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Chapter 9: Hoggy Warty Hogwarts 

“I think we should throw him a welcome back party,” said Harry, taking a seat on his cot next to Ginny.  

“Who?” asked Ginny, looking at him and smiling.    

“Moody of course, who else has been gone?” answered Ron.  

“Ronald,” said Hermione, in a sarcastic tone neither Harry nor Ginny had ever heard in her voice before.  

“Good idea mate. When do you think we should do it?” asked Ron, ignoring Hermione.  

“How about tonight? He is already coming over anyway. We just need to make sure we can get all the guests here on short notice,” said Ginny brightly.  

“Okay, sounds good to me Ginny,” agreed Harry, smiling at his girlfriend.   “Ron and I will do everything, you two can go and get Harry an owl like you’ve been meaning to,” said Hermione, winking at her boyfriend.  

“Why do you always volunteer me for things?” he asked her, winking back. “Maybe we can get Fred and George to…” he trailed off.  

“I’m sure George would let you have some Weasley fireworks for the occasion,” said Harry, finishing Ron’s thought.

“Want to go with me and help me find a new owl, Ginny?”  

“Sure, let me go and tell mom. Then we can go,” said Ginny, as she stood up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.  

“So… Your not really going to spend much time on the party are you, Hermione?” asked Harry, who was on the verge of laughter.  

“Um, of course we are Harry!” said Hermione, unable to keep the blush from rising in her cheeks.  

Ginny walked back into the room.  

“Let’s go Harry,” she said, looking around at Ron and Hermione’s red faces and laughing.  


Harry wandered around Eeeylop’s Owl Emporium, scanning the rows of many cages filled with rustling, hooting owls of various shapes and sizes. Every pair of amber eyes seemed to remind him of Hedwig, every snowy owl made his heart leap, leaving him with a feeling of sadness, and even the owls that were completely different to her just didn’t capture his heart in the way that the graceful snowy owl had done.  

Ginny, who had been looking at the back of the shop, reached the cages Harry was standing beside. “Do you want to get another Snowy owl, Harry?” she asked, having just seen one that looked almost exactly like Hedwig.  

“No, it would remind me of Hedwig too much,” replied Harry sadly, now staring out of the window, deep in thought.  

“I suppose it would,” said Ginny sympathetically. “How about a nice Barn owl?”  

“Actually, I don’t think I could cope with having another owl. Being here right now, actually seeking to replace Hedwig just seems so wrong…Do you think there is anywhere that sells phoenixes?”

“I don’t know Harry, we could try Magical Menagerie.”

“Okay, sounds good to me! I just feel that if I get another owl, I am replacing Hedwig as if she meant nothing to me, know what I mean?”

Ginny smiled understandingly and squeezed his hand. “I know, Harry. Come on then.”

They left the shop, and stepped into the busy street, making their way to the Magical Menagerie, a large shop with cages full of small magical creatures lining the windows

“Welcome!” said the plump witch who owned the shop, as they made their way over to the counter. “Can I help you?”

“I was wondering if you had any phoenixes?” asked Harry curiously.

The witch laughed. “Phoenixes? Are you as crazy as Mrs. Cowl? Crazy old bat thinks she has a phoenix egg. Check her shop if you are going to peruse such a mysterious creature.” she said in a mocking voice.

“Where is her shop?” asked Harry ignoring her tone.

“Down at the end of the Alley.

“We'll go then,” said Harry, smiling at Ginny.

They walked to the end of the road, and found the strange little shop easily. The windows were dusty, and filled with various objects. Walking inside, Harry thought the shop looked like a cross between Trelawney’s classroom and Dumbledore’s office.  

A little wrinkled woman stepped out from behind a beaded curtain.

“I am Celestra Cowl. How may I help you?” she asked in a dreamy voice, similar to that of their divination professor.

Harry took a cautious step tword’s the strange woman. “I was wondering if you knew where I could get a phoenix.”

The old woman regarded him closely through silvery eyes. “Phoenixes are exceedingly rare. Why would you ask for one?” she asked suspiciously.

“Um… I belive that I should get one?” replied Harry, not exactly sure how to answer.

This seemed to satisfy her, however, as she did not question his answer.
“I have a phoenix egg," she said, and Harry glanced at Ginny in delight. “If it hatches when you touch it, then it was meant to be yours. You see, when the owner of a phoenix dies, the phoenix will burst into flames, and an egg, not a baby phoenix will form out of the ashes. Do you want to touch the egg I have? It flew into the shop quite a while back, and burst into flames here, but the egg hasn’t hatched for me.” 

