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Harry didn’t awake until late next morning, and when he did awake Hermione still wasn’t.


He missed all of his morning classes to stay at Hermione’s bedside.


He stroked her hair, and caressed her cheek, he was extremely reluctant to leave her. But Madam Pomfrey insisted determinedly, so finally, after a long time of arguing Harry was sent to class.


It was potions, and unfortunately for him, professor Snape was in an especially bad mood.


‘What makes you so late Potter?’ he drawled, and all of the Slytherins watched eagerly, the Gryffindors watched with baited breath, knowing what had happened the night before.


‘I have a note,’ said Harry, in no mood to argue.


‘He has a note, this explains everything,’ said Professor Snape sarcastically.


‘Well actually, if you read it, it does,’ said Harry, his temper rising alarmingly.


‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that,’ said Snape angrily. ‘Ten points from Gryffindor. Now sit down.’


Harry glared at him but sat next to Ron, Snape, to Harry’s disgust, read the note out.


‘“Professor Snape”,’ he said maliciously. ‘“Please excuse Mr Potter for being late for personal issues. His girlfriend was attacked yesterday”.’


Harry stood up, ‘it doesn’t say that!’ He said quietly but angrily.


‘What does it say then Potter?’ said Snape, ‘have you read it? I’m sure that’s not allowed.’


‘No it was read to me,’ said Harry. ‘It says, “Professor Snape, please excuse Mr Potter for being late”. Can’t you read?’


‘You,’ said Snape, his eyes flaring, ‘you stupid insolent –’


‘Completely right, very handsome gentleman, who Hermione Granger owes great thanks to,’ said a voice from the door.


Harry swung around, Hermione stood there, her hands on her hips, a smile on her lips, and her eyes on him.


‘That wasn’t what I was going to say Miss Granger,’ said Snape, his voice deadly. ‘Now you sit down or I’ll –’


‘Give me detention?’ said Hermione sweetly, ‘I think not, because believe it or not I have a note too. Mwhaha.’


This was such a funny fake evil laugh that most of the class (not including Slytherin) started giggling, Snape glared at them and they fell silent.


‘Shall I read this note out too?’ said Snape.


‘Don’t worry I’ll do it,’ said Hermione, ‘we don’t want you stressing you’re eyesight, you’ll probably get it wrong anyway.’ She cleared her throat funnily and then said ‘“Professor Snape, Miss Granger is excused from class because of an incident prior to you’re class. Best Wishes, madam Pomfrey.”’


‘This is goodbye,’ she said, leaving the room and also leaving Snape speechless.


Harry wasn’t aloud to go see Hermione until the end of his classes. Unfortunately he also had double Divination and History of Magic until he was finished for the today.


The Divination teacher, professor Trelawney was, in Hermione’s words, a fraud.


She was actually a seer, but she milked it, she didn’t even know she was a proper seer.


She took pleasure in predicting Harry’s “unfortunate” death, she predicted it every time he entered the classroom, Ron seemed to find this hilariously funny.


‘Dear, you bring a dangerous aura with you today,’ said Trelawney as he and Ron entered the room and took seats at the back of the class.


‘Sorry, I’ll go get rid of it professor,’ said Harry and Ron laughed openly, Trelawney looked quite offended and muttered something about not speaking to him again all lesson.


‘We all have our benefits!’ said Harry and Ron laughed silently.


‘You’ll be dying an even worse death next lesson,’ said Ron in an undertone. ‘She’ll make something up like… Like being stamped on by a hippogriff, beaten up by the giant squid, losing a fight with me, losing a Quiddich match with Malfoy and getting killed by you-know-who.’


‘Voldermort,’ Harry corrected him and Ron shuddered uncomfortably.


‘Will you stop saying his name!’ hissed Ron.


‘The fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself,’ said Harry.


‘You’ve been hanging around Hermione too much mate,’ said Ron, ‘that’s exactly what she said to me.’


Harry shrugged though unable to keep the foolish, goofy grin which was growing on his face.


‘Earth to Potter,’ said Ron waving his hand in front of Harry’s face. ‘What are you thinking about?’


‘Nothing,’ said Harry hastily.


‘Nothing?’ repeated Ron grinning annoyingly. ‘A very nice nothing?’


‘Yeah actually,’ said Harry, Ron opened his mouth again but Trelawney passed their table.


‘Boy,’ she said looking mistily at Harry, ‘my eye tells me that you will suffer a great amount of deaths. You will firstly be stamped on by a hippogriff, then you will be beaten up by the giant squid, then you will lose a fight with Mr Weasley, then you will lose a Quiddich match against the Slytherins. Then finally, you will be brutally murdered by he-who-must-not-be-named.’


‘I look forward to it,’ said Harry pleasantly, while Ron gave him a what-did-I-tell-you look.


Trelawney glared at him huffily and turned away from them and approached Lavender and Parvati.


‘I should be the teacher,’ said Ron.


‘Yeah, you stick you’re nose into everything,’ said Harry and Ron did a good impression of Trelawney, looking really huffy.


‘I never really thanked you,’ said Harry, pretending to check his crystal ball, ‘for last night, you and the rest of the Gryffindors saved us.’


‘No problem,’ said Ron, ‘and you owe me an apology, you hit me in the face with that hex you threw.’


Harry laughed, attracting glares from Trelawney. ‘I just wanted to get her safe.’


‘Yeah,’ said Ron, who now wasn’t listening, he was watching a girl with long blonde hair and strange eyes. It was Luna Lovegood, Hermione and Ginny’s friend. One of the girls from the girls vs. boy’s tournament.


