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The proceeding month Victoire fell into the routine that Hogwarts had to offer. She and Teddy would send each other letters whenever they got the chance. Although she found the pressures of becoming a healer hard to manage at some points she always could talk to Delilah about it. It also helped that Ted was going through the same thing (even though he was not at Hogwarts the three year training program was just as tedious). So Victoire always had some one to vent to.

It was late in October and Victoire was looking foreword to one thing for the last week. It was the first trip to Hogsmeade. She was so excited she could hardly wait!

Instinctively she woke up at nine o’clock and showered. After she changed she went downstairs and made sure that she caught up on some homework. When Delilah came downstairs to the common room, they left to go to the great hall. Victoire quickly ate breakfast and eagerly urged everyone else to finish theirs.

“Okay is everyone ready?” she asked

“I’m scared of what would happen if I said I wasn’t ready,” Jonah murmured to Weston causing him to have a slight chuckle.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “Let’s get going,”

“Why are you so eager to go?” Weston asked

“Cause, I just want to, now lets get going” she said and walked outside that castle.

The wind blew in her hair; it was a surprisingly warm day for being the end of October. There was a slight chill in the air, but the sun was out showing the glistening tones of the now orange leafs.

She eagerly walked down the path with the other three and when they got to Hogsmeade everyone went in different directions.

“I want to go to Honeydukes,” Delilah Chimed

“Yeah me too,” Jonah replied, turning to Weston.

“Well I really need to go to Dervish & Banges so I can get my cauldron fixed…” he said while looking down at his feet. It was a funny story actually how he did it. It was partially Victoire fault though, they were making the aging potion and Victoire accidentally added a billywig fly to his potion at the wrong time thinking it would help him… it didn’t burned a hole straight through the cauldron and through the table.

“And, I’m going to the three broomsticks,” Victoire replied

“Okay then, how about we go to honey dukes and you can go with Weston to Dervish & Banges, and then we all meet up at the Three Broomsticks,” Delilah offered

“Ummm,” Victoire said

“What?” She said raising her eyebrow

“I’m actually meeting a friend there,” she said hopping that they wouldn’t press the subject any further

“Oh what friend?” Jonah asked.

“Umm, just my friend Ted,” she said while looking at Weston, hopping he wouldn’t open his mouth.

“Okay then, I will go to Honeydukes with you two, and then can you guys come with me to get my cauldron fixed?” Weston asked, and Victoire shot him a smile, she was very thankful that Weston didn’t say anything.

“Sounds perfect.” They all agreed and went there separate ways.

Victoire eagerly walked to The Three Broomsticks and went up the stairs to Teddy’s apartment. She had butterflies the size of elephants in her stomach. She knocked on the door three times.

She didn’t mention that they had a Hogsmeade trip coming up in her last letter to him. She figured she would surprise him, and when he opened the door you could see the shock on his face. He had his toothbrush still in his mouth and he was shirtless.

“Victoire?” he said looking at her skeptically.

“Hey Ted,” was all she could think of saying, he just stared at her.

“Ummm, give me one sec,” he said while opening the door and invited her in.

She walked in awkwardly as he went to spit out the toothpaste that was in his mouth. She just stood there for a moment until Ted came out this time fully clothed and no toothpaste in his mouth.

“I didn’t know that there was a Hogsmeade trip today,” he said

“Umm, well… I just didn’t tell you, I kind of wanted to surprise you,” she replied earnestly.

“And don’t get me wrong it’s a great surprise,” he smiled.

Victoire studied his face again, and looked into his now Honey colored eyes. “Good, I’m glad,”

“Me too, Sorry my apartment is so messy, if I knew you were coming I would have spruced it up a bit,” He said while motioning to the empty Butterbeer bottles on the coffee table, and dirty dishes in the sink.

“Yeah this is unacceptable.” Victoire said while rolling her eyes.

Ted raised his eyebrow “Oh yeah?”

“Mmhmm,” she replied. A soft smile crept upon her face.

“Then you can leave,” he said while pointing to the door.

