A/N: I don’t know if any of you could help me but I am desperate. I just saw Agent Cody Banks 2. The Police Chief looks exactly like Arthur Weasley in the movies. I have been looking up everywhere if it is him and I can’t find out. If you know what actor plays the police chief than please tell me in a review. I hope you enjoy the chapter. Happy Reading! Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. Chapter 14 Ron had a red face and an out stretched hand walking toward Harry. “Ron what are you doing?” Hermione said walking slowing beside Ron. “I am shaking Harry’s hand. I know he can’t hurt Ginny.” Ron said shaking Harry’s hand. “Why are you so red?” Ginny asked standing up next to Harry. “Well this hole time Fred, George, and I have been willing to kill Harry to see what is in that journal. I just embarrassed.” Ron said looking down at his toes. “You still have Fred and George to convince.” Ron said looking at Harry and Ginny. “Well I’m a Weasley too. I think I can take care of them.” Ginny said hugging her brother. “I am so happy I don’t have to worry about you killing Harry.” Hermione said hugging Ron. “Well if you two don’t mind I think Hermione and I would like to sleep tonight.” Ginny said opening the door and ushering them out with her hand. Ron and Harry left the girls room and went down the stairs. “Well that’s a relief.” Ron said going into the room. “What.” Harry said putting on his pajamas. “I thought one of the reasons you to ‘broke’ up was because you liked Hermione.” Ron said getting into bed. “What?” Harry said yawning. “Never mind, I have been wrong a lot this week.” Ron said turning off the lamp. “Sorry about punching you in Diagon Alley. Oh and by the way Harry if I ever find you on Ginny’s bed again. I will kill you, just because you are soul mates doesn’t mean that you can get away with being in her room.” Ron said. The next morning Harry was awakened by someone climbing into bed with him. “Happy Birthday Harry.” Ginny whispered into his ear. The hair on the back of his head stood up. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny and she snuggled closer. “Morning Gin.” Harry said. There was a large snore in the bed next to them. “’Arry who are you talking to?” Ron said rubbing his eyes. “Quick under the covers.” Harry whispered and slide the covers over Ginny. “No one. You were talking in your sleep.” Harry said sitting up. Ginny giggled from under the covers. “What was that?” Ron said getting up and looking around. Ron flipped the covers up to Ginny biting her lip and Harry just in his boxers. Then if it couldn’t get any worse Fred and George had come apparated in right next to Harry’s bed. “Bloody hell.” Harry whispered under his breath. “Ginny you were just leaving right?” Fred said while Harry pulled on some jeans. “We need to ‘talk’ to Harry alone.” George said. “Actually George I needed to talk to you two.” Ginny said standing up out of bed. “Harry if you don’t mind I think it is time to tell them.” Ginny said getting for the journal. “Oh God your pregnant. I warned you Harry.” Fred said about to punch Harry. “FRED WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” Mrs. Weasley was at the door. “Ginny’s pregnant!” George blurted out. “Ginny your pregnant?!” Hermione said right behind Mrs. Weasley. “EVERYONE SHUT UP I AM NOT PREGNANT!!” Ginny yelled out. “I was going to show Fred and George this.” Ginny said putting the journal down on the bed and storming out. “Well why don’t you boys get dressed and meet me down in the kitchen for Harry’s special birthday breakfast.” Mrs. Weasley said leaving the room. Harry put on a shirt and put the journal away in his trunk, without looking at the twins Harry went to check up on Ginny. “Ginny you in there?” Harry said knocking on the door. “Gin?” “Come in Harry.” Hermione said threw the door. Harry opened the door. “Where is Ginny?” Harry asked looking around the room. Hermione pointed to her bed and there was a small lump under the covers. “Gin, you alright?” Harry said rubbing the lump. “You can come in.” Ginny said. “I will leave you alone, but if you two aren’t downstairs in 5 minutes I can’t hold back 3 Weasley boys.” Hermione said leaving the room. Harry climbed in next to Ginny. “What is wrong love?” Harry