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Dedicated to a new writer of Teddy...Dracana! *hugs* It's good to know I have someone else hooked to him.

Chapter 1 – Strike a Pose

“Alright, guys, this is the last one. I would hate for you to have to miss the train on the account of just wanting to be around us.”

Sirius smirked as James wrapped his arms around several new First Years and he did the same. Several other students stood before them, cameras at the ready. Remus and Lily just stood off to the side, waiting almost impatiently for James and Sirius to be done playing ‘playboy’. It was just a few hours into their Seventh Year and already both Remus and Lily were tired of how the other two were acting. It got worse every year as their popularity grew. The Marauders, as everyone knew it, were the here all and be all of Hogwarts. With the last year looming in the very near distance, Remus knew, more than anyone else, that James and Sirius were going to make every last minute count. He wasn’t quite sure how Lily stood it half of the time. She just waited patiently as more First and Second Years crowded around the two most popular of the group. Peter was nowhere to be found and he…he was just tired from all the commotion.

“James, for Merlin’s sake, we’re going to be late!” Lily yelled, scolding him at the same time. Apparently it didn’t do any good as more pictures were taken and lights flashed. “Why does this seem to get worse every year? You would think he was going on the front page of the Daily Prophet or something. Forever Mr. Popularity.”

Remus cleared his throat and shifted his stance as Sirius and James got more comfortable with the attention. “You’ve been dating him since Fifth Year, Lily. You should know how this goes. Now with this being our last year, he’s going to be worse than ever. There’s no one to knock them down off down the totem pole. They are at the top of the food chain. All of the girls want them and all of the guys want to be them. There’s no stopping their reign of terror this year.”

“Oh, Merlin!”

“It’s Teddy Wolfe!”

Lily and Remus both looked at one another as the group of First Year girls that had been surrounding James and Sirius, raced toward the other end of Platform 9 and ¾. The squeals and screams echoed all around them, making both of the onlookers flinch and cover their ears, silencing the piercing sound. Peering over at James and Sirius, Remus couldn’t help but laugh as he saw his best friends with their jaws hanging open.

“What just happened?” Sirius asked, bewildered.

James took a cautious step forward, peering down the platform. “Who the bloody hell is Teddy Wolfe?”

“He’s only the hottest new Seventh Year to hit Hogwarts,” replied a giddy Second Year. “He transferred from somewhere in the Americas. Every girl has been clamoring to see him. How could you guys not know about him?”

Lily smirked. “Yeah. How could you guys not know about him?”

Sirius’s eyes practically turned into slits as he moved along side of James. “Bloody hell,” he mumbled. “This was our year, James. What the bloody hell just happened?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, James just shook his head. “Damned if I know, Sirius. We were just the center of attention…”

“And now you’re like any other normal student,” Lily spoke up. “It’s about time someone finally took away the spotlight.”

The train whistle sounded, but even the screams from further down drowned out the familiar sound. Sirius and James still stood there, flabbergasted as to what was taking place. It only brought a smile to Remus’s face. Someone had finally nabbed a spot higher than James and Sirius. Popularity had gotten to the both of them, and he was finally glad to see someone else stepping in. Lily might possibly get more one-on-one time with James, while Sirius might find someone who was actually serious about him. Remus couldn’t help but be happy about the entire situation. There was only one question that remained…

Who was Teddy Wolfe and when could he thank him for the reprieve?

“Is he really here? Oh Merlin! It’s really him!”

Three Fifth Years squealed as they raced by. Sirius extended his arm and grasped one by the shoulder as if he was catching fish with a net. She yelped and quickly turned around, slapping his arm away. His eyes went wide with horror as she put her hands on her hips, completely annoyed by his action.

“Sirius Black, right?” she asked irritated. “You’re the one they call ‘playboy’?”

Sirius smirked and half-way bowed. “At your service.”

Shoving a piece of parchment at his chest, the young girl smiled and slowly began to sashay away. “Meet your new competition. The Marauders are no longer on top. Seems like you guys have some work cut out for you this year.”

