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Ayra opened her eyes to the Gryffindor common room. She sat up from the couch, fire almost burnt out, embers glowing gently. . 

“Your awake!!!” 

Arya rolled her eyes at the voice. “Leave me alone Black.” 

Sirius jumped up with a stupid grin on his face. “I saved you again. You owe me a kiss.” 

Ayra rolled her eyes again. “Do Not, and no I don’t want to play that game with you.”
Sirius rolled his eyes in exact imitation of Ayra and leaned closer to her face. “Come on, you know you want too….” he smirked. 

A mischievous look passed over Ayras features and disappeared as quickly as it came. She leaned forward, her lips almost touching his. Ayra looked into his clear grey eyes. “ I think the question is, do you want to?” 

Sirius stilled, falling into those blue orbs once more…..he leaned down, lips just a space away from ayra’s……


James flew into the room and looked at his friend blushing slightly and his friends enemy walking to the girl dormitories without a word.

“Oi Woods!” he called.

Ayra turned around and smirked at James. “Can I help you?” she asked.

James smirked back. “I was wondering if you could tell me why Sirius over there is blushing like a girl?”

“Because I caught Ellionet Spinnet trying to give him a BJ.”

“That’s not true!” Sirius snapped, and stepped up to her, pushing her into the wall. “You know what happened Woods…You know it.” He shoved her back into the wall, and cried out in pain. Sirius stormed off. James looked at his friend in worry then hurried over to Ayra.

“Are you alright?” he asked, giving her a hand, which she took.

Ayra pulled herself off the floor and winced as her back cracked in several places. “I should be fine.” She stood up straight and dusted off her back. “What’s gotten into him?” she muttered.

James looked concerned. “I really don’t know. But he has been acting odd lately.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “when is he not odd?” then she changed the subject with mischievous eyes. “How is the you and Lily thing coming along.”

She watched as James’s eyes glossed over with his thoughts of Lily and smiled. He sighed wistfully. “we had tea.”

She laughed. “You did what?”

“We had tea. And we talked. Just talked. It was really nice.” he said. Then quited, forgetting that Ayra was there. Ayra smiled and left him to his thoughts.

She entered the girls dorm to a flurry of excitement and the odd smell of…..nail polish, hairspray, and some other substance. It didn’t help that the glimmer of makup and sparkles covered the room. Kalahan, Marietta and Lily were working very hard on their appearances. Ayra rolled her eyes and pulled out her wand. “Scourfigy!” she shouted, the air instantly clearing up, the glimmer of makeup disappearing, and unfortunately for Ayra, her friends’ makeup also disappeared from their faces. The silence that had falled over the room like a spider web was interrupted by the violent shrieks of all 4 girls. Lily, Marietta, and Kalahan running for ayra, and Ayra screaming for her life.

“IM SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Ayra said, cowering behind a pillow.

Lily pounced on top of Ayra, who gasped in pain. “I don’t care. You owe me know. I’m doing your makeup.” she pronounced with a smirk, Marietta and Kalahan standing behind her with mocking upset expressions on their faces.

“Anything Lily. Just please, please get off of me.” she gritted though her teeth in pain.

Lily’s smirk faded as she saw wrinkles of pain of Ayra’s face. She quickly stood up and offered Ayra a hand. “ Are you alright?” she asked.

Ayra smiled a little. “Yeah. Just a little run in with Sirius. “ she said quietly. “So someone said something about makeup?” she said with a hint of repulsiveness in her voice.

Lily smiled…. “Yes. We did…..”

3 hours later….

“You guys, I’m not so sure about this whole makeup and hair deal…” Ayra said, the three girls around her, fiddling with last minute touchups.

“You have-

“got to-


“PERFECT!” Ayra’s three best friends finished in Unison. Ayra simply rolled her eyes. But in the middle of her roll…

“DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES! Its going to ruin the mascara.” Lily pouted.

Bloody fantastic. I cant even roll my eyes. Ayra thought to herself.

After another 15 minutes of fiddling, Lily, who was the mastermind of the whole operation, shouted in triumph. “DONE!”

Ayra sighed. “FINALLY. Now can I see what I look like?” she asked, exhausted., swishing her outfit on, with a spell. Lily frowned.

“No you cant. I need to fiddle with your outfit for a couple minutes…

2 minutes later….

The trio gasped as Ayra’s assassin outfit accentuated their masterpiece. Lily nodded speechless and conjured up a wall length mirror. Ayra’s eyes widened in shock when she saw what she had been made into.

The black assassin outfit had been somewhat manipulated into a Dominatrix/Assassin super sexy outfit. A miniskirt of shiny black leather accentuated her long semi-tanned legs, the skirt scooped up to form somewhat of a halter top that went all the way up her neck (kinda like a sweater, but sleeveless and leather.) a jacket cape that swooped down to the floor was a black background for her knee high, 6 inch black leather boots shimmied up her thighs.. The mask was the same as it was from the store. Plain, black, leather, simple. But it made her newly green eyes pop out unusually. her hair tumbled out behind the mask in curls that danced on her shoulders and she turned around to her friends.

“It’s perfect. Thanks!”

The three girls sighed in relief. Ayra smiled surveying her friends costumes.

Lily was a typical school girl….If it meant a sexy one. With knee high white socks, that led up to a mini plaid skirt, that led up to a buttonup white shirt where her black bra shone through, she looked like brittney spears from the music video “hit me baby one more time” But ten times better of course. This was lily!

Marrietta decided to go as a princess, and was wearing a gownish type Cinderella thing.
Kalahan decided to go the elf route and wore all shades of brown to accentuate her purple eyes. She was going barefoot of course…

The quartet linked arms and went through the door. They walked down the corridors through shortcuts and remained unnoticed. Ayra turned quickly before they reached the doors of the great hall. “You three go first. I’ll be right back.” As she turned and hid in an alcove, she heard the whistles and shouts of approval from half the male population as her friends entered the room. She rolled her eyes and then shut them. She immersed herself in the silence of the alcove and let it hug her body. She focused on her eyes.

Green. I need Green. She thought 3 times. She opened her eyes and turned the wall of the alcove into the mirror. Sure enough, her eyes were green. She turned the mirror back into the wall it had just been moments ago and stepped out into the corridor. She took a deep breath and stepped into the Great Hall. She watched as if in slow motion as the music skipped a beat and stopped, the DJ mouth open staring at her, seemingly unable to perform his duty. People looked around in confusion to see what had caused him to go like that. And in the space of about 7 seconds all eyes were on her. The female ones with malice and jealousy and the males…well, I don’t really have to describe that. They were drooling., That’s all you need to know.

Ayra smirked and swayed her way down the steps into the great hall. She stepped over the DJ and pushed him over. “LET THE PARTY BEGIN!” she yelled melodiously, and mixed up the music. Everyone fell into the song about halfway through.

“Um, miss, do you mind if I go get a drink or something?” the DJ asked Ayra.

“The name’s Ayra, and sure, I think I can keep the booth up for a little bit.

The DJ nodded his thanks and left to get some punch.

After about 15 minutes of waiting for the DJ to get back, Ayra sighed in frustration. He’s not coming back. She thought to herself. She spelled the music to go by itself to join the throbbing crowd that she was watching from above. She stepped into the mob of people and began to dance, losing herself to the music. She crossed her arms over her head and swayed her body to the beat. A pair of hands seductively fingered her ribs and trickled down like a spiders to her hips, the body they belonged to swaying with her to the beat.

“Care to dance Woods?”

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