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Harry hurried up the stairs to Kate’s apartment. It was five minutes after seven and he was cursing himself about being late. Tonight had to be perfect. He tightened up his tie and knocked on her door, which she opened almost instantly.

“Harry! They were beautiful,” Kate kissed him instantly, obviously pleased with her flowers. “I loved them,” she pulled him into the apartment.

“I’m glad,” Harry managed to say between kisses. “You look beautiful,” he held her out at arm’s length and took in her black and white lace cocktail dress.

“Thank you,” Kate blushed as she poured two glasses of white wine. “Where are we going tonight?”

Harry took the offered wine and took a sip of the chilled liquid. “Mmmm, I was thinking dinner at Valice and,”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Valice but it’s so hard to get a table there,” Kate gushed as her eyes got big with excitement.

Harry laughed and pecked her forehead. “I have connections. Then I was thinking of going and seeing ‘Cabaret,’”

“That’s such a lovely story, I love that show,” Kate said as she sat on the counter, pulling Harry towards her with her legs, his back to her.

“And then,” Harry rubbed her legs, having abandoned his wine glass, “I was thinking about a nightcap at our favorite bar, the Dizzy Dragon, and then coming back here.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kate purred into his ear as she kissed his cheek. “It sounds absolutely perfect. I can’t wait.”

“Good.” Harry stood there between her limbs, rubbing her legs as she rubbed his stomach and kissed his cheek.

“Baby,” Kate whispered into his ear.


“Where, exactly, is Diagon Alley?”

Harry’s half closed eyes snapped open and his fingers stopped caressing Kate’s knee. “Um, why?”

“Well, the flowers were just so beautiful that I thought I would go to that place and send my mother some.”

“Um,” Harry had no idea what to say. He was internally kicking himself for not telling Neville to use blank parchment for the note.

“And,” Kate continued, “while we’re on the subject, darling, I’ve never heard of a Dragon and Gabbini line. I’ve even talked to our Italian magazine and they’ve never heard of it either.”

“Um,” Harry could feel a sweat breaking out on his forehead and his heart was beating fast. “Uh, it’s almost time for our reservations, we should get going.”

“Wait, what’s the big deal? Why won’t you tell me?” Kate called after him as Harry removed himself from her legs.

“It’s not, I just don’t want to be late,” Harry lied looking for his jacket.

“Considering there is no such place as Diagon Alley or Rosemary’s Thyme. I looked it up online and cross referenced it with a friend of mine who works in the Department of Transportation in the Ministry. What’s the deal Harry?”

Harry loosened his tie. He did not expect Kate to follow up on his carelessly left clues, but she was a journalist after all, he should have expected this. “Okay, Kate, there’s something I have to tell you. I wanted to tell you later tonight but I don’t think we’ll make it there unless I say it now.”

Kate crossed her arms and watched him intently waiting for his explanation.

“Um,” Harry’s eyes searched for his abandoned glass of wine. He quickly spotted it and downed it in one gulp. Maybe the influence of alcohol would help him get through this. “I . . . I love you Kate but I haven’t been completely honest with you. Oh, Merlin,” he rubbed his face with nerves.

“Okay, okay,” Harry set the glass down, his back to Kate so he didn’t see her eyebrows quirk at the phrase ‘Merlin’. “God I love you,”

“I know, you’ve said it all ready. Harry, tell me!” Kate said irritably.

“I’m a wizard. There, I said it. I should have told you earlier but I was afraid you would look at me like you are now and leave,” Harry winced at Kate’s shocked, yet irate, expression.

“That’s it,” Kate mumbled from her perch on the counter, “that’s the big secret? A big, fat lie. Oh, oh, oh, don’t even try to get out of this,” Kate jumped off the counter, her heels slamming against the tiled floor and waved a finger at Harry’s opposing words, “I know what this is all about, this night, this . . . this confession, you want to break up with me!”

“Wh . . . what? No!” Harry yelled, he walked to Kate, but Kate dodged him.

“No! No!” Kate was furious, her cheeks were pink with anger. “I don’t understand what is wrong with you? Why are you lying to me to get out of this? If you want out, just say it Harry and I promise I won’t cry over it,” Kate yelled, tears all ready streaming down her face, ruining her perfect makeup.

“No! It’s true Kate, I’m not lying. This is who I am! I went to a school of Wizardry, that’s why I never told you about where I went to school. I’m an auror, which is a dark wizard catcher and, and, please listen to me!” The open bottle of wine on the counter fell over on its side, spilling its contents from Harry’s voice.

Kate was pacing in front of the couch, her hands over her ears, crying. “Stop it Harry! You’re doing this on purpose to hurt me! Stop it!”

Harry bit his lip, his emotions were beginning to take over him and accidental magic could ensue. He took out his wand and floated a tissue to her. Kate sniffled and watched the tissue float within her reach, and screamed. “Stop it! Get out! Get out now!” Kate ran to the door and opened it. “Get out, now.”

“Kate,” Harry started weakly, his heart beginning to break and tears welling in his eyes, “don’t do this.”

Kate shook her head defiantly, “No, you’ve all ready done it,” she nodded her head out the door.

“But I love you,” Harry whispered pathetically.

Kate was breathing deeply, taking care not to look at him. “No you don’t. Leave, please.”

Harry stared at her, not fully believing the situation. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, which allowed a tear to slide down his cheek before magically cracking out.


“He’s asleep!” Hermione cheered softly as she jumped onto the couch and wrapped her arms around Viktor. She had finally gotten Leo to go to sleep and now, she wanted some alone adult time with daddy.

Viktor had been dosing on the couch, a peril of marrying a Quidditch star, and Hermione nudged him awake. “No,” she whined, “don’t go to sleep.”

“We had a rough training session today and I’m exhausted,” Viktor kissed her cheek and rubbed her flannel covered thigh just as Harry cracked in and headed straight for the liquor cabinet. “Harry?”

“I should have never listened to you Hermione,” Harry growled as he fixed a bourbon drink.

“What happened?” Hermione asked as Harry gulped the drink and started to fix another.

“She left me Mione. I told her and she left me. Thanks a lot.”

Hermione looked at her oldest friend. His hair was disheveled and his eyes were rimmed red from unshed tears and alcohol.

“Harry,” she started carefully, “she had to know. It’s not like you’re other wizards.”

“And thanks for pointing out the obvious bookworm,” Harry snapped viciously.

“Shhh!” Hermione begged just as they heard Leo crying from his nursery, awakened from all the noise. “Harry,” she sighed, closing her eyes as Viktor went to get Leo, “sit down and tell me what happened.”

“I did,” Harry snarled as he walked over to her. Hermione was sure she had never seen him so angry. Harry threw something on the coffee table and cracked back out as quickly as he came.

“What was that all about?” Viktor asked as he came back out, Leo in his arms.

Hermione picked up what Harry had thrown on the table, avoiding Leo’s tiny hand from taking it out of hers. “Oh, no.”

Hermione’s jaw dropped from the sight of the glittering diamond ring.

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