asked looking at Ginny’s miserable face. “How could my own brothers think I’m pregnant they are supposed to trust me.” Ginny said snuggling closed to Harry. “They trust you Gin, they just don’t trust me. You know since the saw you in my bed. I was only wearing boxers.” Harry said kissing Ginny on the lips. “Do you think this will get any easier?” Ginny said pulling the covers off and standing up. “I hope so I don’t want to be on your brothers murdering list anymore. Can we go down to the kitchen now?” Harry said with a smile. “Yes.” Ginny said leaning against Harry’s side and putting her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arm around her waist. Harry and Ginny went in the kitchen not looking at Fred or George. Harry and Ginny sat by each other as far away from the twins as possible. After about 5 minutes in an uncomfortable silence Lupin came in. “Happy birthday Harry.” Lupin said sitting down across from the couple. “Everything looks wonderful Molly you really out-do yourself.” Lupin said putting some eggs on his plate. “Well thank you Remus, I thought we should have a nice breakfast for Harry’s birthday.” Mrs. Weasley said glaring at the twins. “Molly I heard some yelling earlier, what happened?” Lupin said taking a sip of orange juice. “I really don’t know Remus I am sure Fred was just about to explain why he almost punched Harry.” Mrs. Weasley said throwing her napkin on the table and looked at her son. “Well we apparated in on Ron and Harry to see when they were ready to go and get breakfast. Ginny was in bed with Harry and he was only wearing his boxers.” Fred said in a hesitant tone. “You invaded their privacy and you assumed something before knowing what was really going on.” Mrs. Weasley said with irritation in her voice. “For that you two will be de-gnoming the garden today while we are celebrating.” Mrs. Weasley said starting to clear the table. “Harry dear I was going to bake a cake what favor would you like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?” Mrs. Weasley asked looking at Harry. “Chocolate would be great Mrs. Weasley.” Harry asked with a hint of excitement in his voice, it is going to be his first birthday with Ginny as his girlfriend. Later in the day Harry had just finished opening his birthday presents. Hermione had gotten him a book about the history of quidditch, Mrs. Weasley made him a sweater and fudge, Ron got him some chocolate frogs, Mr. Weasley gave him some muggle plug and batteries to figure out, Lupin got Harry a wand holder and polisher. They were all eating cake when Snape came in the kitchen with the same greasy hair, the same black cloak, and the same evil sneer. “What are you people celebrating Ronald finally learned to brew a proper sleeping draught?” Snape asked putting his hands in his pockets. “But why learn when Granger is always there telling you how?” Snape said with is possible even more evil sneer on his face. “Actually Severus it is Harry’s birthday.” Lupin said without a smile. “Aw.” Snape said with a hint of embarrassment in his eyes. “Why don’t you say happy birthday to him Severus?” Lupin said with a playful smile upon his lips. “I just came here to see Kingsley, but he isn’t here so I will be off.” Snape said spinning on his heels and leaving the room. “Wonder why he didn’t say happy birthday?” Lupin said with a grin on his face. Everyone started laughing when Fred and George walked in looking very gloomy. “Was de- gnoming the garden not fun boys?” Mrs. Weasley said with a little smirk on her face. “They kept biting us.” George said throwing his gloves on the table and taking a seat by Lupin. “Here Harry we got you a present.” George said handing Harry a box. Harry was a little hesitant of opening the package; it was from the Weasley twins. He opened to see a bunch of different candies from The Weasley Wizard Wheezes. “Thank you.” Harry said closing the box and setting it aside to finish his cake. “Fred and George isn’t there anything else you could say to Harry or Ginny?” Mrs. Weasley said. “We are sorry Ginny and Harry. We also would like to see what is in the journal. Please.” Fred said with a puppy face. This was the best birthday Harry had ever had.

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