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'Yes, yes, someone will be there to pick him up at four. Yes, thankyou. Bye.' Hermione put down the phone, she was meant to be going to the muggle doctor today, to confirm that Hermione really was going to have a baby, or not.

Hermione put her face in her hands and let her frizzy hair fall in front of her face. She felt like crying, today could be the happiest day of her life, her boyfriend had proposed just this morning and she could be having a baby with the man of her dreams. Now she had to go to a muggle doctor, with all the awkward cold instruments by herself, and her fionse was lying unconscious on a bed in St Mungo's. Hermione lay down on her bed and began to cry, she felt the fat tears roll down her cheeks and onto her now sodden pillow. Today wasn't all that bad, she thought she just needed to cry, sometimes she just needed to let it all out. But today there wasn't a loving shoulder to cry on.

She had just let out a huge sob when there was a knock on the door.

'Who is it?' Hermione sounded quirky, but she was wiping away the tears that were still rolling down her cheeks.

'It's Ginny, can I come in?' said the gentle voice from outside the door.

Hermione took a deep breath and walked to the door of her bedroom, turned the rusty door handle and gestured for the girl to come in.

Ginny looked so beautiful, she was wearing a plain top anda pair of casual jeans, her ginger hair clashed with her top, but it just made her look better. Then she thought of how bad she must look, red faced, frizzy hair, and still in her pyjamas in the middle of the day.

Hermione returned to her soft bed and sat cross legged in the middle whilst Ginny perched cautiously the edge of her bed.

'Why are you here?' asked Hermione, sounding ruder ten she meant to.

'I'm the one that lives here! I heard you crying and I thought you might want somebody to accompany you to the doctors.' Ginny said gently.

Ginny knew exactly what she needed, she always did. This offer just made her want to cry even more, this time Ginny was here to comfort her. She didn't tell her to stop being babyish or to pull yourself together,she sat there patiently rocking Hermione gently, babying her. Hermione thought how strange it was, but she didn't care, it was comforting and it gave her confidence a little boost.

'Thank you Ginny, thats exactly what I needed!

Ginny went to change her soaking clothing leaving Hermione alone. She sat on her bed a bit longer, with a new query in her mind, why did Ron faint? She put the thoughtout of her head and got into the shower. When she emerged from her bedroom, she felt much better, Ginny was waiting at the bottomat the long flight of stairs.

'Come on, lets get going'said Ginny.

Hermione followed her obediently, and then they both apparated to a quiet allyway beside the doctors. Hermione wasdazed, everything was so clean, the white and blue walls, the squeaky floor, and the elderly people sitting in chairs across the room. Ginny walked up to the receptionist, and they began talking.

'Can I help you?'the moody woman behind the desk asked.

'Yes, this is Hermione Granger, she has an appointement with Mrs Freasad?' Ginny talked casually, like this was an everday thing.

'Second door to the left'


Hermione and Ginny walked through the large white doors and followed the receptionists instructions. They entered the room as Mrs Freasad welcomed them. It all looked so fake, almost everything was whiteapart from a few pictures on the desk and the doctors orange face. Mrs Freasad looked like a Barbie Doll gone wrong, her died blonde hair was  only blonde past her ears and the rest was grey, her face was bright orange, the shade of pumpkin and her bright pink lipstick went far further then when her lips.

'Miss Granger and guest, please take a seat' said the Doctor.

Ginny was smiling gently and so was Mrs Freasad, but Hermione looked horrified.

'I understand you may be having a baby, hmm?' asked Mrs Freasad.

Hermione nodded stiffly, barely moving her head.

'Well would you mind going into the curtained area please. Nothing much will happen. You could have brought the equiptment from your local supermarket. Just take this and do as the instructions say.'

Hermione walked over nervously and pulled the curtain in front of her.

'So, friend or family?'

'Soon to be sister in law and good friends'


Mrs Freasad and Ginny sat in silence in the squeaky plastic chairs, waiting for Hemione to return. When she did, she handed a strip of paper to the doctor, and then looked to her shoes.

'I'm sorry Miss Granger not this time'

Hermione opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again and continued to look at her shoes.

'Thank you Mrs Freasad' Ginny answered for Hermione.

The two witches left in silence, and only talked again when they were home and in Hermiones bedroom.

'Ginny, Ron only wanted to marry me because I was having a baby, what am I going to do know?' Hermione didn't wait for an answer, but began to cry.

'He loves you anyway. I know it!' Ginny sat there for hours comforting Hermione until she left to meet Ron and Harry.

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