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Chapter 7: Back to the Burrow

With a faint pop, they all arrived at The Burrow. 

“You need to go up to your and Ron’s room, Harry, you need your rest,” said Molly, looking at him sternly.  

Harry was about to protest when Arthur stopped him. “I need to have a word with Harry first, in private. I’ll go easy on him Molly, don’t worry dear,” he added, guiding Harry off into the garden before Molly could stop him.  

“Okay Harry, I needed to talk to you about a few things. Sit down,” Arthur said, pointing to a chair he had just conjured. “I want to tell you everything that happened before you collapsed, okay? Here is Ginny’s ring.” He handed him a ring box. “I got it before the healers saw it.”

“Thanks Mr.Weas- er Arthur. Does anyone else know about it?”  he said a bit confused. “The last thing I remember is when I was talking to you and Mrs.Weasley, about to ask the question about proposing to Ginny.”

“No Harry, no one else knows. You missed a few things then. You gave Ginny the watch, ate lunch with us, and then you were walking with Ginny when you, well you know. Also Molly was very clear that you are not to call us Mr. And Mrs. Weasley anymore, I think she thinks you remember that and it would, in my opinion be unwise to let her know otherwise. Now I must ask you Harry, how are you for real?” he said thinking that he might not tell the truth in front of the girls. 

“I have a headache, I got it as soon as we left St.Mungos. Other than that I am fine.”  

“Good. You can go now Harry.”  

“Thanks Mr- er, Arthur?” said Harry half asking as Arthur winked at him. 

Harry walked back into the burrow and up to Ron’s room, the ring tucked safely in his pocket. 'I cannot wait to propose to her. It will be so wonderful,”' he thought happily. When he got up to Ron’s room he decided to go through some old things, to remind him of fond memories. He went through his clothes, the things he took with him to search for horcruxes, and then came to his schoolbooks, old and scruffy. Reaching the ones from his second year, he pulled something out from one of the books. It was a valentine.  


Luna and Neville were sitting on a bench in The Burrow’s garden, enjoying the evening air, their hands entwined in each other’s.

Luna looked out past the little gnomes, who were running around the lawn, and seemed thoughtful. “They should really plant some dirigible plum trees out here Neville, wouldn’t they be pretty?” she asked her boyfriend, looking into his ever confused eyes.  

“Sure would Luna” he replied with a smile, humoring her, yet as usual not having the slightest clue what she was on about.  

“So…we have been going out for three months now,” she stated dreamily.  

“Yeah, remember what you said to me on our date?” he asked her fondly, looking at her radish earrings.  

“Yeah,” she replied softly, leaning in and kissing him.  

When she finally pulled away Neville wasn’t quite sure what to say.  

“I love you Neville,” she said, batting her eyelashes.  

“I love you too Luna,” he replied, his expression goofy.

“You’re a really good kisser, you know.”  

Luna almost laughed but stopped herself so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. “Can I ask you something Neville?”  

“Sure, anything Luna.”  

His blonde girlfriend smiled sweetly. “Before we go back to school, will you go hunt crumple-horned snoracks with me in Sweden?”  


Meanwhile Harry and Ginny were upstairs in her room, just chatting.  

“So, are you excited about going back to school for one carefree year, Gin?” Harry asked, looking at her shiny red hair.  

“Yes I am Harry, and I know you are,” she replied. “How are you feeling?”  

“I’m okay. My memory is just a little fuzzy still. I love you Ginny,” he said, trying to change the subject, and not mentioning his pounding headache.  

It worked.    

“I love you too Harry James Potter,” said Ginny, leaning in and kissing him lightly on the cheek.  

Harry smiled blissfully. “I was going through some old schoolbooks earlier and look what I found,” he said, handing her the valentine that she had made him all those years ago.  

She opened it up and read it aloud.   

“His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.”

She finished reading, her cheeks flushing a deep red.
“This must have embarrassed you terribly Harry, I’m sorry,” she said, after a few moments silence.  

“I don’t know if it did Gin. When was it from? I don’t remember,” he asked, looking once again at her lovely hair.  

“From first year, well your second year,” she reminded him, looking at his eyes that were still as green as a fresh pickled toad, and just as dear in her eyes. “What else don’t you remember?”

“Um… I don’t remember what I don’t remember. If I did then wouldn’t it be forgotten?” he replied, not sure if he was making sense. “I’m sure there are a few other things I don’t remember.”  

“Okay Harry,” she said understandingly.  

Harry stood up. “I better be heading back to Ron’s room Ginny, It’s getting late,” he said reluctantly.  

“Oh Harry, I forgot to tell you. Neville and Luna are going to share that room tonight. Luna said she had something planned for him. Neville will be surprised. You have to sleep in here with me. Remember, Ron and ‘Mione went to her parents house to visit for the night.”  