“You don’t mean that,” she smiled

“Oh yes I do,” he said

She chuckled, “So what do you want to do?” she asked.

“Hmmmm,” he replied, looking at the wall.

“I don’t really have an idea… My plans went as far as seeing you,”

“Well, I actually have something in mind,” Ted said while grabbing her hand and leading her outside the door.

They quickly walked down the path to the shrieking shack. Teddy jumped over the fence that enclosed the small little cottage.

“Teddy?” Victoire said sternly, “What are you doing?”

“Come on, just follow me,” he replied.

“You know how many school rules I would be breaking by doing that, plus this place is haunted,” she said while sitting on a rock.

“Well it’s a good thing that I’m not in school anymore,” he said while smiling, this did no cheer up Victoire’s mood. She stayed put on her rock.

“Come on, Victoire, its harmless, I swear,” Ted urged as he jumped the fence to go and get her.

With some effort on Ted’s part she finally agreed and jumped the fence with him. They walked hand in hand to the small little shack.

“Now what?” Victoire asked.

“Were going inside,” he replied.

“Wait Why?!” she asked dropping his hand.

“It’s really not that bad at all stop being a baby-” he teased resorting back to second grade tactics.

“Tease me all you want, I’m still not going in…” she jeered.

Ted let out a muffled humph, and picked Victoire up and threw her on his shoulders, just like a sack of potatoes.

“Teddy Lupin, if you don’t put me down now I swear-” Victoire complained, but it was too late they were already in the shrieking shack.

The Shack gave off an eerie presence as they entered it. The curtains were tattered, the floor croaked, there were cob webs everywhere.

“What are we doing in here?” she asked

“Here come with me,” Ted said while grasping her hand and pulling her up the stairs.

“Teddy don’t you know this place is haunted?” she asked while the stairs creaked beneath her.

“Actually, no it’s not,” he replied taking her into the room where there was a big piano.

“Huh?” Victoire asked.

“It was built right around the time my dad went to Hogwarts” he said casually.

Victoire wasn’t sure if she wanted to press the conversation. The topic of his parents seemed like a foreign concept to her, because she grew up with loving parents that wanted her to excel in everything. Ted, to put it plan and simply didn’t. Sure he had his grandmother and Uncle Harry, but it wasn’t the same.

She let out a silent oh, and decided to press the subject. Why else would Teddy bring her here?

“I don’t think I am quite following,” she said.

“Well, this place isn’t haunted, people think it’s haunted because they took my dad here when he transformed into a Werewolf… they took him here so he wouldn’t harm another student.”

“Wow,” Victoire replied while taking a seat on the bed.

Teddy soon sat next to her, “So those shrieks people heard were actually my dad struggling with his transformation… I guess, I mean that’s what Uncle Harry told me,”

“Oh gosh- I had no idea,” Victoire said reaching out to hold Teddy’s arm, as if to comfort him, “Your parents sounded wonderful, from what I hear at least. I don’t know if that comforts you at all.”

“I donno, sometimes I cant help thinking badly about them, I might sound like a cruel person for saying this, but it seems to me they had a choice to fight in the war, and for example uncle Harry, well- his parents didn’t. I just think that it’s unfair that they left me all alone.”

“Well think of it this way-” Victoire started, “They fought to give you a life that they knew would never happen if well you know- they died so that you and me could have a better life in the wizarding world.”

Ted looked like he was in deep thought for a moment, “I mean I know your right, every word you just said is very true, it just seems so unfair to me. Like when I was little and my grandmother used to take me the park, and I would always see a little kid getting pushed on the swing by his dad, and the mom sitting on the bench smiling at the two of them… I guess I just always envied that,”

“That’s perfectly understandable.”

“It’s just frustrating at times…” he openly admitted.

Victoire squeezed his hand, she really could not help him, she had never been in his position, she never knew what it was like to never know your parents.

Ted obviously felt reassured by this and dropped her hand and wrapped his arm around her. Victoire leaned her head against his chest, she let out a sigh.

“I’m really glad you took me here,” she said

Ted lifted her chin and kissed her.

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