow. Why didn’t you tell me?” Gabby asked her best friend.


“It seemed irrelevant. You were going through a rough time with your sister and everything I didn’t want you to think of me as a bad friend,” Lily confessed.


“Just because my sister was very sick and dieing doesn’t mean you couldn’t tell me anything.” Gabby said with a small smile. Lily nodded, and thought Gabby knows everything!


They walked back to Lily’s parents and told them they saw Roger. Her parents smiled but you could tell they weren’t exactly happy. Roger wasn’t exactly the most respectful boy. Not like James. Lily and Gabby went in the water for a little while longer and then it was time to go home. They drove back and slept in the car. When they finally got home Lily and Gabby ran up the stairs to Lily’s room to see who would shower first. Unfortunately for Lily, Gabby was a much faster runner and beat her to the shower. When everyone was clean and not sandy, they went downstairs to eat dinner. Then Lily ran upstairs to her room to grab a bag of some clothes, as she was sleeping over Gabby's for a couple of nights. She kissed her parents goodbye, and waved to Petunia, who rolled her eyes. Lily laughed and apparated to Gabby's front door. She knocked and heard running and she smiled. Gabby's little sister, Elle, opened the door. She was 11, going to be a first year at Hogwarts next year. She was going to be a heart breaker, gorgeous blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. Elle squealed and jumped up and hugged Lily. Lily dropped her books and hugged her back. She swung her around then put her down.


“Hey, Elle! Excited for Hogwarts next year?” Lily asked her. Elle nodded. Then Lily heard Gabby yell to her to come up to her room. Gabby was very rich, and her house was huge. It had 3 floors—the first had the lobby, kitchen, living room, and her parents room. The second floor was Elle’s floor. It had 2 bathrooms, her own room, a friends room, and a room where she had all her toys and games. Gabby's floor was the third. It was basically the same with 2 bathrooms, her room, a friends room, and a room for her TV. (ever since she met Lily se wanted a TV. a lot) and games. She also had a room to study and do homework, like a library and a study in one. Lily loved that room. Lily walked up the stairs with her bags. By the time she got to Gabby's room she was out of breath. She dropped her bags and feel onto Gabby's bed. Gabby laughed at her.


“Come on, you’d think that you’d be used to those stairs by now!” Gabby said


“I know!” Lily said laughing. They put Lily’s things away in her own dresser in Gabby's room. They ran down the stairs and slid down the bottom ones and Gabby's mother, Rachel, congered pillows where they were going to land. They laughed and helped each other up. They ate some ice cream and decided they were going for a night swim. They ran up the stairs again. Lily complained and said “Gabby, you should get an elevator in you house”


Gabby said “ele-what?”


Lily laughed, “it’s a muggle thing. Never mind.” Gabby nodded and smiled. Finally they got up to Gabby's room and changed into their bathing suits. Gabby smiled and apparated they away, because only immediate family could apparate in and own of the Davis house. Lily laughed and jumped into her huge in ground pool. Gabby followed quickly after.


They were diving and dancing off the diving board when they heard, “Looking good, Evans” from a familiar man’s voice.


“You too, Davis.” Said another man voice that sounded flirtly.





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