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Draco woke up, his head heavy once more. He blinked twice. He wasn’t- where was he? He was…he looked at the tapestries, the portraits, the cabinets, the lamps and the chandelier above him, the books- the hardbound books... he felt the sheets with his fingers...He was in his room...

He slowly sat up, feeling his surroundings swirl around.

“ Be careful, “ a soft voice said.

He looked sideways, and against the streaming light from a window was an angel, hovering over him. She was beautiful, her wavy hair shone like it had glitter all over it and her eyes were wide open and lovely…all she needed were wings…was he dead?

“ Who are you? “ he began, squinting his eyes.

She said nothing, instead the bright glow behind her softly diffused. The face became clearer now, he could see her lashes now, he could see her pink lips now…

“ Draco, “ she said gently.

His vision cleared. He had a sharp intake of breath. For a moment he could not talk. He wanted to stare at her. He wanted to love her at that short distance. He wanted to take in all of her. His hand reached out for her face and he felt her soft cheek slowly as she froze in her seat. He caressed it, felt the warmth, felt the love. He touched her eyelashes, her fine nose and her lips with his thumb. He held her hair gently from the middle part of them to the tips.

Was this the girl he had loved? Still loved until now? Or was it a ghost? Was he the ghost, then? She smelled of rain and peaches…


“ No! “ she spat out. “ I’m still committed to it and thank you, you insufferable gentleman! “

“ Vanilla Sky, “ she said. “ A perfect blend of vanilla with a splash of citrus for a unique scent that’s you. “ She laughed. “ Bloody-what a description- “

She held out a hand. “ No need to help me- I can walk on my own, thank you very much-much. “

“ No! I most certainly am not alright! It’s never, ever- alright! Since- since- he’s dead! Since he died! I hate this! “ she said angrily as Draco knelt beside her on the sidewalk. “ I- I!”

“ Take care; Malfoy, “ she finally said, quietly.

“ Oh cut the crap, Malfoy! Can’t you just be your mean old self?! Start hurting me, like what you did for seven years at school-?! “ she burst out angrily.

She smiled and shook her head. “ Nothing- your singing- it’s horrid. “

“ I actually thought I would marry him- you know- after everything we’ve been through, after Voldemort and all- sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep- I hear his voice, see his face in the mirror; even when I close my eyes! I feel like I’m waiting on a ghost-! He’s trying to tell me something in my dreams! Draco, if you- I can’t believe I was even thinking about it- but I was afraid! Afraid I’d fallen for you-! “

“ I wasn’t looking for another Harry! I fell in love with Draco! Draco Malfoy! It’s Draco Malfoy! I fell in love with you! I love you! “ she cried.

“ I loved you, “ she cried.

- “ Draco- “ she whispered tearfully. “ Draco! I’m getting you out of here! Alive, Draco! Alive! Don’t you dare die on me! Don’t you dare! I love you! “


“ Hermione, “ he croaked out, finally. “ It’s you. “

At that sentence he uttered out, she suddenly took his roaming hand into her own cold hands. She kissed Draco’s hand as Draco felt warm tears come out from her eyes, tears that trailed down to his hand. He said nothing, absorbed by the glistening tears that dripped down to his hand. He was alive…he could feel her concern, feel her pain, feel her love.

“ Hermione…I’m too scared to breathe…if I wake up…will you be gone? “ he began. “ Are you really here? Am I holding you? Are these tears really yours? “ His other hand went up to her cheek and he felt tears once more. “ I’m afraid I might do something wrong to destroy this moment, “ he murmured.

“ No, don’t let go, “ Hermione cried quietly. “ Please…I need to hold you…”

Draco was still for a moment, trying to hear his heartbeat- and hers. He was alive! Hermione was in front of him! Hermione…Hermione! And he suddenly held her face with both of his hands and kissed her lovingly, softly, slowly, feeling her…everything was her. He tasted her tears, felt her hands tenderly hanging on to his neck as he sat closer to her. “ Hermione, “ he was murmuring as he kissed her closed eyes, her nose and back to her lips again.

Hermione shuddered and took a deep breath.

Then Draco’s lips trailed up to her left ear. And there he said it. “ I love you, Hermione. “




Narcissa Malfoy opened the door to her son’s room. Her eyes widened in joyful surprise. Draco was awake, with Hermione beside him!

“ Mum, “ his voice called out.

She smiled and walked for him and embraced him carefully. “ I’m glad to see you awake again. How did you like your gift when you woke up? “ she motioned for Hermione.

