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It had been 3 long years sense Harry had defeated Voldamort. 3 years of coming to terms with everything. Now he was about to merry the woman of his dreams. A woman who has been with him thought everything. A woman who had been so patient with him while he sorted everything out. Now, as he stood in front of the mirror in study of the burrow Harry took a deep breath. It was time. He gathered his thoughts and walked out of the room and headed for the garden.

Ginny waited in her childhood room with her two best friends and sister-in-law. She was getting antsy, pacing back and forth .

“Ginny please sit down!: Hermione said agitated.

Ginny’s dad, Mr. Weasley, should have come to get her 10 minutes ago. Ginny was scared that Harry was going to back out. She new that the two years after Harry had defeated Voldamort had been horrible for Harry. He had to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t his fault that so many had died in the final battle. When Harry had come out of his depression she was so thrilled. She couldn’t wait to be his wife.

“Gin, it’s time” Ginny herd her father say from the other side of her door.

She took a deep breath and nodded to the three. Flur went first, very pregnant and beautiful, fallowed by Luna and Hermione. When she exited her room she saw her father. His eyes were as big as saucers.

“Oh my! Oh Gin, you look just beautiful!” Mr. Weasley said embracing his daughter.

“Thank you daddy.”

As Ginny was walking down the stairs heading towards the garden, Harry was full of nerves. He new this was going to be the beast day of his life but he couldn’t help the queasiness that he felt. He had to take several deep breaths. Harry couldn’t wait for them to be husband and wife. Harry then looked over at his beast mate. Ron smiled at him.

“Your about to join the married club, how do you feel?” Ron asked him.

Ron and Hermione were married 8 months after Harry defeated Voldamort.

“I’m scared as hell Ron.” Harry whispered.

Standing up with Harry was Ron, George and Neville. Harry wished he could have had Fred up there with him to. Harry closed his eyes and thought of all the people who he wished deserved to be there. His mom and dad, Sirius, Lupin and Tonks, Fred, Dobby, even Mad eye and Callin. He said a silent prayer up to them all. He only came back to the present when he herd Ron gasp. Opening his eyes he saw Hermione followed by Luna and then Fluer. He smiled. They were all completely breathtaking walking towards them in a elegant periwinkle strapless dress that ended just past their knees. Once Fluer was facing the guests the music changed and he saw her. She was completely breathtaking. Her Hair was wrapped upon top of her head with ringlets falling down. The dress was strapless with sequins covering the bodices and flowing down the dress. The train was four foot long. When she finally reached him he released the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

Ron didn’t think Hermione could look any more beautiful then she did walking towards him. She was positively glowing. He resisted a chuckle. Hermione had announced that morning that she was pregnant with twins. They had agreed not to tell anyone because this was Ginny and Harry’s day. Ron new his mom would figure it out tonight though. She always new. She could just tell.

Ron kept his eyes on Hermione even when everyone else’s were on Ginny. He couldn’t help it, he felt on top of the world with her by his side. Twins, he couldn’t believe it. Ron could only concentrate on Hermione during the wedding. George had to nudge him when it was time to hand Harry the rings. Before Ron new it the wedding was over and now not only was Harry his best mate but his bother. Ron smiled as he reached Hermione and walked down the middle of the guests.

“your beautiful” Ron whispered

Ginny giggled when Harry picked her up and carried her over the threshold of their house. Their house, she still couldn’t believe it. Harry’s wedding present to her was a house. One the she had decorated herself. It had 8 rooms total. Ginny had been shocked when Harry told her. He had told her that he wanted room for as many children has she wanted. Ginny smiled at the memory. Harry gently laid Ginny on their bed. She smiled up at him shyly.

Harry still couldn’t believe they were finally married. Harry looked into Ginny’s scared but yet beautiful eyes. He new that they were about to do something that they had waited for. It had taken a lot of will power on both parts but they had waited.

Harry laid down next to Ginny. She had changed into a simple white dress that matched the dresses that Hermione and the others had on. They had danced well into the night and it had been wonderful.

Harry leaned into her and kissed her softly at first and then more deeply. His hands made their way up to the zipper of her dress. He fiddled with it until she took over. Soon she was in nothing but her lace panties and matching bra. Harry gasped. She was gorgeous. Harry pulled her to him and kissed her with deep passion. Ginny’s hands found the zipper of his pants and soon they were gone. Their hands wondered all over each other. Ginny slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She gasped at the scares he had. She traced the oval were she new the locket had burned him. She slowly kissed a trail down to the edge of his boxers. She could see the bulge growing. Giggling, she stood up and slowly undid her bra and slid her panties off. Harry once again gasped.

Harry quickly shed his boxers and before they new it they were joined as one. Ginny moaned as Harry moved on top of her. She was in ecstasy.

“oh Harry! She moaned.

After many hours later Ginny climaxed for the final time that night.

“Oh my, wow! I love you Harry!” Ginny said trying to catch her breath.

“I love you to Gin. I hope I just got you knocked up.” Harry whispered

Ginny giggled, “me to”


a/n  hey everyone. this is my first one shot. I didn't realize it wasnt very long so i'm sorry. I might go back and extend it. I wasnt sure about how explisit I could be. please pardon my grammer errors, I know there are some. I also hope to make a few oneshots as sequels. please r/r thanks!

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