Harry was stunned. “Um… okay. Should I get my cot then?” he asked, not wanting to say anything wrong in case she wasn’t thinking along the same lines as him.  

“You’re going to sleep in a cot when there is space in a bed?” she asked him teasingly, one eyebrow raised.  

“I, um…” he stammered, looking at her curiously.  

“We are not going to do anything, Harry.” She looked at his confused expression, and laughed softly. “I want to wait a while, okay?”  

“Good. I was afraid you might, well you know,” he said blushing a Weasley red.  


Harry woke up in the middle of the night with Ginny next to him in her bed. They, of course had not done anything, though the same couldn't be said about Ron and Hermione…or Neville and Luna for that matter. He was stroking her hair and looking down at her sleeping. He remembered when he would get out the marauders map just to look at a little dot that represented her place. Times had changed now, and he could look at Ginny as he pleased, well for the most part. He heard a tapping noise, and realized what had woken him up. There was a little owl perched outside the window, a letter in its beak. He got up and went over to the window and took the letter, then opened it up lazily, as he was tired from not sleeping well, and began to read.    

‘Dear Mr. Potter             

     I am sure that you are aware that you can not hide from the press forever, they are about to murder us at the ministry trying to get some answers. They know you were taken to St. Mungo’s as well, so that adds to the problem. Please schedule a press conference so that we can get things over with. Also, on the matter of Alecto Carrows’ pregnancy, the baby has now had a test run on it to determine the sex and who the parents are. It is as we have feared. It is a girl and will be deemed the name It until she is born. We are not sure what we are to do about It. Some of the people at the ministry feel that it should be put down. I am, of course, not one of them. There are a few other options; adopting the baby out to a wizarding family, letting it stay in Askaban with its mother, or of course there are always other options. We would like to hear what you have to say on the matter, Harry. Please owl us back as soon as possible.  

                                                                                        Minister of Magic,                                                                                       Kingsley Shacklebolt.  

“Put down? PUT DOWN?” Harry yelled loudly, waking Ginny up.  

“What is it, Harry?” she asked sleepily.  

“Read this,” he said, enraged, and tossed her the letter.  

Ginny read the letter, taking as much offense as Harry had at the content.  “How could they want to kill a baby? Or put it in Askaban? I will adopt it before I let them do that. Calling the baby It? That is just plain offensive!” she said, looking at Harry with a fierce look.  She ripped the letter up and threw it in the waste basket.

“I know Ginny. I am going to write back something about all of what you just said. Calling a baby It? That is just plain wrong! Can I borrow a quill and some parchment please?” he asked.

“Sure, it’s over there on the dresser,” she replied.   

Harry walked over to it and started writing.  

Dear Minister Shacklebolt,  

    I feel that you should never even consider murdering a child or putting it in Askaban. Calling a baby It is horrible as well. I suggest you give her a proper name before you write to me again; I hate children being mistreated no matter who their parents are. On the matter of the press conference, just say where and when. I have been thinking about this myself.     
                                                                                             Sincerely,                                                                                                             Harry Potter.  

Harry folded up the letter and attached it to the owl, which then took off for the Ministry of Magic.  

“Lets go back to sleep Gin. This can wait until morning,” he told her, getting back into the warm bed.  

“Okay Harry,” she agreed, getting in after him.  


The following morning at breakfast, Harry explained to the others about the letter from the night before, as he couldn’t show it to them because Ginny had gotten rid of it out of anger.

“So it is You-know-who’s baby, as we suspected?” asked Ron.  

“Yes! And can you please say Voldemort, he’s dead for Merlin’s sake,” said Harry, aggravated.  

“Sorry, I’m just used to not saying it because it’s cursed.”   

“It’s not anymore though, Ron. So we should get used to saying it,” replied Hermione.   

Just then a two-eared Weasley twin walked into the kitchen of the Burrow.  

“Bloody hell,” said Ron, looking rather pale and staring at what could only be Fred back from the dead.  

Hermione tipped over in her chair in shock, falling onto Ginny, and covering her mouth.  

“What the bloody hell are you all staring at?” asked ‘Fred’ curiously.  

Mrs. Weasley was walking over from the stove with a pan of sausages when she saw him, and promptly fainted, sending sausages flying everywhere, several landing on Harry.   

No one went over to help her.  

 “What are you all having fits about?” asked Fred, walking over to his mother, who recoiled from him in horror.  

“You, you’re supposed to be dead,” replied Ron, stunned.  

“Fred died, not me,” replied his brother, looking at them like they were crazy.  

“But, but, you have two ears,” said Hermione in a very high-pitched voice that did not belong to her.  