Draco laughed. “ The best you’ve ever given, mum. “

“ You woke up just in time, “ Narcissa said. “ You have visitors. “ And as she said that, Theodore Nott and Daphne Greengrass came in his room, their faces glowing with happiness and life.

“ Nott? Daphne? “ Draco was surprised.

“ Took you long enough to wake up, “ Nott said with a grin. “ We’ve been waiting for you to wake up. “

Hermione stood up. “ Perhaps you’d like some time together to talk, “ she said.

Draco’s hand shot out for her hand. “ No, stay. Whatever they have to say, you have to hear it too. Is that alright with you chaps? “ he faced Nott and Daphne.

They both nodded as they took their seats near Draco.

“ How are you? “ Daphne asked Draco.

“ I just woke up an hour ago, “ Draco replied with a smile. “ How can you ask me that? “

She laughed. “ I’m sorry, Draco. I was thinking of something nice to say. I guess that was the best I could come up with. “

“ Not certainly your best, “ Draco told her, laughing.

“ Draco, I’m sorry, “ Daphne suddenly blurted out, bursting into tears. What followed was complete silence, except Daphne who continued talking. “ I didn’t mean to hurt you back there. I was just so desperate to make the master- Lord Voldemort come alive, that I had wanted to kill Hermione myself to make your loyalties stay with us. It was betrayal on my part, I know, but I was desperate, I wanted Blaise killed when Lord Voldemort came back to life, to exact revenge on Blaise- cause he kept hurting me…”

“ Why didn’t you tell me? “ Draco asked the pretty brunette in front of her. “ I could have defended you from him. “

“ Pride, “ Nott replied for Daphne. Daphne smirked at him.

“ I thought I could handle it on my own, “ Daphne said. “ So I tried, to no avail. But at that moment when I hurt you, when I did that Sectumsempra on you, I felt so bad, like I had hurt a brother. “ She turned to Hermione. “ Hermione- I’m sorry, I wanted you dead that time, honestly I did. It was either a resurrection, or death for all of us. “

Hermione was quiet as she stared at Daphne’s eyes. They echoed out real apologies and empathy for what she had gone through.

“ I did not have the courage to see you both, to apologize, but- but Nott said it was high time I come clean with everything. I’m still a Slytherin, Hermione, and my views about pure bloodedness have changed little, but they have changed still, because of you. When I saw you, trying hard to protect Draco- I knew you were not just some annoying Gryffindor…you were something else. And for that, I have a newfound respect for you. “

“ I- “ Hermione began. “ You’re forgiven. “

Daphne smiled, her lower lip trembling a little, betraying what she felt, that she felt nervous on apologizing to a muggle born witch. “ Thank you. “

“ Nott, what happened? I know you did something back there, “ Draco began, looking at him.

“ Nothing, “ Nott replied quickly.

Hermione’s eyes widened all of a sudden and she gasped. “ You! “ she pointed at Nott. Draco and Daphne looked shocked.

“ What? “ Nott said.

“ Angus Tied- it’s you! Tied and Nott! It was you! You gave me the pendant anonymously, that pendant saved Draco! “ Hermione’s voice was triumphant.

Theodore Nott slowly smiled. “ You really are the smartest witch to come out of Hogwarts in fifty years. “

“ Kindly explain? “ Draco said, his brows creasing.

Nott took a deep breath. “ Draco, the reason why you’re still alive was because of a pendant, a pendant I bought from Borgin and Burkes. It was an insignificant pendant to the many, but I knew this was what could save you. “

“ You wanted to save me? “

“ I respect you- and don’t ask me why I chose to do something behind our coven. I felt like I had to. I didn’t love much- well before I realized Daphne was there; I figured I could repent through helping you. I knew you’d fallen hard for Hermione. The best thing I could think of next was my survival and yours. I still wanted Voldemort to rise though, but friendship had taken the best of me. Working with you has made me realize, has made me regret that I ever made a pact with Blaise and the rest of them. “

“ You betrayed them early on? “ Draco was incredulous.

