This chapter contains a scene of a mild sexual nature (non-graphic suggestive situations and suggestive language). Take note that you can skip over it and still follow the story.


Lily frowned as she sat in the second prefects’ meeting that week. She was exasperated with the way things were going. It seemed as if every time an idea was brought up or an assignment was made, someone had something to say over it for an exorbitant amount of time. Needless to say, her interest was waning. She was technically leading the discussion and the meeting so this was definitely a bad thing for her to be doing. James was with her, of course, but he was being nothing more than the diligent helper, magically writing everything that was important on the empty wall space behind her. He liked to let her run the meetings.

Personally, she thought that was silly of him. He was ten times better at controlling this monstrosity of a group than she was. The group all listened to her for the most part, sure, but if James had something to contribute, they all looked to him with rapt attention. She knew why. It was because he had this amazingly powerful presence that you couldn’t help but be captivated by. If she ever mentioned this to him, he’d say that she had no idea what she was talking about or blush horribly at the idea that he had anything of the sort. But it didn’t change the fact that he did. Looking back over the years, even when she couldn’t stand him, she had always thought that about him. She supposed that was why he had irritated her so much to begin with— she couldn’t keep her attention off of him no matter how much she had wanted to.

Like now for instance. Beatrice Delmont, seventh year Slytherin replacement prefect for Bellatrix, was being such a snobby bitch. She was now listing off as many reasons as possible for why the Slytherins should not have to be subjected to something as trivial as helping with decorations, particularly because she was a female. She had her button nose stuck up in the air, her dark brown hair was perfectly straight and primped, there wasn’t a wrinkle in her clothing, and she was looking at her fingernails as if she had more important places to be. If that was the case, Lily thought it would be more prudent for her to shut up so they could all leave. Anyway, the point to all of that was that Lily was no longer paying attention to Ms. Delmont and her little rant because her attention had been quite unintentionally summoned to her handsome, sexy boyfriend with the powerful presence sitting on her right. He was much better to look at and think about anyway. She wasn’t staring at him yet; at least, she hoped she wasn’t. He looked equally frustrated at how things were going so she hoped he would say something soon. Maybe then people would shut up and move on. Then the two of them could go snog somewhere and get some homework done before their patrol.

Was it her or were there suddenly a bunch of people looking expectantly at her? She totally must’ve been blanking. She glanced over at James quickly to get her bearings, only to find him looking at her too with an amused smile. “Lily, you were going to summarize after all that?”

Lily jumped in her seat, quite obviously distracted as she fumbled through the parchment in front of her. Damn him for being handsome. Damn Remus too for laughing at her all the way in the back of the room. “Uhh, right. Ok, so here’s what we have as a final rundown. All of the fifth year prefects are going to help the band when they arrive at 4pm on the day of the dance; Professor McGonagall is going to be there for that as well so all of you will meet with her during that time. The sixth and seventh year Hufflepuff prefects are going to be working with Professor Sprout with the menus for the dinner portion of the dance and helping to organize food options within the dormitories for the third years and below that evening. The sixth and seventh year prefects from the remaining houses are going to be helping with decorations starting at 3pm on the day of the dance in the Great Hall. Professor Flitwick mentioned to me that he’d be willing to help with that. Everything else should be taken care of.”

James smiled quietly to himself. It was obvious the girl had muted out the entire last ten minutes of talking and drifted off into space, which wasn’t surprising, considering how distracted she had looked when he had just spoken to her. She was cute when she was all flustered. He secretly wondered what she had been thinking about because listening to Beatrice had been quite an earful, something he would have liked to forget. He continued her incomplete train of thought with a sigh, “And all of the girls will be allowed to leave at 5pm so they can get ready for the dance because for some odd reason, it takes girls at least two and a half hours to get ready, according to Beatrice’s long-winded whine. And no, Beatrice, we are not going to revisit the idea of whether muggle dress clothes should be allowed. It was already voted on previously. You can still wear either muggle dress clothes or dress robes.”

Lily’s startled look told him she had indeed not heard any of that. Beatrice was now pouting and rolling her eyes. James just smirked back at Lily amusedly. “Anything else then?”

Lily shook her head at his question before addressing everyone, “No, come see either of us if you have any questions about anything. We’ll make sure to remind you all next week about the times you’re supposed to be helping.”

And with that, everyone started to disperse. The Slytherins all rushed out of the room with their snooty faces in the air, with only Severus lingering briefly to glance back toward where she and James were sitting with a look of loathing on his face. The rest of the house prefects were all talking animatedly and excitedly with one another as they departed. Lily saw Remus talking awkwardly with Sophie Lawrence, the pretty sixth year Ravenclaw prefect. She waited until Sophie left to bring up what she was thinking, considering she had seen him talking with her a lot over the past week. “Remus, are you going to pull your head out of your butt and ask her to the dance already? You’ve been drooling behind her for like a week now.”

James started laughing at how upfront she was being; he supposed Remus blushing furiously was also a factor. “Sirius and I asked you about that earlier this week, and you didn’t blush like that for us!”

