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'Harry, Ron, breakfast!' Ginny was calling them down.

Harry was already waiting outside Rons door as he walked out, his flaming hair ruffled. Ron smiled at Harry and they walked down the stairs. Near the bottom steps the aroma of pancakes being cooked drifted out to them. They walked into the large kitchen and sat at the stools at the newly built in bar. Hermione had bewitched the pancakes to cook themselves, slightly burnt just the way Ron liked them. But Hermione herself was smothering the already cooked pancakes in melted chocolate and syrup. Ginny had also bewitched some pancakes just the way Harry liked them, slightly golden with crispy edges. Again she was decorating his pancakes.

'Mmm, smells delicious!'Ron breathed in the gorgous smell.

'Tell  me about it!' Harry agreed.

Ginny walked over carrying both plates and Hermione followed with cutlery and extra syrup. Harry and Ron stuffed their food down, barely having time to taste it while the girls sat delicately on the table drinking pumpkin juice.

'Hermione, your ring is so beautiful, it really matches your skin tone!' Ginny exclaimed.

'Thanks, my Ronnie picked it out for me!' Hermione was extremely proud.

Ron simply smiled at this comment and relaxed back in his chair.

'Harry, me and Hermione are going out with some of the girls to celebrate.We'll be home by 7,OK?' Ginnysaid politely.

'Yeah, sure. Me and Ron will have a guy day then!' Bye Honey.' Harry said.

Ron and Harry walked the girls to the door and said their goodbyes, Harry saw Ron whisper something in Hermiones ear and pass her the key to his vault.

'OK?' Ron said the last part out loud.

'Yup, and I'll buy you some dinner.' And with a final kiss between the couples, Ginny and  Hermione left.

Harry and Ron returned to the ktchen and sat down again, washing down the pancakes with some pumpkin juice.

'Harry, can I ask you something?'


'Could me and Hermione possibly move in here. Staying with your mum when you're going to be married is a bit awkward. You know?' Ron said timidly.

'Yeah sure, I'll get the decorater in and you two can have the whole second floor, I doubt you'll want seperate bedrooms now!'

'No, we'll pay rent of course,wait, where will Ginny sleep?' Ron thought about his sister being left out.

'With me, like she normally does.' Harry replied calmly.

This answer freaked Ron out. His sister and his best friend. He knew it was happening sub consiouscly, and I guess he was OK with it. Unless he didn't think about it.

'Sorry, that must be quite wierd for you.'Harry replied, reading the look on Rons face.

'No. At first, but not now.'

'Cool. Are you going to send pidgewidgeon to the decoraters then?' Harry asked, a look of sadness on his face as he remembered his own owl, he mean to get a new one, but  he couldn't bring himself to do it.

'Yeah, I guess so. They're so quick these days, I bet they will already be finished by the time Hermione gets home!'Ron looked very happy.

So Ron went to call his owl and Harry went to bed, there was nothing else to do, he had a week off work.

'Harry, Harry, come look!' Ron said excitedly.

'What, what is it?' Harry said sleepily.

'The decoraters finished my floor!' Ron said.

'What, how long have I been asleep?'

'Two hours, they did it quick! Really quick! Oh, and do you mind if we share you're kitchen and dining room?'

'No, no, aslong as you don't mind staying up there sometimes! Me and Ginny need our privacy! Lets see it then.'

Harry and Ron walked down the two floors to Ron and Hermione's room and Ron gave him the grand tour. It was wonderful. The wal between Ron and Hermiones rrom had been knocked dow to create one very large bedroom. It had a large double bed with a dark blue duvey and velvet cushions and striped pillows, the walls were paint a lovely creamy colour on one side and the same blue as the bed on the other. It had th essentaials, a very large antique wooden wardrobe, shelves full of books Hermione would love. It even had Ron's first broom hanging up. It had everything a soon to be married couple would want. They had also koined up their bathrooms to create a very large onsiute with a large shower, astep inbath, and the tiolet and sink on an elevated area. They had turned Ginny's room into a study, One side for Hermione and one side for Ron, each with their own desk and everything. The living room ahd been painted in the same way as the bedroom, but they had a large squashy black leather sofa that had a foot rest and a sofa bed. They had a huge muggle television on the wall and a mini fridge in the corner readily filled with snacks and drinks. They had a coffee table that had pictures of everyone Ron and Hermione loved, all moving except for a few of Hermiones parents and her when she was younger. It was great, to wonderful to describe.Hermione would love it.

'Ronnie, I'm home!' Hermione called up the stairs.Ron jumped out from his hiding place behind a coat hanger and began to kiss her passionately.

'I have a surprise for you.' They kissed some more. 'Put down your bags and apparate with me.'

Hermione held on tightly to Ron while he covered her eyes. Harry and Ginny followed them up the stairs just in time to see Ron and Herione walk into the bedroom holding each other.

'Let's give them some privacy!' Ginny said laughing.

'Only if you join me on the top floor!' Harry sweeped Ginny off her feet and ran all the way to his bedroom with her and closed the door behind them.

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