“Give me that!” James quickly snatched away the parchment and gazed down at the picture on it. It was an old copy of the Daily Prophet. A full page spread was now dedicated to the boy that everyone was flocking to. “Teddy Wolfe: the Brightest Star Hogwarts has to Offer.”

Lily started laughing and couldn’t seem to stop. She was gasping for air as both Sirius and James glared at her. “Oh…oh…that is too funny for words! Merlin, I can’t…I can’t breathe.”

“Brightest…bloody…star!” James didn’t hesitate and ripped the parchment in half, the pieces flittering to the ground. His chest was heaving and his breath ragged. “Who the bloody hell…?”

Remus placed a firm and caring hand on James’s shoulder. “Would you calm down, Prongs? It’s just another Seventh Year. There’s nothing to get hot about. So what if he’s popular. He’ll be yesterday’s news in a few days. Just breathe and relax. You and Sirius will have your thrones back in no time.”

Most of the students were clamoring to board the Hogwarts Express while Sirius and James continued just to stand there, as if in shock. Girls and guys were whispering amongst themselves, even pointing and staring at the two Marauders who always seemed to have it all. Why did it feel like, all of a sudden, they were put into a bubble? Remus had never liked the fact that he had to live up to a standard. There was no point in it. Why couldn’t he just be who he wanted to be? It had never been his intention to be popular. He knew who and what he was, and what he transformed into once a month. There was no need to draw any more attention to what made him hate himself. Being with the Marauders, however, gave him some place to belong. The popularity and benefits that went along with it wasn’t something that he readily enjoyed like Sirius and James. No. He enjoyed the fact that Sirius, James, and Peter understood who he was and didn’t shun him for it. But he always seemed to pick up the pieces when someone else came into the picture. This one didn’t seem like something the boys would get over easily. Now with Lily finding it rather amusing, himself included, the fallout would be more than anyone bargained for.

“He’ll be yesterday’s news today,” Sirius warned. “Where the bloody hell is he? Surrounded by his entourage?”

Through the mass of girls that seemed to have gathered at the end of the platform, came a tall young man that seemed to walk with a purpose. Remus stood there just watching as if the new boy was walking in slow motion. The crowd parted as he continued down the walkway. His smile was bright and his demeanor light and happy. Remus would have thought he would have acted like a rich, spoiled brat. The new boy was nothing of the sort – at least upon first glance. He seemed normal yet held an air about him that demanded everyone to look at him. It was much like James and Sirius had tried to pull off for years but had never succeeded in. There was just something about the new kid that seemed…

“I’m going to kill him. I’m going to put my hands around his neck and choke the life out of him.” Sirius began forward, but Remus grasped his arm tightly. “It’ll be simple and life will go on as planned. Oh! I can cast him into oblivion. No one will find him there.”

“Stop acting like a two-year-old prat, Sirius,” Lily commented, grasping James’s hand as he seethed with anger and tried to step forward. “He’s just an exchange student. Let it go.”

“What’s so special about him?” James asked angrily. “I don’t see anything different about him. He’s just…normal.”

Normal wasn’t the term Remus would use and with the way Lily was looking at him, he didn’t think she would either. The ends of the new boy’s black hair could be seen under the tight, wool cap he wore. The top two buttons of his shirt was open while his hands were deep in his pockets. There was no swagger to his step or any bounce. The new boy new his boundaries and knew what worked for him. It was something, Remus hated to admit, that James and Sirius never had.


As he peered over his shoulder, a quick flash of a slim body breezed past him. He watched curiously as the new boy swept up a young girl into his arms. She looked no younger than them, but more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen before. The new boy held her close, as if afraid to let her go. Her auburn hair blew in the light summer breeze. Even from a distance, he could see her sparking blue eyes that seemed to hold several rays of sunshine in them. Hanging his head sadly, Remus assumed that the new girl was the new boy’s girlfriend and pushed the thoughts of the new girl away. The new boy was luckier than Remus had first deemed him to be.