Harry smiled. “Um, sure. But if it does hatch, how much will it cost me?”

“I could not charge for something that has never been mine,” replied Celestra, walking into the back room and returning shortly after with a golden egg nestled in her palms.

“So I just touch it?” Harry asked curiously, as she held the egg out for him to take.

“Yes,” she replied dreamily.

Harry cautiously reached out and took the egg from her, holding it in his right hand. For a moment, the small golden egg did nothing, but Harry could feel it getting gradually warmer against his skin. Then the colour changed, beginning to glow a deep, ruby red for a moment, before the shell cracked open to reveal a little baby phoenix.

Harry smiled, a warm feeling rising in his chest and filling a hole that had been open since the loss of Hedwig. He stroked the tiny fluffy chick gently with one finger, and the baby phoenix moved slightly under his touch, crooning softly.

“I guess he is yours then,” said the strange woman happily.

“Thanks,” replied Harry, staring at the phoenix. It looked strangely familiar to him.

Beside him, Ginny smiled. “He is so beautiful, Harry!”

The woman once again disappeared into the back room, coming back with a golden cage. “Here you go,” she said, “you can have this for him.”

Harry thanked her, and placed the small phoenix in the cushioned nest at the bottom, and after saying goodbye to Celestra, they left the shop, Harry carrying the phoenix in its shiny cage.

“She was a bit strange, wasn’t she?” asked Ginny, looking at her boyfriend and laughing.

“Who, Celestra? Yes she was,” he replied with a grin. “But she got me my phoenix, so I’m not complaining!”

“True…” agreed Ginny. “What are you going to name it, Harry?”

“I don’t know.... maybe Dumbledore. I think that Dumbledore would appreciate it being named after him.. What do you think?”

“I think he would like that.” she replied smiling.


When they returned home, it was to find that Ron and Hermione had miraculously managed to get everything sorted for Moody’s welcome home party, having invited all the guests and arranged the food with Mrs. Weasley.

“Harry! Did you find an owl?” asked Hermione, entering the room looking rather flustered, Ron close behind her.

‘Nope,’ replied Harry seriously, holding back his smile. ‘But I did get a phoenix!’

He moved away from the cage he was hiding behind his back, and Hermione and Ron both gasped as they saw the beautiful bird, which had now grown slightly, gaining a wonderful plume of red and gold feathers.

"Harry, mate, where did you find one of those?" asked Ron in wonder.

"Some really weird shop," replied Ginny. "The woman who runs it is a bit daft. He had rejected a load of potential buyers until Harry turned up. It chose him to be his owner."

"Wow!" breathed Hermione. "Harry, that’s really special."

Harry grinned. "I know…I’ve decided to call him Dumbledore."


The Hogwarts Express chugged swiftly through the countryside, and Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione sat in a compartment together, chatting and laughing, pleased to be going back to Hogwarts for their last year without the stress and worry of Voldemort on their backs. The rest of the summer vacation had passed by relatively quickly and care free. Mad-eye’s party went out without a hitch, except for when George released a case of fireworks, causing a few minor burns.  

Ginny sat leaning against Harry, her hand entwined with his. ‘It’s great to be going back for a normal school year,’ she said excitedly. ‘I can’t wait!’  

“Me neither!” said Hermione, from next to Ron, with just a tad bit more excitement in her voice.  Harry and Ron both laughed.  

 “Why are you laughing at us?” asked Hermione, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at Ron.  

He grinned. “Well it’s just like you girl’s, being excited about school.”  

“Oh, be nice, Ronny!” said Ginny sarcastically.  

“Ronny?” asked Harry, laughing.  

“How did you know that is what I call him when we are alone?” asked Hermione with an alarmed look on her face.  

Ginny looked completely surprised, and couldn’t keep the laughter out of her voice. ‘What, you mean that’s what you call dear Ronald when you’re alone?’  

Hermione blushed, realising she had accidentally revealed some unknown, embarrassing information, but was soon saved as the train began to slow, approaching Hogsmede station.   

“We’re here!” she said quickly, changing the subject.  

“Yeah,” replied Harry happily.  


They rode up to the school in the thestral drawn carriages, all dressed in the new school robes that the Weasley’s had picked out for them at Madam Malkin’s. They entered the Great Hall, and after a short speech, McGonagall started the sorting ceremony. A group of scared first-years stepped in front of the school, and the sorting began to sing.   ‘

Here I sit, upon a stool,
The brainiest hat In Hogwarts school.  