Remus growled at them both, although it didn’t help his blushing problem. Lily saw his eyes flash, and for the first time, she saw the hint of the beast within him, like a show of quiet and ferocious strength. “Shut it, Prongs. If you mention this to Padfoot, I’ll kill you.”

This only made James laugh harder. Lily just smiled knowingly. “Why don’t you ask Lauren to help you out? She and Tasha are in the same year as Sophie. She can feel her out for you.”

Remus scowled at her, but it didn’t even seem to faze her. She was still smiling, as sweet as ever. How she ever ended up with someone as crazy as James he didn’t know, but they somehow fit like no two people he had seen before— right now being a prime example. “You’re so evil.”

Lily laughed. “Great! Now you, Sirius, and James know that about me!”

James grabbed Lily’s hand to lead her out into the corridors, still snickering. “I don’t see why it bothers you so much, Moony. Just ask the girl. Forget about what you are so concerned about for just one night. You deserve to have a good night out.”

Remus nodded with a sigh. “Maybe I will then.”

He eventually left the two of them to start his prefect shift that night with one of the Hufflepuff prefects, leaving James and Lily to themselves. The two of them did piles of homework and practical work in their common room before heading out to do their nightly patrol. The halls weren’t as busy as the last week had been, which was due to all of the quidditch madness, but there was still always something for them to do the whole time.

James, in particular, was tired. He hadn’t exactly been getting enough sleep over the last month, and it was finally starting to catch up to him. There had been those detentions, then it was prefect and dance issues, and then it had been quidditch. There was also the onslaught of homework that just wouldn’t quit because they were NEWT students. After their nightly patrols each night, he was starting to really feel the exhaustion. He was definitely running on empty. It was pretty much a guarantee that he was going to be taking things easy for the next few weeks.

Lily looked over at him amused as he plopped onto the couch, leaving her with hardly any room to join him. She reached out and tugged on his arm gently so he would get back up. “Come on, sleepyhead. I told you a long time ago that you should get more sleep.”

He sighed as he let her pull him back to his feet. “You should just leave me here. Then, you can sleep out here too.”

Lily giggled. “I think I’ll sleep in an actual bed tonight.”

He shrugged absently as he let her pull him toward his dorm room door as he yawned. “You should just come and sleep with me in my bed.”

Lily stopped suddenly and turned around to look at him curiously. That was when James realized what he had just said in his sleepy state. His eyes widened, and he quickly tried to backtrack so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea and get upset, but his tired mind couldn’t seem to quite keep up with his words, “I mean…I meant sleep in the ‘sleep’ sense of the word. Not the other way. I mean, I would like to do that too— well, one day…It should be obvious I find you attractive, right? But I would never pressure you into doing something you weren’t ready for, and I was just thinking that we’ve been sleeping next to each other a lot out here which doesn’t seem to be an issue, and I really like doing that, and I know…”

Lily wasn’t really listening to what he was babbling on about when she had turned around to look back at him. He was being quite adorable in his tired state. His voice kept getting faster as he tried to articulate what he was thinking in a way that wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable; not to mention he was looking at anything but her with a slight tinge of pink rising up from the back of his neck. She bit her lip to keep from smiling at how sweet he was being. It’s not like it was something she hadn’t already thought about before, considering they had spent a number of nights out on the couch in their common room. In fact, she didn’t really mind sleeping in his room at all. She gently grabbed James’ nervous hands that were gesturing all around him, essentially quieting him. He still couldn’t quite look at her so she pulled his face around so she could look him in the eyes. “James, that’s not a bad idea. I’m not mad. I still have a few things to do though so I’ll just come in and join you in a bit, ok? You go on and get some sleep.”

Lily continued walking over to her room, leaving James staring after her with a rather blank, startled look to his features. She closed her door with a smile. It was one of those girly smiles that she tried to keep to herself. He was so sweet and such a gentleman. She thought it was odd that she found those traits rather sexy about him. How she lucked out, she’d never know.

She got her stuff together for the next day, checked over a couple of potions she had been brewing in her room (which were about done), and changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a camisole. She headed over toward James’ room and entered it quietly. He had left the lights on, but he was most certainly already sleeping in his bed, lying on his stomach with one of his arms under his pillow. He had changed into pajama pants and an old quidditch t-shirt, one with his last name scrawled across the back. She thought it was odd he had even bothered with a shirt, especially considering the number of times she’d seen him without one. She liked seeing him without one— a lot. She felt like such a hussy for thinking so dirtily about him, but the boy was hot. She vaguely wondered if she was ready to do more than just snog the boy senseless. She cared so much about him, it was crazy. He was the only one she wanted to be with. She made her way over to his bed, saying quietly, “Nox.”

She crawled under his dark blue comforter as quietly as possible before sliding over towards him. She was lying on her side and her stomach as she watched him sleep. She could watch him like this anytime. He was laying half on top of his comforter and half not so she fixed that. She hadn’t made a move to actually touch him, and yet his breath hitched in a way that let her know he knew she was there. His one arm reached out to pull her close to him and he rolled over onto his back, ultimately allowing her to be resting on his chest like she had been the time he had slept in her bed. She felt him kiss her forehead and run his arm down her back in a way that made her feel incredibly special. But nothing prepared her for when he mumbled out, “Goodnight, Lils, I love you.”