“ No, not in the truest sense. I sent a letter to Hermione, along with a prophecy I had obtained from someone I killed afterwards- to see what was inside the notebook. I got it from Sibyl Trellawney. I killed her quickly, to show my gratitude. I must admit, I was kind of ruthless just to see what was inside. And so I saw what was inside, before Blaise did. And I hid the other texts from our coven’s eyes. I for one am glad that Hermione found out what the pendant was for, just in time, actually, to save you. “

“ What was your motive? “ Draco asked, his silver eyes blazing with intelligence. “ A Slytherin has to have a motive. “

“ You wouldn’t believe me, but I just felt that I had to mix things up, see which side would win- of course the temptation was great, seeing Voldemort rise would mean I would be in his favor once more, but friendship beckoned, brotherly ties grew strong. I found myself wanting to back out, but there’s this adage that goes that you can never back out once you do things for Voldemort. “

Draco nodded. He knew it was all too true. “ It was a win-win situation for you, wasn’t it? You either had Voldemort’s favor, or you could have given up to the Aurors and spilled the beans to save you from Azkaban…”

Theodore Nott nodded. “ Quite. That was until I- found out that I loved someone then. “

Draco looked at Daphne’s middle finger. There was a shiny little diamond entwined with golden snakes. He smiled at her.

“ It wasn’t easy, cause I first thought that Daphne fell for you and I began to have my doubts too, whenever she came to me, hurt because of Blaise. I had doubts of whether or not I should see myself working along with people I never really took as brothers-in-arms. It was only you I respected among the men in our coven, Draco. “

Draco nodded. “ Thank you, then. That I’m still alive because of Daphne. “

They laughed for a short while, then the laughter was once more replaced with seriousness, each to his and her nightmare, each to his and her own vivid account of the night that had brought them far away from their dreams of power and closer than ever to the people they loved. It was more than they could ask for. They escaped with their lives, some escaped without their heads and brains….

“ Hermione, “ Draco began. “ I was wondering if you could accompany mother at the west wing. Along with Daphne? “

She nodded- understanding the need for some even more private talk and both of the women stood up, with shy smiles on their faces, conveying a newfound respect for each other.

“ How’s Blaise? “ Draco asked, as soon as he heard the door close.

Nott shrugged. “ If you see him, you’ll know. “

“ His sanity’s gone? “

“ More than that. He’s not Blaise anymore. He doesn’t even recognize his mother. When he sees pictures of himself, or his face in a mirror, he hurts himself again and again, as if hating to be reminded that he was that person before. “

“ When did you last visit him? “

“ Today, earlier this day, “ Nott said. “ I asked him if he knew me, and he just kept mumbling ‘my time will come’. When I mentioned the name of Lord Voldemort to him, his eyes suddenly popped open and he began beating his head against the bars, calling out his name. Lord Voldemort is the only name he recognizes. His mother has begun an appeal to the court, that he be taken out of Azkaban and be kept in solitary confinement in their manor. “

“ What did the high wizards say? “

“ They flatly refused confinement in the Zabini manor, unless Blaise would be given a year long confinement in St. Mungo’s. His mother’s trying to appeal again. “

“ And you? Us? What will become of our trial? “

“ As soon as you’re better, we shall have the hearing. “

“ You think we’ll be in Azkaban in a few days? “

Nott shook his head, a grim smile on his lips. “ I don’t know. I hope not. I’ll defend you, I promise, even if you didn’t ask me to. “

Draco nodded. “ I’ll defend you too, no matter what it takes. I want you and Daphne to get married. “

Nott laughed. “ Highly unlikely with such evidence on our backs. “

“ What about the others? Warrington? Pucey, Crabbe and Goyle? Marko? “

There was a strained look on Nott’s face. He took a breath. “ They’ve been sentenced to Azkaban, on account of using the most of the Unforgivable curses. Goyle and Pucey got off light; they’ve been sentenced only for a year in Azkaban. Marko’s- Marko’s dead, Draco. Blaise killed him while you were near death. “

There was a sudden deep sense of sympathy for Pansy. “ And Pansy? “

Nott sighed and massaged his temple first. “ I- Pansy was pregnant already. Marko’s views quickly changed. I think he wanted you dead in that ritual too, so he could have Pansy’s attention all to him. But Pansy asked me to protect Marko; I think she loved him by then. I wasn’t able to protect Marko. “

“ Pansy’s pregnant, “ Draco murmured. “ Does she know he’s dead? “

“ I went to her right away, after that ritual. I’ve never seen her so helpless. “

Draco thought about the years Pansy had spent trying to catch his attention, her sudden marriage, her ball invitations- he refused them all. And now, the man she loved was dead. Her love came too late. Marko was gone. He suddenly felt tired and old…Draco brushed a hand over his hair.

