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'Where are those boys! They were meant to be here 10 minutes ago!' Mrs Weasley was setting the table with food and rambling to the air.'Aahhh, Harry, Ron, you're just as bad as Fred and Goerge! Apparating everywhere. You're late!'

'But...' began Harry and Ron together.

'No buts, Arthur, Hermione and Ginny are waiting for you in the living room, tell them dinners in 5 minutes.' Mrs Weasly commanded.

Harry remembered this was exactly how they had been treated when they were only teenagers. Almost everyone did it, but Mrs Weasley seemed desperate to still have her youngest children remaining children.

Harry and Ron marched through the hallways decorated with the colouful moving pictures hanging on the wall, and soon they opened the small door to the large but cosy living room.

' Hey everybody! Ginny are you making desert, you make the best brownies!' Harry asked, taking his place in the armchair as Ginny sat on his lap.

'Mums making lemon meringue pie, but I saved some brownies from yesterday for you!' Ginny replied happily.

Ron went to sit by the fire but Hermione called to him. ' Ronald will you come outside for a minute please?'

As Ron walked out the room, Harry could see the bulging of the small velvet box in his back pocket.

'What did you want to tell me Hermione?' Ron took hold of Hermione's warm hand in his own and looked into her beautiful eyes.

'I'm not having a baby.'


'Do you still love me?'

'Of course I do, why would you think I wouldn't?' Ron reassured her.

'Well, you know, you asked to marry me after I said it, so I thought that might be the only reason. So you still want to marry me?'Hermione still didn't sound sure.

'Hermione, I...' There was a knock on the door and Ron walked away.

Hermione walked into the living room again and recieved very strange looks when people saw she was alone. Hermione ignored these looks and sat down next to the fire. A few moments later Ron returned with Mr and Mrs Granger beside him.

'Mum's little suprise.' Ron answered the unspoken question.

'Mum, Dad!' Hermione rushed towards her muggle parents and hugged them both.'I missed you so much!' With a swish of her wand Hermione summoned two chairs for her parents to sit on.

'DINNER!'Mrs Weasley called from the kitchen.

They alled filed out of the room andinto the kitchen. Ron went to sit next to Hermione but instead she moved to sit between her parents without a second glance at him. Instead Ron sat next to his father and a very romantic Harry.

'Ginny, this light makes you're eyes just pop...' Harry looked into Ginny's eyes and moved his chair closer to hers.

'Put a sock in it!' Ron was confused that could of been him and Hermione, what had he done to desrve the silent treatment?

'Ron has a point love birds! Not at the dinner table. Eeeeewwww!' Fred and Goerge had apparated into their seats from work.

'Please don't!' Mrs Weasley was getting extremely stressed.

They eat and drank merrily, Fred and Goerge telling them about a German witch who had come into the shop wanting a Smumzy Pluff, a illegal item, and how an Auror in the shop had jumped on her and nearly destroyed the shop. They all finished and sat back in their chairs full, apart from Harry who was being fed Brownie by Ginny.

'Erm, can I have your attention please!' Ron had stood up. 'I'm not a man of many words, so I'm goingto do this straight out.'

Ron walked over to a flushed Hermione. He bent down on one knee and took the velvet box out of his back pocket, 'Hermione Granger, will you marry me?' Ron delicately opened the box to reveal the beautiful ring

Ron placed the ring on Hermiones finger and smiled with relief, they both then stood up and kissed passionately with the ring of applause in their ears.

'I love you Hermione.'

'I love you.'and they kissed again.

That night, the four of them arrived at the burrow, had a quick glass of wine, toasting Ron and Hermione, then they went to bed.

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