Lily froze on his chest. His breathing hadn’t changed so he was definitely still very much asleep. Did he really just say what she thought he just said? It was so out of the blue, and yet, completely welcoming at the same time. She couldn’t stop the huge smile from creeping across her face. He loved her.

She remembered her Mum once telling her a long time ago that whenever someone was asleep, they oftentimes would unleash hidden truths or say things that were weighing on their mind. Lily found out about this firsthand of course; that’s how she and Petunia had gotten her Mum and Dad to say yes to certain things as kids— by talking with them in their sleep.

She didn’t even hesitate. There were no doubts in her mind; if there was one person out there for her, she had already found him. “I love you too, James.”

Lily felt him rub the sliver of exposed skin on her lower back gently in response. If every moment could be as great as this one, she would be happy forever. Now, if only she could get him to say it when he was awake…


James woke up grumbling. Damn that stupid ass personal alarm charm crap that was beyond annoying to him and was screwing up his sleep. He moved his arm to reach for his wand, only to hear a feminine sigh when he shifted. James froze. He opened his eyes to see a slightly blurry blob of red hair on his chest. Lily was still sleeping, and she was lying on him. He suddenly couldn’t stop smiling. He remembered her saying she was going to come into his room to sleep, but he didn’t remember her actually arriving. Well, he wasn’t disappointed. He gently ran his fingers through her silky red hair until the reason for him waking up in the first place started grating on his nerves again.

He reached out the arm that wasn’t wrapped around her toward his nightstand/desk or whatever the hell it was to grab his wand, only to find he couldn’t reach it without moving and probably waking Lily. This was hell. He kept reaching in frustration until he let out an annoyed sigh while hitting his bed with his hand. His wand suddenly flew from his desk into his hand. He waved it quickly, finally silencing the dull roar that continued to echo inside his head. That’s when he heard Lily’s cute laugh. “Did you just use wandless magic, James?”

He groaned. He hadn’t meant to wake her. He wanted to go back to sleep, seeing as he was quite cozy with his very beautiful girlfriend at the moment. “Yes.”

Lily was surprised. “I didn’t know you can do that.”

James just mumbled, “Mmmhmm.”

Lily ran her fingers down his chest gently, biting her lip to keep from smiling, seeing as he was obviously trying not to get up. He was not a morning person she knew, but she was. She didn’t care though; she thought it was rather cute about him. “Alarm charm got you down? Shouldn’t you be getting up now?”

He grumbled and suddenly flipped her over so she was lying on her back. He ignored her slight yelp of surprise as he laid down next to her burying his face in her neck with his arm thrown casually over her stomach. “Go back to sleep.”

She chuckled at him, letting the hand of her free arm, the one he wasn’t lying on, move gently over the arm now draped over her stomach. “But your alarm went off.”

He sighed. She wasn’t going to be quiet; he just knew it. He supposed he didn’t really mind. “I always set two.”

Lily was curious. “You mean, like a muggle snooze button?”

James groaned in frustration. “Where’s your snooze button?”

She laughed. “You’re mean.”

He tightened his hold on her. “No, I’m not.”

Lily sighed. She could get used to him holding her like this in the morning. “Do you remember me coming in here last night?”

He was curious about her sudden topic change. “No. Why? Did I do something?”

Lily wasn’t sure how to bring it up. She was pretty sure it was true, but she really wanted him to say it when he was conscious for her to believe it fully. “Well, I don’t know. You told me you loved me for one thing…”

James tensed slightly at her words. He knew it was true, but he hadn’t planned on telling her that yet. He’d been telling her he loved her for years, but when he had started thinking that he finally knew and understood the woman he had been infatuated with for most of his life and that he really loved her, like really loved her, he hadn’t known how to articulate it like he had before. Apparently, he had done it without even knowing about it. On the upside, she didn’t seem upset, and was, in fact, teasing him about it. That could only be a good thing so he let himself relax against her with a sigh. “Well, it’s not like it isn’t true.”

Her heart skipped a few beats. He just admitted it. She knew she was probably smiling like an idiot so she was quite happy he wasn’t looking at her. “Good because I said it back.”

James’ eyes popped open. She loved him? If this was true, it was bound to be the happiest day ever. “Really?”

Lily bit her lip to keep from smiling. He sounded so adorable right now. “Mmmhmm.”

This he had to hear for himself. He shifted a bit, pulling her even closer to him, letting his fingers run over the bare skin of her flat stomach because her camisole had run up a bit while she had slept. He slowly kissed up her neck before leaning to whisper in her ear, “I love you.”

Lily’s heart was beating incredibly quickly. That had to be one of the sexiest things he’d ever done to her. She turned slightly and found herself looking into James’ hazel eyes. “I love you too.”