“ What else have you hid from us? From me? Aside from that pendant- the texts we couldn’t read-? “

“ Nothing much. Just that and that… Hermione figured out the rest, because I vaguely understood what Snape was talking about in his journal. I had clues, I figured them out, but I couldn’t cut through the rest. You’ve got a smart wife there. “

“ She’s not my wife. “

“ She will be. “

Draco shook his head and gave a short laugh. “ I don’t think she’ll ever want to marry me. I have Harry’s heart, I caused some of her co-Aurors to die, I almost killed her- “

“ But she still loves you, didn’t you see it in her eyes? “

Draco shook his head. “ I- I don’t know, Nott. It’s hard- times- they’ve changed. Perhaps that incident brought us all in a whole new light. “

“ Whole new light indeed. Who thought- a Gryffindor and a Slytherin? How about some unsolicited advice? Don’t let go of her. I may not be over everything that’s got muggle in it, but I’d be happy to see you end up with her. “

“ Maybe. But I need to get through the hearing first. “




The hearing started early that day. Hermione had awoken at five in the morning, despite the hearing being at seven. Draco was currently under the custody of the Aurors, so were Daphne and Nott. She was nervous, she was…afraid.

She shuffled into the trial room, its cavernous hall and glowing chandeliers frightened her well enough. The seats were almost filled. Ron saved a seat for her at the left side of the chamber. They were a few feet above the ground floor, where the people who were tried, stood.

There was a sudden hush when in came Draco first. Hermione’s heart pounded. She saw his eyes bore into hers, but his face remained stoic as ever. Nott trailed behind and then Daphne. They had no shackles on. Hermione stared hard at Draco’s face and saw circles below his eyes. He had had no sleep. He had been confined for a two days under the Aurors custody, along with Nott and Daphne. His face looked pale and drawn out. The judges came in, all seven of them. And the seats began to get filled, until Hermione found the air grew stifling now. Across her were some journalists, she saw Ginny and Ginny gave her a reassuring smile and Bill waved at her along with the twins and Percy. At the other end of the right side, she saw serious faces from some former Slytherins who had no involvement in the rituals. Narcissa was seated alone in the middle row, surrounded by serious and quiet wizards and witches of high regard in wizarding society.

Narcissa’s hands were clasped. Her lips were pinched. She had not felt this anxious since she heard her son had joined the Deatheaters many, many years ago. Her breathing became shallow as her eyes were fixed only on her son.

“ All rise, “ a man with a booming voice announced.

They all stood up, the shuffling of feet and robes filling the hall. Draco, Nott and Daphne stood still as they had their places in front of the Wizengamot- the high council of magical law

“ Daphne Greengrass, you have been accused for the murder of two Aurors, using the Cruciatus, The Killing Curse and the Imperio curse. You are also charged for armed robbery, resulting in damages to the Vaults, “ a man with a graying long beard read. “ How do you plead? “

“ Guilty, “ she whispered.

“ Theodore Nott, “ another man began, this time a younger looking man with a brown long beard. “ You have been accused for the murders of two Aurors, a muggle and Sibyl Trellawney- using the three unforgivable curses, armed robbery, tampering with evidence and for not surrendering dangerous artifacts to the Aurors Society. How do you plead? “

“ Guilty, “ he replied in a quiet voice.

There was a buzz of excitement as he said that and the judge rapped on his mallet. “ Order! Order in the courtroom! “ Once the crowd quieted down, the head of the Wizengamot cleared his throat. “ Draco Malfoy, you have been accused for drawing wands against the Aurors, for not surrendering dangerous artifacts to the Aurors, for armed robbery of the Vaults, casting dark spells against the Aurors and harboring the whereabouts of he-who-must-not-be-named. “

Hermione’s eyes widened. Draco was just a living horcrux! He had no idea that Voldemort existed in him! She hands clenched, and she felt a hand over her shoulder. Ron’s reassuring hand.

“ How do you plead? “

“ Guilty, “ his voice rang out clear.

Hermione looked down, hearing him say that word. Narcissa bit a part of her gloved hand. Lupin breathed in deeply.

“ Except for the accused, all be seated. “

Hermione almost couldn’t sit down, until Ron pulled her hand. She sat down, trembling.

“ Daphne Greengrass, you may speak. “

Daphne took a deep breath as she stood in front of the judges, stiff and pale. “ I speak not only for myself, but for Theodore Nott and Draco Black Malfoy. I was carried away, by the need to regain my family’s glory, I was talked into getting in the situation by Blaise Zabini- “

“ Who is now insane and cannot testify for himself, “ the leader of the Wizengamot said.