She turned around and she caught Ron’s eye, she smiled and Ron blushed, Harry grinned to himself, a connection was made.


During History of Magic Harry was left on his own, Ron had gone to sit next to Luna, he made a mental note to tease Ron for this, as Ron had done to him.


History of Magic was taught by Professor Binns, a ghost, who didn’t let death stop him from teaching boringly.


He droned on about something to do with goblin wars, Harry glanced at Ron and Luna, they were talking, lost in each others eyes.


History of Magic went even slower than Divination, and Divination was a double period! But this was mainly because Ron wasn’t there to talk to him, and also because it was nearly time to go see Hermione.


As soon as the bell rang Harry didn’t wait for professor Binns to dismiss them, he ran straight away out of the doors and to the hospital wing.


He dodged all the approaching traffic of the corridors, he pushed Snape out of the way, he just had to get to Hermione, he had to.


He stopped at the doors of the hospital wing and breathed in and finally entered the hospital wing.


Hermione lay on a bed her nose in a book, (to make a change!).


‘Harry!’ she said as he approached her, she even put her book down to hug him.


‘Thank you,’ she whispered in his ear.


‘No problem,’ Harry whispered back. The hug lasted a long time, Harry was very reluctant to let go of her but Madam Pomfrey approached them.


‘Potter! She needs her rest,’ she said.


Harry let go of her but sat next to her, madam Pomfrey left.


Hermione looked at Harry, glowing.


‘You’d never guess who Ron spent history of magic talking to,’ said Harry.


‘You?’ asked Hermione weakly.


‘Luna,’ said Harry and Hermione’s eyes lit up, a smile grew onto her face.


‘Good,’ she said, ‘Luna likes Ron,’ she emphasised the word ‘likes’.


‘Well by the way Ron was acting, Ron likes Luna,’ said Harry, ‘he went all funny half way through Divination.’


‘I can see potential there,’ said Hermione moving her book off of her bed and onto her bedside table for Harry to sit down.


Harry sat down, ‘potential?’ he asked.


‘Boyfriend Girlfriend potential,’ said Hermione, ‘I’m no good at that type of thing but it’s so obvious.’


They were on the subject of boyfriends and girlfriends, this was Harry’s chance.


‘On the subject of boyfriends and girlfriends,’ said Harry, ‘can you see potential in anyone else?’


Hermione hesitated, obviously choosing her words carefully.


‘Well… You have potential to be a good boyfriend,’ said Hermione.


‘To who?’ asked Harry instantly.


Hermione looked nervous, ‘just to be a good boyfriend,’ she said thinking, ‘unlike someone like Malfoy, who’d be bound to cheat on their girlfriend.’


Harry really couldn’t resist for much longer, he had to get out of there for some thinking time.


‘I’ll be back in an hour,’ said Harry abruptly getting to his feet. ‘I’m just a bit hot, I going to get some fresh air.’


Hermione nodded, ‘okay,’ she said, Harry turned to leave and she hesitated. ‘Miss you,’ she said finally.


Harry was surprised he turned back round, willing himself to kiss her, instead he said, ‘I’ll miss you more.’


He left the room and banged his head on the wall continually.


‘I’m. So. Stupid!’ he said in between blows.


‘What are you beating yourself up for mate?’ asked Ron approaching him with Luna on his arm. ‘Remember Trelawney’s prediction, that’s my job.’


‘What are you doing here?’ asked Harry.


‘To visit Hermione,’ said Ron, ‘Luna and I,’ he glowed when he said that, ‘wanted to see her. I thought you did too.’


‘I have, I’m going for a walk,’ said Harry, and he pushed past them and went out of the front doors and into the Hogwarts grounds, Ron and Luna looked at each other and entered the hospital wing to interrogate Hermione.


Harry walked past the lake thinking, he wanted to kiss Hermione so much, he couldn’t help it. But if she didn’t feel the same way… Well, he thought to himself, put it this way, you won’t be friends with her anymore.


What he didn’t know was he was being watched from the hospital wing window.


Hermione’s POV


Hermione couldn’t wait for him to pluck up the courage any longer, she grabbed her cloak.


‘Miss Granger, what are you doing?’ said Madam Pomfrey.


‘Going,’ said Hermione, ‘I’ve got something I want to do.’


‘Stop!’ said Madam Pomfrey, ‘now!’


Hermione didn’t listen to her.


‘Severus!’ said Madam Pomfrey as Snape entered, ‘do something, she’s leaving. I won’t allow it!’


‘Miss Granger,’ said Snape, but Hermione ignored him, she began to run.


Snape chased after her, and wanting to know what was going on, most of the other students chased after them, including Ron and Luna who were holding hands.


Normal POV


Harry swung around at the amount of noise, Hermione was running through the doors followed by Snape and most of the school, it looked comical.


Harry let out a loud laugh and Hermione run straight into his arms.


The laughter was still on her face, and everyone stopped chasing after her, Harry decided this was it, he was going to do it.


He kissed her, she welcomed it with great enthusiasm, Ron and Luna began kissing, and Ginny and Dean, and various other students. Even McGonagall and Dumbledore gave each other a small peck.


Love was in the air.


‘About time,’ murmured Hermione through kisses.


‘Sorry it took so long,’ whispered Harry.


‘Don’t worry,’ said Hermione, stopping kissing him and staring into his eyes. ‘It was worth the wait.’


Harry grinned and he kissed her again, lifting her up into his arms.


‘I love you,’ he whispered.


‘I love you too,’ was Hermione’s delighted answer.


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