He smiled slightly before leaning over to kiss her. Lily was just about to pull him closer to kiss him more thoroughly when he pulled back suddenly, completely frustrated. She was just about to question his sanity until he reached for his wand, waving it in an annoyed fashion. He laid back down next to her with a long, exasperated sigh. Lily started giggling at him. “Guess it’s time to really get up, hmm?”

He rolled his head over on his pillow to look back over at her still lying where he had left her, as gorgeous as ever, twirling her hair absently with an amused smile on her face. “Unfortunately.”

He was staring at her. She liked it more than she should at the moment; it was making her want him badly. However, she had to get up, and they had to get to class. Maybe they’d have some time together later. She leaned forward, kissing him quickly on his lips. “See you in a bit then.”

James watched Lily get up and leave. Seeing her cute little body saunter out of his room in a pair of short shorts and a camisole was not going to leave his thoughts anytime soon. Not to mention, she was in love with him. Lily Evans loved him— James Potter. His day was already perfect.


The two of them walked into breakfast together, and almost immediately, James noticed Sirius looking at the two of them oddly. He knew that if anyone was going to notice, it would have been him. While Sirius may have his moments with being impulsive or temperamental, one of his good points tended to be his innate perception about certain things, particularly changes in mood. James gently shook his head at him, indicating he’d tell him later. He didn’t need Sirius embarrassing the living daylights out of the two of them. It wasn’t his fault that after saying ‘I love you’ to each other, they both tended to look a bit happier than usual— or a lot happier than usual. Lily, at least, hadn’t noticed Sirius and had turned her attention to Remus. “So, did you ask her yet?”

Everyone immediately turned to Remus, who began blushing slightly. “Yes. Geez, you’re worse than the guys.”

Lily laughed. “Oh, shut up. She said yes, am I right?”

Remus just nodded while Sirius looked on at the both of them curiously. “Who said yes?”

James rolled his eyes. “Sophie, Padfoot. You remember.”

Sirius nodded and looked at Remus appraisingly. “Nice work. I knew you weren’t spineless.”

Remus made a grab for him, but Peter was in his way. “Ouch! Next time, warn me before you do that Moony!”

Remus apologized to Peter, but eyed Sirius. “Who you going with then?”

Sirius didn’t even hesitate. “Kaitlin Grunner.”

Everyone was surprised and started making comments because Kaitlin from Hufflepuff happened to be heavily considered the most beautiful girl in seventh year but also completely unattainable because she didn’t date. Lauren, however, just rolled her eyes and stared at him pointedly. “Have you even asked her yet, Sirius?”

Sirius frowned as he looked over at Lauren. “Oh yeah, I should do that.”

Lily was about to comment, but Lauren held up her hand wearily. “I’ll handle this one, Lily. Sirius, lesson #246 in tips for girls: you must ask a girl to an event, no matter what said event is. Plain and simple.”

Sirius smirked at her. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Christina nudged him. “Oh, come on. Lee even asked me, and we’re dating.”

Sirius frowned at this, and eyed James, who in turn, smiled cheekily. “Yes, Padfoot. I asked Lily too.”

Now, he scowled. “You just did that because you’re whipped.”

James rolled his eyes. Nothing could bring him down today. “And I’ve told you I have no problems with that.”

Lily started giggling. “Leave him alone, Black.”

Sirius turned to Lauren. “Is Dan taking you?”

Lauren nodded, playing around with her food. “He asked me at the quidditch party.”

Sirius sighed. “Wormtail, do you have a date too? Am I really the last one?”

Peter nodded, surprising them. He was rather shy and had a hard time with girls, especially because unlike the rest of the Marauders, he was shorter, a little plumper around the middle, not a quidditch player, and not amazingly talented with magic. “I’m taking Jenna Nelson from Hufflepuff.”

Lauren looked at him quizzically. “Fifth year, right? I think I know her. She’s really nice.”

Peter nodded. “Yep.”

Christina nudged Sirius again, her eyes twinkling. “Better get a move on, or your dream girl will probably be taken.”

Everyone laughed as Sirius rolled his eyes. Only Lily seemed to notice he looked rather sad as he looked at Christina. That’s when she remembered what James had told her in Hogsmeade a while back. She immediately widened her eyes into her breakfast. She wondered if Sirius still liked her. Everyone else continued to talk animatedly about their dates and the dance, but she looked over at James to see if he had caught the moment with Sirius. However, he was looking rather troubled as he gazed over at the professors’ table. She gently touched him on his back, startling him, so she immediately became concerned. “What is it?”

James looked back over at Lily in surprise. He hadn’t wanted her to catch what he was thinking about. It was something that had completely slipped his mind in his happiness— something he would have to tell her about his family now. He gave her a small smile, leaning in towards her ear, “Remind me to tell you about something when we have a lot more time and we’re alone, ok?”

Lily was looking at him curiously now, but she nodded and turned back to her breakfast. She would definitely remember to ask him about it later.


The day went by rather quickly. Lily had Arithmancy and Ancient Runes though so it was one of those days where she met James for dinner instead of just walking with him for most of the day. She made her way towards the Great Hall, which was jam-packed with people already. She had no idea how she was always one of the last ones there on this day every week. She immediately spotted the Marauders and Christina, but both Lauren and James were not among them. She sat down with a sigh. “Where are Lauren and James?”