Daphne cleared her throat, willing herself to continue. “ I was coerced by my greed and by my coven to do the acts that I have done. I do not deny that I have killed; I spilled blood to see what was inside the journal that belonged to the now deceased Severus Snape. After I found out that Blaise meant to kill Draco, I decided that my loyalties should not lie with him. I suppose that was the start of my disloyalty withy everything we worked hard for, for I respected Draco better than I respected Blaise. The night we were about to summon Lord Voldemort, I knew it was time to make my move, but Blaise prevented me from stopping everything- using the Imperius curse on me- “

“ And this has been verified by the mediwizards at St. Mungo’s? “

A mediwizard stood forward and nodded. “ Daphne Greengrass has indeed been struck with the Imperius curse.”

“ There shall be a five minute recess to decide on Ms. Daphne Greengrass’s punishment. “

Daphne sank back into her seat; she couldn’t touch Nott for comfort, or talk to Draco. So she sat, listened to the whispers around her, the shuffling of feet, the noise, the little arguments of what her fate would be…and the five minutes disappeared quickly, for they had come back.

“ Daphne Greengrass, rise and come to the center of the court. “

“ Under the order of the Wizengamot, we find you guilty in the charges aforementioned, and we sentence you to no less than thirty days in the Azkaban and thirty days service to the Aurors to help them in the repair of the Vaults you have caused damage with. “

Daphne let out a cry of relief. Thirty days? Thirty days? She reached out for Nott and tried to embrace him but the Aurors immediately took her away.

Hermione’s heart pounded. She felt sure Nott was next. And he was.

“ Theodore Nott, you may speak. “

“ It was a simple rule, to gain Voldemort’s favor once more, I had to work for his resurrection. So I joined on- Blaise’s incessant talks about bringing glory back to my name, bringing glory to the Slytherin house…it all fit like a glove, and I thought it was a way to do so. But I found out about Draco Malfoy being the living horcrux- “

There was a collective gasp from the onlookers and Hermione bit her lower lip.

“ Yes, he was the horcrux. But he didn’t harbor him Voldemort with his complete knowledge. He only knew he had Harry Potter’s heart- “

There was another collective gasp, this time louder than ever. The Wizengamot had different reactions. Some expressed disbelief, the other wanted to believe it.

“ My loyalties for Blaise and the coven were gone by then. My loyalties lay in Draco, Hermione Granger and her Aurors. So I fought against Blaise and the rest of our coven. “

“ I would like to call on a witness to prove whether or not Theodore Nott tells the truth. Remus John Lupin, “ a Wizengamot said.

Lupin came forward; his face held high as Tonks looked from the seats at the left side.

“ You are under oath, Lupin. “

“ I know, your honor. What Nott is saying is the truth. When I had by then come back with reinforcements, I saw Nott fighting against Blaise Zabini; he tried to protect Draco as well. “

“ There shall be a five minute recess to decide upon the creditable punishment. “

Nott sat still in his seat, listening to people murmuring about him and Daphne. He wondered if he would ever get to share his life with Daphne. He thought of his father, and his mother- and Blaise. He wondered why he had allowed it to happen. It was greed for power and glory…And the five minutes were quickly over.

“ Theodore Nott, stand in the center of the court. “

And he stood, feeling the apprehension, wanting Daphne to be close to him-

“ Under the order of the Wizengamot, we find you guilty in the charges aforementioned, and we sentence you to no less than sixty days in Azkaban and sixty days service to the wizarding populace by repairing areas that you have damaged. “

At that moment, he felt hands on his shoulders and he was magically bound by invisible shackles as he walked out. “ Draco, keep your chin up, “ he told him before he was taken away.

Draco was quiet as he was called to the center of the court. His eyes searched for his mother first. He saw her, unable to contain her tears. He saw Hermione, who looked pale- and he wanted to reach out to her to tell her all would be well…

“ Draco Malfoy, you may speak. “

Draco stood straight and looked into each of the Wizengamot eyes. “ I stand here because I’ve been pronounced guilty, by the wizarding populace and by myself. I am guilty for drawing wands against the Aurors, for not surrendering dangerous artifacts to the Aurors, for armed robbery of the Vaults, casting dark spells against the Aurors. But I am not guilty of harboring Voldemort. Daphne Greengrass and Theodore Nott only acted upon the few choices they were presented with, as well. Years ago, I began to suffer from a malady. My heart was too weak. I sought help from muggles- muggle medicine. Incidentally, fatefully, the day Harry Potter died from a car accident, a muggle accident, I was given a heart. I have Harry Potter’s heart. I refused to be pulled into anything related to wizardry again, until Blaise called upon me one night, taking care to use my mother and Hermione Granger. And I knew I had to act. Whether my actions may have proved to rash, I do not regret them, because I saved my mother and I saved Hermione Granger, “ his voice echoed throughout the silent room.

