AUTHORS NOTE- Well its been long in the works, I wrote about the time of Prisoner of Azkaban movie. But here it is, my death. Snape’s death, actually. I edited a bit after Deathly Hallows. I released because I was unhappy the way Snape died in DH. It’s my very first Fan-Fiction. Also, I plan to write three more stories, if you all like this one. I am working on a funeral for our beloved Potion’s Master. Also, a haunting rewrite to Dumbledore’s death. It all can be deleted, depends on your opinion. Do you like it?

Voldemort slowly stepped foreword to acknowledge that he had a worthy opponent. Severus Snape stood, wand at ready. The lush, overgrown forest was dense with fog. Small unmarked graves overpopulated were the two wizards stood. “You have betrayed me, Severus”. “I am all but disappointed”. Voldemort pointed his wand at Snape, and before he could block, a magenta-red light hit him, square in the chest. He writhed in pain; it engulfed him, and yet made him feel stronger. He lay helpless on the damp ground. He stood again. He spoke firmly, “Dumbledore’s Orders” and Snape shot a curse at Voldemort. 

Voldemort parried, and laughed. “Come now, Severus”. “This isn’t child’s play”. Anger was sent chillingly through his veins. Child’s Play? His thoughts ran wild of Voldemort body, lifeless and helpless. Curses flew at both men, until Voldemort withdrew a second wand. It was a long, white wand, made of ivory. It matched his other perfectly. He pointed his new wand at the sky, and a glowing green skull emerged. Snape yelled of pain, caused of the glowing mark on his wrist. Death Eaters appeared from the fog, each with a wand pointed at Snape. Voldemort’s cold laugh boomed over the graveyard. Faces that Snape recognized each were painted with a twisted smile. Had they known of his betrayal long before the news spread? Snape cleared his mind. He thought of a girl, with long auburn hair, and piercing green eyes. He slowly raised his wand, while Voldemort led his army foreword to him. 
  Before any of the Death Eaters, or Voldemort he could move, He shot a large, flaming phoenix at the group. It knocked out a few of the twenty-so that were there. Voldemort motioned for the others to stay back, to hold fire. He held both wands at the ready. Curses of green shot at both ends, and Snape dodged each one, but it took tremendous power and weakened him greatly. Voldemort shot two curses at Snape, and suddenly a phoenix could be seen over the night skies. It sang a song of resurrection. It swooped, and swallowed both curses. It started ablaze. Voldemort, along with his Death Eaters stared from the ashes of the phoenix to Snape. And before Severus Snape could move, the potions master was already dead. And behind a large grave, a tall figure emerged. It wore glasses, and had a scar on his forehead. The figure spoke “It was foolish of you to do that, Tom”. Voldemort looked quickly at the new guest. " Well, Well" sang Bellatrix, "Potty We-Potter". "Silence" Voldemort spoke, coming quickly of his trance.

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