Sirius grimaced. “Lauren is arguing with Dan right now, over to your left. If you see her pull out her wand, remember to duck for cover. James is talking with Dumbledore in the back corner. I’m not surprised you didn’t see him. They’re making an effort to be inconspicuous. Doesn’t work with me though.”

Lily was surprised. She glanced over to see what he meant about James, and noticed that he and Dumbledore were both indeed in a very serious discussion standing off to the side in the shadows. She then turned her attention to Lauren, who looked rather ticked off, but not like she was gonna explode; it was more like she was highly annoyed with whatever Dan was saying. “Interesting. I think Lauren will be ok though. She doesn’t look that bad.”

Within five minutes or so, James returned to the table looking deep in thought. Lily’s brow furrowed. “You ok?”

James just nodded, grabbing some food. “Add it to the list of ‘I’ll tell you laters.’”

She nudged him, chuckling. “Aren’t you full of secrets today...”

His eyes were mischievous when they glanced back over at her. “Maybe.”

His attention was pulled away from her when Sirius kicked him in the shin. He narrowed his eyes at him. “What?”

Sirius gestured slightly toward Lauren, who was still arguing with Dan. “Do you know what that’s about?”

James frowned as he eyed Lauren looking so upset. “No. I did mess with Dan’s quidditch gear as a prank, but I swear it wasn’t that bad. That was before the Ravenclaw match though. He didn’t seem upset then so it’s got to be something else.”

Lily glared at him playfully. “You pranked him? You promised Lauren you wouldn’t!”

James looked back at her with a wicked smile. “No, I promised not to prank Ben Hatcher. We never discussed Dan.”

The boys all started laughing at that while Lily rolled her eyes. Lauren decided to march over towards them just then, sitting down in a huff, mumbling something about boys. Lily frowned at her obvious irritation. “Are you ok? What happened?”

Lauren looked troubled and like she didn’t want to answer her question. She glanced at everyone in frustration before saying, “I’m sorry, guys.”

Everyone was confused for a moment, but then Lauren started talking rapidly in French which caused James to stop eating and look up at her in surprise before he just waved his wand at his side. Suddenly, no one could hear anything. Lily was puzzled and looked to Sirius for an explanation, but he just shrugged as he scrutinized James who was now speaking. “They’re still speaking in French. James knows I’m a good lip reader. Whatever it is, Lauren didn’t want us to know, and apparently, neither does James.” He waved his wand at his side, ultimately looking at James with disapproval when no noise was restored. “And that was not a normal silencing charm.”

Lily frowned. It was unlike James to do something like that. She watched Lauren and him continue to converse. “Well, it must be important.”

Meanwhile, James eyed Lauren curiously and spoke in French, “Keep talking in French so they don’t know what we’re saying; I just did the family silencing charm. Now, why did you tell Dan how we’re related? I thought you said you would come tell me if you wanted to tell someone? Dumbledore doesn’t want us to be talking about any of that to new people, especially now. You two aren’t even dating officially.”

Lauren sighed. “I know, but he was going off about some rumors that are going around about the two of us being in some secret love triangle with Lily because you kissed my cheek in the damn common room. I had to dispute that. No offense, but that’s just gross. I do like him, you know. It’s not my fault that the boy hasn’t asked me out officially yet. Maybe I’ll meet a nice boy in Miami and forget all of this melodrama.”

James made a face. “That’s disgusting. People actually think we’re dating secretly? Have they not seen me with Lily?”

Lauren shrugged, and smiled wickedly. “Obviously not. I don’t see how anyone could miss how in love the two of you are though.”

James looked back at her surprised. “How do you know?”

Lauren waved a hand at him. “Please. I’ve known since Christmas Break. When are you going to tell her about everything?”

James sighed. “The next time we have some time alone I guess. I hope she’s not mad.”

Lauren looked at him pointedly. “She’s not going to care. She loves you already, dumbass.”

James looked at her amused. “Point taken. So what about Dan? You only told him about me, right? Nothing more?”

Lauren nodded. “Yep. He was being such an ass about everything. I think he was just jealous because you caught me on the quidditch pitch. Now, maybe he’ll relax. You are quite the strapping young man, capable of making other men insecure, you know. Personally, I never took him for the jealous type. Is it wrong to find that sexy?”

James rolled his eyes. “There are some things I don’t need to know, sis. Did you make sure he was going to keep the knowledge to himself?”

Lauren nodded. “Yep. He was rather embarrassed when I told him the truth. The next quidditch practice you hold will probably be interesting. Hailey’s back in classes finally, right?”

James grinned evilly. “Yeah, we’re having practices again starting next week. I’ll have to cook up a better prank for him now just for being mean to you.”

Lauren gave him a look. “Don’t be too hard on him, but I suppose he deserves it for being an ass just now.”

James laughed. “Will do. Don’t say anything when I undo the charm, ok?”

Lauren sighed. “I wasn’t planning on it.”

