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Author’s Note: This is a dream sequence so please refrain from telling me I got things wrong, they're supposed to be.

It was raining. The wind was pushing it slightly sideways and it felt cool against her fevered skin.

The match had been intense. Hufflepuff and Slytherin both vying for the cup, both using tactics that had made her yell so loud she had lost her voice. But she didn’t care. Her mind was on the feeling of the rain as it ran down her neck and soaked through her robes.

Someone rushed past her, followed by several others and she had to focus her eyes before she realized it was the students returning to the castle after the match. They all looked so very odd in the rain. Was it the rain that made all the Slytherins’ faces look distorted and gruesome or was that their sour moods? The Hufflepuff’s all seemed to be smiling, welcoming her to join in their chanting.

“Ho-rah Hufflepuff!” They chanted over and over, the sound of it ringing in her ears until she could no longer contain the enthusiasm she felt and joined in with them. It felt so right, being out in the rain celebrating a great victory.

The other Slytherins looked at her crossly with their disfigured faces, but her mind did not focus on them. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, these people were her friends and the ones she had to answer to, but her focus did not waver from the welcoming celebration of the yellow and bronze crowd that now circled around her.

“Ho-rah Hufflepuff!” The chant sounded again and she joined in the dizzying cheer even though her voice was hoarse from the match.

The Slytherin team stalked past her and she caught sight of blond hair that looked almost white in the rain. Draco. He didn’t even stop for her. He didn’t even glance over. She wasn’t bothered. Her boyfriend, perhaps the love of her life, had completely disregarded her and she felt as if there had been a weight lifted from her chest and she was now free to delight in the celebrating Hufflepuffs.

Their victorious team ran past her and the rush of wind caused her robes to rustle even under the weight of the rain. They were still wearing their Quidditch robes and the mud that the storm had created now spattered them out of their previously clean state. But they didn’t care.

Pansy marveled at this. Appearance fell to second and pleasure in one’s friends became the primary facet of stature. Her eyes watched the crowd of hugging and cheering Hufflepuffs until she suddenly found herself face down in the mud of the storm. She rolled over.

The gruesome and distorted faces of her own Slytherin housemates stared down at her, laughing. All the celebration, all the joy, all the rain vanished from her senses and was replaced by their jeering.

She felt something inside her tighten and she grabbed at her robes, trying to stop whatever it was that was cutting off her breath, making her gasp for air. She suddenly felt panic, shame, and tried to turn herself away from her mocking housemates. She tried to find the storm again, tried to find the feverish jubilation she had lost.

Instead, a hand found hers and a piece of fabric began wiping the dirt from her face. A pair of brown eyes looked back into hers and the face of her new savior smiled at her. It was Justin Finch-Fletchly, the lead Hufflepuff chaser.

He lifted her up from the ground where she had fallen and they began to walk back towards the castle, she could hear the sounds of celebration growing louder as they went.

But they never made it to the large wooden front doors. The rain started up again and she was pressed up against a wall on the side of the castle. Justin pressed up against her, his weight gently holding her in place.

She felt his hand run through her hair and she thought of Draco. Justin’s hair was full and thicker then Draco’s although it looked identical in the rain. His eyes watched her with an intensity that Draco had never been able to manage and his muscles held her in such a way that she felt far safer. They shivered in the cold…or was it her touch?

She felt his lips travel down her neck in a path Draco’s never took, the sensation causing warm chills to rush down to her toes and up her spine. It felt amazing.

And the rush of desire she felt as his fingers brushed her stomach caused her to grip his shoulder so hard that her nails dug into his skin. He snickered at her reaction and slowly let his hand move farther up her shirt…

….and then she opened her eyes.

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