“We’re going to be late,” she told him, grasping his hand tightly. “The train is about to leave.”

“Mackenzie, I hardly think we’re going to miss the train,” Teddy said, still beaming at her. “You just need to calm down and…”

Mackenzie rolled her eyes as she peered over Teddy’s shoulder, seeing the drooling girls standing there as if in wait for the chance to speak with him again. “I think we should get you on the train, Romeo, before you get attacked by another herd of First Years. I’m definitely not your publicist and I’m not selling tickets without making some sort of profit from it.”

Laughing, Teddy put his arm around her shoulders and began to walk slowly toward the train. “No, you’re not my publicist. You’re sharing the spotlight with me. Remember?”

“It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it,” she grumbled. “We’re walking into uncharted territory here, Teddy. This is Marauder country. Even I heard about them in Boston. You never cross a Marauder.”

“The girl at least has some sense,” James mumbled under his breath.

“James!” Lily scolded, elbowing him in his ribs. “He hasn’t done a bloody thing to you. Drop it before this gets out of hand.”

Before anyone knew what was happening, Remus noticed Sirius moving to step in front of Teddy and block his path to the train. He stood still, not sure what Sirius had up his sleeve. There was no telling what Sirius would do. He had always been the unpredictable one – hot headed with a very short fuse.

“So you’re the newbie.”

Teddy let his arm drop from around Mackenzie and extended his hand out for Sirius to shake. “That’s right. Teddy Wolfe, newly transferred to Hogwarts. And you are…?”

Sirius pushed Teddy’s hand away and took another step forward. They were practically touching noses as he jabbed a finger into Teddy’s chest. “Let’s get something straight right now…you are definitely in Marauder territory. This is our year and our school. So get down off of your high horse and learn to respect the ones who have been here long before you ever thought of being here.”

“Merlin, Sirius…,” Remus began to say but quickly quieted himself as Sirius glared at him. “He’s just a new kid. Drop it!”

A new kid that looks awfully familiar… Remus couldn’t put his finger on it, but there were features that seemed so recognizable that he had almost missed it the first time he laid eyes on Teddy. It was as if he was looking in a mirror. The dark features…the eyes that stared into nothing and found meaning in everything …it was almost spooky to see someone the same as him yet…not.

“James, don’t do this!” Lily pleaded as James pulled away from her and stood along side Sirius. “You are bigger than this!”

“Why don’t you just walk onto the train and just forget the reputation you already seem to have. I’m sure you and your girlfriend…”

Mackenzie stepped right into James’s personal space and nearly pushed him onto his backside. “I am not his girlfriend. And for your information…just because you think you rule the school doesn’t mean you do.”

“Mackenzie…” Teddy grasped her shoulder and pulled her away from James. “Look…I’m just here to learn and graduate. Nothing more and nothing less, guys. It’s not my fault I’ve been put on this pedestal…”

Sirius shoved Teddy back and one more time for good measure. “You’re going to be knocked off of it long before we even reach the front doors of Hogwarts. Am I understood?”

Remus was about to lose it. This wasn’t the way the Marauders acted. Suddenly James and Sirius were acting like complete prats that wanted nothing more than to rule the school. The Marauders weren’t only popular; they had been deemed the ones to usher in the new students. They made them feel wanted and like they belonged. Suddenly it was as if they had done a complete U-turn. What happened? Remus knew he needed to put a stop to this, whether James and Sirius hated him for it or not.

“That’s it!” Remus exploded, shoving Sirius back before he did any more damage. “Get on the damn train.”

James and Sirius both looked at him in shock. “Remus…,” Sirius began to say.

Remus held up his hands. “Don’t. Just don’t. We’re better than this! Merlin, it’s not his fault. Just accept the fact of what’s going on and deal with it. We’re Seventh Years and this is not the way to set an example! Get on the bloody train before I knock you into next week.”

“You don’t understand, Remus…” James tried to spit out but couldn’t.