James waved his wand again, and suddenly the loud hustle and bustle of the Great Hall hit his ears. Everyone was looking at the two of them expectantly. Well, there would be no explaining. He just went back to his dinner with a sigh. He noticed Lauren did too. Sirius looked bothered. “You’re not going to say anything, James?”

He looked up at Sirius, slightly pained. He had already argued on Sirius’ behalf to know everything, but it hadn’t got the go ahead because of Sirius’ impulsivity and loose tongue, on occasion at least. Plus, Sirius did not know Occlumency. He refuted everything about pure-bloods, including that useful art. At least Lily was learning. He was going to talk with her about more practice later too, especially if he was going to divulge the information he was planning to. “I really can’t. One day maybe, but not today.”

Lily was eyeing James curiously. He hadn’t looked over at her, but he had reached the hand he wasn’t eating with down to hold her hand. Maybe this was more of what he wanted to tell her later. This later discussion seemed like it was going to be rather loaded. She squeezed his hand and continued eating. She wasn’t going to give him a hard time about it. Whenever they were alone, he told her lots of things she knew that the guys had no idea about. And, he loved her.


James had evaded her questions about whatever happened a few days ago, continuously saying he would tell her later. She supposed they had had a few things left to do with the dance and then there was homework. He also went out with Remus and the guys last night for Remus’ furry little problem. However, she was worried about whatever it was. She could tell something was weighing heavily on his mind. She hadn’t slept in his room last night because he had been out with Remus, but now it was 9am, she had nothing to do, and she wanted to talk with him about this. She made a quick decision to wake him up.

She opened his door quietly and smiled at seeing him fast asleep. She made her way over to his bed before climbing onto it and crawling up to him to nudge him. “James, time to wake up.”

James groaned into his pillow. “Lils?”

She bit her lip to hide her smile. “No, it’s the Queen of England. Now, wake up.”

He grumbled at her but eventually rolled over onto his back, his hazel eyes struggling to focus on her. “Yup. Definitely evil.”

She glared at him playfully. “Funny. You have things to tell me.”

He sighed. “Yes, I do. Can I take a shower and get dressed like you first, love?”

She laughed. “I always like a nice smelling man.”

He sat up and kissed her gently. “Give me ten minutes max.”

She nodded and watched him walk into his bathroom before leaving his room to wait in the common room. She read through a book on ancient protective charms that James had gotten her from his house while she waited. It wasn’t long before he made it out of his room, yawning. “You must be really obsessing over this to make me get up at 9am when I just went to bed at 6am or so.”

She nodded, moving to sit closer to him on the couch. “You seem to be worrying about it, whatever it is.”

He frowned. “Well, I’m worried about something completely different, but now that you mention it… Anyway, let’s talk about the other things first.”

Lily was really interested now. “What do you mean?”

James sighed, and pulled out his wand, casting a bunch of different spells around the two of them. Finally, he looked into her pretty green eyes with a smile. “I love you.”

She smiled instantly. “I love you too, you git.”

He laughed. “Well, that’s one of the issues— not a bad one, but the reason for this discussion in the first place. I have to tell you about my family now so that you…understand.”

Ok, he totally lost her. She was completely confused. “Why would that make any difference?”

He shook his head. “It doesn’t, but there are some things you should know is all.”

She was looking at him curiously. “Ok then.”

James sighed. “Before I get into it, we need to discuss your Occlumency. It will be rather necessary for you to know it once you know what I’m about to tell you. I’m pretty sure you’re ok for now, but as the information will reveal, it is necessary for it to be kept a secret. I’ll help you with it. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t tell anyone else about this either.”

She nodded, and he looked at her for a moment before just saying simply, “Professor Dumbledore is my great-grandfather.”

Lily’s eyes widened. “Holy Merlin.”

He laughed. “Something like that exactly.”

Lily was still looking back at him incredulously. “How in the world has that been kept a secret?”

James pointed to his head. “Occlumency, Lily love.”

She nodded, still rather taken aback. “While this is monumental news, what does this have to do with you and me being in love, silly?”

He sighed, looking at her hesitantly. “Well, I had to let you know because Dumbledore’s family line, which includes me, had this interesting charm placed upon it a long, long time ago for honesty purposes that continues with every generation.”

Lily looked at him confused for a second, but then her green eyes widened in understanding. “You can’t lie to Dumbledore.”

James shook his head. “No, I cannot, which comes to my next point. Technically, neither can you now.”

Lily was looking at him oddly. “What do you mean?”

He grabbed her hand in his, playing with her palm as he spoke to her, “I love you, of course, but because you love me back, we are connected via the heart so now you can’t lie to Dumbledore either. The charm works so you cannot lie to an elder of the family. The other part is that neither one of us can lie to each other, which shouldn’t be a problem since neither of us do that. I just wanted you to know about the charm.”

Lily’s brow furrowed. “That’s heavy, but I’ve never lied to you and don’t plan to so it’s not a big deal. So, since your last name is Potter, I’m assuming Dumbledore had a daughter at some point that married into your family?”

James nodded. “You’ve met her. My Gran, Aimee.”