“ Yet you allowed yourself to use dark magic, “ the leader of the Wizengamot said, his voice booming.

“ Yes, I had to. I was playing between sides. I wanted the people I cared for safe- so I had to show I was of some use. I am only a horcrux. I did not keep Voldemort hidden, “ Draco emphasized the last sentence.

“ The tests from St. Mungo’s, what do they show? “

A mediwizard who had treated Draco came into the center. “ It has been proven that Draco’s heart that was from Harry Potter was a horcrux. The young Malfoy has suffered greatly from being a living horcrux. As of yet, he is not yet fully capable of wielding a wand or casting a spell. It may take months for him to heal. “

“ How can he be still alive? Is there some spell cast by he-who-must-not-be-named? “

“ Just nothing short of a miracle, your honor, “ the mediwizard said, looking up to Hermione. The Wizengamot trailed his eyes to where the mediwizard was looking, and he saw a pale, fragile but pretty looking girl, whose eyes were fixed solely on Draco.

“ There shall be a five minute recess to decide on Draco Malfoy’s punishment. “

Draco looked up to Hermione and saw her eyes welling up with tears. His silver eyes bored into her hazel brown ones and he saw the tears drop one by one as Ron sat beside her, a hand on her shoulder.

He nodded at Ron and turned a bit to face his mother. Narcissa’s eyes widened, upon seeing her son with such a sad look on his face. She clutched the handrails in front of her, quietly crying. He faced the floor in front of him once more, oblivious to the whispers around him. Would there still be a future for him? The Wizengamot clearly blamed him for Voldemort’s short resurrection.

He heard feet moving about. The Wizengamot were back. He stared at them as they filed back into their respective seats. The people grew hushed, a flame went out in one flame holder and the room went colder…

“ Draco Malfoy, stand at the center. “

He walked for the center and breathed in calmly. Whatever it was, this was his fate...

“Under the order of the Wizengamot, we find you guilty in the charges aforementioned- “ the announcement echoed throughout the room, reverberating in everyone's ears.

Narcissa burrowed her face in her hands, unable to stand the sight of it all. Hermione was quiet, still, pale- without tears. Her eyes were solely concentrated on Draco. Ron eyed Hermione, fearing she would collapse at any moment…the whispers grew louder than ever.

“ However, evidence has proven that you have not participated in all the events willingly, and your physical condition is deemed as punishment enough for foraying into illegal grounds. We sentence you to 30 days of service to the Aurors and Wizarding populace and that you surrender your wand for 30 days after you have rendered your service. You are not allowed to get back into your muggle place for 60 days. An affidavit for muggle eyes will be sent to where you currently hold your profession. You shall stay at your manor with an Auror on guard. Visitors will not be allowed for 60 days, nor will letters be allowed. This trial has ended and shall be written into the archives. Good day to you all, “ the leader said, looking at Draco’s face and then to Hermione’s.

There was a break in the silence as people around him begin to chatter excitedly about.

Draco looked up at Hermione with a glow on his face. Hermione smiled tightly at Draco. It was better than Azkaban. She could live through 90 days without seeing him. Then he mouthed at her: ‘I love you. ‘

And two Aurors were holding Draco’s arms and they took him away. Hermione turned to Ron and looked at him for a second.

Then Ron smiled at her, reassuringly. “ It’ll be fine. “

She nodded, believing him completely.

Everything was going to be fine...




A/N: I honestly had a difficult time conjuring this chapter since i've never forayed into an indepth portrayal of love and all that jazz. i hope i did well enough without causing fluff damage? hehe. and i also had a bit of a hard time with the Wizengamot part and all that, since i don't really know everything about the HP world, i just made up the punishments and words they used.

I suppose some of you will be wondering why the Wizengamot are less harsh than in JK's great books, but i just made them that way. In this story, a lot has changed, even the Wizard Court and Azkaban. I hope that fit you all well, of course. I just wanted to get a good flow in the story so the punishment turned out that way.

I'm ALMOST THERE at the finish!!!! It's not that i'm in a hurry to end this's jsut that i know that it must end- that i must part with it.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to review!

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