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“Merlin, he’s gorgeous!”

“Who is he? He’s absolutely fantastic!”

“All I can say is…yum!”

The smirk that spread across his face only paralleled the look in his eyes – playful and flirty. How the hell had it come to this? This wasn’t planned. None of this was planned. All he had wanted to do was find the man he had been looking for, for years and this is what came about. There was no doubting anything any more. He wouldn’t fight it. If this was what was supposed to be, so be it. Who was he to fight fate?!

“Are you single?”

Laughing, he shook his head and continued to walk on by. It was only a matter of time before he had to head back, but there would be no doubting his status. He had to stay above to get ahead. He couldn’t drown. He needed to float to get on by. But what he had to do above all else…was to get the attention of four men – the Marauders.

It was a weak plan but a plan nonetheless. How else was he supposed to get the in with the coolest boys at Hogwarts? He had to become cooler…more popular. It just needed to be. There was no other choice. In order to become one…he needed to beat them.


Teddy Lupin peered over his shoulder and smiled broadly at the girl rushing down the sidewalk toward him. She was the one person who would keep him treading water instead of being completely submerged in it. She would free him from this hell, but also bring him the peace he had been looking for almost all of his life. She was the reason that he was standing where…and when…he was. He would be at her feet for the rest of his natural life.

“You do know that once Victoire hears that I’ve done this for you, I’m as good as dead,” she said, smiling happily at him as she approached. “She already hates me as it is for spending as much time with you as I do.”

Teddy gently kissed her on the cheek and brushed back the auburn hair that was masking her eyes. “Don’t worry about, Victoire. I’m just glad you did this for me. I owe you my life, Mackenzie. You have absolutely no idea how much I appreciate this.”

Mackenzie Lorne just continued to beam at Teddy as she linked her arm with his. They began to walk down the street with every pair of female eyes staring directly at him. He wasn’t used to the attention but it needed to be, at least according to Mackenzie. They had spent hours in the library at Hogwarts, researching as much as they could about the Marauders. That wasn’t including the time they spent interviewing as many people as they could to find out all that they needed to know. It was time well-spent. At least now he could honestly say that he would be able to ‘blend in’ with the Marauders. He would beat them at their own game, and, in the process…meet his father.

Teddy stepped in front of Mackenzie, stopping her mid-step. “How exactly did you…do…all of…this?”

Smirking, Mackenzie just shrugged. “Let’s just keep that a secret for now. It seems as though our little plan is working. Your new ‘playboy’ status seems to be leaking through. It did help that you have a great physique and a smile to die for. James Potter and Sirius Black will have nothing on you. You’re sure to get in with them. I have absolutely no doubts that you, Teddy Lupin, will become a Marauder within the first fifteen minutes you stroll through the doors of Hogwarts.”

That was the plan. However…he wasn’t so sure that was how it was going to be. To threaten the popularity of any of the Marauders practically spelled suicide for those who dared to. Would he be the one to finally tear them down? Not that he wanted to. All he wanted to do was meet his father and learn all about him. This wasn’t a popularity contest. This was just…

“Mackenzie, what the hell am I doing?” He began to walk down the street again with Mackenzie in tow. She was his one-man entourage and the only person keeping him sane at the moment. “I’m insane for doing this. I should just take what I’ve read and heard about my father and be done with it. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“What was it you told me the other day? ‘I need to see my father to know if I’m like him. I need to know if I’d make him proud.’”

He just shook his head. “This isn’t the way to do it! Beat the Marauders at their own game? Have I completely lost my mind?”

Mackenzie grabbed his hand and turned him toward her. Her sparkling ocean blue eyes had always found a way to enchant him. Mackenzie was his rock, the only thing that stabilized him. He had absolutely no idea what he’d do without her. She had practically introduced him to Victoire. He was nothing without her. Mackenzie knew what she was doing.


“You can do this,” she reassured him. “I will be with you every step of the way. Teddy Wolfe…” She shook her head and chuckled as Teddy rolled his eyes at the mention of his new last name. “…Teddy Wolfe will become the most popular at Hogwarts. And that, Teddy, will secure you a spot and a place along side of your father.”

Just one spot – that was all he needed. Taking a deep breath, Teddy nodded his head and began to walk down the street once again. It was only two days before he would board the Hogwarts Express and go back to the place he had only graduated from a year ago. Everything would be familiar to him, at least location wise. There would be so many people there that he wouldn’t recognize. But in order to learn about the man that was his father, that had given him his name, he would move heaven and earth to stand beside him even if just for five minutes.

Teddy Lupin was about to become a heartthrob and become a Marauder.

A/N: I so don't need to be starting another story, but this idea was too good to pass up. Hopefully you enjoyed the prologue and will take the journey with me. Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think!

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