Lily laughed. “Oh, I see it now. The blue eyes…and the attitude.”

James smiled. “Yup.”

Lily leaned into his side with her head on his shoulder. “So what’s with keeping it secret? I mean, I understand some of the problem because it’s Dumbledore, but…”

James pulled her onto his lap so he could look at her better. “That’s part of it, but the rest is a long, sad story.”

Lily ran a hand over his face. He looked so sad. “What happened?”

James sighed. “Well, I have to give you some background first. Dumbledore was in love with a witch named Olivia Burnett, and they had Aimee together, although they never married. They were pulled apart by her family, as they were not happy with her choice. Aimee was raised secretly, which is why no one knew Dumbledore even had a daughter. Dumbledore was always a part of her life, especially when Olivia died under mysterious circumstances. No one truly knows what happened. It appeared to be a poison of some kind, but it was passed off as a natural death by her family. Now, Aimee met my grandfather at some point, and they married. They had four children…with my Dad being the youngest.”

He frowned then, stopping his story. Lily knew he didn’t have any aunts or uncles or cousins that were Potters so something bad must’ve happened. She absently played with the hair at the back of his neck to comfort him. He suddenly continued, “You know some of the story of Grindelwald, yes?”

She eyed him curiously. “Just that Dumbledore defeated him in…was it 1945?”

James nodded. “Yes, but there’s a lot more to the story than just the end. You see, Dumbledore actually knew Grindelwald when he was growing up. Grindelwald went to Durmstrang, and he used to visit his grandmother periodically in the neighborhood where Dumbledore lived, Godric’s Hollow. They talked more than a few times about abstract magic and testing magical limitations— you know, highly intellectual conversations. However, Grindelwald had many more dark ideas than Dumbledore wished to be around so he ultimately stopped conversing with him. Dumbledore began making a name for himself here, which brought Grindelwald back from the north. He and Dumbledore argued badly, leaving Grindelwald feeling quite second-rate and hacked off. He became the feared dark wizard of the time, killing innocents and whatnot in his quest to understand and manipulate magic, but it was in 1943, he did the unforgivable in retribution against Dumbledore.”

James looked away from her. “Dumbledore wouldn’t come to him anymore so he decided to make a point. He knew all about Dumbledore’s life and about Aimee, although he had been magically sworn to secrecy about it when he and Dumbledore had been close, but he was particularly familiar with Dumbledore’s style of magic. He used this information to figure out a way to breach Potter Manor. Grindelwald killed my entire family. My Dad was the sole survivor of that evening. He was six when it happened and didn’t have a wand to fight back so his oldest brother, my uncle, told him to hide in the one room there was no possible breaking into, which of course, is the secret study. My Dad said he sat in there for hours, not knowing when it was safe to leave. The house elves can’t enter that room, and all of them died that night too except for three who had been elsewhere at the time. When he finally did leave the room, he faced a sight I don’t think anyone would ever want to see.”

Lily was horrified. “Oh my God. That’s just…”

He nodded. “Awful, I know.”

Lily sunk her head into his shoulder, shaking her head. “I can’t imagine just having everyone stripped away from you in one blow, and then to see it…and hear it... Your father and Dumbledore had to have been devastated.”

James kissed her forehead and rubbed her back. “To say the least. Potter Manor was adjusted properly and restored. There’s no way for something like that to possibly occur again. Dumbledore took my Dad under his wing, being his grandfather and all. Dumbledore avenged our family and stopped Grindelwald for good in 1945. He never explicitly mentioned how he did it or what he even did. The only thing he has ever said on the subject was that there are worse things than death.”

Lily looked back up at him sadly. “So it’s just you, Dumbledore, and Lauren now?”

James tilted his head to the side, smiling slightly. “And Aberforth, Dumbledore’s brother. We don’t see much of Great Uncle Abe though. He prefers his loner status. Most people forget Dumbledore even has a brother, and Dumbledore insists on keeping it that way. He wants to protect his family as best he can, but he does it by distancing himself from the family. Everyone believes that I have no family left, although many people inquire as to Lauren and Sirius.”

Lily looked at him curiously. “What about the Potter side of the family?”

James laughed. “Oh, there are years and years of genealogy in the secret study. The Potters are a very ancient line of wizards and witches derived from the historic line of Peverell.”

Lily was intrigued. “I’ve heard that name before. I can’t remember where though.”

James nodded with a teasing smile. “I’m not surprised. I’ll let you mull that one over for a while.”

Lily gave him a look. “You’re being facetious. Don’t tease me.”

James chuckled into her hair as he hugged her to him. “I might be teasing, but you’ll have more fun reading up on it. Trust me. I can’t just tell you that stuff. You wouldn’t believe any of it until you’ve at least read some of the material that’s out there. You’ll bring me back tall tales, I’m sure, but when I tell you the true story, it’ll make it that much better.”

Lily felt him kiss her neck softly, making her forget all about it. When he pulled back to look at her again, she eyed him curiously. “What about the whole wandless magic stuff?”

