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'Mr Weasley, your sister has arrived, you are welcome to leave.' said a plump nurse, smiling broadly over Ron's red hair.

'You mean Ginny?' asked a very ignorant Ron.

'Erm yes, Ginerva Weasley I think.' The nurse nodded.

Ron turned away, Ginerva Weasley, if Ginny says yes to Harry then she will be Ginerva Potter. Not Ginny Weasley. His sister would be given away to his best friend. He knew it would happen one day, but he never actually thought about it, let alone with Harry. It just didn't seem right, out of all the people she chose the chosen one. Once Ron had thought over this, he let out a small grunt of a laugh.

'My sister chose the chosen one, ha.' Ron mumbled to himself, thinking how it would have to happen some day.

'Ron are you OK, you were talking to yourself?' Ginny had walked in, she must of thought he was mad.

'Great thanks.'Ron lied, his head was in agony from all the thinking about that.
'Hermione's worried about you, we best get home.' Ginny looked very distant,and only came out of her trance when Harry came and kissed her cheek.

'Hey Gin, Is your mum worried?'Harry barely took her eyes off of Ginny luminous hair.

'Hermione more than anyone' Ginny replied, looking at Ron,'Lets get you home then, Hermione wants to see you.'

'NO!' Ron scowled at her, like it was a bad word.' I mean, I didn't finish shopping with Harry, right Harry?'

'Yeah,sure' Harry looked questionable.

'Alright, aslong as you feel able to apparate safely.' Ginny thought Hermione's fears had come true, Ron didn't even want to see her.

'Yeah, Ron can apparate with me anyway.Bye Ginny see you soon, around sixish? Are we still having dinner at The Burrow tonight?' Harry asked.

'Mums been cooking all day, so I guess we are. See you at six then.' And Harry and Ron had already apparated.

Harry and Ron moved across the sunny street and sat on an enchanted bench which had recently run away from two girls with heavy shopping.

'Ron, you do like Hermione don't you? You didn't seem to keen on seeing her again back there.' Harry asked, worried.

'Of course I do, I love her. It's just this morning I just kinda asked her to marry me from nowhere, but at dinner I want to ask her properly with a ring and everything. You know?' Ron twisted his thumbs nervously, talking about marriage made him think of his little sis.

'Oh, I wanted to get a ring for Ginny aswell. I'm going to ask her on my birthday though.' Harry began day dreaming again.

'Oh, OK then. The head auror said he had put my wages  into my account. So I need to go to Gringotts.' Ron was feeling like he was going to faint again.

'Yup, I spent all of my money. Let's go then.' Harry said joyfully.

They stood up and walked down the Alley to the large marble entrance to Gringotts, just as grand as ever. They walked in to the hustle and bustle of wizards,witches and magical creatures alike taking out money. Soon enough they were in the wretched cart that led to the boys' chambers. Ron was holding onto the edge tightly, Harry and Rons rooms had been moved furher and further underground as more money was put in.

'Could you make it go any slower than you did last time please?' Ron wasn't asking, he was begging.

'One speed only, 150 mph.' Croaked the ancient goblin.

Ron gulped and nodded. The journey was much faster as the rails had been washed, and things were moving very smoothly. They made record speed of 201 mph and the goblin himself shouted 'Wahoo!'.

They arrived at the volts, Harrys and Rons were beside each other. Ron handed the goblin his key and opened his carefully locked volt. Inside the room was half full with Gold, no Sickles or Knuts, just Galleons, 100's of 1000's of Galleons.  The Goblin counted out 100 Galleons and Ron put them in a leather pouch.

'Mr Potter, your key please.' Commanded the Goblin.

'Oh, here you go.' Harry handed over is finger size key.

Harry vault was twice the size of Ron's and the Galleons piled high up to the cieling. Harry took out 500 galleons. Ron thought that atleast his sister would be treated like royalty.Harry always was a gentlemen. After locking up the vaults the Goblin returned them to the Reception of Gringotts. They marched outside ino the sunlight and covered their eyes from the light.

'Wow, I guess it was dark down their. So,lets get to Madame Diamondes.' Harry was extremely eager.

They walked in silence with their cloaks drooping from the weight of the money.

'Oy, you. Rich blokes, give ya moneys ta someone 'oo needs it!' A ragged man had walked out of Knockturn Alley and was talking to Harry and Ron.

'Avada Kadavra!' The man yelled as green sparks shot out of his stumpy wand.

'Expelliarmus!'Harry used his signiture move as he dodged the green sparks with ease.

The crooked wand shot out of the mans quivering hand, and the man himself looked shocked for a moment before charging at them with his fists in the air.

'Petrificus Totalus' Ron said calmly, and the man fell to the floor, his limbs stuck to his body as if glued there.

'Expecto Patronum' Harry whispered something to his impressive Patronus and sent him away.'To the ministry, they can take him away. I thought we caught all Voldemorts small time followers?'

'So did I.' said Ron.

Harry and Ron were the best aurors in the world,and were not even startled by the sudden attack. Instead they just made their way to the jewellers shop. They entered the store and a small bell rang above their heads. You couldn't see the walls in the place because enchanted jewerelly was hanging in thin air everywhere.

'May I help you?' said Madame Diamondes.

'We are both looking for wedding rings.' Ron said excitedly.

'OK over here then. Follow me.' They followed Mrs Diamondes through the large glittering shop for 2 minutes before they reached the rings. Everything was so beautiful, they had every stone in every setting in every size. Ron was dazed, he found the cheapest ring and it was 105 galleons. Darn. Harry was watching Ron and kindly offered him 50 galleons. Ron accepted thankfully,promising to pay him back later and soon found the perfect ring.

It was beautiful, a medium diamond in 12 carrot white gold. Ron looked over to see Harry taking a 450 Galleon ring, 20 carrat gold, a large circular diamond with to small blood red diamonds in the shape of two delicate hearts. It was beautiful, the best. Ron knew Ginny would just melt. They both paid for the ringsand apparated to Grimmauld place, Harry's home.

'You can leave your ring here until this evening if you want, to surprise Hermione.' Harry relaxed onto his leather sofa.

Grimmauld place had had an extreme makeover. It was beautiful. Everything was expensive,Ginny Ron and Hermione even had their own rooms, given to them already decorated for their birthdays years ago.

'Thanks, I'll put it in my bedroom.' Ron was already headed up the stairs.

On the way he passed Kreatures room, decorated with Mrs Black's screaming portrait, all the clothes Hermione had given him and the old Black belongings he wanted to keep.

'Hi Kreature, hows Mrs Black?' Ron joked, Mrs Black had taken to going to her other portrait in the ministry, she had donated a lot of money ther when she was alive.

Kreature simply grunted at this. Ron continued to the third floor which belonged to himself, Ginny and Hermione. They even had their own bathrooms and living room. Ron walked into his large room and sat on the single bed near the window. Hermione and Rons room where next to each other and they had created a small hole in the wall which they sent notes through.

'Hey, Ron, I just remembered Ginny's staying the night, so could you take care of my ring for me please?' Harry asked.

'Yeah sure mate' Ron replied happily.

Ron had got over his jealousy, he'd figured Harry was a better auror then him, so he got more money, and he got the money his parents had because they were dead, Ron would rather have family then money. He had proved that he wasn't stubborn about it because he lent him 50 galleons. And Harry Potter would be family after he married Ginny. And on this thought, Ron fell asleep.

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