 My job is clear I sort new kids,
While others watch and cheer.  

Perhaps you are a Gryffindor,
Bold, brave and kind,  

Or maybe you are Slytherin
With a clever, cunning mind.  

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw Intelligent,
sharp and witty,  

Which leaves us with Hufflepuff,

Gentle, loyal and friendly.  

So come and see me,
Don’t be shy,
And put me on your head.   

I will look inside your mind

And see what talent I can find.’  

“It’s good to hear a plain and simple sorting song again,” stated Ron, looking across the table to Hermione.  

“Yes, I think it mean’s that we are starting over… and that there is no longer any warnings or threats to be told,” she replied.  

Gryffindor acquired several new members, as did the other houses, though their house gained more attention than the others as a pair of mischievous looking, black haired twin girls, Sarah and Daisy Peaxly joined the table.  

“Okay, I would like to sing the school song now, in memory of Albus Dumbledore. Sing it to your own tune,” called McGonagall, and with a flick of her wand, a ribbon appeared with the words of the song on it.  

‘Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something, please,
Whether we be old and bald
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling
With some interesting stuff,
For now they're bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we've forgot,
Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.’  

The new Gryffindor twins finished last, singing in a slow hymn tune.  

“They are the next Fred and George, aren’t they?” Ron asked Harry thoughtfully.  

“Well they do bare some very similar traits, and seem mischievous enough!” he replied.  

Professor McGonagall spoke up once again. “Now, before we eat, I would like Mr. Harry Potter to give a speech about last year’s event’s,” she called, looking over towards the Gryffindor table.  

Harry hadn’t been expecting this, but stood up willingly enough, and made his way over to the teacher’s table. He decided to give a variation on his speech from the press conference, as luckily that was still in his head from then.   

 “There were several items that needed to be destroyed before we could destroy Voldemort,” he began. “Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley each destroyed one of them and were key elements to his death. If it were not for those three, and several other people he would still be terrorizing us.  He is gone, and I would appreciate it if all of you would say his name, because frankly, he’s dead. Why should you live in fear of a dead man? Also, I would like to say that Severus Snape is the bravest man I ever knew, and was actually very helpful to Lord Voldemort’s downfall so I request his name be cleared of all charges. He was a great headmaster here at Hogwarts and actually protected the students despite the appearance that he was for Voldemort. You all defended the castle very well. If it weren’t for all of you, Hogwarts would not have re-opened. Finally, in the words of a man I greatly admired; nitwit, blubber, oddment, and tweak!”  

And as applause rang throughout the Great Hall, Harry stepped down from the podium, rather proud of his speech.  


Later that night Ginny walked into the common room to find Harry sitting there.

“What do you think you are doing down here, Mr. Potter?” she asked in a teasing voice.
“Nothing, just thinking,” he replied slyly. “What are you doing down here?”

“Getting my book,” she said, gesturing to the notebook on the table and sticking her tongue out. Then her expression became more serious. “How are you feeling, Harry?”
Harry sighed. “Okay. The same as when you asked me earlier. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m fine.”

“I am still going to worry Harry. I have almost lost you twice, you know.”

He smiled slightly in response. “I know Ginny, and you will never lose me again, I promise.”

“I know, I know, but it doesn’t matter how many times you say it, I’ll still worry… I love you,” she said, looking sincerely into his emerald green eyes.

Harry put an arm around her shoulder. She giggled at him and kissed his hand. “I am so glad it is all over.”

“Yeah, at least for the time being…” he trailed off.

“Let’s make the most of the time we have. This is our last carefree year, after that it is on to real life, with jobs and responsibilities.”

“I know Ginny, and hopefully marriage too,” he said, smiling at her.

She glanced at him, pleased, yet unsure if he was being serious or not. “Yeah…”

They talked most of the night until Ginny fell asleep at the end of the couch. Harry covered her up with a blanket he had summoned from the dormitory, and tenderly kissed her cheek.

“Good night my love,” he said, walking up the stairs to his dormitory.

A/N: Sorting hat song by rosai_gryffindor (my betta!) Okay,  I really really got stuck in parts of this chapter and my Betta totaly re-wrote them. You are such a big help Rose!!! I thank you. Please read and review, I thrivce off of reviews, expecially the long ones. I am starting on a different story now, so I will update it next, but never fear. After it's first chapter I will update thid one again.

Thanks for reading,
Mira, Laura, and Saves.

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