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Remus and Sirius looked dumbfounded at James.

“Why would Lily want to find the Slytherin Common Room?” Remus asked, twitching slightly from the pain in his face.

James smiled slyly. “You’re asking the wrong question, Moony. The real question is how does she know the Slytherin Common Room is here in the dungeons?”

“What do you mean?”

“No Slytherin’s going to want to reveal their common room location to a Gryffindor, especially a muggle-born one. Sirius only found out because his brother’s in Slytherin.”

“That’s right,” Sirius said.

James kept on smiling. “So who does Lily know in Slytherin who would tell her the location?”

“I don’t know,” Sirius shrugged.

“Think about it!” James urged. “Her friend from Slytherin…”

“Snape!” Remus said suddenly. “She called him her friend back at the Three Broomsticks.”

James had a satisfied look on his face. “That’s why she went into the kitchens before – she must have been banging on the walls and opened the painting by accident.”

“Wait –” Remus said suddenly. “What’s with the banging on the walls?”

“I’m guessing the way to enter the Slytherin Common Room is to bang on one of the dungeon walls,” James guessed.

“It is,” Sirius said. “I saw a couple first years doing the same thing.”

“So, Lily’s been trying to find the Slytherin Common Room which Snape told her about…why?”

Sirius shrugged. “No idea,” he said dejectedly.

“Think back to the Three Broomsticks,” James said. “What else did Lily say about Snape?”

Both Sirius and Remus trailed their memories back to a few hours ago. “She had a fight with him,” Sirius said quickly. “She pointed to her heart and said he hurt her.”

“Exactly!” James said eagerly. “She wants to apologize to him.”


“I mean it – she told me that she doesn’t want to go back because Dumbledore would get mad at her for fighting with Snape. She wants to apologize to him before she goes back to her dormitory.”

“That’s why she’s been running around the entire bloody school?” Sirius asked incredulously.

“I guess so,” Remus said. “So, what do we do now?”

James hesitated for a moment. “We give her what she wants.”

“You mean, we take her to Snape so she can apologize?” Sirius blurted out.

James nodded. “It’s the only way,” he added. “Besides, I feel sort of bad for her – I mean, if she can remember the fight even with all that alcohol then it must mean something to her.”

“But you’re helping Snivellus!” Sirius said.

“I’m helping Lily,” James corrected. “The fact that Snape is involved is something I can’t help.”

James went over to Lily and placed his hand gently on her shoulder. “Lily?” he said kindly.

Lily turned around and smiled. “Hello,” she said dazedly.

“Do you want to go and find Snap- I mean, Severus?” he asked.

Lily looked confused but her expression suddenly softened and she nodded sombrely. “I hurt him,” she said with a childish tone. “See, this hic is why – this is hic why I am the way that I hic am.”

“What do you mean?”

“He never listens hic to me!” she said, referring to Snape. “Ever hic since we were hic kids!”

James looked perplexed, apparently not understanding what Lily was trying to say. He just smiled sympathetically. “Where did he say the Slytherin Common Room was?” James asked.

“I hic don’t remember,” she said. “He hic said bang hic the walls in the dunge- hic -ons.”

“I know where it is,” Sirius interrupted.

“Good,” James said. “Let’s go.”
Sirius led everyone to a bare stone wall not far from the Potions classroom. “I think this is it,” he said quietly. The wall was like all the others – dark, wet, musty and decayed. He placed his hand on the wall and began to randomly bang it which seemingly did the trick. A deep voice called out of nowhere.


“Damn,” James cursed under his breath. “Do you know the password, Lily?”

Lily shook her head. “Severus hic didn’t tell me.”

“Well it can’t be too complicated,” Remus said.

“Pureblood,” Sirius said but the wall didn’t budge. “Murder.”





None of those passwords seemed to make the entrance appear. After a few more minutes of hopeless guesses, James had given up hope.

“There’s no use Prongs,” Remus said. “The password’s got to be something really obscure. I mean maybe you have to know parsletongue or something.”

For a second, there was a large, barging noise and the wall began to split revealing a narrow passageway.

“Parseltongue’s the password?” Sirius mused.

James nodded. “Let’s get going.”

It seemed that finding Snape was not going to be as hard as they had all envisioned. The moment they entered the cold, damp common room, James spotted a figure sitting by the marble mantle in a distant, dark corner.
The figure turned around and gazed for a moment, with utter bewilderment and surprise at the four dishevelled Gryffindors in the Slytherin Common Room.

“Potter!” Snape began. “How on ear-” However, he cut himself short at the sight of Lily. “Lily,” he said softly.

Lily smiled very gently and took a step forward but being in her state, she stumbled and fell to the ground. It was at that moment perhaps that the entire story of the Marauders could be summed up – both James and Snape darted forward to help her up. Though Lily held onto Snape’s hand, it was James she used for support to get up.

“What are you doing here with them?” Snape asked Lily, referring to the three boys.

“Snivellus,” Sirius began. “Do you want to be hung upside down in your own common room? Because I can arrange that.”

“Shut up, Black,” Snape snapped. “How did you get in here?”

“That’s none of your business,” James hissed. “We only came because of Lily.”

“What about her?” Snape said, his voice suddenly bordering concern.

“She wanted to apologize to you,” Sirius said, apparently finding it shocking.

“Severus,” Lily began. “I hic need to talk to you.”

“Are you…are you drunk?”

Lily smiled. “Just a teeny tiny hic bit.”

Lily moved a little closer to Snape when James felt a hand on his shoulder. “Maybe we should give them some privacy,” he heard Remus’ voice say from behind.

He nodded sombrely and turned his head to face the other side. He strained his ears very slightly to hear the conversation between the two but he couldn’t. It seemed that Lily and Snape could communicate in the faintest whispers when the only way he and Lily ever communicated was with yelling and insults (usually given by her).

After a few minutes of hushed whispers and a few sobs on Lily’s part, she turned away from Snape. James walked over to Lily and held out his hand, which she took gently. “I want to go now,” she said eloquently, looking at James with those impossibly coloured eyes. “I want to go back.”

“Alright,” James said. He didn’t question what she had said to Snape or why she was crying – it seemed that whatever had happened to him in front of the library had happened once again. He didn’t feel the need to question why she was talking to Snape of all people or what she fought with him about – all that mattered was getting her back.

James tapped Sirius and Remus on the back and gestured towards the door. “Let’s go.”

“Lily,” Snape called from behind. The four of them stopped but Lily was the only one who turned around.

“I’ll take you back if you want,” he offered.

“That’s okay,” Lily smiled. “Thank hic you.”

“But-” Snape began to protest.

“Goodnight,” Lily said with a tone of finality in her voice. Her voice seemed so light that no one would ever believe that she had taken down twelve bottles of alcohol.

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