He sighed and held out his hand, ultimately lifting a book off the table briefly. “I don’t really know. I mean, I can do some small stuff consciously, but I’ve always had bursts of magic when I’m angry. Most of that dies off after you start school, but it hasn’t with me. You’d probably be great at it, seeing as you still like to blow up around your sister all the time. I haven’t really taken the time to practice it properly. Technically, most witches and wizards could probably learn to do it to some extent, but once we start school, it’s trained out of us as we learn how to use a wand. A wand is nothing more than a stick really— sure, it has a magical core and the combination of the wand material and the core help bring out a person’s magical abilities, but each witch or wizard should be able to use their own personal magical core to do magic without it. Most great wizards don’t need to use a wand at all if they wanted. A long, long time ago, witches and wizards who could not learn to control their powers wandlessly were considered squibs because all they could do was minimal bouts of uncontrolled magic. Learning to control wandless magic takes a large amount of effort or natural talent, which most people don’t possess. This all changed with the invention of the wand.”

Lily smiled at him with a raised eyebrow. “How come you know all of these weird facts?”

James laughed. “My parents’ History of Magic lessons were far more interesting than Binns, and I actually paid attention. What else was I going to tell you about? I forgot.”

Lily chuckled and looked mischievous. “What were you and Lauren talking about the other day? She seemed so upset at first, but then she was fine.”

James made a face. “She just didn’t like arguing with Dan. She had to tell him that she and I were related because apparently, according to a lot of Gryffindors, Lauren and I are supposedly dating behind your back.”

Lily started giggling into her hands. “Oh my God. That’s hilarious. This is about the kiss in the common room, right? I noticed a bunch of people looking at you oddly after that.”

He pushed some of her hair behind her ear with a smile. “I wish I had noticed. I would have kissed you in a much more romantic way to tell them to sod off.”

Lily smiled cheekily. “You’re not one for PDA, Mr. Potter.”

James grinned wickedly at her. “Every once in a while, it’s good to give the rumor mill something to talk about.”

She blushed slightly. “You’re incorrigible.”

He kissed her gently. “That’s ok.”

Lily reluctantly pulled away from him before he could take it further. “You’re distracting me.”

James laughed, his eyes mischievous. “Oops. Sorry. What can I say? You’re beautiful.”

Lily shook her head at him, although she was still smiling. “I wanted to ask you about Sirius.”

James was confused. “What about him?”

She rolled her eyes. “You didn’t notice, did you? Boys…”

He chuckled at her mock annoyance. “What didn’t I notice, Lily love?”

Lily sighed dramatically. “Sirius and Christina! Didn’t you see him look at her, especially when we were talking about dates for the dance? I think he still really likes her.”

James looked surprised. “Well, if he does, he’s keeping it to himself. However, if you saw a hint of something, it looks rather suspicious that he is taking Kaitlin to the dance, don’t you think? Both are blonde, blue-eyed pretty girls… Completely different personalities though, although I’ve never said Sirius thought things through.”

Lily considered this as she rested comfortably on his shoulder. “Maybe.”

He was quiet for a bit, just running his hand tantalizingly slow over her back as she lay on him. Lily frowned, remembering there was something he was worrying about that he was supposed to be discussing in this conversation too. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

He sighed. “You saw me speaking with Dumbledore that day, right?”

When he felt Lily nod, he continued, “Well, a Ministry witch was found dead that day.”

Lily’s head popped up to look at him incredulously. “What? It wasn’t in the Prophet.”

James nodded sadly, but he seemed to look angrier as he continued to speak, “Yeah, I know. I looked for it. Apparently, the Ministry is covering it up a bit. They don’t want to start a panic over one little death.”

Lily frowned, but then asked softly, “Who was it?”

James sighed. “A rather powerful witch in her own right— Melody Tripnor. She was a huge influence in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. With her gone, things are going to get a bit murky there for a while.”

Lily gazed at him hesitantly. “It was him, wasn’t it?”

His hazel eyes met her bright green ones. “Yup. There was a Dark Mark drawn next to her mangled body with the words, ‘It’s time to play’ written neatly underneath her.”

Lily grimaced. “That’s sick.”

James broke their gaze, frowning because he possessed similar sentiments. “Yes,” he responded quietly. “Yes, it is.”



I figured it would help if I show people how the family tree works in a simpler format so people aren’t confused (mainly because it took me a while to sort it out myself). Yes, I know this is different to the actual Harry Potter storyline, but it’s my story and I am writing it post-HBP even though I began writing the story post-DH. There’s a reason for everything. Here are the following names and birth years of the pertinent Potter line summarized from the chapter:

Albus Dumbledore 1881 – Olivia Renee Burnett 1882


Aimee Lynn Burnett (Dumbledore) 1902 – Harry James Potter I 1902


(3 siblings: 1926 (brother), 1930 (sister), 1932 (brother)) and
Andrew James Potter 1937 – Judith Anne Myers 1937


James Harry Potter 1960

Aimee, Harry I, and the 3 siblings died in 1943 in Potter Manor.

Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945.

Andy and Judy, of course, died in 1977.

Although it can be inferred from the story, Lauren was born in 1961.

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