“This isn’t a real ear,” he said, pulling off his ear to reveal the hole in the side of his head. “Fred and I made it just before he died…” he trailed off.  

Lee walked down the stairs. “Seen Georges new ear, I see,” he said cheerily, looking at the hole in his friend’s head.

“I helped him finish it last night.”  

The trio recovered from their shock, and walked over to help Mrs. Weasley up, and explained what happened.  

“George!” screamed Mrs. Weasley, marching up to him. “How dare you do that to me! I could have died! That was such a cruel trick!” she yelled at him.  

“Sorry, mum. I just didn’t think about it. I wasn’t trying to trick you,” he said nervously.  

“Go to your room!” she demanded, not at all calmed by her son’s words.   

Normally George would have told her that he was of age, and that she could not control him, but this time he marched on up to his room as he was told, leaving a now sobbing Mrs. Weasley to sink into a chair. Hermione and Ginny went to comfort her.  All of a sudden Harry’s headache worsened and he had to sit down. A bright light flashed before his eyes...   

Harry was somewhere he had never been before. There was a little girl sitting on a white swing in the garden, surrounded by blood red roses. Her skin was strangely white and pale. She was talking in rhyme. Her voice was high and loud. It sounded so familiar to him, yet with the softness of a little girl’s voice.
“Lorianna is my name.
While two things may look the same.
Finding the answer is finding the clue.
What you need is an answer true.
Come upon a darkened way.
You’ll find a box, darkened and gray.
Look inside, you’ll find the key.
Or you’ll hate what will come to be.”  

The little girl stood up and started moving towards Harry. She moved eerily slow graceful and jerky at the same time. She looked up at him and mouthed a word with her mouth; “ help”…  

“Harry! Harry!” said Hermione urgently, looking at a shaking Harry. “Snap out of it!”  She had left Mrs. Weasley’s side to try to control a shaking Harry. 

Harry’s eyesight came back, and his headache lessened. He was still holding his head, and dropped his hands quickly.  

“What’s wrong Harry?” asked Ginny, looking with concern into her boyfriend’s eyes. “You were holding your forehead. Is it your scar?”  

“No,’ groaned Harry, “just a headache. I saw a girl. She was in a garden. It was really weird. She was talking to me. She was speaking a riddle, or a poem, or something,” he said in confusion.  

“What did she say Harry?” asked Ron, with awe in his voice.  

“It was something like, ‘Lorianna is my name. While two things may look the same. Finding the answer is finding the clue. What you need is an answer true. Come upon a darkened way. You’ll find a box darkened and gray. Look inside you’ll find the key, or you’ll hate what will be,” he repeated, massaging his head again.  

“That is weird… I wonder exactly what it is supposed to mean,” mused Hermione, scratching her head.

“What do you think, Luna?”   Neither Luna nor Neville had spoken to anyone else since entering the room for breakfast, though they had been whispering to each other.   

“I don’t know. Does it have something to do with the Carrows baby?” asked Luna inquisitively,  picking at a loose thread on her robes.

Hermione turned her head over to Luna her mouth agape. “Oh my.”

“I think that is quite possible,” said Harry, quite spooked by the fact he had realized why the voice sounded so eerily familiar.

A/N: Okay. I love writing this story soooooo much! I would like to thank my betta Rase for she has been a big help. Lorianna will not appear in the next chapter, but it has a suprising twist. She will play a very signifigant role in this fan-fic. Want a preview? Here it goes:
“She said help, or she didn’t say it, but she mouthed the words.” he said.

“Well that doesn’t help us much.” said Ron with sarcasm in his voice.

“Ronald!” yelled Hermione.

Just then there was another owl tapping at the window. Harry walked over and got the letter from the owl.

Dear Mr. Potter,

    We have scheduled your press conference for 2 hours from now. Sorry for the short notice. Please respond as soon as possible. The conference is at the ministry. We have decided on adopting her baby out, or if we can not find a family for the baby we will send her to an orphanage. The mother requested that the baby be called Lorianna. We also have a surprise for  you. We just found out this morning.

                                               Minister Kingsley. 

Hmmm... hope that can tide you over until the next chapter gets validated. Please read and review. I am a computer nerd and I live off of reviews and roleplaying so review! :P
I roleplay on Thanks for reading,
Mira, Laura, and Saves.

P.S. Okay, From the signiture in one of my other chapters I got several reviews about me being a christian Potter writer. lol Harry Potter, really has christian belifs in them, Kings Cross is Harry's place of pease, the words on Lily, and James headstone is a bible verse, ExpectoPatronum translates into I need a savior in latain. In my opinion Harry Potter books are just like the Crhonicals of Narnia. Hidden christian meanings, just my opinion though. Thank you Paul the Deathly Hallows expert for telling me this. lol

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