“No, you don’t understand! If you want your reputation back, act like two men instead of two First Years. This is ridiculous!” Sighing, Remus gestured to the train. “Just get on the train before you embarrass yourselves any more. Please…”

James and Sirius, looking at each other once again, both eyed Teddy warily before turning and heading for the train. Lily trailed behind them, not sure if her words were necessary. Remus stood there, seething. It had been the first time, that he could ever recall, that James and Sirius had actually angered him in such a way. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but he felt a connection to the new boy and felt the need to protect him. There was really no way to explain it. James and Sirius had gone overboard with their threats, their egos more inflated than they had ever been before. Not only had they embarrassed themselves, but they had embarrassed the Marauders. He was apart of that group. Maybe not the most popular, but definitely the most dedicated. It was unfair to him and Peter when James and Sirius started acting like prats. He was the book smart one and apparently the one with the common sense. This year was going to be harder than any before, and he was going to have to be the one, yet again, to keep the peace.

“I want to apologize for my friends,” Remus gently said, holding out his hand for Teddy to take. “They’ve never acted like this before. But then again…they’ve never had a threat against their own reputations. So for that I will be the bigger man and say I’m sorry.”

Teddy beamed at him and shook his hand firmly. “There’s no need to apologize. It’s completely understandable. But know it was never my intention to come here and destroy anything. The reputation of the Marauders precedes the lot of you. It’s just amazing to meet any of you much less all four of you.”

“Your accent is rather…British for being American,” Remus commented. Their hands disconnected and it was as if something broke inside of him. He had no idea what it was, but he was getting more and more curious by the second about this…Teddy.

“My mother and father were both from this area,” Teddy said sadly. “I…I grew up in Boston when they died.”

He hung his head in shame as he took a deep breath. There was a connection between them. He, too, had lost his parents when a werewolf took their lives. The pain was still there…still deep within him and hurt more and more every time the full moon peaked.

Gazing up, he felt Mackenzie’s eyes on him, watching him curiously. But Remus pressed on. “I know what it’s like to lose parents. I’m sorry for your loss.” There was a brief pause before Remus could find the strength to continue. “Look, if you need anything when we get to Hogwarts, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll try to keep James and Sirius in line, but that might be hard to do. Just don’t take anything they say to heart. They would never do anything to try and hurt you. I’ll make sure of that.”


Turning and walking away, he could still feel their eyes upon him. The thoughts that were racing through his mind were too much to handle. Between bringing up the past about his parents and finding common ground with Teddy, it was all a big jumbled mess. He needed to figure out what was going on and fast.

This year was going to be an interesting year and not one he was sure he was going to enjoy.

“Merlin that was bloody amazing!”

Teddy was oblivious to Mackenzie’s outburst. He watched, silently, as his father walked sadly away and stepped onto the train. It wasn’t exactly the way he had planned it, but he had met his father for the first time. The experience was something he would never forget.

“Teddy, are you alright?”

A single tear snuck out from the corner of his eye. Merely nodding his head, he grasped Mackenzie’s hand and smiled. “Thank you.”

Mackenzie looked over at him curiously. “For what?”

“For this. You have given me the opportunity to meet my father. For that I will be forever thankful.”

Pulling on his hand and walking toward the train, Mackenzie smiled back at him. “Now is the opportunity, Teddy. Take it and run with it. The door is wide open. Remus said you can go to him about anything. Make sure when the opportunity strikes you grasp it. Don’t hold back, Teddy. This is your moment. Please don’t hesitate.”

Teddy knew what he had to do now. He was in the spotlight. There was no getting out of it. The Marauders knew who and what he was. The only problem was…

…his father had absolutely no idea who he was. But Teddy would find the strength to tell his father that he was everything his father wanted him to be and more. For now he would continue to be the heartthrob everyone saw him as, and continue to be the son deep down he knew he was.

A/N: Well, here is yet another chapter with my Teddy story. *hugs Teddy tight* I love writing him and hopefully it will show soon. I will be taking this story from three different POVs (maybe just two), but definitely Remus and Teddy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I'm looking forward to writing the rest of the story. As always...thanks for reading and reviewing. *hugs*

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